Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born February 17th, 1999 in St. Petersburg, Russia. She stands 5′ 7″ and measures 362436 and 120 lbs. Please set the table for Miss Nata Lee aka Natalie Lee / Natalya Krasavina / Natasha / Наталья Красавина.


  1. Today’s musical selection starts slow but rocks out at the 2 minute mark. I liked the song so much I listened to the rest of the album, but this song seems to be the only one were the lead singer doesn’t just scream his guts out.

  2. I say! Today’s young lady should place pretty high in the end of year competition – she is quite lovely.

  3. Saw an attorney in town (NC) today to start settling Dad’s estate. Should be pretty easy, since he made all of his accounts POD. Will not be probating the house; Sarah will be moving into it and we just have to wait 2 years to transfer the title.

    We’ll be doing a Short Form probate for the 2 cars and the contents of the house. Should be finished in about 4 months at minimum expense.

  4. Two year end winners in the first quarter…
    What must Pup have up his sleeve for later in the year??!!?!

  5. I snort raffled in my quintuple xtra large big girl panties over this one that roamy dropped:
    “They are making a big deal out of Stacey Abrams appearing on Star Trek. All it tells me is that morbid obesity is still a problem in the 24th century and I’m glad I quit watching.”

  6. I wonder if they charge her for an extra transporter slot.

  7. What must Pup have up his sleeve for later in the year??!!?!

    Buncha ugly skanks with big tits most likely.

  8. I’ve got a sick lizard in a box on the back patio, it’s been lying on the concrete all night. I microwaved a tea towel for warmth and put it in a box with some shredded chicken and a little bowl of water.

    Poor little thing.

  9. Good luck with the reptile.

  10. I liked how you picked a Russian with big hooters because the government can’t tell us whose boobs we can love.


  11. Calm down.

    Love is love, right? That’s what they’ve been reading to us at Drag Queen Story Hour anyway

  13. The song was great Pups. On your advice I’ll skip the rest because it doesn’t sound like my groove.

  14. Anyone know how many of Mitt Romney’s kids will be fighting Russians in Ukraine?

  15. I honestly can’t resolve the Real vs. Fake argument in my head. If they’re fakies, kudos to her surgeon.

  16. Best looking tactical nukes I’ve ever seen!!

    Good job, Pupster!

  17. wakey wakey

  18. She caused a brief episode of rigor mortis in my swimsuit area. 9.975/10. Would take viagra for her.

  19. Yes, please. I’ll take seconds.

  20. Why would anyone put that fat worthless whore in a movie?

    Who keeps pushing her to the surface? I mean, seriously, what does she have to offer? She looks to me like she’s half a bubble off plumb, and you could drive a team of horses though the space in her front teeth.

  21. And while we’re on the subject of worthless whores, would someone please cut Mitt Romney’s balls off and shove them down his throat?

  22. democrats are brain damaged, that’s why

  23. thing is, she’ll probably be the next governor of GA

  24. How would we know the difference if Mitt got gelded?

  25. How would we know the difference if Mitt got gelded?

    We wouldn’t, but at least then he’d be a nutless ball-breath like all of the other democrat “men”.

  26. Turns out Nata Lee enjoys working out, at least as evidenced by the video links provided here.

    Here’s a shot of her tattoo which I noticed as well as the lack of the usual complaining about tattoos on this model

  27. None of Pupster’s shots had them. I hope she stays to just one rather than ruin the masterpiece.

  28. While searching for a tattoo image I discovered the bloom is definitely off this rose but that’s none of my business …

  29. This made me smile

  30. that was awesome, jimbro. One Shining Moment!

  31. They still have fucking masks on at shit like that?

    Vlad, use the nukes. Fuck the Great Reset, we need a Hard Reset.

  32. I’m glad she’s getting the credit, but the guy played a pretty big part too.


  33. Forget it, leon, it’s Indiana.

  34. It’s college in Indiana. The only other place you still see them are big box stores where they force the poor employees to breathe poorly their whole shift.

  35. well me too, now that I actually have it, and there’s a purpose for it when I have to go out.

  36. the quote tweets are off the hook on that one

  37. 10/10 would smash

  38. OMG, MJ is a putin stooge


  39. Mare!

  40. Clown World

  41. In the back of my mind I secretly hope that Thomas will someday soon say something like, “I did this to show all of you what assholes you are. I am a man. I was born a man, I have male DNA, and I have a dick the size of Montana. You are all fucking morons – but I mean that in a nice way.”

  42. Rumble has jobs open, but I don’t know PHP.

    I hope for the same, Hotspur. He’ll likely wait until there are no more locker rooms full of college-aged women getting into and out of swimsuits first, though.

  43. twitter: He’s cruel to people

    Lots of memories of meeting the head ewok

  44. Wonderful poat today Pupster. I got you and the guys at MCB who lurk here one of these:

    Mostly SFW.

  45. Not safe for souls, though. Lotta freckles in that link.

  46. Sweet fancy Saint Patrick.

  47. Oh my, very nice. Well done today Pup.

  48. Excellent selection this week. We’re getting some finals contenders early this year…

  49. So, if you were wondering “hey, I wonder what the Davos people have planned for after they’ve conquered humanity and enslaved us all with smartphones and AI?”, Joe’s got your answer:

  50. I highly recommend the latest episode of You Are Here, guest is Amanda Milius. So many good points.

    The best, regarding working for Trump: imagine working for an administration where nothing what the press says matters. Most of his comms people were ex congress PR people who hid under the rug after every tweet. She says “Why do you work here? Grow UP!”

  51. Laura’s Spring Awakening doesn’t seem so bad in comparison :

    Oh Saint Patrick, he drove out the snakes
    With his prayers, but that’s not all it takes
    For the smoke symbolizes
    an evil that arises
    And hides in your heart as it breaks

    And the evil has risen, my friends
    From the darkness that lives in some men
    But in sorrow and fear
    That’s when saints can appear
    To drive out those old snakes once again

    And they struggle for us to be free
    From the psycho in this human family
    Ireland’s sorrow and pain
    Is now the Ukraine
    And Saint Patrick’s name is now Zelenskyy

  52. Video at link.


  53. Odd cackling at the end … just adds to the weirdness of it all.

  54. U2 is less “sex and drugs and rock and roll” than “We’re so very oppressed and important.”
    Best part of that story. My Irish cousin visited us when he came over to look at some grad schools and brought a copy of U2’s “Boy” album and said they were big back home in the Old Sod. I gave it a few listens and thought it was okay. Next thing you know they released “War” and they were big in the US too. Pretty sure I still have the album kicking around somewhere if Ben hasn’t stolen it.

  55. And yes, Pelosi looks like she shouldn’t be allowed out in public without a tracking beacon and a minder so she won’t get lost. Good Lord, she is losing it as fast as Brandon

  56. Did you see her at the podium the other day waving her hand around weirdly?

  57. Doddering. That’s the word that comes to mind when I see most pics of Biden. His face literally has that old person’s look of slow mental processing. Pelosi is just mentally unstable but no longer capable of hiding her quirks. Although another of her gestures are childlike so I wonder if she’s regressing.

    This isn’t Boden administration. This is another Obama/Clinton administration. Bidens COS is a longer term Clintonite

    They are going to roll Biden out, allow him to say any outlandish shit they want and in the end blame all the negatives on his “hidden illness” which he fought bravely and quietly so we wouldn’t worry, and now we all need to focus on this horrendous disease so that others won’t suffer as much as brave brave Joe. #dementiasucks

  58. I don’t disagree that Biden isn’t really there or leading but he’ll never go away. He’s lied, cheated, stolen, grifted, used his dead wife and children as props, and will say absolutely anything to gain or retain power.

    He’s a man without any principles. None. It’s not like he’ll wake up and deicide to do the ‘right thing’ for the first time in 80 years.

    He’ll wake up, wonder where he is, smell the snuff box filled with children’s hair, check his underpants, and after his poorly functioning brain vaguely begins to uncloud, he’ll get on with his day.

  59. Did Neil Kinnock write that? It was beautiful

  60. Carin mentioned this earlier, first clip I’ve seen of it was here

    The comments on the original tweet were all versions of the Yass Queen variety. The fact that there are people out there who call themselves Tank Abrams fans is very concerning to me

  61. This is criminal

  62. Between that twat and Ace’s last two posts, there’s a whole lotta heads out there that need a generous application of black iron pipe.

  63. Wonder if Brandon would consider lifting financial sanctions for just a few hours.
    I’ve got vowels I’d like to sell to both Ukraine & Russia, which they both need desperately.
    Perhaps that’s something Brandon can use to negotiate with Putin, vowels for oil.

  64. CoW was sad that his neighbors home raid didn’t make local news. Neighbor was competing with another car thief/shooter that got ghetto bird treatment. Idiot CoW and his wife were outside filming the takedown. CoW got involved. Cop told him that he was the stupidest person he’d ever met.

  65. Why black iron? Wouldn’t zinc dichromate dipped or stainless work too? Racist.

  66. Fucking woke libs. Now CoWs are self identifying as people…and the police are appeasing them.
    Angus, Hereford or Holstein Oso?

  67. ^ better not be a black Angus, lest Stacey “tank” Abrahms sits on your face.

  68. Fairies are vulnerable to iron, DNH. It’s science.

  69. Oso speak CoW is a coworker. Our police have to answer to the DOJ. BITD, the lawsuits for wrongful death were limited to $150k. Our cops took care of the self-cleaning oven. DOJ stepped in. Our cops are gun shy.

  70. Disciplined or undisciplined science? Conservative white male strikes with a black iron pipe = undisciplined science. A woke Starbucks liberal with BLM tee shirt and preferred pronouns tattooed on face strikes with a lead pipe= disciplined science. Just ask the scientists.

  71. Tomorrow I’m going to NYC for the day. Pray for Oso.


    (Imgur video with sound)

  73. 🙏🏼🐊

  74. Trying to plan a staycation is exhausting. The price of the Moron meat up in Niagara Falls for PJ is ridiculous from NM. Anything in NM is ridiculous. I want to see Uncle Kracker. Nothing under $200 a night in Santa Fe. Campgrounds are booked. We were willing to spend $100 a night at a campground in the Pecos, but already booked.

  75. Tomorrow I’m going to NYC for the day. Pray for Oso.

    May spirit of Paul Kersey watch over and protect you.

  76. “Tomorrow I’m going to NYC for the day. Pray for Oso”

    Driving there?

    That’s a hoot.

  77. Osita, in the Faceplant pic of you and Tony Perez, where is your left hand?!? 🤣😆😂

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