Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born December 17th, 1994 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. She stands 5′ 3″ and measures 322332 and 121 lbs. Please grab a water for Miss Stefanie Knight aka Stefanie Gurzanski.


  1. Beautiful woman

    Bit of a horse teeth look when she smiles in some pictures but I think we can look past that.

  2. This chick has talent, and by talent I mean she seems nice tits.

  3. Oy!!

  4. Another amazing job by the Friday crew!

  5. In some pictures she looks vaguely Asian and others I don’t see it at all. Quite the mystery but regardless she has the model look and strut down and I’d forecast her to be a finalist at year’s end

  6. I’m with ya brother j’brony. She will make the 2022 boob-offs.

  7. We’ve had a fantastic 20+ year run as professional colleagues and he will always be a lifelong friend.
    That’s the way it should be but in most cases is not. My 30+ year friendship with my med school buddy is at that point where we both realize our friendship is more important than politics. He’s also smart enough to have figured out that the so called saviors in the Democrat party aren’t all they promised to be.


  9. How did hoops go for Jammette this year? Are they still playing? Is she HS or college at this point?

  10. Good song today Pups. Reminds me of Alan Parsons, Skynyrd or Allman Brothers or something else … anyway, it’s some good shit.

    Lovin’ Woman · pride & glory

    Based on the lyrics in the song I’m guessing the group is named pride & glory?

  11. I just watched a minute or so of one of the videos. She’s gluten free folks, for whatever that’s worth.

  12. Friend of mine sent me a link to Placebo’s “Pure Morning” video with the lyrics of “A friend in need is a friend indeed but a friend with weed is better” (as soon as you hear the chorus you’ll recognize the song).

    It was with reference to Kamala’s flub yesterday and he wondered if she was going true Jamaican and offering weed to the Ukrainian refugees.

    Anyway, Placebo have a new album coming out and this is one of their magnificently titled tracks:

  13. Have we seen this pretty creature with an incredible body before?

    You’d think I’d remember *cough*

  14. Okay, I’ve found my doppelganger in male form (thought wise). Listen to the end.

  15. White rapper with a video I can support

  16. WSJ article from a day or so ago

    ” Spring Is Here but Sandals and Shorts Aren’t—They’re Stuck at Ports or Sea”

    -Supply-chain woes weighed on holiday sales for some retailers and now seasonal items may be slow to hit store shelves

    Huh, weird, I thought Brandon solved all that. I mean, I’m not hearing any stories about it in the media, it must not be true

  17. That guy is great, Mare.

  18. You really don’t need to get any further than the portrayals of Russia in this conflict to know they are trying to manipulate us. Why are they doing it? Because Russia is evil and possibly Putin is crazy.

    Well, ok, but what else? I mean, even bullies have a reason. They’ve dumbed this down for political reasons. My opinion is half of DC has ties to money in Ukraine and they did all sorts of shady stuff for years over there. They won’t tell us the real reasons Putin is mad because they’re involved.

    wakey wakey

  19. Plus, Russia is evil plays into the lies they told about RUSSIAN COLLUSION with Trump.

  20. Carin Johnson is right

  21. beasn, I share your frustration with people who believe ‘the experts’ over their own common sense. People who say, “Well, they can’t just get up behind a podium and LIE, can they? If they did the press would call them out!” It’s maddening.
    “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” is my response to that.

  22. The problem isn’t that Russia is bad, it’s that Ukraine isn’t much better. I try to stay out of turf wars, and this is one.

    Oh, and fine specimen.

  23. If the Crips and the Bloods were fighting over San Francisco, I’d shake my head and tell those uninvolved to get out or defend themselves.

    I ain’t goin’ in.

  24. Gang warfare killed it.

    Another innocent caught in the crossfire.

  25. hhhahahahaha

  26. I ask this to table the discussion not as a aggression.

    Is Russia bad? What have they done that

    A) they said they wouldnt
    B) any different from what we’ve done, up to any including its internal abuse of its citizens.

    Are the Ukes Bad? I don’t know. But I do know I have no desire to have my quality of life diminished to defend them. I am being exposed to hardship WHY? Blame gas and inflation on a 12 day war? OK. Why?What moral reason do they present to justify my diminishing?

  27. I could really get behind this selection.

  28. The democrats demonized Putin in their attempt to paint Trump as a security threat.

    Once they painted themselves into that corner, the only way out was to continue demonizing and awfullizing Putin and by extension Russia.

    Democrats NEVER admit when they are wrong, hence they are perfectly willing to take us into a world war to save face / prove a point.

    That is ALL this current situation is. If you think it is more complicated, you are an idiot.

  29. Dario really knows his shit when it comes to artwork.

  30. I could really get behind this selection.

    Behind, on top of, underneath. I’m not picky.

  31. I’m a little pissed. Some of the crochet people I follow on instagram happen to be Russian. They are very talented and I have several of their patterns. But guess what, etsy has cut them off. They put up links to both vk (a Russian site for creators) and telegram, in the event instagram deletes them.
    Anyone here do telegram? I think a Brit friend on facechimp dumped FB’s messenger and went over there.

    (I also follow one or two Ukrainians, Germans, Poles.)

  32. I only ask because I have refrained from downloading apps from pretty much everywhere and will have to do so if I join telegram.

  33. J’bro – lil Jannette finished out her hs career last week
    Lost the final.
    Finished 2nd in the section this year. She had a great year.
    Was featured player of the week by a local sports station.
    Signed to a nys d3 college with a promise that she’d start at a small forward spot as long as she didn’t fuck up in the beginning of the year.
    So she’s happy…
    It’s weird for mrs jam and me – this will be the first travel season in almost a decade that we won’t be running a team , fund raising and spending weekends at tournaments.

  34. Jammette.

  35. Just so everyone knows, Jussie Smollett isn’t suicidal, and he didn’t do it.

    Oh, and he isn’t suicidal.

    Fucking cum guzzling shit packer.

  36. He must think he’s pretty important to fear that the Clintons are going to Epstein him.

  37. Everything is fake and stupid. We are sofa king screwed.

  38. That’s cool Jam, going on to play in college, regardless of level, is a big deal. Our women’s team was better than the men’s all 4 years I was at my college. Same with UMaine currently. They recruit a lot of European women to play in Maine.

  39. I’m on Telegram Beasness. I downloaded that and Signal after the crackdown on Trump’s twitface account and the implosion of Parler.

    The most use I had with Telegram was during the vax debate at work when groups formed for employees at risk of losing their jobs. There was a national, state and system group that got a lot of activity. It’s a different layout and you sort of need to know where you’re going because it doesn’t lend itself to just plain browsing.

    I use Signal to text my brother and a couple of like minded friends. It’s allegedly an end to end encryption but I’m not buying that.

  40. Propane bill came.

    We’re gonna have to start turning down the furnace more at night. And check the windows and doors for leaks.

  41. You should have already been doing those things you filthy climate denier.

  42. the senile Biden and the stupid dickriding Canuck whore Kamala


  43. The usage was fairly steady, Hotspur. The price of the propane isn’t up that much, but we appear to have used more than normal in the last 2 months. I can’t account for that based on outside temp, so I’m not sure yet what’s up.

  44. Check for leaks? Maybe the water heater having issues? Hells I dunno…

  45. That was my very scary thought, might be a leak somewhere. The pipe runs about 60′ horizontally and at a depth of about 3′. That’s a lot of pipe to worry about.

  46. 10/10 would smash


  48. I can hear the other reporters rolling their eyes all the way over here.

  49. This just in:

  50. I knew that “maternity hospital” story was bullshit THE MOMENT I READ IT.

    How fucking gullible do you have to be?

  51. Jimbro, thank you!
    These people I follow are very talented and I don’t want to lose track of them.

  52. That’s a lot of pipe to worry about.

    That’s what Kamala said.

    It’s what Juicy is worried about.

  53. It’s what Juicy is worried about.

    you misspelled excited

  54. He’s worried there won’t be enough pipe.

  55. If Jussie can’t get enough pipe in prison he’s not utilizing enough orifices.

  56. Comment by Mitch on March 11, 2022 1:52 pm
    Everything is fake and stupid. We are sofa king screwed.

    My nature is to be positive. I’m also a rational, common sense type of person. My nature is saying “good, will prevail” my head is saying “we’re fooked.”

  57. Comment by Jay in Ames on March 11, 2022 4:04 pm
    It’s what Juicy is worried about.

    you misspelled excited



    That POS racist is not even getting what he deserves. Fricken could have started a race war.

  58. Mask mandate repealed at work, finally. I haven’t been wearing one except for that incident with my boss, but at least now I’ll walk on the front hall where the managers and the ratfink are.

  59. Russia is bad if they sink the ISS, and they have threatened to do so. I put too much work into that, and I won’t forgive them.

  60. If the prison shrink didn’t see that outburst and immediately recommend to put that walking BPD on suicide measures, he is an idiot.

    Smollett made that announcement so that when he tries to kill himself, he can claim someone tried to kill him again. He’s not going to give up his bullshit victim narrative. He is incapable of doing anything else.

  61. Who all has taxi service back and forth to iss?

  62. March snow update.
    6 inches Wednesday.
    Another 7 or more supposedly coming in tonight thru tomorrow.

  63. Your mom is shaking with anticipation.

  64. Jam, SpaceX sends people and cargo, Northrup Grumman sends cargo. Japan can send cargo, but they have a limited season for launching. I don’t know where Boeing is at. They are supposed to send people, but they had some kind of corrosion problem and haven’t launched anything yet.

  65. Can Russia take everyone home and then not bring any replacements up?
    Kind of take over iss by default?
    Without killing anyone.
    It would be a pretty awful marketing move to kill astronauts.

  66. jam2 on March 11, 2022 at 5:52 pm
    Your mom is shaking with anticipation.


    You, dick.

  67. I really haven’t been following space exploration since we decided to scuttle the shuttle and give the money to hamas.

  68. Russians can take three people home. SpaceX can take the other four. There’s two cosmonauts, so shit gets bad, someone might be odd man out, or, I hope, someone on the ground is furiously scribbling calculations on five people in the SpaceX capsule.

  69. The new stink at work isn’t Muslims, it’s the transgenders. There’s a group in Maryland trying to get everyone to post their preferred pronouns either in their email address or the signature block. Because the laws of physics care whether you call someone they/them or ze/zhir.

  70. I wasn’t sure if he was kidding, but the building manager said he was asked how many transgender bathrooms do we have.

  71. 1 for every actual transgender person.

    So none.

  72. Leaky pipes? Sounds like a personal problem to be discussed discretely with a physician.

  73. So here’s one for ya. Had another lithotripsy yesterday. In the past they have left a stent and I would go back to the office for removal. Thisvtime I awakened to find I had been stented with a ” home removable stent” which entails a surgical grade string dangling from my dangling and taped to same. I have been instructed to perform the removal in the shower on Sunday. It has been challenging to pass debris around the string. Fortunately I was prescribed this med called phenazopyridine which has a anesthetic effect on the urinary track, but only after the urine has burned its way out. To say I’m apprehensive is a understatement. I had a really really bad experience the first time I had a stent removed, like four attempts, he pulled so hard the device slipped off four times. Right before the final successful attempt guy said to me “if this doesn’t come out this time, we’re going to surgery”. Good times.

    Then doc says my left kidney is so full of stones I’m a candidate for the invasive approach (through the back) clean the stones out, and put it back. Can’t say I’m onboard with this unless it’s going to life threatening or disabling in the future.

  74. Rough week here at the DNH ranch & resort. Just got through the first battery of chemo for the better half, 4 grueling days of up before dawn & sit in the hospital all day. 3 weeks of R & R then do it all over again, rinse & repeat for at least 12 weeks. She’s taking it pretty well, but I’m flippin’ beat and ready for a break from that.

  75. TeeRoy, that thing got a balloon in it or is it just staying in by tape? And yanking it in the shower seems risky. Maybe sitting on the throne with a few towels on the floor would be safer. What do I know, just a bone doctor.

    You’re a good man Dave. So is your wife for putting up with a man who would associate with the likes of us.

  76. Big hugs to DNH and BETTER HALF. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  77. I have come up with a brilliant plan to help the Ukrainians that won’t get Brandon in trouble with Putin.

    Send them all of our extra ventilators.

    At first the Russians will laugh but when they start dropping like flies after they’re hit with the Remdevisir gas bombs they’ll know how Corn Pop felt

  78. TeeRoy, feeling some sympathy pain in the Duke City. Never passed a stone, but I’ve had family and friends with pretty imaginative descriptions.

  79. Chemo? Sorry to hear that Dave hope yall have a positive outcome.

    Jimbro, nah, nothing about a balloon. Just stand in shower and pull down. But I’m going to ruck up and try cause it’s almost as uncomfortable as a stone and I want it out. He said it was to address inflammation of the ureter, but I’ve been on Keterolac since last Saturday. I don’t feel inflamed I feel irritation and cramping from the stent.

    But, I swear to the good lord almighty, if I have complications from this, as soon as physically fit I’m going to beat the shit out of that resident. I told him “I’m really not comfortable with that” and looked at my wife (who adjusted her posture by sitting up) and he continued to press on. This conversation I’m still loopy in post op, and all I want is out. I hate hospitals. Know why? Cause there are sick people there.

    I kinda find the home removal thing interesting. I figure I either got the economy job or there has been “advances” in stent management

  80. Went to my Nina’s to write my moms obit and choose photos. She’s very emotional. She was very close to all 13 family members we lost with COVID. I’m emotionally drained.

  81. Anybody watched any of Oliver Stones documentary on the Ukraine originally released in 2016? I trust anything produced years ago over any of the propaganda produced today.

  82. TeeRoy, I sympathize, having been through similar last year with a 14mmx5mm stone lodged in my kidney. Luckily mine disintegrated nicely and passed without pain or issues other than a weird sensation when stone debris came out….and peeking through a strainer because urologists apparently have weird fetishes.
    Just have one thing to say about the removal, probably would not be a good idea to deal with it the way bommers parents dealt with their kids teeth coming out, door, string, slam the door.

  83. Roamy, how many bathrooms for Trans? BTW Church requires masks for Rosary/Mass.

  84. ^ might work if you live in an old house with solid wood interior doors, mass matters. A modern house with hollow core interior doors seems like a recipe for pain & failure.

  85. Now there’s some good news. I’m a great-aunt again – my niece had a 7 lb. 6 oz. boy earlier today. Mama and baby are doing fine. I think they are going to name him Noah.

  86. Prayers up, DNH.

  87. (((HUGS))), Osita.

  88. Welcome to the world, Noah.

  89. That’s probably it for that generation until Rocketboy and Mini-me make me a grandma. All of the older neflings have had their families (one great-nephew is a year older than Mini-me), and the two younger neflings…well, it’s not too late, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  90. The Steve Kirsch article is excellent, thank you, Lumps.

  91. The Duran…I think they did think it through. I think they want to collapse our economy and country to the level of Venezuela. Because they think we are the problem OR per the request of whoever owns them.

  92. Dennis expected remittances promptly.

  93. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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