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  1. I don’t get the one with the distorted Woody and the uno card.

  2. Fine set of memes, thanks Pupster

  3. Same here Lumpy

  4. Gonna be a good. Having sis over for a home spa day because she has troubles and needs a nice time. We’re going to do facials and watch a funny movie and have Scott’s Amazing Smoked Salmon Fillet.

  5. For Sobek

    Again, not sure what genre it falls into

  6. You’re a good egg Lumps, despite what Hotspur says about you. I wish my own sister had a caring sister to console her in troubling times. I just listen and provide advice or simply agree with her plans which is usually reassuring to her but not a spa day IYKWIM

  7. Frankenstein variant? Are you kidding me?

    The Murder Hornet variant must be right around the corner.

  8. My phone won’t let me “like” this post and that is total garbage!

  9. Woody has a pull string to talk, one of his sayings is “There’s a snake in my boot”. The card is a Reverse card from Uno.

  10. Wakey wakey

  11. Fanks Puppeh! *scritches*

  12. The lefties who post on formerly right leaning blogs are all in a tizzy over a new variant. They’ve been trying to get some hot air pumped into it for a week or so.

    I think it’s over, Karen.

  13. Are you talking about the Texas chainsaw massacre variant?

  14. Those upside down shark pics are creepy.

    Never knew kangaroos could look so demonic!

  15. The next variant will have naming rights available, and be timed to peak with a media blitz ad campaign. Mountain Dew Flu, Dairy Queen Chiller virus, Pringles Fever.

  16. Woody has a pull string to talk, one of his sayings is “There’s a snake in my boot”. The card is a Reverse card from Uno.
    Thus spake Zarathustra

  17. Last I heard was of an omicron variant with a couple of letters and a number like “BN2” or some such shit.

    I think it’s over as well despite the efforts of a small minority who don’t want to let it go

  18. No, that was last week. It’s the flying japanese spider variant.

  19. United States, 2030.

    Welcome to the Pandemic Bowl!

    The St Fauci LBGTQIARYP+ Allies vs George Floyd University ACABs

  20. The marketing firms have basically used up all of the good branding words for Covid.

    They’re either going to have to go more science-y, which isn’t very compelling or totally pop culture.

    Variant 22.a coefficient .87 niner


    Variant Red Death III

  21. The Covid People need to talk to the Weed People as far as branding goes

  22. TIL about “couch lock”

  23. Big learning day so far. I also discovered that I’m a 3D printer!

  24. They’re hyping Avian Flu now. Watch them try to force masks and lockdowns again after midterms.

  25. Oh, and they’ll force small farmers to kill off chicken and duck flocks.

  26. Those upside down shark photos are mind-blowing.

  27. When you are not allowed on the couch:

    (Imgur video)

  28. The Dr. yesterday mentioned the BA 2 variant and then described the virus mutation process is being 50/50 as to whether the next iteration would be more or less infectious / deadly. And that we “got lucky” with omicron cause while it became more infectious it also became less lethal. He also said the unvaxxed spread the virus and when confronted that so do the vaxxed, his response was “not as much as the unvaxxed.”.

    My understanding was that in general terms it is rare for a virus to become “stronger” and most weaken as they mutate. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    I still feel kinda bad about walking out, I kinda need the tests discussed. But I don’t think it unreasonable to be upset about being left 40 minutes in the exam room with no contact. On the other hand, considering the completely different perspectives on the virus, I imagine there could possibly be other points of contention in the future. Ultimately I would never really trust a obvious leftist nor do I want to support them in any way with my hard earned money.

    Fucking Clownworld


    (Imgur video)

    *waves at Geoff*

    How’s things going?

  30. C+ student, TeeRoy

  31. Great workout with my bitches this morning.

  32. TeeRoy, call the fucker on Monday to discuss the tests and tell them straight up you did not appreciate being left in the room for 40 minutes while they went to lunch. Your time is also $$. Ask for him.

  33. Puppy, love that downward dog on the couch. LOL

  34. P.S. TeeRoy, didn’t you have coof? You could remind them of that.

  35. How’s things going?

    Last weekend before the move to TX, so you can imagine . . .

  36. From 3 years ago. I wonder what they can do now.


  38. You know Ace’s running gag about the FBI saying “we may never know the shooter’s motive” they vowed? I’ve been thinking about that in connection with the whole “I can’t define the word woman because I’m not a biologist” thing. It’s not just that they don’t believe there is a workable definition, but they actively don’t want for there to be a workable definition.

  39. It’s a corner they can’t get out of.

  40. I read a response to the “I am not a biologist” response and it was along the lines of “So, you’re saying it’s a matter of biology, not one of feelings?”

  41. Leon?

  42. No, I’m just good at finding them, Pepe. I don’t actually eat them.


    So, laptop is real, approval polls are in the shitter and this Beau Biden foundation nugget. Will he be gone before the midterms or not?


    So what, one morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas

  45. Leon bait.

  46. This kind of sentence construction bothers the crap out of me:

    “The Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children raked in $3.9 million in 2020, but spent only a fraction of that on its purported mission to help kids, The Post has learned.”

    Well yeah, of course it was a fraction. Unless they spent 100 percent of donations on the stated mission, then it was a fraction. Even 1/1 is a fraction. Just throw in the word “tiny” before fraction and you’re fine.

  47. Here’s another one that bugs: “He worked for one of the only organizations dedicated to solving that problem.”

    Well yeah, there is a finite number of organisations working on anything. There could be five hundred thousand such organizations, and if he worked for any of them, the statement is true. (I made that sample sentence up, BTW, it’s not from the Post article)

  48. I’m thinking if the Biden family is working with children, an alphabet of agencies to do with ending child exploitation/trafficking/sniffing, should be giving them an anal.

  49. NY Post needs a better editor

    Also see this fun fact

  50. Someone turned Biden talking about black kids touching his hairy legs..liking them jumping in his lap, into a cartoon.

  51. Why do you hate children, Sobek?

    Calm down.

  52. Good luck with the move Geoff, if MJ offers you pointers they are not helpful hints if you know what I mean.

  53. Only a fraction of the Hostages work out.

  54. What is work out?

    Are you able to define it?

  55. Am I the only person that doesn’t care about Ukraine?

    I mean, I know no one really cares but they sure are putting up a good show.

    Fuck em all.

  56. I care about Ukraine exactly as much as I care about Somalia.

  57. Look on the bright side, we’re finally getting some educated immigrants who have at least a smidgen of a collective cultural memory of the horrors of communism

  58. I care about Ukrainian boobs.

  59. Yes, it’s cheesy, yes, it’s Barry Manilow, but the other guy, Kid Creole, is apparently up on murder charges.

    It’s a snappy little tune, and lots of fun:

  60. Reminds me of that old joke, “I went to a fight, and a hockey game broke out”?

  61. Oops – different dude. Kidd Creole is a rapper, Kid Creole is not. Oh, well – that video is music that’s different from the normal fare around here!

  62. Wow Jimbro, that just keeps going, doesn’t it.

  63. Mare!

    (Imgur video)

  64. Service for the better half was nice. Managed to keep it together through it thanks to big Pharma. Step daughter picked the preacher to preside over it, an excellent choice. He’s known Vonda longer than I have. He used to own a bar in the town she’s from, had lots of stories about when the girls at the place she worked got off work on 2nd shift on Thursdays keeping the place lively until closing time. Took away the anger I’ve been dealing with this week.

  65. I need new ear music delivery devices. Both shit the bed at the same time.

    Wondering if I should get the fancy/expensive bone conducting ones. The bass is supposed to be better.

  66. I’m glad to hear the service was nice


  68. I bet the legal disclaimer that comes with it is a riot. Wondering how many times the local fire department has been called to remove the plug in bass

  69. I gave Paula my old Apple earpods and she lost one somewhere along the way. She bought Ben’s old ones from him for $50 because he’s getting something new.

    Between the Aftershok ones and my Sony noise reduction headphones I use the Sony ones more often when other people are home. I like the Aftershoks but with too much outside noise it’s distracting.

  70. Aftershoks are definitely for when you don’t want to block out other noises. Like when running

  71. Question for Oso:

    What’s the word around the Q about Alex Baldwin? Is it normal in NM to take this long to charge someone w a crime?

  72. Watched Blade Runner 1949. Doesn’t hold a candle to the original. I guess sequels never do.

  73. Mini-me is home for spring break. Happy momma.

  74. Glad it went well, DNH.

  75. love the aftershokz in the office. low background noise, and I can hear everything else.

  76. Glad the service was nice, you have good relatives.

  77. watching original Reacher with Cruise. Rosamund Pike is a smokeshow.

  78. I’ve got two different sets of earbuds with noise cancelling. I love it. I’m usually working around noisy equipment, so the noise cancelling makes a huge difference.

  79. Dudes everywhere respected Pablo.

  80. ^^^
    For a segue into a music post

  81. Pablo got mojo


    (Imgur video with sound)

    Also a segway into a music post.

  83. I need to start adding formal exercise to this diet. Dr. Berg says not to jump the gun and add new stuff too fast. He also says that over 50, especially women, overtraining is counterproductive.

    Gains are had in recovery, not during the exercise. He said especially women of-a-certain-age should focus on short duration, high intensity exercise with long recovery. So, one day a week to start, then two days a week. He does not recommend three days a week for post-menopausal types. Something about how after menopause the adrenals take over secreting hormones for the ovaries and there is a danger of them dumping too much cortisol. Nothing over 40 minutes total. And do not sustain high heart rates for long durations over that time, just a couple minutes then let it go down again before the next set.

    He said he frequently sees older patients having trouble seeing any results from long & frequent workout sessions because their recovery days are too short or nonexistent. 20 year olds can do whatever they want, it doesn’t work the same at-a-certain-age.

    Long walks are good for us in many ways but they kind of don’t count for gainzzzz.

    I’ll give it a try. I will start next week, do a hearty workout right before my first meal.

  84. I need to pick up the yard. It’s messy. *looks at the temperature out*

    One more coffee.


    (Imgur video with sound)

  86. Hah! Honestly, my resolve this go-round has been surprising to me. I haven’t so much as wanted to cheat. Total focus on the plan and the goal.

    The after work beer I used to get so happy about disgusts me. Not beer itself but the part where thinking about it changed my mood dramatically. That’s addict mentality. Nah, I’m done.

  87. I am sore this morning. It’s a recovery day . Plus too cold to run and I work.

  88. Morning, someone go hit publish for me, please and thank you.

  89. Is it addict mentality to look forward to a good meal or your favorite dessert? I think the difference is between appreciation and compulsion. But I get it. I do the aversion thing to modify my less desirable behaviors.

    Then I say FUCK IT! And I run AMOK. Amok I say.

    (For some reason I just like the word “amok”)

  90. What post? I only see one of yours in draft from Feb 13.

  91. No Teeroy, it was clearly about the alcohol. There’s no reason why I can’t enjoy another tasty beverage that time of day. But I didn’t. I wasn’t looking forward to an ice cream shake, lol. It *had* to be a beer or a wine.

    I’m not saying I’ll never have another drop of alcohol. But, not for quite a while. Probably not this Summer, which is my real danger zone for booze, because it is so social.

  92. Ugh, low subfreezing temps in the forecast. I need a quick easy temporary greenhouse heater that doesn’t use a lot of electricity.

    Big pots of boiling water set in the corners at sundown would probably help a lot.

  93. I don’t like ice cream shakes.

  94. Its freezing here. gonna suck at all.

  95. I don’t really like sweet anything, which is usually why i like a glass of wine. Coffee or water is what I drink during the day. So when I want something different – a soda certainly doesn’t fit the bill. Those buble (sp?) things really hit the spot though. they are a perfect five o’clock somewhere beverage.

  96. Hmm, flavored seltzer is a good idea. I used to like those.

  97. AMOK I SAY!

    OH, and HARUMPH! (Harumph is a good word too)

  98. Discombobulate

  99. Poat has been poated

  100. Rock Around the Croc: Hang Ten

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