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    (Imgur video with sound)

  2. L to R

    H2, Pupster

  3. wakey wakey

  4. Excellent selections in the All You Can Eat Meme Buffet this morning

  5. Prescient

  6. Good morning! Wonderful memes. I love all the puppies.

  7. *blushes*

    I was just thinking of that clip Jimbro. Someone ought to superimpose different faces and deep fake the lip movements.

  8. What a week. My whole body hurts. Scott gave me the day off. I’m gonna clean, cook, and clean. Tomorrow back to the salt mines.

  9. From the lump link :

    Genital necrosis with cutaneous thrombosis after COVID‐19 mRNA vaccination. Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology.

  10. This shit with the data pisses me off.
    I’m tired of dealing with dumbasses at work who continue to think the cdc is an untarnished bastion of scientific excellence.
    And that the fda is a watchdog.

  11. Jesus. Took months for her skin to grow back. Everybody, do NOT go to that link that Jam just posted.

  12. All their dicks have fallen off.

  13. Jam, one thing I do not miss from my prior employment is the empty cow-stares I got when I made a statement of common sense, like “If we keep paying people to do nothing, we are going to get crazy bad inflation,” or “How does locking down help stop the spread, if we all see each other at the grocery store and Home Depot anyway?” Made me want to smash things.

  14. In other news:
    It’s gorgeous outside.
    The valley is covered.
    Beautiful view across the way from casa d’monkey.

  15. Gonna go outside and move snow.
    If I succumb to a coronary event…. Avenge me.

  16. We had that shit yesterday – thought it was so awesome we sent it your way.


  17. Raining here, temp is supposed to plummet and turn to snow later on. Thanks, Hotspur!

  18. We have 5″ of snow, give or take. 4 kittens at final count. MiL says she wants a couple of them.

  19. An inch of snow here. It was 64 degrees yesterday.

  20. bet those bama kids are still trying to make a little snow man out of that one inch

  21. 2″ of snow yesterday. It mostly melted off. 12 degrees this morning.

  22. Correction, 8 kittens.

    I am a cat farmer. I tried to get them spayed. Couldn’t get appointments anywhere we called.

  23. Anyone want some King Harv’s coffee?

  24. Snowing here too. It was 78 a few days ago. I’ve barely left the house though.

    Midterms are over and I have the dumb. Time to get out and play.

  25. Off to the food store. ‘ta

  26. Yeah, about an inch or so here too and it was almost 60 yesterday. Enough snow to scare the FedEx driver from coming down my driveway. Such wimps. They’d never have cut it in Vermont.

  27. Hol’ up…

    Vermont is real?

  28. I don’t believe in Connecticut.

  29. I’ve been to Connecticut and have bad news.

  30. There are two Vermont’s. There is the Bernie Sander’s Vermont, which lives mostly in Burlington and Montpelier and outskirts.

    The rest of it is middle-aged disgusted dairy farmers and the people who depend on agriculture and forestry instead of the trust funds. My former neighbor had about 100 head of dairy cows, and claimed that if the liberals had their way, all cows would be replaced with plywood cutouts of cows staked to the pastures and hillsides for the tourists to see.

  31. Last couple days got as low as 13 and a bit of snow. It will get to about 32 today and jump into the 60s starting tomorrow.

  32. I am Crow 6.
    Saw that meme after hearing a Crow somewhere close by the house.
    Should I be worried? Some cultures it’s an omen, others think more positive.

  33. I discovered around midnight, last night, an email that my lab results dropped late yesterday afternoon.
    I’m still too chicken to go over to Mychart and open it.
    I need someone to logic me thru this.

    On a brighter note, I need to send a thank you to the nurse who put my IV in. No knot and only a teensy, barely noticeable bit of bruising.

  34. Two words that should never be next to each other in a sentence: genital & necrosis

  35. Why did I click on the link? Why did there have to be a picture?

  36. *Hugs Pups in an inappropriate manner*

    “I said what I said” BWAHAHAHAAHA Been there.

  37. Good luck, Beasn. Get in there and get it over with.

  38. I was looking up stuff because my dad and stepmom got the booster last fall. Stepmom has had neuropathy and weakness in her left leg ever since and was undergoing therapy. She’s now maxed out the therapy that Medicare will pay for.

  39. Stepmom has had neuropathy and weakness in her left leg ever since and was undergoing therapy.


    My sister-in-law got the vaccine and the booster and ever since the booster she’s been having pain in her left leg.

  40. I knew heart problems, blood clots, pulmonary embolisms, etc. were big, but I hadn’t heard about neuropathy. I was trying to be fair and not assign all the blame on the shot, but I need to visit and see things for myself. I think they are hiding how bad she is, because Dad said he was doing the cooking again. Dad can’t drive, so I am nervous about her continuing to drive if she’s impaired.

  41. Hope your SIL gets better, Mare.

  42. Yeah, there were a couple of cases of athletes that had to quit due to debilitating neuropathic pain after the shots. I think one was a golfer.


    (Imgur video)

  44. I see a cute toddler playing fetch like a dog as well as physiologic genu varum and internal tibial torsion and possibly a loaded diaper

  45. I made some rosemary-infused schmaltz a while back and have had it in the fridge waiting for a purpose. Well, I just made cornbread with it, substituting the schmaltz 1:1 with the fat called for in the recipe. Also instead of milk I subbed 50% heavy cream and 50% water.

    It’s wonderful. Moist and fragrant, the rosemary flavor is right there. Serving it with chicken stew. Life is good.

    Guys, make rosemary schmaltz. It’s really important.

  46. We’ve had rain all day and the snow is mostly gone from the fields. It’s going to change to snow for a while tonight but not accumulate all that much. Bunch of days in the high 40’s and even a couple of 50’s in the 10 day forecast.

  47. The fuck is schmaltz?

  48. Rosemary Schmaltz was in the class behind me in high school. Guys said she stuffed her bra with matzo crackers.

  49. Don’t ask me what stunk of gefilte fish

  50. Comment by Jimbro on March 12, 2022 4:22 pm
    Rosemary Schmaltz was in the class behind me in high school. Guys said she stuffed her bra with matzo crackers.


    That girl was probably very successful! Thinking outside the toilet paper box.


  52. Totally normal for young people to have strokes

  53. That poor 80 year old lady bits. That had to have hurt like he’ll.
    Fucking Pfizer. And note how they had to mention “rare”. Right.

    That Dr. Campbell on the youtubes corrected himself in that the pages and pages of side effects…were things doctors were supposed to look out for and then report. He talked to other docs around the world and they were never told about this…nor told where to report them.

  54. Roamy, I didn’t mean to take away from your stepmom’s experience. I mentioned my sister-in-law because it sounds similar.

    Hope all will be well.

  55. I looked at mychart.
    It’s mostly the same stuff the Dr suspected but I’ve got questions as I don’t play a pathologist on the internets.
    GIST, low grade

    Don’t think it needs to be removed. It was there 5 years ago, so it’s stable. Having it looked at the following year after it’s discovery was put on the back burner due to his parents moving in and all hell breaking loose.

  56. We’ll see what he says this next week.

  57. Wow. I’m sure Trevor Noah was just going for a laugh, but that was forbidden comedic territory.

  58. Wth, Jimbro. Wasn’t that guy a lefty NeverTrump pants wetter?

  59. Young CoWs with the Booster are continuing to have heart and joint issues. I don’t say anything, because these MFers love the mask and the control. Beasn, have you checked your results yet?

  60. From Roamy’s link.

    The major issue in all of this is that despite the fact there was supposed to be one, there is presently no data set which is actually monitoring for all the adverse reactions occurring, so we have to make do with all these assorted data sets instead. Similarly, when a suspected vaccine injury or side effect occurs, the burden of proof has been put on individuals to prove the vaccine was harmful, rather than the vaccine to prove it did was safe and not cause the injury. This is unacceptable for an experimental mandated therapy.

    And there it is. This whole episode carries within it the destruction of patient protections as well as of critical thinking itself.

    How in the Hell can a regular person prove they got neuropathy or a stroke due to the vaccine? In an ordinary time it’s hard enough, but in a time where virtually all health and lawyerly professions are aligned in one purpose to push that specific medication that harmed you, it’s impossible to even be heard for one minute.

  61. Lumps, I forget DiT exact quote but you can’t reason people into a position that they weren’t reasoned into. Ace had a quote about the I told you so reaction as well. FYI I’m the anti mask anti vax weirdo at work.

  62. Oops, Beasn, just read your results. You’ve got this. No growth in 5 years?

  63. Went to the Henry Ford today. I haven’t been there in a long time. It was a good tim.

  64. you can’t reason people into a position that they weren’t reasoned into
    I’ve always liked that quote. Here’s an extremely long take on it.

  65. Trevor Noah is a certified rabid lefty.

    Doing that bit tells you to what depths Brandon has descended

  66. Decisions, I move the clocks in the house forward tonight before going to bed or wait until tomorrow.
    Someone should file a crimes against humanity charge central, sleep deprivation is torture, that’s why the military uses it on POW’s & the penal system uses it on “offenders*”

    * the term some social worker came up with to replace “inmates” because inmates created a stigma or something.

  67. Jimbro, Thanks for that. I was willing to DiT Shit Jefferson said Volume 2

  68. DNH…let the clocks change themselves

  69. I’m getting close to retirement, still have a couple of years, but need something to retire to, a hobby or something. Pretty sure wood working is out of the question, everyone’s mom’s are doing it for a living. Any suggestions?

  70. Oso, I’d really like to! It’s an asinine tradition. But I think my boss would have issues with it. I don’t have the ” Bob’s” from Office Space to go to bat for me.

  71. I got 2 years left.

    My hobby will be packaging and shipping stuff.

    Furniture lumping days are numbered.

  72. Money laundering?

  73. Meme Fabrication

  74. Outdoor cookery

  75. Leather working is a good hobby and not too expensive to get into. Knitting and crochet of course. Photography. You can get a decent digital SLR camera and a couple of lenses for not too much, particularly if you go used. You don’t need a dark room anymore and you don’t have to get photoshop as there are good alternatives.

  76. That Trevor Noah clip is pretty funny.

  77. Neil Oliver and Tucker both had something to say:

    But, it’s late and so most will not see these.
    So it goes…

  78. Second link should have been this:

  79. Trevor Noah messaged Crowder during his show, asking why he didnt ask him a question to his face. I wouldnt be surprised if he was on there sometime.

  80. That was a good Tucker monologue, too.

  81. all these years later, and Watchmen still doesn’t make much sense

  82. Clicking through Jimbro’s Outdoor Cookery video, next up is a 45 minute video from Heidi about her multiple stalker situation. Who would have seen that coming? Huh.

  83. Damn every rotten politician!

  84. Sean’s best derp.

  85. Clicking through Jimbro’s Outdoor Cookery video, next up is a 45 minute video from Heidi about her multiple stalker situation. Who would have seen that coming? Huh.
    I posted that mainly as the weird phenomenon of monetizing youtube videos with young, attractive redheads doing things that seem incongruous. In the description of her video she went on vaguely about “recent struggles”. I was like, I’m only here for the deer meat sugar. I did notice she was carrying a pistol in a OWB holster in the first part of the video.

    After looking at a few of the other videos I concluded that something ain’t right with the whole thing and I’m not surprised about the multiple stalker situation.

  86. Ww

  87. Well well well, if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions.

    (gfycat webm)

  88. I watched the first two ‘walking through the woods’ scenes and then thought about the fact that she walked into the woods, set up a camera, then walked out. Then walked back in again, to film herself looking around like she’s never been there before. And then she did it again.
    That is where I tapped out.

  89. Sean is right again.

  90. That’s pretty standard for the genre Laura. Set up the GoPro, walk back and then return. If there’s snow on the ground I always look for a second set of footprints. Enjoying them requires a willing suspension of disbelief.

  91. Worst blog ever.

  92. I have memes for a new poat, brb.

  93. Never mind, looks like Pupster is drafting one.

  94. Enjoying them requires a willing suspension of disbelief.

    Yup. Try not to think about the full makeup. The half-shirt. The right size and quantity rocks right there for the fire ring. Perfectly clean hands cooking on a fire and sitting on the ground, preparing meat and veggies with a bowie knife.

  95. No, it’s for next week, poat away if you’ve got ’em.

    *makes a notation in Sobek’s personnel file*

  96. Will do, brb.

  97. Sunday funnies 03-13-22

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