Rock Around the Croc: Hang Ten

I’m mentally spent this week, so you’ll get nothing informative and you’ll like it. But Hotspur mentioned he likes surf music, so surf music he will get. Let’s start with the Ventures, Walk Don’t Run:

All right, I guess I will put you some knowledge. The Ventures formed in 1958 in Tacoma, WA, and they are still popular in Japan to this day, where they keep touring. That’s impressive. They are the best-selling instrumental band of all time, and they helped popularize the electric guitar in the United States.

The surf rock craze was launched when Dick Dale’s “Let’s Go Trippin” hit the charts in 1961. Surf rock is “distinguished by reverb-heavy electric guitars played to evoke the sound of crashing waves” (Wikipedia).

Mr. Dale opined that real surf rock is instrumental, because the music itself is about surfing. Vocal surf rock is only surf because that’s what the lyrics are about. I don’t think he fully appreciated Nick Rivers’ contribution to the American musical tradition:

His loss, I suppose. Fun fact: the first concert I ever went to was the Beach Boys, and it was awesome. Kokomo was released well after the prime of their popularity, but it’s still probably my favorite of theirs. That saxophone solo is killer. The steel drums island vibe is definitely surf:

I’m going to play us out with some Man … or Astroman, which was probably my favorite concert I’ve ever been to. It’s criminal that they didn’t get huge. Here’s Destination Venus (from their album Destroy All Astromen, which you should listen to in its entirety):

Most of their songs are instrumentals, like this one below, named on the album cover as “——— (Reverse Synch Moog Version).” (From their album Intravenous Television Continuum, which you should listen to in its entirety.) I don’t know how you’re supposed to yell for them to play that during a concert, but whatever, they did, and my life is better for it. At the end of the song, starting at 1:37, Starcrunch starts this climb on the guitar that ends up with him playing blazing 32nd notes. He used his thick nerd glasses on the strings to get that effect, and afterwards I could see the lenses were all scratched up from him doing it.

I found this live concert footage from a show they did in 2011. Normally I hate concert footage because the sound quality is garbage, but here it’s absolutely amazing. If you aren’t interested in watching the whole show, at least jump to the song at 42:11, in which Coco the Electric Monkey Wizard plays an awesome theramin solo, and then at 44:30 he sets the theramin on fire, and then he continues playing the theramin solo. I love this band so much.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Next week maybe I’ll get back to writing about the Romantic era, but this week was all about unbridled enthusiasm. Peace and love to you all.


  1. Peace and love to you too, Sobek.

    also peas and lovage

  2. wakey wakey

  3. Lots of moving parts this morning. Could be the 6 dogs at my house? Listened to the first song and second music offering from the man band. I think I found the vocals the most interesting although I’d have to listen to it a few more times to tell you exactly why.

  4. Should have set it on fire a little earlier.

    Still, better than Tool.

  5. as for recovery time from previous thread…

    I think there as many different theories and accompanying advice regarding health, fitness, eating, etc. I don’t think there is ONE way to do anything, and certainly not everyone has the same goals. Do I take enough recovery time? Probably not, but I take easy or rest days when I’m tired.

    It really matters what your goals are. A friend of mine became a HUGE advocate of those beach body workouts. 20 min HIT stuff, no heavy weights. I’d all admit she looks fit and trim – which I suppose is her goal. But to confuse that with being actually fit – she tried to take her dog on a longer, brisker hike …

    she was DONE. Because 20 min HIT did nothing for her endurance.

    Just saying. Everyone hates endurance, and its not in vogue (go look at all the fitness ads – they bash endurance stuff). But you need to evaluate what you want.

    Most people (not here) just want to look good for their instagram photos. they don’t really care if they can hike up a mountain.

  6. I need to dehydrate the rest of my garlic from last year’s harvest. I can run an extension cord to the greenhouse and run the dehydrator in there, which will generate heat, no additional energy expenditure needed.

  7. Heh:

  8. Ok, so its apparently a Great Pyr thing to be very vocal – and growl. So she growls at Stella and Stella interprets it as aggressive.

    The two were fighting pretty bad so we’ve kept them separated for about 6 weeks now . Stella got spayed and Nova will get spayed end of May (she was in heat when her first appointment date hit). So this weekend we’ve been doing test runs of them together and so far they haven’t fought. Yea.

    Stella really wants to play with her, but if Nova wants to fight, she’ll go. And stella wins.

  9. A Foo song – not sure if its my fav, but I like it. Early word is drugs Hawkins.

  10. Like that song. They look like dorks in the video.

    Do you know the difference between a dirty bus stop and a lobster with breast implants?

    One is a crusty bus station, the other a busty crustacean.

  11. *groaaaannnnn*


    *rolls up a Sunday newspaper from 1985 WITH the inserts inside*

  12. I feel honored.

  13. LOL Time permitting Frank Sinatra.

  14. I came across this group a while back. They definitely have a surfin vibe, and I really like it. I can’t find anything about them despite several searches on AOL.

  15. Now Sobek I’ll do you a solid. If you search IPR Classical you’ll find Interlochen Public Radio. Sunday mornings they have a program – Sunday Baroque. I listen to it every week, including right now.

  16. Here. I’ll save you the search.

  17. Try this. That last link is a dickaround.

  18. Dumb fact of the day: the Ventures drummer dropped out of the group because he was too young to be playing in bars (17, I think, and I’m too lazy to look him up). He later became a 4-star general in the Air Force. I saw the video of the reunion with him in uniform playing the drums.

  19. Also, I have the Ventures’ Christmas album. “Sleigh Ride” is one of my favorites.

  20. Currently listening to “Intravenous Television Continuum”. Good stuff. I had one or two of their CD’s back in the day. I like their sound (and surf rock in general) in moderation. I find it hard to listen to song after song which is why I wasn’t at the concert with you Sobek.

  21. When Layne joined Alice In Chains he was too young to get into the clubs. He has to sit outside until time to hit the stage.

  22. I was cleaning up the Music app on my notebook yesterday, and came across a bunch of TED podcasts. Don’t know why they were there because I don’t listen to it.

    It was the most woke bunch of bullshit imaginable.

    Total Elitist Dumbassery

  23. People who listen to tchaikovsky are obviously Putin stooges.


    I’m not sure the relevance of this other than to note it as abnormal. I saw another reference to Grohl insisting on the clotshot for members of the group which I suppose was raising that as a possibility. Could have been many things in isolation or combination, not the least of which was the assorted pharmaceuticals found in his hotel room. Bottom line, a 50 year old married guy with 3 kids should have just stuck to beating his tom tom and he’d likely still be around.

  25. It is literally winter here in my corner of Michigan. The wind is howling and it’s 22 and snowing.

  26. Worst spring ever.

  27. Chi comm chuck is on lockdown right now. Which – hilarious.

  28. There is a red-tailed hawk in my neighborhood, I saw him trying to catch bats on the wing the other day.

  29. If you can’t define a woman, how can you identify a white male oppressor?

  30. If it’s white and oppresses, it’s a male.

  31. If it’s male and oppresses, it’s white.

  32. If it’s white and male, it oppresses.

  33. Capisce?

  34. *googles safe-way-to-cook-bats*

  35. Capisco.

  36. Hotspur, thanks for that link. I know what I’ll be listening to today.

    Beethoven’s 3rd is up now.

  37. Sign that reads “chicks are here” has a different meaning in lapeer and similar towns than it does in cities.


    Not mine. They get delivered next month.

  38. Cute chicks? Are they old enough? I’m not a Biden.

  39. Ordering chicks is best Leon. That way you can be sure a male doesn’t sneak through

  40. Binders and binders of chicks

  41. Chicks in binders? Sounds kinky. And this guy is single again!

  42. Dan has never been to a rodeo. Last night, we went to Ty Murray PBR at The Pit. We were cheering for the bulls. It was pretty cool. Very entertaining. Finals this year are in Fort Worth.

  43. Wow. It was his first rodeo.

  44. PBR came to Columbus in 1998…dude I worked with was a bike cop working the fairgrounds the night a bull got loose. He stood between the bull and an open gate and got steamrolled and stomped.

  45. My friend was OK, but the bull rampaged for a bit, got hit by a car and put down by another deputy if I recall correctly.

  46. Pupster, IKR? It was his first rodeo. The Bulls can be dangerous. That makes it even more cool that 50% of the points go to the Bull. Sorry, about your friend and the bull.

  47. I tell you what, if’n a bull is on the loose, my ass and the rest of my person is not going to be anywhere near its intended destination

  48. There was a bull that wouldn’t be herded last night. Kept doing a fake move. The celebrity rodeo clown wasn’t happy with the rodeo clowns that allowed a bull to get really close to him. The weird part for me, was the helmets and the flak jackets.

  49. I’ve never been to a rodeo. I’ve also never eaten a corn dog. Those two things may or may not be related.

  50. My all time favorite rodeo clown

  51. Corn dogs are awesome. Green Chile corn dogs are awesome-r. Rodeos are pretty cool. The bull riding was always the best part of the rodeo. PBR just cut to the quick.

  52. I always enjoyed barrel racing, heeling, bronc busting, and bull riding. Mesquite Rodeo. We had a HS rodeo team.

  53. I wasn’t really a fan of The Beach Boys until I watched 50 First Dates. Judge me.

  54. I’ve only met one real cowboy in my life. He was a resident at U of CO and was from Rifle. He was on the rodeo team in HS and college. He had one of those big ass belt buckles and wore cowboy boots and rodeo shirts which is what made me ask him about it. Interesting guy.

  55. I think NM still has more cowboys per capita than any other state. FL has more cowboys. PBR has bull riders from everywhere. 2 Navajos. Australians. The 3 time Mexican champion was from Guatemala.

  56. Dan doesn’t even like the Foo Fighters. He bought tickets and attended their concert with me.

  57. True story. Dan doesn’t like Monty Python. I quote Life of Brian during Mass. PBR had a Native Our Father. This AM, I started making fun of the Native Blessing. Reason #1 why I am 🔥🔥

  58. Tried to find that article about the bull, turns out it was 1999 and you have to pay to read the Columbus Dispatch archives and fuck that.

  59. Down in Doheny where the surfers all go
    There’s a big bleached blondie named Surfer Joe,
    He’s got a green surfboard with a woodie to match,
    And when he’s ridin’ the freeways,
    Man is he hard to catch.

    Surfer Joe-ho-ho,
    Now look at him go-a-ho-ho-ho,
    Surfer, Surfer, Surfer Joe-ho-ho,
    Go man go-ho-ho.

  60. Another Powerline link

    They always make a big deal about the Doomsday Clock BS when a Republican is in the Oval Office. The clock has crossed my mind a few times since the whole Ukraine business started. As in, it ought to be highlighted now because of everything going on. Of course it isn’t and it won’t be, that would reflect poorly on Brandon.

  61. Yeah, RL friend had his dad gored by a bull at NM State Fair. Bull riding is crazy. Short guys.

  62. I used to like carnivals, fairs, rodeos, but I’m really not going anywhere like that anymore without better motivation than funnel cakes and elephant ears.

  63. They used to have demolition derbys at The Franklin County fair, Boy2 really liked those. Boy1 just wanted to get away from the crowds, noise and animal smells.

  64. Our Fair has been taken over by the gangbangers and criminals. We went from having one of the top fairs in the country to a total waste of time money suck.

  65. Ohio and Texas State Fairs were epic. Iowa. NM. We aren’t even in top 25 any more.

  66. What is a Foo and why does it need to be fought? Just trying to figure out if this is more senseless violence.
    OTOH, Goo Goo Dolls are probably responsible for the gender confusion these days.

  67. DNH it was my jam. Saw Goo Goo Dolls at Shareholders. Not a fan, but great show.

  68. Origin was based on UFOs in Roswell, NM. U FOos fighters.

  69. Joe Satriani, surfing with the alien album is as close as I get to surfing music, unless I’ve paid a registration fee to enter the ’66 in a car show.
    See more late models at car shows these days, almost think dealers use them as off lot ads, would think the music would also be more up to date.

  70. I had to work The Ohio State Fair in the late 90’s, it was a pretty big deal. First time I’d ever heard of “wilding” though. Fairgrounds are not in a good neighborhood.

  71. We would watch it on TV when visiting my grandfather. Are any fairgrounds in a good area?

  72. DNH, we were in SOCal driving the PCH during roadshow weekends. There should be warnings available to travelers.

  73. We had favorite PCH restaurants and clothing shops. BITD. Recent visits have been final.

  74. I H8 brats. Beer brats. Cheese brats. Any brats. Pray for Oso.

  75. Tested the dehydrator in the little tent greenhouse. Works great to bring the temp up to tolerable level. Delighted. Game changer. Looks like I’ll be dehydrating a bunch of food during every cold snap.

  76. We grew up going to the Brockton Fair which was smack dab near the center of our city. It had a horse racing track and there were 4-H exhibits but most of it was rides and carnival games. Like everything else it became unruly. My cousin was an undercover narcotics detective and was working the fair one year. Poor communication between the local cops and the state cops working at the fair got him beat up when he was making a drug buy to set up a dealer and the staties witnessed it. He looked the part, long hair, beard and jeans with a leather vest. He ended up with some broken ribs and a lot of bruises.

  77. A few years later one of my friends was working as a bartender in a local dive bar and saw him walk in and sit at a booth in the back. He recognized him from seeing him at a couple of get togethers at my house but kept his mouth shut. A little time went by and my cousin walked out. Less than a minute later 5 or 6 cops ran in screaming, waving badges and arrested the guy who sold him drugs. Nowadays they’d run in to hand him a crack pipe.

  78. Are you growing any Hakurei Turnips?

  79. My nephew does the cowboy thing. We went last summer and he roped and rode bull. There were no wildings. We also have two race tracks in the area, pretty sure no wildings have occurred there either.

    I haven’t been to a fair or carnival that wasn’t sketchy. From ground up, machines, workers, attendees. Po people Disney

  80. would think the music would also be more up to date.

    Meaning what? Long haired freaks screaming at the top of their lungs into their mics? Amps turned up so loud they cause permanent hearing loss? Satanic lyrics and vulgarity?

    No thanks.

  81. I haven’t been to a fair or carnival that wasn’t sketchy. From ground up, machines, workers, attendees. Po people Disney
    That certainly is true. I think I was oblivious to it as a kid and gained awareness as an adolescent. The Bangor State Fair is the local sleazefest here. It happens the first week of August. When you see the Ferris wheel set up in advance of the fair it heralds so many things: the impending end of summer, better get your back to school shopping done soon, prepare to avoid Bangor for the nearly 2 weeks it’s here and hoping no one gets killed or OD’s at it.

  82. I’ve gone to it a couple of times back when I first moved here. I went in the day, toured the 4-H exhibits, ate a fried dough and played a few carnie games. That was enough for me.

    When Paula and the boys came into my life I stayed home to hold down the fort when she brought them with her friend and her kids. Did not miss it at all.

  83. I was thinking the same thing as I was writing that Jimbro. It was a “come to think of it” and then I was thinking as a pre teen I didn’t feel anything but the spectacle.

  84. Yes, I will be sowing my hakurei turnip seed this week.

  85. Mrs Russ and our Moses baby are involved in the Iowa State Fair. Our Moses is growing up. I don’t care that he is more IB than H2.

  86. I mentioned hakurei turnip to call Pupster who doesn’t believe in them. Sort of like mentioning wiser and having him show up. I had forgotten all about hakurei turnip until I saw them mentioned in an email today.

  87. My favorite fair is the Tunbridge World’s Fair (Tunbridge VT). Old-time local agricultural fair for a small town. Best part is the Border Collie herding demonstrations.

  88. Border Collie herding is awesome

  89. I roasted carrots, turnips, sweet potatoes, beets, and shallots for dinner.

    Very meh.

  90. I had a comment, but hiccups

  91. Oy

  92. Cold and snowy in jamtown.

  93. Old World Radio is funny and based AF. Thatisall.

  94. I bet it’s hard to herd Border Collies.

  95. Ugh, what a crap week. Tested positive for Covid on Monday (day before my flight physical). Had a cough and chest congestion, that was it.

    Rescheduled physical for tomorrow. Still have a slight cough, but it’s better. Still waiting to fly my first 787 trip and this just delayed it for a week.

  96. Watching Reacher. I can no longer see Rosamund Pike as any character except Morraine Sedai. But it’s a good movie nonetheless.

  97. Get well, Phat.

  98. Boy1 just wanted to get away from the crowds, noise and animal smells.

    This. It’s also why I don’t like zoos. I can handle them in limited doses, but sooner or later, I’m tired of smelling weird shit.

  99. Get well soon, Phat!

    My covid test did not arrive in time, so I’ll be working from home tomorrow, which I’d planned to do anyway since Mini-me is home, but this just clinched it.

  100. Hey Oso, how come your pinche primo DA hasn’t brought charges against that fuckin prick Alec Baldwin yet? What the fuck is he waiting on?

  101. Phat – wanted your opinion on the Chinese plan crash.

  102. same symptoms here, was surprised when I tested positive

  103. had corned beef and cabbage finally today. got it down pat, sous vide at 140 for 48 hours, then 2-3 hours in crock pot with veggies, beer (imperial stout, mmmm delicious) and sous jus. subbed a turnip for the potatoes to cut back on the carbs. delicious

  104. Couple came in 12 minutes before close tonight (and we’d been SLOW for the previous hour). Luckily I didn’t get stuck with them – I oten/usually do.

    They tipped 6.50 on a $51 tab.

    They were there 40 minutes after close.

    you might be an asshole if …

  105. I’ve noticed the late arrivals are clueless, and are more likely to stiff ya. late deliveries too

  106. Thank GOD I didn’t have to wait on them.

    They were also table- prayers.

    I mean, fine. But you’re making religious folks look bad.

  107. Regarding the China crash, know that the photo floating around the inter webs showing a 737 in a nose down dive with a damaged tail is from the Silk Air crash in Indonesia a few years ago.

    I did hear they found one of the black boxes, not sure if it was Flight Data or Cockpit Voice, but it was heavily damaged.

  108. Really? So all that stuff is a lie?

  109. The video ?

  110. Hard to believe something on the internet is fake, I know.

    One of the guys on our pilot forum saw it and noticed all of the media were using the old photo of Silk Air.

  111. Will thought it funny until his freaky wife gave him the death glare. People are saying he was defending her honor because she’s hyper sensitive over her alopecia. They are assuming Chris knew about that? I didn’t know. It certainly doesn’t stop her from talking all kinds of freaky sex stuff with her mother and kid on television.

  112. Darlene enthusiastically resumed painting.

  113. Ahh, open marriage. She hooked up with her son’s friend.

  114. Have never regretted shutting off entertainment news and knowing nothing about hollywood people. They are all disgusting.

  115. Hollyweird.
    Dude is ok with other guy banging his wife and polluting the pool but gets all pissy about a hair loss joke.

  116. Btw Darlene was always talented.

  117. Dehydrator is doing a perfect job warming the greenhouse to just above freezing on this chilly night.

  118. It’s doing double duty, dehydrating an d warming the greenhouse, versus just running an incandescent bulb for warmth.

    Somewhere, Gaia is smiling

  119. Yup, and since dehydrating garlic is notoriously obnoxious, it’s keeping the stink out there instead of in here.

  120. Tonight I’m doing some mixed veggies. Be nice to have some shelf-stable jars of nutritious stuff ready to throw in soups.

    I was thinking about doing jerky, but I’m afraid the little plastic tent will be attacked by wildlife if I do that.

  121. Sun’s hitting it now. When it gets to 40 in there I’m gonna remove the unit and see how the garlic looks.

  122. How do you store the veggies after dehydroxification?

  123. MMM 488

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