Breaking Stuff

I saw something like this happen once at a range I used to use… the guy lost a chunk of his finger.


42 million views…. i don’t think i’ve ever heard that song – hunnh.

never heard this either –


  1. Can’t sleep.

  2. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  3. Hi T!

  4. Break Stuff is one of my favorite angry tunes. It’s on a couple of my playlists, Mrs. Pupster said she had never heard it before just last week. Weird that it keeps popping up in this stream of consciousness I call the Pupster experience.

  5. I’m always surprised at how lame my music knowledge is.
    I find new music threw youse’ll’s.
    MJ and Jazz used to do a weekly(?) music thing that I thought was interesting.

  6. I just listened to that hip hop thing that j’brony linked…
    I’m prolly racist cuz I didn’t like it.

  7. I like sobers music posts He’s like the music based purveyor of 5 why’s for this chat room.

  8. A real question for Jay –
    If you have low to no signs/ symptoms of the WuFlu, why bother taking any pharma?
    Unless you’re under/in serious stress or duress this to will pass.
    Full activation of your immune response should lead to a healthy long ish term natural immunity.

  9. not sure I’ll be able to get ivermectin prescribed here. I agree it’s the drug to go with. I will ask my doc if I can get it. also will ask what will happen to our professional relationship if I pursue getting ivermectin.

    it sounds like paxlovid contains similar chemical reactions that ivermectin does, and will do similar things, at added cost. I have insurance so that shouldn’t affect me. there is an added reaction in paxlovid which isn’t approved by us yet. that is the immune system suppressant to enable the effective drug to work better.

    Mrs jay agrees that ivermectin is the way to go, but if I can’t get it the I should go with paxlovid. guess we will proceed from there

  10. I was typing that response when jam typed his. we also considered that I’m feeling better than I had. do I even need to take anything considering the dilemma. maybe if I can’t get ivermectin that is the option to take. but there might be benefits to taking something to prevent further illness or speeding recovery. pretty sure I can’t go in to work after testing positive, company policy.

  11. hmm Mrs jay getting tested today, but who takes elliot to day care? does he have to quarantine too?

  12. We kept Ollie home when Ben had Covid. It was just easier for everyone. Ollie’s daycare is a luxury at this point because I can watch him most of the time and crate him when I’m gone which is never more than 4 or 5 hours. Left alone he tends to chew stuff still.

  13. When I quickly run out to get the mail or gas and a coffee at the station down the road I’ll sometimes leave him out and, so far, he never fails to disappoint me. Last week I was gone 15 minutes and when I returned there was 3 bananas on the living room couch, one was half gone and there was a peel on the floor.

  14. He is making some progress towards being a good canine citizen though. The ladies at the daycare kennel love “their Ollie” and say he’s the best behaved cattle dog they’ve seen which is damning him with faint praise with the qualifiers. When petting him the teeth only come out about half the time now versus with every interaction previously. He still looks like a baby deer when he catches a frisbee but that’s progress from when he wouldn’t even chase after it.

  15. Aww, I miss having a dog when I hear stuff like that. We had one supersweet ACD and one asshoe. Miss them both. But not enough to do it again.

  16. I was trying to make a joke about the remdesiver – again, however it’s spelled.

    Wakey wakey

    Ivermectin. All your vitamins. Etc etc.

  17. Let’s talk about the power of misinformation and brainwashing.

    Shot 1:

    Dr. Gregory Poland, the head of the Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group in Minnesota, told Medpage Today that he developed tinnitus soon after receiving his first COVID-19 vaccine shot.

    “It was like someone suddenly blew a dog whistle in my ear,” Poland told MedPage Today, adding that the tinnitus symptoms have been life-altering. “It has been pretty much unrelenting.”

    Poland continued to say that he “can only begin to estimate the number of times I just want to scream because I can’t get rid of the noise or how many hours of sleep I’ve lost.”

    Shot 2:

    “What has been heartbreaking about this, as a seasoned physician, are the emails I get from people that, this has affected their life so badly, they have told me they are going to take their own life,” Poland said.

    annnnd CHASER!

    Despite the tinnitus, Poland—who said he’s received numerous emails about individuals who developed tinnitus after getting the COVID-19 shot—told the outlet that he is still a proponent of the COVID-19 vaccine and received a booster dose.

    From here:

  18. At least there is some curiosity being shown about the pathology of these adverse effects, for once. It’s a start.

    Instead of doing bloodwork on a 20 year old whose period was six weeks long after the shot and shrugging, “You’re fine, go home.”

  19. Crazy. I can’t believe anyone would still get a shot NOW.

  20. The winter of severe illness and death is almost over.

    Only 3 more days.

  21. The credibility of health professionals is as low as it can possibly be with me now.

  22. It’s idolatry, Car in. Folk laugh at the word now, and secular types don’t even understand the meaning, but humans are idol-making machines. They’ll chase after anything to fill the God-shaped hole in their hearts, anything but God, that is.

    2 years of daily Cult of Covid sermons on TV have made a lot of converts.

  23. My fav link from last night is the hot new trend that young women are dressing like lesbians.

    The examples are great. Le’ts reviews pictures of young starlets wearing 5000 Gucci suits. Yep, that’s how lesbians dress. They all walk around in Italian couture in 5 inch heels, in full make up.

    It’s perfectly indicative of our media. They literally know nothing. Not even the click bait crap contains a kernel of truth.

    Lesbians look like Dan Conner circa 1993.

  24. The credibility of health professionals is as low as it can possibly be with me now.
    I’m simply amazed by my colleagues who have adopted the Covid talking points without any skepticism at all. As I drove around the other day I heard an interview with the CMO at my old institution and the state CDC director on pubic radio. I know the CMO, I took care of his daughter for a condition that required several surgeries and follow up visits. He is 100% on board with get your shots and wear your mask still.

  25. OMG reading the comments to that article, all the adverse effects people are bringing up.

  26. I linked that lesbian dressing article because it was hilarious to me. Just skimming through the pictures I thought to myself, these women look nothing like the card carrying lesbians I encounter as I pass through the world. The ones I see are mannish women wearing scrubs and the ones with half shaved hairdos decked out in jeans and flannel

  27. One piece of info that’s stuck with me is that general pracs and family med doctors are the C students.

    I have no idea if it’s true, but it’s stuck with me. The instant credibility of a white coat has been severely undermined. I think coupling covid with the transactional nature of medicine – you see a Dr that doesn’t know you for 5 mins – will force automation in the profession.

    The truth is that we can automate 90% of all interactions with doctors.

  28. Lesbian look? Now folks are appropriating “lesbian” dress and they’re not happy about it.

    “While I feel joyful that lesbian fashion is so beloved today, part of me also feels resentful,” she penned in Harper’s. “Androgynous looks that lesbians were once shamed for, that were once visual identifiers among our own community, are now Urban Outfitters staples.”

    Seriously? Are these people fucking serious? I can’t even. not this morning.

    Oh, and Btw the visual ‘identifiers’ among your community are “overweight, pink hair, badly dressed, and bitter”.

  29. Did these people just wake up today? Did history and art and clothing begin when THEY started paying attention? And only exists within the confines of what they know?

  30. Wearin’ no bra!!

  31. Broken? Okay, here’s Broken Head, by Catherine Wheel:

  32. Broken, by Seether, ft. Amy Lee:

  33. Alone I Break, by Korn. Not my favorite song by then, but I like the video:

  34. Did these people just wake up today? Did history and art and clothing begin when THEY started paying attention? And only exists within the confines of what they know?
    Yes. The bible is Harry Potter and nothing existed before Tik Tok or whatever kids look at today.

    It might actually be liberating to never think about anything. Look at device, do what device tells you.

    Do they wonder why Uncle Debra lives with Aunt Tracy? Nope. Lesbians apparently only exist for a few weeks during sophomore year.

  35. For Jay. No one else listen:

  36. This is only for people who know how to feel music in their bones:

  37. I’ve never been able to get into Judas Priest, but a lot of my favorite bands cite then as an influence.

  38. Not my favorite Linkin Park, but I gotta stick with the theme:

  39. My favorite Linkin Park is Faint. What an absolute blast.

  40. Swerve City, by Deftones:

    She breaks her horses
    With strange distant forces
    That travel through the air

  41. mmmm Amy Lee

  42. Breaking Benjamin

  43. One piece of info that’s stuck with me is that general pracs and family med doctors are the C students.

    One of my former coworkers used to say, “What do you call the dumbest guy in medical school?”


    Back when I worked at the big box store, one of my coworkers found out that GPs are in very short supply because the pay is less than half or even a third of what specialists make. Most people who have the brains to get through med school also want to be cardiac or some other specialty because if you’re smart enough to do it, those fields really need the dedicated specialists and they can make a hell of a lot more money.

    She was incensed. So angry. Greed, you see. People have to change the course of their lives and achieve less, to fill the needs she prefers to prioritize because she says its the right thing to do, otherwise they’re greedy bad people.

    Meh, the world is changing. I’m like, most functions of a GP can be covered by an NP or APRN and referrals to internists or specialists from there are fine.

  44. speaking of breaking, you’re breaking the blog

  45. Jam’s fault.

  46. Broken blog for broken folk. Good symmetry to that.

  47. It’s actually a very simple decision tree to get through. My insurance company already uses a bit of this.

    Answer questions. Review by Dr. Prescription sent to pharmacy.

    It takes a few mins but is a helluva lot easier. Plus I know when my prostate or uterus is infected.

  48. I think GPs used to be more valuable when they were basically the town’s doctor. we’ve sorta changed how we do medicine, and yet the GP still is around. Lumps idea is correct.

  49. Watching the recorded “Updated COVID-19 Policy for the Next Normal” video from yesterday’s Big Ag Corp meeting.

    Based on the questions, a lot of my nominal colleagues are completely broken and now doubt the CDC’s map because it’s not as bad as it was before they made the policy change to ‘disappear’ Kung Flu by basing it on hospitalizations instead of infections. They are terrified to enter the office again, or pretending to be so they can stay remote.

  50. these videos still load faster than days when we have a bazillion memes. i’m not complaining. I just don’t see the problem.

  51. Simply as a side point, I wonder how may people fully realize how many moving parts there are to a life. The more I consider “how I got where I am” the more I can identify things that have changed over time, how influences that were there for my brothers were different or absent for me and vice versa, how my parents were different people, changes in environment and the world in general…I don’t think a lot of people appreciate just how many things go into the process of molding a human being. The idea that any one simple thing can change lives in predictable manners is completely laughable, when you get down to it.

    It’s a lot of “and” to get it right. People want the “one weird trick” but that’s just lazythink. And you can trace the rise of lazythink to the proliferation of deteriorating outcomes around us all.

  52. F that. I’ve never been stronger.

    And the blog people that I know personally carry more responsibility than I really imagined possible. You dipshits are examples of the potential of what could be, which has actually been inspiring to me.

  53. or pretending to be so they can stay remote.
    Nailed it

  54. The language on some seemed like more like abject terror and like a genuine loss of faith in CDC now that the guidance and restrictions are loosened, some were from a caste perspective where they don’t want to be around the dirty unvaxxed, but I’m hoping at least a few were cynical types who just want to keep reading and writing emails in their gazebo.

  55. To be entirely charitable, the poor guy stuck taking technical questions sounded like he was holding back exhausted venting on the whole business, and brought up “natural immunity in light of the Omicron wave” like a dozen times. He might not be where I am, but he definitely didn’t seem like a Branch Covidian.

  56. You dipshits are examples of the potential of what could be, which has actually been inspiring to me.

    If I’m inspiring anything beyond “don’t act like him” y’all are fucked.

  57. no pharmacy in Iowa has paxlovid

  58. Darn shame. Maybe you could make do with some other mutagenic agent, like whatever they spray on corn fields nowadays.

  59. i inquired if ivermectin would be available. After all, can’t get ANYTHING else.

  60. The bible is Harry Potter and nothing existed before Tik Tok or whatever kids look at today.

    I am dealing with this problem at work right now. If it’s not online and in the top 20 of a google search, it doesn’t exist. I am trying to get papers scanned so data before ~1998 isn’t ignored.

  61. gotta give it to Jussie. His “I’m not suicidal” rant in court worked. Out after 6 days.

  62. Take a couple of aspirin, rub some dirt on your scrotum, pull that roll of quarters out of your ass and get on with your life.

  63. otta give it to Jussie. His “I’m not suicidal” rant in court worked. Out after 6 days.

    We no longer have Justice in this country.

  64. Jay, Frontline doctors added a nasal rinse in addition to the vitamins. We got the NeilMed SinuFlo, it comes with little packets of salt stuff you dissolve in filtered water or water that’s been boiled and cooled. They have a recipe on their website, too.

  65. I have one of those, roamy. Been using it for a long time. Works great for stuffy heads.

  66. yeah, I should use boiled water, but hot out of the tap works

  67. Out after 6 days.
    He’s out on appeal. Either he’ll win the appeal or he’ll be given time served. But there’s no way he’s going back to jail because he’s rich, famous, and black.

    This is a huge win for equality. It used to be that if you were rich, famous, and white you’d get away with it.

    Thank you OJ! He broke the glass gavel!

  68. You forgot this one.

  69. Oh, NSFW. ^^^

  70. from the doctor’s office:

    Comments from the Doctor’s Office
    Ivermectin is used for parasites in humans. There is no good evidence it works for viruses or Covid.

  71. brother is overnighting 5 tablets of ivermectin he had leftover. That was the regimen he took. He’s still alive.

  72. Jay, hang tough. You can do it.

    Fuck all of that shit.

  73. I liked the Guinness Book of World Records video. I took part in the fundraising for this, he raised money for the Special Olympics.

  74. And you forgot this too.

  75. now Mrs Jay tested positive

  76. J’ames is now a super spreader.

  77. elliot is working on day care

  78. I’m gathering that Jay has the vid.

    Are you actually feeling poorly?

  79. i was on Monday, stayed home because stay home when sick. slight fever, not sleeping cuz cough. Better now

  80. We already have J’ames’ obit written, right?

  81. You got sick because you fucked up the blog.

    You were asking for it.

  82. Why is hotspurt posting his shower exploits here?

  83. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, all of you fucking Micks.

  84. J’ames is the only black guy we have on this star ship.
    He must have been wearing the red uniform …

  85. J’ames is the only black guy we have on this star ship.

    Uh, I’m right here. Jeez.

  86. Don’t touch my hair.

  87. The truth is that we can automate 90% of all interactions with doctors.

    I don’t disagree, but Mrs. Pupster finally broke down and scheduled a Dr. appointment for lingering medical issues, best should get was a teleconference. In 20 days.

  88. Oops I forgot.

  89. Full disclosure:
    When I met up with Leon I tried to touch his hair.
    It must be ptsd that’s blocked his bipoc-ness from my memory.

  90. Old skool:

  91. Given that the only hair I have is in my drawers, I’m sure you can understand my reticence.

  92. Scratch that, reluctance, not reticence.

  93. I’m not scratching your hair.

  94. Thank you for respecting the autonomy of my Black body and its hair.

  95. What IS it with these people and the kiddy diddlers?

  96. Keane, Bend and Break:

  97. Roamy, wow.

  98. The “When The Levee Breaks” by Zepperella was really good except for the vocals. The vocals weren’t bad, I’m just used to the Zep version. Butterface lead singer was really talented on the lickin’ stick.

  99. I still remember the J. Geil’s Band song where Peter Wolf says something like “We got Magic Dick on the lickin’ stick”

  100. L to R: Me, All of US Media

  101. People are so stupid

    Every now and then I just need to say it.

  102. the piece in there from one of “her” fellow swimmers is ridiculous.

  103. guess Brooke doesn’t like Olympics any more. let a man do her work

  104. I’ve noticed that a lot of judges have their “thing.”. One was always very lenient on anyone who said, “it’s not my fault, I’m an alcoholic, I need help.” Another would drop the hammer on DUIs and home invasion/burglary.

    Apparently some people just really, really empathize with pedos.

  105. when you’re so woke, you don’t care if you are getting shafted.

  106. I mean, its almost as if they’re letting men dictate their success to them. which, hilarious.

  107. Your mom likes getting shafted.

  108. I didn’t feel like roasting a whole brisket, so I had canned corned beef hash with some eggs for today’s meal.

  109. After four solid nights of insomnia:

  110. I’ve known both of these guys since they were born…

  111. You may be attending their funeral. Closed casket.

  112. Jay,
    When we got the ‘Rona, we just went over to the feed store and got a tube of *Pony Paste*. Works fast, AND, we no longer have worms!

  113. Mitchell’s a racist. But good call on the Doors.

  114. brother had some extra. blue town locked down horse paste sales

  115. I can send you some if you like, Jay. Assuming the USPS doesn’t confiscate. What you’re getting might not be enough for the Mrs if her case gets rough.

  116. the Mrs got paxlovid, her doc wanted it because of surgery and other drug interaction.

    yeah they told me no one in iowa had it. just picked up a batch at hyvee in ames, no copay. my doc is lazy

  117. I’ll have ivermectin by noon tomorrow but thanks

  118. A brown version of mare. I like her.

  119. Mitchell’s a racist.

  120. My friend’s son, who had a super mild case of covid, wound up with long covid…dizziness, heart palpitations and racing, severe fatigue to where it was a chore to get up to toilet. He was on low dose valium for awhile that helped somewhat.
    Then he went and got a Pfizer jab because his doctor told him it will help his symptoms. My friend was pissed he didn’t mention it to her before getting it. Though she knows about ivermectin AND her daughter has a horse…..should have given him some paste a long time ago.

  121. Anyway, he’s still not 100%.

  122. I’ve got no ‘wind’ in me at all anymore (heart hammering to the point of making me scared when I tried hauling the last batch of rotten pumpkins up from the workshop basement), but that’s because I’ve been sitting on my ass for the better part of two years and drank more alcohol in the first of those than in the prior 45 years combined.

    I should apply for disability due to Long Covid.

  123. Celebrating St Patrick’s Day by drinking an Irish brand of beer almost certainly brewed in America out of an authentic German beer stein that I bought in Canada. I ought to order some Chinese!

  124. German beer stein was just sniffed by an Australian Cattle Dog

  125. Yeesh. Short of changing phone numbers, anyone know how to stop CVS robo calls?

  126. I was just finda ax the same question about calls from your mom.

  127. So ethan FINALLY signed a new contract today. YEA. CTN.

  128. Yeah, she has been rather prolific on the phone since she died back in ’86, that naughty girl, Pendejo.

  129. His A school is in Pensacola. Which works for me because I have relatives in florida, one of which I just found out has cancer. Visits will be planned.

  130. CTN

    Cartoon Technician: Noob

    Carnitos, Tacos, Nachos

  131. Chilling Time Neighbor!

  132. Create This Nebula

  133. Cunt Titty Nipples

  134. LOL. Aaccording to Fox business apparently the latest excuse for the supply chain crisis just went from backlogged container ships at the west coast to a shortage of truck drivers in China.
    I’m torn between the Chinese using our media’s excuses and asking why the Chinese just don’t issue CDL’s to their slave wiggers. ( autocorrect strikes again, but this time I’ll let it stand)

  135. Caffeine, Theobromine, Nicotine

  136. Cunt Titty Nipples ????????

    Damn, jimbro, this is a fucking family blog, dude.

  137. Chef Training – Nautical

  138. Cryptologic Technicians Networks (CTNs) serve as experts in communication network defense and forensics. Their responsibilities include: Monitoring, identifying, collecting and analyzing information. Providing computer network risk mitigation and network vulnerability assessments and incident response/reconstruction.”

  139. He’ll be a squid.

  140. Reading the requirements, I get this to part and I just laugh:

    Former members of the Peace Corps are not eligible.

  141. H3 will become a reality if he stumbles across this little slice of paradise Car in

  142. NSA offers triple hazard pay to monitor this dump.

  143. Bro Tim ain’t kidding. I cry to my supervisors on a weekly basis, but I can’t get reassigned because of that thing I did.

  144. Shout out to the individual or team that developed squeeze guacamole. Yeah, it probably cost more pennies per unit, but it makes up for it in longevity. I never finish the plastic containers of guac because they turn an odd color by a few days after opening them. I like a little guac in my sandwich wrap for lubrication of the meats. Key word, a “little”. Squeeze guac to the rescue … I can lay a pinky finger sized line of it right down my wrap and it’s perfect. Just remarkable.

  145. NSA employees are taking it up the poop chute for just triple pay. However, I’m all about dedicated employees!

  146. Busted out a pound of backfin to thaw in the fridge a couple of days ago. Ms DNH finally felt up to making crab cake mix today, frying them as I type. Hope the nausea holds off long enough for to scarf a couple down. Took a couple days for the chemo side effects to start kicking in, she’s not shedding yet, though I’m sure that’s just days away.

  147. hmmm squeeze guacamole. never occurred to me but makes sense. no air!

  148. Didn’t Beto invent squeeze guacamole? Or perhaps he marketed it on behalf of his kid..

  149. Squeeze guacamole? I can’t believe I hang out with you people.

  150. L to R: Car in, All the other Hotsausages:

  151. Hmmm. Never been to Kroger where I can buy avocados, garlic, lemons, cilantro & tomatoes, then get home and it hits me like I could have had a v8 that I could have just bought Kraft squeeze guacamole. Honest life experience.
    Is there anything Kraft packaging engineers can’t put in a squeeze bottle….mom, Is that you?

  152. cough squeeze relish cough

    squeeze tomato paste is handy too. squeeze garlic is expensive

  153. THAT’S a lotta squeezing J’ames. You gonna have one Popeye forearm and one normal

  154. Squeeze banana

  155. If Kings hawaiian bread could put spinach dip in a squeeze bottle, then there’d be a marketable product matrix.

  156. Led Zepp. Squeeze my lemon!

  157. YIKES! 50 years later. CNN: “squeeze our Lemon”

  158. Didn’t Guns & Roses write Cunt, Titty Nipples?

  159. The 404 error meme reminded me of the folks at the squeaky wheel when Deb was originally stalking Jeff G.
    God that was awesome. She actually believed she’d used her big PhD brain to sleuth them out and doxed them before doing became a thing with the left.

  160. ^ doxing, not doing. F.Y. autocorrect I do your mom every morning before work and she thanks me for it.

  161. I’ve been training for years!

  162. Your mom used to be my main squeeze.

  163. If I want any shit out of MJ, I’ll squeeze his head.

  164. Dr Eric Berg on youtube…I just consumed four or five of his videos back to back. What a great channel, great health advice, some surprises, but they make sense and comport with things I already know have legit evidence behind them.

  165. Watching his videos about what alcohol does to the liver were what made me quit drinking. It will be three years next month.

  166. And cirrhosis killed it.

  167. They are making a big deal out of Stacey Abrams appearing on Star Trek. All it tells me is that morbid obesity is still a problem in the 24th century and I’m glad I quit watching.

  168. I had a mostly excellent evening with Rocketboy and his missus. They made dinner, and I helped them with their taxes. Rocketboy brought up one of my favorite memes from H2 – out of nowhere, it’s fucking feldspar!

  169. **leaves a squishy hug and a Diet Dr Pepper for Sean**

  170. *guzzles Diet Dr Pepper, belches, hugs roamy back*

  171. Debbie efficiently repaired porcelain.

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