Fire Meme


  1. Sup cheesebags?

  2. Saw that PA crash thing Lumpy linked. Those happen every now and then all over for various reasons. Snow, fog, freezing rain, smoke and dust storms. Pretty sure we had one out on I-95 years ago in the warmer weather from a car crash during “rush hour” (quotes are necessary because most people not from Maine laugh at what we consider rush hour). I’ll be looking for better videos and coverage of that crash later. What’s really important is continued exploration of the Will Smith/Chris Rock Slap Incident

  3. Gut acting up again. Up every two hours all night and then the brown started an hour before alarm time. Starting to wonder WTF the problem is, but I’m going to see if it subsides during the course of the day.

    There’s fuckall of note going on at work right now anyway, and I still have PTO to burn, so here we go again.

    I know, doctors. I’m poor enough already.

  4. How’s your diet been? My brownies turn to slim-fast every time I eat too much processed crap.

  5. Why inflation is just getting started:

    Can’t start a new currency unless the old one is dead. The Reichsmark must be supplanted by the Rentenmark.

  6. Yeah, I’m hitting the restaurant supply for more bulk stuff to dehydrate, lol. Not to live on but to mitigate the food prices over time by supplementing with preserved stuff I bought at way cheaper prices here and there. I need to can more meat too.

  7. We have cases of coffee already. We started this process in late 2020 but I really ramped it up in mid 2021.

  8. Former coworkers, talking about what they’re going to do with their bullshit government checks in 2021: “gab gab gab gab…”

    Lumps: You know the longer this goes on, the worse the inflation is gonna be, right?

    Former coworkers: *blink, blink, shrug*

  9. I told them to stock up, and to buy any durable goods they are going to be needing in the next few years.

  10. Literally no one on the leftish websites these people frequent was predicting the obvious, obvious, outcome of these giveaways. It was all Big Rock Candy Mountain for these myopic assholes.

  11. I shoulda bought the tractor already, but inventories were crap last year.

  12. Mr. RFH says we have enough food stored, and I just smile and say, do we really? When Spongebrain Shartpants is talking about food shortages, all my alarms go off.

  13. Right wing conservatism is Cassandra, if Cassandra’s prophecies were actually commonsense cause and effect explanations for how the world really works.

  14. wakey wakey.

    Someone Pat knows through work — well, he’s somehow getting focked over by a family member. But he KNOWS the family member illegally obtained a PPP loan.

    So he’s calling it in.

  15. so you know people still on the dole, too. I’ve been assured that they don’t exist, and everyone is back to work now. Just look at the numbers!

    I look at the empty spots in all the restaurants and service places. You know, the ones not open full time because they don’t have enough people?

  16. They will just take it out of the 800 million or billion they lost. It’s not like it’s real money, or anything.

  17. I don’t personally know anyone still on the dole. I think you have people who just stopped working – elderly, etc, and the backfill just isn’t enough to get businesses running.

  18. There’s a lot of people who have stopped working, or if they are still working, it’s all side jobs for cash. Co-worker announced his retirement this morning.

  19. It’s the younger workers. Maybe it’s just college towns, but it’s really bad.

    Wendy’s doesn’t even open some days.

  20. twitter: ok, that’s a little creepy

    Not a NSFW, just weird.

  21. I was pondering getting in on some bullshit Ag grant money.

    “Longitudinal Study of Native Vetch Grasses” or something.
    “Cultivating Wild Black Raspberries in Amended vs Non-Amended Soil”.

  22. See, I don’t know younger workers not working. But yes, it is really hard to employ people. Elderly people leaving the workforce can have a HUGE impact though. Grocery stores, etc. No one is really discussing the demographics of the employment issue.

  23. I did some quick calc on the way back from the grocery store last night. They have printed paper adverts at both doors begging for night stockers at $15 an hour, same for apprentice meat cutters. I could just barely pay for the mortgage, electric, cable, and food if I could get 40 hours of that a week (unlikely). I’d have to get a second weekend job to cover propane and the rest.

    OTOH, I could walk to work.

  24. i would think you’d get as many hours as you wanted. Split between meat cutter and stocker.

  25. My diet’s same as it’s been for a while–utter garbage.

    Even if I get a place of my own again it will take most of the next year to undo the damage the past year and a half has done.

  26. Maybe. A lot of places still won’t do full-time hours.

  27. Lib cousin chimed in on the Don’t Say Gay bill. Grateful she does not have children.

  28. So dumb. Send her this picture and tell her THIS is what we’re trying to keep out of elementary schools. This is from Austin’s pride week.

  29. At their schools.

  30. Did you guys see Tucker’s opening last night? It was a good one.

  31. This is a healing performance for America

    because we’re all guilty of America’s original sin … well, you white people are anyway

  32. Did not see it. Do you have a link?

  33. I’d like to keep this kind of brainwashing out of older grades..

    “Lia Thomas supporter explains that a woman is “a spiritual thing” & “different for everyone.” ”

  34. Oh, and according to that ignorant spirit, there are more than 2 genders in the Bible.

  35. We currently have no TV services, just internet. Not that we watched TV all that much with the exception of Patriots games and TCM. Paula was paying for YouTube TV but it was relatively expensive for something we hardly ever watched. We’ll look at the choices again when football season finally rolls around

  36. there are more than 2 genders in the Bible.
    I’m going to need a Bible expert to lay that argument out for me because, as my first take, I’m calling that utter bullshit

  37. Its all here I think:

  38. Apparently the proof that they have – from the bible- is that God created day and night – and yet there is DUSK AND DAWN! See? Shades.

    So yea, obviously the bible is all over the 68 genders.

  39. I’m going to pass on that performance Jimbro.

  40. We should send Sobek though so he can do a review.

  41. can you use an over the air antenna?

  42. Should we take up a fund so we can send him as our representative?

  43. The horse dewormer meme is stupid because, in fact, you should take it.

    The left can’t meme.

  44. “Interestingly, it is not God’s commandment but a mother’s commandment that frames this telling. If you are taken by the police, she says to her son, “dress yourself in politeness,” for that will “restrain / the police and it will / Protect you until I can get there.” It is not Christ heralding the promise of salvation in this streetwise saga but a lawyer on the way.

    Floyd becomes another casualty in a long-running war for freedom and justice. A folk song section chillingly marries lightly skipping rhyme and rhythm with ominous warning. “Every mail day . . . I get a letter / Mama say come home boy My Lord come on home . . . / I write and tell her Justice bars the way . . . / I write and tell her freedom has lost the way.”

    “Have you ever seen a knee on a neck / Chile that stops all breathing. Home, home.” Home is the dreamed-of respite from violence. Home is also, horribly, death, the culmination of violence.

    Here Covid enters the picture too. “There’s a virus going round taking names / It has taken my neighbor’s name / And has left my heart in pain.”


    Yea, that is exactly how I remember George Floyd. Following his mom’s advice until the end.

  45. Comment by leoncaruthers on March 29, 2022 7:36 am
    How’s your diet been? My brownies turn to slim-fast every time I eat too much processed crap.


    I don’t know what this means and I don’t want to.

  46. Officer Tatum mentioned something about Malia Obama and Hunter showed Malia’s debit card with her name on it.


  47. That Tucker segment was on point and laid it out well. Which means the people propping Brandon up will just double down to not give in to the Tucker Carlson Wing of the GOP

  48. Hugh Hewitt is an actual dolt. Good stories. Good education but an actual dolt (or sell out, you choose).

    I was listening for about 5 minutes on a drive from church to Walmart and I hear him question a Republican Senator (possibly Cotton?) whether the Biden administration should have older statesmen like SOS Clinton come into his administration to help Biden through this crisis.

    FFS. Hillary Clinton who is as corrupt as shit and up to her neck is dickassery in Ukraine.

    Hewitt is a c8nt.

  49. Jimbro, we got rid of cable, years ago. Just pay for internet and a land line. We get regular antenna teevee. And we have a “smart” TV, where we can watch youtube videos if we want (along with various free movies) and a shit ton of channels assorted music, cooking, news, tinyhouse, Korean, etc.
    If I watch TV, it’s usually old sitcoms or youtube Korean, cooking, critter, videos.

  50. I can’t wait to see my FIL next week because he’s all up in arms over the anti groomer bill. He got the NPC update.

  51. I have never seen such a smear campaign on a basic common sense law as the Florida Bill.

    If you’re against it, I’m calling you a pedophile-groomer to your fucking face.

    Anyone, don’t care if it’s your grandmother or wife.

  52. About the Malia Obama deal, not so crazy, remember, she interned on the Girls show when she was 16.

    A show that showed just about everything you can think of.

  53. Yeah, our TV is a smart TV too. I need to hook up a digital antenna to get the local channels for games. If we can’t get them over the air I’m not that big of a fan that I’d pay to watch the ones on NFL Network or ESPN. Last year after missing a couple of games because I didn’t want to stay up late I watched the highlights on YouTube and got the whole game in under 15 minutes.

  54. If Malia is found on the Laptop From Hell I hope reporters ask Biden and Obama about it repeatedly.

    Who am I kidding, they won’t

  55. Brown solids to brown liquid, Mare.

  56. Article makes this point, which is pretty freakin valid :”The photo circulating on social media shows an old JP Morgan Visa card with the name “Malia A. Obama” on it next to lines of white powder suspected to be cocaine.

    Although “fact-checks” conducted by PolitiFact and Snopes dispelled the supposed discovery as “false”, the platforms also disbelieved the laptop story in its entirety, the existence of which the New York Times has now authenticated.”

  57. Malia is a whore.

    And possibly much harder core druggie than your average teenager or young person.

  58. He’s not here but I don’t think he’d mind because he’s posted about it here, could someone fill me in on Dave’s not here’s situation with his wife. Did she die? I must have been away.

  59. Died a week ago, Mare, somewhat suddenly.

  60. My goodness, how entirely horrible. She hadn’t been ill? Do you know what she died from?

    Dave, if you’re reading this I’m very sorry. Hugs to you and yours.

  61. New Change My Mind by Crowder, part 2, is entertaining. Rolling Stone “journalist” tries to “get” Crowder.

  62. Part 1 was a decent discussion too.

  63. IIRC she took ill and died not long after, I don’t remember how long the illness or what it specifically was, but DNH is hurting a lot right now and needs prayers. I offered to come down and help him or just sit with him if he needs it, but I haven’t seen email from him, hope he’s okay.

  64. Dave commented yesterday.

  65. I remember him saying there were test results that came back that were not what they wanted to hear and treatment was to commence. My chronic insomnia has made the rest Swiss cheese.

    Dave if you care to talk about it, we’re here. I hope you and your stepdaughter are helping each other through. Hospitals also can hook you up with great support groups.

  66. What’s up with Malia other than being a crackhead with her mom’s resting bitchy face?

  67. I got the sense from our brief discussion of the topic last night that Dave is still in love with his ex, or at least he still has deep feelings for her, which I can totally understand.

    I didn’t deserve what my ex-wife did to me. Sounds like he didn’t either.

  68. Hotspur, if the one comment he made after yours about you not wanting to wish death on your ex-wife, was about an ex-wife of his, sounded like he’s not as forgiving.
    The bigger hurt is the recent death.

  69. I thought the recent death was his ex-wife.

    Oh well, rather than talk behind his back, maybe he’ll stop by and clarify, if he feels like going into it.

  70. Yea, that is exactly how I remember George Floyd. Following his mom’s advice until the end.

    Growing up without a dad,
    Another stat in the city.
    Meth use like Breaking Bad,
    Wasted life, more’s the pity.

    Armed robbery, time in the pen.
    Caught passing a fake twenty bill.
    Cornered by cops and then
    Fatal dose of fentanyl.

  71. Dave’s announcement

  72. 34 years is a long time, that’s about how long Mr. RFH and I have been married.

    Squishy hugs for DNH.

  73. Thank you, Leon.

    And Jay. And Beasnsnsnsn.

    And Hotspur, that kind of cleared up a bit of my confusion because I thought he was divorced. Regardless, I’m sad for him and will put prayers up.

  74. Even if I have his story not quite right, he lost someone he loved and that’s rough.

  75. I’m going to crash mare’s funeral, steal the microphone, and make a total fool of myself. Then I’m going to blame mare.

  76. I’ll sit right up in my coffin and kick your ass. Unless you say funny stuff and try to make me look good.

  77. Cool. We should work out a bit in advance. People will love it.

  78. Done and done.

  79. Lia Thomas supporter explains that a woman is “a spiritual thing” & “different for everyone.”

    Then they can just STFU and quit telling me what I have to believe a woman is.

  80. For my entire life I’ve been told to believe that women are super and awesome and just the greatest things ever. They need everything separate and special and we should move aside cuz the women will make it all okay!

    And in 5 mins the world decided that was all bullshit and what is a woman anyway.

    Head on a swivel.

  81. A woman is boobs, and makeup, and heels. Possibly excessive testosterone.

  82. What about dicks? I’m fairly sure about 90% of women have throbbers, these days.

  83. Nerd alert

  84. A woman is the one who makes the sandwich.

  85. **offers to show boobs to Mr. RFH in return for him making sammiches**

  86. We’re getting another wave of retirements this summer, all the people who don’t want to stop working from home. There’s a fed requirement to report on site one day a week. If you’re not working more than half-time on site, you lose your office and have to hotel. The howls from the soy milk latte, eternal Teams meeting, pronouns in my signature, inclusiveness crowd are entertaining. Buh-bye.

  87. They’re the “jack off on company time group”.

  88. jeffrey toobin is offline

  89. They’re also the “omg, we’re all going to die of covid” double-mask, triple-boosted group.

  90. I honestly didn’t know covid was still a thing.

  91. If working from home depends on your signalling of paranoia, some people are perfectly willing to signal paranoia.

  92. They want to keep their office even if they’re mostly working at home?

  93. The Fauci Flu will always be A Thing. They will never let that power go. Forever and ever there will be some New Variant lurking, waiting to pounce and with nothing more than a snap of the finger all things will roll right back in – lockdowns, masks, MORE SHOTS of course. Sit down and shut up you stupid peasants.

  94. All right Hot Snausages, put on a glove and start slapping the crap out of each other. You all have Jada Pinkett Hair.

  95. Wasn’ my ex, HS. I was a bit surfaced last night, if I said anything out of line, I’m sorry about that.
    Still have a crap ton of things to take care of around here, chipping away at them a little at a time.
    When I have my shit a bit more together I’ll write up the hows and what’s about it & send to Leon or another of you that can put it up on the wall for a few days to answer most of the questions.
    At the moment I don’t have it in me to make it through writing those 3 or 4 paragraphs.
    Meanwhile, I’ve been taking steps to make sure stepdaughter will be reasonably well set if/when my time to be back with her mom comes.

  96. * surfaced = shitfaced.
    Thank you again, autocorrect.

  97. Just had a lovely run in the woods. Legs are getting stronger with all the hills.

  98. Sorry for your loss, DNH.

  99. I’m sorry for your loss too, DNH.

    I hope you weren’t insulted we didn’t know. Plus I have the memory of Hunter Biden when he needs to pick up his computer after being on a week-long coke bender

  100. Keeping you in my Prayers, DNH.

  101. DNH – last night you were just expressing a tidge of gallows humor and it’s fine. There is no one way to properly deal with grief. Whatever you want to express is fine.

  102. Hookers and blow should maybe be kept off-blog though …

    Mare is such a prude.

  103. So, Taylor Hawkins – drugs and enlarged heart and complaints of chest pain.

    Jimbro … have it a go. I mean, drug overdose is what they are leaning, but that doesn’t jive with chest pain. Who does drugs if they are experiencing chest pain?

    So … covid clot shot causing enlarged heard?

  104. No worries here. Just worried about my conduct while I deal with this. Anger is one thing, anger with alcohol is another. Trying to keep a low profile while I ride this out.
    Although, it is fair to say I’m contemplating a malpractice/ wrongful death suit. When I write the memoir I think you’ll see why, whether it flies or not is another subject.

  105. At ace of spades about gay teachers,etc …

    You know – the entirety of my education – I had ZERO IDEA about the lives of any of my teachers. Were they married? NO clue. They could have been martians in their private life for all I knew. I’m really pretty sure looking back some of my female gym teachers were lesbians. And you know what? THAT DIDN’T FUCKING MATTER.

    That gay kindergarten teacher who needs 5 year olds to celebrate his life choices needs to get slapped. Much more than Chris Rock.

    Your PRIVATE LIFE IS PRIVATE. Reading. Music. Numbers. THAT IS YOUR FUCKING JOB. Not telling 5 year olds what you did over the weekend. WTF is wrong with people?

  106. Duely noted Car in. If I ever start blabbing about snorting parmesan cheese off the carpet, please, all of you do an intervention!

  107. Dave, don’t rush out and get a tattoo without thinking about it long and hard beforehand

  108. I’m going with a combination of factors. Possibly enlarged heart due to clotshot and tipped over the edge by drugs. I’m not sure if cocaine was on the menu but it’s not good for your heart

  109. Just had to go there, didn’t ya Jimbro?
    Funeral place took her fingerprints just because some people take them to a parlor for a tattoo.
    I was thinking of having them tattooed on my……LOL.

  110. These teachers are so unstable they need validation from kindergarteners. WTAF?

  111. Mare. The goal is normalizing child molesting.
    Don’t know what happened to society, there once was a time when those types of perverts were rightfully ostracized by society. Now society embraces them.
    Personally, there’s a reason the Glaser safety slug was invented, IYKWIMAITTYD

  112. My favorite tramp stamp tattoo, was the MST3K silhouette. Dan and I are the only people at work without any ink.

  113. The colleges unleashed a bunch of goddamn freaks on the public school system. Now they’re teaching your children to be freaks.

    Welcome to the freakshow.

  114. Just saw at Ace’s from Lizzy:

    Zelensky implemented a Digital ID/Vaxx ID/Universal Basic Income app = a social credit system in the past week.

    Lots of people speculated (and I’m one of them) that Russia is the only thing standing between us and the New World Order.

    This whole poor Ukraine shit is ridiculous. Zelensky is an actor and was put into place by Soros for just that kind of shit.

  115. Our teachers had to sign a contract with a morals clause. My Freshman HS English teacher was still legally married to her husband, when she got pregnant by a football player. Only reason I knew the baby was the football players…he was our neighbor and we would see her car parked at his house when his parents were away. She and her husband were separated. My Latin teacher was married to English teachers lawyer. Peyton Place. My MS choir teacher H8D me. HS choir teacher was upset that MS choir placed a block on me. It became a big deal. TL;DR. HS choir was having an affair with MS choir hubby. I was a pawn. I could compete at State as a soloist in 8th grade, but I couldn’t be in HS choir? Texas takes band and choir pretty seriously. 🤓 and $20

  116. Wiser just posted a pic on Twitter. Made me sad that I was a lurker and didn’t know y’all.

  117. Peyton Place was filmed in Camden among other places. Beautiful town about 45 south of me on Rt 1. I’ve never seen the movie but hear it’s a classic.

  118. Read the book. Watched the movie. Watched the TV show. Pure soapy drama. Schlock. Loved it.


    The Bee made their last tweet their first NFT

  120. Hola folks!
    There is a mini-gathering going on on Twitter.

  121. I am the guy that Tushar is 99% blocking.

  122. That was one of the best days ever.

  123. YOU were hiding behind me. I don’t have eyes on my ass.

  124. Where is Lumpy?

  125. Is Cyn grabbing Rosetta’s package?

  126. Looks like it.

    We should talk shit about Cyn.

  127. We had this conversation tonight, Carin. I have no idea if my teachers were married, had kids, liked to put a screwdriver up their ass.

    It didn’t matter. If you’re gay and teaching kids and they ask what you did last weekend the proper response is that you had a good weekend. You went skiing or whatever. Anything beyond that is weird.

    No one cares. You’re not special. It’s not an after school special. There are no lessons to be learned.

    Shut up and teach. If you can’t, step aside. Write a book. Pretend to be a poet and make coffee.

    No one cares. You’re not Hemingway.

  128. What is that whorebag up to?

  129. That was before my time, I think.

  130. That was the Summer of 2010. The day of the Night of the Parking Lot Party Bestest Of All Time. When Rosetta asked to borrow the cop’s gun and got fake-arrested for our amusement. When Michael was trying to figure out how to break into a trailer. Oh what a night.

  131. When the cop rolled into the parking lot the first time, I was walking toward the hotel to pee. I almost plotzed when I saw him drive toward our party. I need not have worried. He was cool.

  132. Ace was at that one, and he missed the parking lot party. He went back to his hotel and did not return with the Michaels. He missed out BIG TIME.

  133. YOOOOGE.

  134. I hate that I missed that one and the Michigan meetups. Made it to one Texas, one StL, two Arizona.

  135. There is a Moron meetup this summer, but Mini-me is going to summer school.

  136. I’m pretty sure DIT called me during that meetup and put Ace In the phone.

  137. We had to bail on Niagara Falls. Travel is too expensive. We had to use flight points by June. Originally an AZ baseball trip. MLB pissed me off. Another Vegas vacation. Comped rooms.

  138. Car in, I don’t see you in the photo.

  139. Hi Tush!
    I was at St Lou and Tits 2, where Tush, no wait what was the pilots name that was hitting on Roamy? It is a meme I know it

  140. Who is on Michaels left, and peeking between him & Wiser? I can ID everyone else, I think…

  141. I notice that someone put the “Touch My Monkee” in the thread.

  142. My goodness, that was quite the enjoyable evening.

  143. The pilot’s name was Chad.

    Chad got so drunk that he passed out in the hallway of the hotel while walking (or they were walking him) two stewardesses back to his room.

    MJ and I used to rate his Drink of the Week on the “Chad Scale”

  144. >>> Who is on Michaels left, and peeking between him & Wiser? I can ID everyone else, I think…

    That’s Ms. Peel

  145. Chad was fcuking terrible. And drunk. He pulled down his shorts while in the pool.

  146. Woot woot. Danke. I am at 14.

  147. >>> That was the Summer of 2010. The day of the Night of the Parking Lot Party Bestest Of All Time. When Rosetta asked to borrow the cop’s gun and got fake-arrested for our amusement. When Michael was trying to figure out how to break into a trailer. Oh what a night.

    Considering how much I had to drink that day, I am amazed that I remember so much of that evening.

    Paul the cop came around 3 times, with the third time him getting really fun.

    Is the picture of him arresting Rosetta still there?

  148. **runs around hugging errybody**

  149. Yes, the pic of Rosetta being arrested is still in the Meat Locker. So is Cuffy’s write-up of Steve, the guy in the purple shirt. Amethyst ass, hahahahaha.

  150. yes Chad is a meme
    Hi Wiserbud

  151. David enjoyed resolving problems.

  152. Bed at 10PM…5:30AM comes, BOING! Awake. Early to bed and early to rise, and all that. Dining room project had stalled for about a month, while we had a work glut to get through. I restarted it yesterday. Today I’m cleaning and scuffing trim and applying a good bonding primer.

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