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  1. there is space now. sorry for the inconvenience

  2. home from work again, coughing endlessly with a slight fever. what are the odds would test positive

  3. Feel better soon, J’Ames.

    Looks like I missed some blog drama last night. Glad the custom background was saved. I could ditch the kids once in a while to add some funny to the header, but I don’t care enough to thumbwrestle Hotspur over it.

    Up early with Restless Brain Syndrome. Thinking about customer problems from yesterday, and also for some reason, Lonesome Loser started playing in the background of my thoughts while I was in half-asleep twilight. Are you kidding me, Brain? Really? I don’t think I’ve heard that song in over thirty years, how in the Hell did you dredge THAT one up?
    So weird. Brain is weird.

  4. Sorry to read you are feeling poorly J. I appreciate the site maintenance you and Leon are doing.

    Big shout out to Thermadin for rescuing the old header and background pictures. Thanks man.

    I’ve started a couple of free wordpress sites and I use them to store drafts and media for BBF now. I write the post and upload the pictures in the free site, then click “copy all content” in the editor and paste into a new H2 post. I’m using for the gif content.

    My meme posts are all copy and paste jerbs. I used to be able to “copy image” but now WP doesn’t let that work, so I have to “copy image address” and paste as a URL embed, which I don’t like but meme thieves can’t be choosy.

    I don’t like having active links in the pictures but this setup seems to work for now for everyone but Chrispy. I think WP has automated a lot of the graphics settings so it will resize pictures to fit in the frames, but that doesn’t seem to work for Windows 98 browsers.

  5. The sunrise here is magnificent. Lots of colors.

  6. So weird. Brain is weird.

    Here, let me fix that for you.

    In the Still of the Night
    I hear the wolf howl, honey
    Sniffing around your door
    In the Still of the Night
    I feel my heart beating heavy
    Telling me I gotta have more

    You are welcome.

  7. Thanks, Pupster.

  8. Scroll to 2nd screen for video of fauci admitting it.

  9. Excellent poat, Jay.

    I appreciate all the stuff you guys do behind the scenes to make this POS blog work.

  10. It’s easy to bust on blog management when things go funky, but I do appreciate the work that keeps this place going. Even if my punk ass ain’t always showing it.

  11. Wordpuss’ media folder is partly to blame. There are many ways that it could be better organized for dropping older imagery that we’re done with. Deleting “unattached” images should have done nothing to the ones still embedded in posts.

  12. What does he say, beasn? I can’t see it.

  13. If it’s simply a matter of buying more storage, I’ll do it. I love this shithole dump.

    I’d also like to note that Trump stole calling shitholes shitholes from us.

  14. I’m willing to pony up cash as well. The next rank lets us do podcasts, iirc.

  15. The idea of Hostagecasts makes me want to dig in the couch cushions for change to contribute…

  16. I don’t know who really “owns” the place, or I’d have done it already.

  17. Doesn’t seem to be a donate button…guessing it hasn’t come up before?

  18. I too will give money for this POS blog. Where do I send it? Check, cash. Venmo?

  19. Bake sale

  20. Kissing booth. My ass of course.

    Ax throwing contest?

    Beer pong?

  21. Weird sleeplessness last night. I stayed up late finishing a book on my kindle while fighting the effects of melatonin. Ollie was sprawled on the bed which limited my access to the covers and it was a little chilly because I’ve turned the heat down a little bit. Paula woke me up in time to have a single cup of coffee and drive Ollie to school. Got back in time for a Zoom meeting with a guy from Fidelity. Nice blog you have here, I’ll chip in.

  22. Mare, you can send it to me. It’s only $50 per month.

    Thank you, kind lady.

  23. Hotspur, ass, kissing, your lips some assembly acquired.

  24. My grits need kissing. You can pay me for that.

  25. Last night I found out Nanci Griffith died. She was an especial favorite of mine. I hadn’t heard about it, so it was a bit of a sad surprise.

    They did a tribute to her on Austin City Limits that is worth watching.

  26. And if you don’t like her music, you are dead to me.

  27. Lumps, McCullough tweeted out a link of fauci talking to zuck, on what looks to be a zoom call. Not sure when.
    Fauci is saying “this wouldn’t be the first time that a vaccine actually made people worse.”

  28. Had trouble getting to sleep two nights in a row. 11pm. I never stay up that late on work nights. Stupid DST change. Gets worse as I get older, I swear.

  29. coughing through the night keeps me up, and then laying down drains into my throat (SYWM).

  30. I think Wiser and/or Peej hold the master keys. They set this place up when Wickedpinto went nuts and deleted the original blog.

  31. any other effects noticed from “The Purge”?

  32. It’s either Wiser or Peej that hold the keys last I recall. They set this dump up around the time Wickedpinto started going crazy(er) and deleted the original blog.

  33. Huh. I think I’m losing comments in the spam bucket. Never had that problem before.

  34. you and lumps had comments in there. approved

  35. Wickedpinto…

  36. Must have been a lease or repo

  37. any other effects noticed from “The Purge”?

    No, you’re still gay.

  38. heh those car washes are quite thorough. watched some mowing vids too when I can’t fall asleep

  39. Will’s story matches what wiser told me.

  40. Thanks for all the maintenance work you peeps!!

  41. Most of the pictures I add are linked. They may have gone bye bye when cleaning fubar’d links.
    No biggie.

  42. wakey wakey

  43. That car looks like they have small children.

  44. Anyone who drives around in a car they’ve allowed to get like that should have their children removed by DHS.

  45. DHS should be closed, the buildings demolished, and the ground salted.

  46. Wut leon said.

  47. Does anyone know what peej is up to?

  48. I watched Jimbro’s cleaning video. That was horrifying, but those videos are so satisfying to watch.

  49. I want my car cleaned. Mine isn’t that bad, but transporting teenagers then dogs … it could use a good scrub.

  50. Do you still have the Lesbaru?

  51. Big dogs?

  52. Liberal Arts degree from a prestigious Liberal Arts college?

  53. The next step up in WP is pretty substantial. Anyone with admin rights can fork over. I think Jay paid, is paying for the last upgrade.

  54. Yes, yes, and … yes, sorta.

  55. I changed my avatar yesterday for the first time in about a year and a half. And now you say the shitholedump went sideways last night? I swear I dindu nuffin.

  56. Ok, I gotta run. Ugh. SOmeone kick me in the ass.

  57. I just pay for additional space. grandfathered in to a reasonable rate

  58. Jesus you guys are dramatic. a couple pictures are missing

  59. Oh, BTW, they’re lying about not sending US troops over there. A gym friend just found out her Grandson is being sent somewhere over there. He’s not even done with school. He’s going to train troops on shooting or something.

  60. wtf untained troops? easier to hide, not deploying an established unit?

  61. This old boomer suffers from brain fade, has “who wants to meet the President” been a caption to the kids picture?
    BTW, don’t ever get rid of the kids picture, for some reason it seems to cover the implied vision of what hostage offspring would look like, especially if a couple of hostages had an affair that spawned offspring, and the offspring found out!

  62. Obviously Fentanyl abuse at West Point is a trickle down effect from Fentanyl abuse within the upper levels of the Pentagon, Car in

  63. Breaking news out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Allen county sheriff’s department buys its swat team a sammich truck!

  64. ^ a long local story behind the A.C. sheriff. A couple of years ago at the city’s summer festival he got hammered & wailed the snot out of a juvenile employed by the festival. The powers that be let the sheriff keep his job, but hit him with a $50 K fine, which was to be paid out of his own pocket. It was paid about 8 weeks later. Lots of questions about how someone in a 80 K job comes up with 50 K so quickly. Some questioning if the democrats paid it for him under the table.

  65. So, the day before Tom Brady announced he’s coming back, some poor schmuck bought Tom Brady’s last TD ball at auction for $518,000.

    Must be Eddie Mush from A Bronx Tale.

  66. have you had your vaccine?



    ok then

  67. booster you idiot autocucumber

  68. Aren’t cucumbers the forbidden vegetable, for a reason?
    Peanuts, on the other hand, are the accepted legume. They resemble micro peen.


    (Imgur video with sound)

  70. J’ames, get well.


    (Imgur video with sound)

  72. Mare, peej had shoulder surgery. She’s not on FB very much. Pretty sure she sits on her porch watching a new housing development going up in the previously empty lot across the way. Her parents are moving to TX and she is plotting to disrupt their sale. July 16 meet up in Niagara Falls to meet her hubby.

  73. I have a pretty funny work story about micro-peen. If ever meet you in person, remind me to tell you.

  74. If you’ve ever met him you already know the story.

  75. Waiter, waiter, there’s a hair in my cream of sum yun guy soup.
    Waiter: that’s not a hair, sir.

  76. DiTs beagle bae, Sadie, has kidney failure. Dogs are fam. H2 dogs are fam. I will never forgive COVID BS that kept family away from their dogs crossing the rainbow bridge. As horrible as it was for family members to pass alone, at least they knew what the COVID panic was about, our fur family…not so much.

  77. Hannah aced her finals and is done with her first year of medical school.

  78. Congratulations

  79. In March?

    What Caribbean school is this!??!

  80. Kamala’s beard got the coof.

  81. Also, I’ve been on the other side of the razor wire. I’m sure I’ve seen it in the community shower stall. Sticks pictures of Oprah in a bikini on the wall to get ” busy”. Different “strokes” for different folks!

  82. Lost a big bet, biggest vax zombie/mask pussy at work was not wearing a mask today.

  83. Roamy, the mask cult is alive and well. In addition to the mask cult, the peanut allergy cult is strong in NM. I am so stressed with planning a funeral that takes place 4 months after my mom passed.

  84. LOL, no its Wayne State Med school . She started in June or July last year? And she starts back up in a few weeks. I don’t understand it. Basically its year round with a few weeks off? I dunno.

  85. When will leftest start admitting that their president is absolutely awful?

  86. Can we have a discussion about “long term covid”?

    So, one coworker claims to have it. She didn’t have a bad case. Very mild, lost her sense of taste.

    But now she claims she has all sorts of weirdness. What she can’t taste, what tastes like chemicals, etc the list goes on.

    A little background info – she is also was always one of the weirdest people about food I’ve ever known. Uber picky. wouldn’t eat all sorts of things. things always tasted “off” to her.

    And now … she has long covid because food is weird.

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence. AND, I’ll note I think it’s bullshit. Its like a reason for her to be even weirder about food.

  87. Car in, my Aunt and her partner got COVID in November 2020. Since then, everything is Long COVID. Cousin in Spain. Her hubby was one of the early COVID patients in March 2020. On a vent. COVID rash. Moron friend on FB was an early COVID. Mardi Gras in 2020. She is still on oxygen. COVID migraine. Rash. I don’t know what to believe anymore. I do know that multiple vaxxed CoWs are now on baby aspirin and blood thinners. Stroke watch.

  88. I need to focus on my current work and hobbies in order to stay sane. The link I posted where the people in charge of vax policy found out the shots don’t work but are still pushing them and also deliberately decided against acknowledging natural immunity even though they know it is the gold standard, makes me…

    *focuses like a laser on my customer service, tree pruning, and dining room rehab schedule*

  89. When will leftest start admitting that their president is absolutely awful?

    Never, for at least he “isn’t Trump” who, of course, was the Worst President in the Histories of All Presidents Everywhere. You’ll have to admit that before they’ll ever even dream of acknowledging Spongebrain Shitpants is perhaps, possibly, anything less than Lightbringer 2.0.

  90. great trying to remember a medicine for covid my doc suggested. probably a name brand for booster but was going to look it up. get test back tomorrow

  91. not strep

  92. Horse paste.

  93. That’s the generic name. Your doctor probably prescribed horsepastacillan.

  94. I don’t think he’s on team horse paste. I heard how boosters would save me from the hospital, even though he just told me I probably wasn’t at high risk

  95. fluvoxamine?

  96. something with a p or pr

  97. When will leftest start admitting that their president is absolutely awful?

    They started half-lionizing Carter 15 years after his well deserved loss. I just hope that the people are even more aware now than they were then.

  98. How do you feel, J’Ames? Are you breathing okay?

  99. breathing fine. I don’t think it’s covid. not a high temp, barely 99, appetite is fine, no loss of taste or smell. just congested

  100. The loss of taste and smell can be a lagging symptom. I was almost over it when that kicked in. Lingered on for a couple weeks with some congestion after everything else was gone.

  101. Up since 2am. Can’t get back to sleep.

  102. Doris experienced radon poisoning.

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