Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born on January 1st, 1993 in Germany. She stands 5‘ 10” and measures 3626 36 and 160 lbs. Please willkommen Miss Leicht Perlig AKA Liesa / softsparkling.


  1. Crazy eyes….

  2. Missed the poetry on yesterday’s thread:

    The Seal Lullaby

    Oh! Hush thee, my baby, the night is behind us,
    And black are the waters that sparkled so green.
    The moon, o’er the combers, looks downward to find us,
    At rest in the hollows that rustle between.

    Where billow meets billow, then soft be thy pillow,
    Oh weary wee flipperling, curl at thy ease!
    The storm shall not wake thee, nor shark overtake thee,
    Asleep in the arms of the slow swinging seas!

    Rudyard Kipling, 1865-1936

    Gorgeous musical setting (played at Michelle’s memorial service):

  3. Morning.

  4. Kinda funny how except for the first picture she did nothing to her hair, no makeup, kept the big utilitarian eyeglasses. And even in the first one it’s minimal. And the dress, with sneakers? She doesn’t look like a pro. She doesn’t do smoldering expressions. From the neck up its your second grade teacher.

  5. Still, I can’t believe Rosetta is missing this.

  6. wakey wakey

  7. “Wasn’t that praise enough?”


    ha ha ha …

  8. Axel has a rattlesnake suitcase under his arm. Is it:

    A. Suitcase made from rattlesnakes
    B. Suitcase made for rattlesnakes
    C. Suitcase full of rattlesnakes
    D. All of the above

  9. New Nothing MOre song out today. So far I’m meh on it.

  10. 6/10 would smash

    This is very confusing

  11. All of the above.

  12. This chick gets the purple phallus award!!!!
    Holy shit she’s gonna give Betty b-haus a in for he money !!!!!!!!’

  13. chirp

  14. Pup there’s a truckload of scoobie snacks on the way for you.
    Jay was kind enough to let me use his credit card for the order.
    Thanks jay.

  15. Dave –
    Thinking of you (in a non-ghey way).
    Hang in there brother.

  16. Leon and Carin, I need keto advice. Everybody else ignore or shut up.

    Yesterday I felt stuffed for hours after my 2PM meal, which was my first meal. I didn’t want to eat at 7, which is my IF cutoff time. But I didn’t want to wreck my fast today, so I forced myself to eat the rest of my macros (except for carbs, I skipped them).

    This has happened for the last three days.

    Should I have just left it alone and not eaten?

  17. Her nipples distracted me so badly that I have no further opinion at this time.

  18. I think if you can’t eat anything – at least try to hit the protein goal. I’ve been there, and just under eaten for the day, but its not ideal. I’ll feel it when i work out.

    Maybe your first meal needs to start small? perhaps you need to graze in your eating window?

  19. Holy shit she’s gonna give Betty b-haus a in for he money
    As I scrolled through Betty came to mind for me too

  20. I look at today’s model and just think “poor girl”.

  21. I shouldn’t have to do the work to communicate this to anyone. standing order.

  22. Her nipples distracted me so badly that I have no further opinion at this time.

    I was thinking, “she’s going to put an eye out with those.”

  23. The normal-looking face is part of the appeal. Too tall for a perfect score.

    8/10 would motorboat while standing upright with good posture.

  24. Lumps, I second Carin’s recommendation. You could also just fast through the day if you’re comfortable with it. I promise you won’t die.

  25. the reason I didn’t go with that idea, Leon, is that she said it has happened for the last three days.

  26. Because prolonged under-eating is not what you want to do. If a 16 hour fast – or whatever – results in you not being able to get the calories in during your window … there’s going to be a problem.

  27. 19 hour fast …

    Maybe you need to extend your eating window?

  28. Hormonally, fat alone isn’t generally enough to knock you out of fasting metabolism, so you could keep the feeding window for protein only and have fat outside that time without ramification.

    And again hormonally, fasting is different from prolonged undereating. There are studies for alternate day fasting showing much better body comp than low-calorie dieting, even when the calories consumed over a longer period work out to the same numbers.

    Laura’s call what she prefers, but unless you’re training hard, eating when you’re not hungry wouldn’t be my call.

  29. She looks a bit daffy.

  30. You’re welcome.

  31. Are Chili Cheese Fritos keto friendly?

  32. If the chili is proper (i.e. beanless) and you substitute pork rinds for fritos, yes.

  33. Get you some hatchery knowledge, chicken enthusiasts:

  34. They just flat out ignore the law.

    They are doing this in the big schools in Iowa, Ames included.

  35. So what do they do with the chicks that don’t sell right away?

  36. I can’t wait for MJrs cohort to be fully schooled in woke bullshit.

    Meanwhile, he’ll be studying history, maths, literature, and reading the classics. I really need to find him an Agrippa. He strikes me as less militarily inclined, so he’ll probably need a bestie.

  37. They usually run out, as I understand it. Some likely go back to the breeding stock. The rest? Don’t know. I imagine most of the employees have home flocks.

  38. MJ, that’s why I’ve collected non-woke books for possible homeschooling.

  39. Thanks for sharing that, Leon, that was neat.

  40. Is it better than the Chicken Sexer episode of Dirty Jobs?

  41. I have to wait ALL DAY to watch my Cyclones play, 9pm tip. And i have to make pizza, so not even sure I’ll be able to watch. Stupid college students not working.

  42. Heh. Job fucked me around about time off during my medical issues. This is after I played hurt for weeks because my partner was out with his own med issues, and they have committed numerous other sins (promises with failure to deliver). Today is karma day for them. They wanted extra this week, not happening. You reap what you sow.

  43. The the place where I order chickens from pre-sell them weeks and months in advance.

  44. Her face is frightening when she smiles. It appears to advertise” don’t stick it here, it’s crazy”

  45. MJ, that’s why I’ve collected non-woke books for possible homeschooling.
    This is a great idea. We have a ton of classics but we should probably start expanding.

    Anyone read Age of Innocence? That’s some high quality writing right there.

  46. My last two papers were on the Evergreen State College riot and Jordan Peterson’s concept of the unbearable present vs the ideal future in Maps of Meaning.

    I got an A on both. The contrarian in me loves doing this and I’ve found my profs are totally fair when I go against the grain. They almost seem to like it.

  47. No way.

  48. Jut watched the video – that’s where I order my chicks from. Yes, they run out. they are a GREAT hatchery. The more special birds get sold out months in advance. I’ll get mine sent April 11th, and they basically mail them when they’re one day old. the post office will call me at about 5 in the morning when they arrive.

  49. Free rare is always a male. Always.

  50. Gravity’s Rainbow FTW

  51. I really hope Matt doesn’t get Breitbarted, but this is going to be epic.

  52. I’ve never see women work SO hard against their own interest.

  53. They truly are the inferior sex.

  54. MJ, I’m going to need your wife’s phone number.

  55. Prepare for “I don’t know what a Woman is” to make it through. Manchin is going to confirm.

  56. We opened an IRA for the wife to get some relief on our taxes, as previously discussed. Went from owing 1800 to being owed 2000. Added routing number to do final filing, and suddenly we owe 2200.

    Hoping it’s a software glitch, starting over from scratch. It’s all bullshit, I want to go back and strangle everyone involved in the 16th amendment.

  57. It may be right before us people. I don’t think she’s as dumb as the wise latina or the other female liberal useless hunk of flesh on the court, but she makes up for it with her embrace of the dumbest of dumb liberal ideology.

    when we ask to see her written opinions are we going to be called racist then too?

  58. It’s all so silly. The righty judges seem to actually look at the law and occasionally act differently than one would expect.

    But the lefties just sit around and eat all day, vote as expected every single time, and have a flunky write up their ‘papers’.

    It’s like their real job is to see who can become death fat the quickest.

  59. From Wikipedia: “A woman is an adult female human….. Typically, women have two X chromosomes and are capable of pregnancy and giving birth from puberty until menopause.”

    They’ll probably update that soon.

  60. That is OFFENSIVE Pepe.

  61. After what they did to the “list of people burned as heretics”, I’m shocked that the entry for woman is still accurate.

  62. Manchin is going to confirm.

    Black – √
    Woman – √
    Lefty Loon – √

    What other qualifications could she possibly need?

  63. What we need is a Long Con. Someone to the right of Pinochet who can put on an act of leftist lunacy for 20 years on the bench, then get confirmed and drop the act.

    I mean it’s that or SMOD at this point.

  64. Stephen Breyer is being replaced by a fat back woman.

    I wonder how that makes him feel.

  65. Honored beyond words, I’m sure.

  66. Cucks gonna cuck.

  67. Fuck Breyer. I had to stand in a room during the 0bama years and listen to a manager tell us we had lost a contract because our team was “too old, too white, and too male”. That scumbag never even missed a fucking paycheck.

  68. Is it a requirement for liberal woman justices to be dogs?

  69. If they were pretty, they’d be in Hollywood or they’d be conservative.

  70. Why does our featured BBF girl look like she swallowed a couple of bottles of caffeine pills and then washed it down with some turkish coffee? In every pic ….

  71. These tits need their own zip code.

  72. “”I don’t think she’s as dumb as the wise latina or the other female liberal useless hunk of flesh on the court,””

    Never underestimate the stupid that can be contained within an entitled lefty scumbag.
    They are all anger no brain.
    Dangerous combo.

  73. I’m awarding MJ the H2 Medal of Bravery for resisting the temptation to get drunk with his father in law and push him in front of a speeding semi.

    One evening many years ago my good friend Darryl walked into his freeloader FIL’s bedroom at their home with a can of lighter fluid and a Zippo in hand, and said, “You’ll be out by midnight, right?” (His wife confirmed the story, so I know it wasn’t bullshit.)

    The douchebag was gone in about an hour.

  74. Zip codes, plural!

  75. heh well played, DNH

    good to see you

  76. I’d happily spend some time in the inter-code boundary.

  77. Rosetta would feature this chick in a BBF

    and he’d have us laughing our asses off at his description of her

  78. Well that Dr’s appt didn’t go well. Everything was picture perfect. Did the whole Q &A , determined course of action and just as he was leaving got the “you vaccinated question”. Then I got 20 mins of why I should, including (and I sht thee not) I’m privileged to be in the US with access to Vax as third worlders are still waiting their first poisoning and because the non vaxxed spread the virus more than the vaxxed (who admittedly can spread the virus, but not as bad as the non vaxxed). Now, mind you, I have a history of pericarditis sooo….

    But, really wasn’t a issue, the conversation was non emotional and well within professional communications. Nope, he left room at 1130 saying RN would be in with orders. At noon I over heard them departing for lunch and then things got real quiet. I left at 1215. Im probably a asshole, but I didn’t give one bit of pushback. And I’m not reading anything in to it other than the staff is incompetent (they effd up my first appt in the same manner)

    Fucking Clownworld

  79. I watched the consecration ceremony from the Vatican. Out of all the artwork the Vatican possesses or could call upon, they picked one of the ugliest crucifixes I’ve ever seen. Jesus had Nancy Pelosi eyebrows. Also, Pope Francis is looking kinda rough. We may have a new pope before the year’s out.

  80. Damn, those headlights are on hi-beam!

    EXCELLENT work, Pupster.

  81. TeeRoy, they just all walked out and left you there?

  82. Well, he is unvaccinated after all. What the fuck does he matter anyway?

  83. It has really been a race to the bottom in healthcare seemingly accelerated by 2+ years of Covid fuckery. Competent people are heading for the exits or are gone already. The good ones remaining are working in an environment which gets closer to the Fucking Clownworld you speak of.

  84. got the same speech from my doctor. Got the whole booster screed, but professional.

    Also told me in email that ivermectin is for parasites, and isn’t useful AT ALL for covid. After the “approved” pfizermectin was NOT AVAILABLE anywhere in Iowa. Never mind my wife got that within 1/2 hour after she got a prescription.

  85. A quote from “Atlas Shrugged” popped up the other day. It was a longer bit about the doctor quitting, and I had posted it when Obamacare got rammed through. “Let them discover the kind of doctors that their system will now produce. Let them discover, in their operating rooms and hospital wards, that it is not safe to place their lives in the hand of a man whose life they have throttled. It is not safe, if he is the sort of man who resents it – and still less safe, if he is the sort who doesn’t.”

    In other health news, Justice Thomas got out of the hospital, so there’s some prayers answered.

  86. How are you and the missus feeling, Jay?

  87. I’m feeling better and back at work. Took the mask off today. Mrs can’t go back until she has a negative covid test (NY company, yannow).

  88. I contrast the hospital I worked at now versus when I began and it has changed radically. I started near the high water mark of private practice with a minority of hospital employed physicians. That’s completely reversed. On the weekends I’d often take one of my dogs in on a leash when I did rounds. No one batted an eye and the nurses loved the distraction of a fluffy dog. Now I’d have a hard time getting past security with the dog without proof it was a certified therapy dog. So many other changes but that one stands out in my mind.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not averse to change and some of the changes were for the better in terms of patient safety. But most of them are created by administrators to justify their salaries by creating layers and layers of bullshit regulations.

  89. FAKE!
    And she should have done something with her hair/makeup.

  90. So if I identify as a trans woman can I take some testosterone to bring it up to the levels that are accepted for competitions?

  91. Mr. B and his brother finally got to talk to palliative care for their mom…after the memory care fucked around for the past 6 to 9 months over it.
    They are putting MIL on hospice. The hospice bed arrived yesterday, she will have an extra set of eyes and hands watching over her and keeping her clean (baths were once a week and I doubt anyone washed her face/hands each night after she became immobile. Mr B has been trimming/cleaning her nails…even tho I thought she was paying a service to do that).
    Anyway, she’s sleeps most of the time, eats little, and has begun “cupping” (not chewing/swallowing food…stays in side of the mouth). She dies still recognize her sons.

    It’s humbling and depressing…not so much that this is part of the cycle of life…but the warehousing, aloneness, and the contrast between angry dementia on beast mode and the helpless frailty we ultimately are.

  92. Car in, yes.

  93. Falling down the rabbit hole of your detrans poat on FB is so very depressing, too.
    I wonder if my sister in law’s niece will ever wake up. She’s been on T for over a year and unrecognizable.

    I should go take a walk. I feel we are swimming in sewage and there’s no way out.

  94. Hard Times, beasn, are the way out.

    None of this shit flies when everyone’s starving.

    I wish that weren’t true, but historically, decadence ends in famine.

  95. Speaking of memory care, the place fired the care management team, as in the entire management and will be transitioning to new upper staff through April.
    Must have been getting a LOT of complaints. I know Mr. B and his brother weren’t that happy but neither likes to stir the water and soft pedaled any complaints.

  96. So if I identify as a trans woman can I take some testosterone to bring it up to the levels that are accepted for competitions?

    No, you’d also have to undergo an addadicktomy.

  97. Leon…I know. And it’s a lonely, depressing place to be in that realization (other than you and other hostages.)

    I keep being told “things aren’t as bad as you think, beasn”.
    Okay….can you define what a woman is. Can you do it at work without fear of being canned?

  98. I’ve never understood why hospice always brings in a bed. What the hell is wrong with the bed the person used for the past 50 years?

  99. 100% Hotspur. They brought in so much shit when he went onto hospice. Most of which he had because of his condition.

  100. I’m sorry beasn. If she hadn’t had gotten … a little crazy, she could have had much better final years, but we don’t get pick how things turn out.

  101. If I ever need hospice I’m telling them, “No fucking bed.”


  102. As long as you guys remember. PLAY TOOL LOUD.

  103. Had to do an image search to make sure those nips were real.
    they are.

  104. Got it. HS only wants a sleeping bed.

  105. My mother was at my dad’s dementia unit daily, sometimes twice a day. My sister and her would go on a trip 2 or 3 times a year and my cousin would be the eyes for her when she was gone. Even with that level of supervision things got missed. When it was my mom’s turn she remained home and my sister was there on average 20 to 22 hours a day and would only leave for errands. And yes, there was a hospital bed.

  106. If he can still do the deed he probably doesn’t want to go on hospice

  107. I’ve never understood why hospice always brings in a bed.

    It’s adjustable. It will make it easier for caregivers to get her in/out of it? They can prop the head up? They can adjust it near the floor so that if she falls out, less chance of breaking anything.
    Mr. B says we need to buy sheets for it. Not sure why they can’t just tuck her full sheets around it. I do have some of the kids old sheets but not sure Mr B would appreciate seeing their old German mother on a set of Toy Story or Power Puff girl sheets.
    Now Snoopy sheets go where I do.

  108. @roamy. Empty except for a receptionist covering the desk. And the place wasn’t busy to begin with. Definitely in Friday mode. Staff is effd up there.

  109. Actually feel bad for the Dr. Almost. Obviously a true believer.

  110. If she hadn’t had gotten … a little crazy,

    I could have handled the crazy were it not so vicious, loud, round-the-clock. And it was such bad timing relating to other things. Maybe if we had the strength to hold out another couple of weeks for the meds to work…which they mostly did, she could have stayed another year…BUT even that would have been disruptive for other reasons, to the point of me moving out. So, it was best she’s there…and it’s on them if they don’t visit her enough.
    (She’s 40 min from here…my husband goes 2x/week. He will probably go more often now that she’s hospice. The brother, who is retired and 10 min from her, “tries” to go once a week. Tries. Still a schlub. When both of them moved in with us, we might have seen him once every other month. Pissed me off their care was dumped entirely on us. And when he did show up, instead of bringing mom lunch, he’d let her make him lunch because that’s the way it always was, growing up. When she broke and I’m struggling with recovery he didn’t pull his head out of his ass until his wife spent the night on a bad night and got a full dose of the screaming rage.) Meh.

  111. When FIL was on hospice, B was there 2x/day, everyday because we found a place 10 min away. Like Jimbro said, some things still slid by.
    The brother may have showed up once, every other week. My niece and nephew did a better job at visiting their grandparents.

  112. If I make it to old bones and wind up dumped in a home…if the state doesn’t turn me into biscuits, first, my kids better label all my snoopy sheets and Louises, or I am so coming back to haunt them.

  113. The hospital bed was nice to have – A regular bed can’t adjust, and a frail person whose muscles are so weak that they can’t assist in movement is HEAVY. And, uh, frail – they are usually in a lot of pain at the end, at least the cancer patients are.

    Plus, if the attendants are mostly female, having a bed that can be lowered allows them some extra leverage. I’m only 5 feet tall – if the bed was normal height, I couldn’t reach across to the other side of the bed to help turn Dad when he needed to be repositioned.

  114. Jjust got off the phone with the pastor handling the service for Vonda tomorrow. Gotta hand it to step daughter, she did the heavy lifting here, only thing I had to offer that changed anything was dumping Amazing Grace, replace it with “you’re my best friend” by Queen. Now for another anxiety pill….

  115. Carin texted me to say that Sobek is poorly functioning retard and that if he calls DO NOT PICK UP THE PHONE

  116. Good substitution Dave.

    Amazing Grace was played by a piper at the cemetery for my brother. Heart wrenching

  117. Thanks, Leon and Carin.

    I’m doing IF, between 18-22 hours per day, and I can’t comfortably eat 20c/80p/100f in my eating window. One day this past week I went over 24 hours and ended up doing one meal only that day.

    But at the same time, even with the massive amount of salad or other green veg I have with my meat and fat, I can’t really believe I’m getting enough nutrients or I will be able to complete the next day’s fast if I only have 40p/50f eaten before the window closes.

    I’m on day 8, I’ve been in low grade ketosis since day 4 or so and am clearly losing weight.

    I should probably not eat if I’m not hungry, stop overthinking it. I have fat to burn and it certainly wouldn’t hurt me to miss one more meal.

  118. I learned that in my first year of ROTC, c’mon man! Next thing I learned was “don’t fuck up on the troops mail or their pay”.

  119. DNH, glad to hear stepdaughter is helping. Hang in there.

  120. Praying for your family, beasn. It was a blessing dad went when he did in the end, I guess we got off easy.

    Adjustable bed does make working with the patient easier. Also may have provisions for adding in sensors and emergency call and whatnot depending on the model.

  121. Competent people are heading for the exits or are gone already.

    Perhaps that was part of the plan. Get rid of the smart, critical thinkers, keep the sheep. It will be an easier transition to state-run healthcare rationing.

    But WTF would one of them fuckers push a jab on someone who had the coof…and a history that says better not jab?

    Speaking of which, I still have not heard from the doctors office about the results. We called last week, they said he’ll look at them and get back to me this week. I called this week and was told he’s out on vacation. Srsly, you fucking couldn’t tell me he was not going to be there the first time I called?
    It could have saved me from being joined at the hip to both phones or worrying about it.
    Better yet, why couldn’t he look at those results of the patients he did needle aspirations on before going on vacation. He had an entire week after we got the results before he took off.
    Really bad customer service.

    And I don’t care for being asked about my vax status before any procedure that has nothing to do with it. WHY do they need to know?

  122. Carin’s recommendation of concentrating on protein is a good one. As you note, you have fat to burn, so lean that way if you lean at all.

  123. Thank you, BroTim. I appreciate it.

  124. Adjustable bed made my dads last days easier. Bought sheets on Thursday. He passed on Sunday. Hospice was amazing. MIL was in a great facility. 4 workers per resident on the Memory care floor. Hospice was available for feeding and bathing. She paid the big bucks for that level of care. I regret that she and my FIL saved like crazy to travel after he retired and cancer said “Ha!”

  125. Big hugs to the H2. Roamy, agreed about the globalist Pope.

  126. Confession. That picture with the fence & lake, mountains in the background sure is pretty. Too bad her tits block the view!. Also if it wasn’t for the disproportionate Hooters, THAT’S a body I dig. I like a little meat on the bones….probably the meds talking…


    (Imgur video)

  128. Jay @ 2:42. Idiots out wandering around are more intellectually savvy than East coast douche bags. Just Google New Jersey douche bags for proof.

  129. At work this AM. Get out of the car, stinky trees are blooming. Someone hit a skunk close by. Serious skunk stink. Closer we get to work, you can smell Krispy Kreme. Nastiest smell combination.

  130. DNH, we use the IOWA acronym. Actual CoW “How do you know they’re from IOWA?”

  131. Quite the outfit for your Friday festivities Pup.

  132. Not sure how he did it, but Pup musta been in the room while I had my latest prostate exam. See his video.
    My old doc, Branko the prostate Czech passed a few years ago.

  133. Tell me fauci flu was purposefully leaked without telling me it was purposefully leaked. Biden and Kerry’s kid linked to Ukraine bio-labs linked to Eco alliance, fauci and wuhan.

  134. Beasn and 🐻 are simpatico

  135. Who has St Peters in the elite eight?

  136. Peacocks!

  137. I no longer have a bracket after JEF. ST Pete’s pissed me off with the BLM BS. Congratulations

  138. I have a warning about my next comment here. It gets funkier. You have been warned and my conscience is clear.

  139. One thing I noticed from today’s Vatican consecration ceremony – EWTN cycled through the languages in the chyron, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. For once, the German had the shortest word. “Ceremonie de penitentiale” was “buβfeier”.

  140. Sobek, I have a mission for you. Let’s hunt down and torture the ad people who came up with the Infinity ad where they butcher “Also sprach Zarathustra”.

  141. US supplies 70% of the world’s plasma…because most other countries have banned the practice (of letting people sell it for$$).

  142. I don’t know that commercial, Roams, but let’s do it.

  143. Sobek, Excellent piece of music. Not sure how to label it as to genre.

  144. Still at work. Funeral party showed up late and acted like they rented the restaurant.

  145. Pour the drinks double strength, bring more than they asked for, and get their asses lathered up and gone. Their deceased member will damned sure appreciate the sentiment.

  146. got absolutely slammed with pizza, missed over half the game. I’m just supposed to help for supper hour, not close the place when everyone is tired.

  147. cyclones better pick it up. just can’t score.

  148. Cyclone ladies already lost tonight, so this is the last ISU team in.

    we won 2 games last year, so this is already gravy.

  149. execs are salivating over a UNC-Duke rematch

  150. well, season over. pretty good, all in all

  151. Pendejo, I’m going to learn to play that song on bass. It will be tricky, but worth the effort.

  152. oh no, another bass player

  153. I have mixed feelings about this, but overall positive:

  154. haha, nice one mitchell

    one of my favorite songs

  155. Ender’s Game coming up.

  156. Danny envied Roger’s Porsche.

  157. All Over Meme

  158. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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