MMM 485

How is it already March? Hope your Lent is going well.

Posing or stretching?

That’s a lotta bells.

Stretching and posing.

Not the right outfit for rugged terrain.

Friends helping friends.

I wonder if I can still hold a handstand for any length of time.

Glistening and smiling.

More stretching and posing.

Have a great week!


  1. I think these posts are about flexibility.

    Or recipes?

    I’m lost here.

  2. They’re about a lifetime of child support checks.

  3. Pretty sure it’s some kind of allegory. Leon is deep.

  4. The bell girls don’t look happy.

  5. Recipes
    Definitely about recipes.

  6. 45 and raining here.
    Spring is on the way.

  7. The happy part comes later when they take butt selfies.

  8. One more big snowstorm and flowers will come.

  9. It’s very exciting.

  10. It was 72 here Saturday. Might snow today, though.

  11. Jam, be happy you’ve got a vehicle! The new car dealers around here have either no cars at all, or a few used cars, that’s it. Things have gotten very stupid.

    I traded in my 18 year old Ranger- which was trouble free, well-maintained, and still ran like a top and I miss her all the time- for my new car over a year ago, before all this stuff got so bad. At the time my dad told me he assumed they were gonna crush my truck. I said, “you think they’re gonna crush Bertha? Really?” and I felt so sad, because it really was still a good vehicle.

    But then a few weeks later he told me he thought he saw her on the road, with a big bondo repair on the left front panel where I had had a big dent that I never bothered to fix.

    I bet you anything she’s still out there…somewhere…there are too many people out there desperate for a used vehicle. And she really was such a good girl.

    Whenever people drive by with a truck like mine in nice condition it turns my head.

  12. It is exciting, Jam. Next week it will be time for me to erect my tent greenhouse. Currently indoors I have several kinds of onions started as well as shallots, leeks, two celeries and a celeriac.
    Also started some magnolia seeds we saved off our big tree last summer. I cold-stratified them in the cellar fridge over the winter. See what happens.

  13. I’m paraphrasing but I saw something on Instagram which said,

    Everything is so fake all it took was ONE outsider (Trump) to pull us out of ridiculous accords, make us energy-dependent, improve food prices and keep us out of wars. Put a deep stater back in and everything for the average person is worse.

  14. Here it’s 13 degrees, but thankfully, not windy. The last few days have been really windy with gusts in the 50’s. No significant moisture in months.

  15. Sorry you’ve had a bad experience, Jam. My only complaint about my Tundra is that it’s red, and that’s sort of grown on me. At least it’s easy to find in a parking lot.

  16. Was it similar to this Mare?
    Comment by Jimbro on March 7, 2022 5:41 am

    Shit is so fake that the minute an outsider took office we got cheap gas, cheap food, became energy independent, no wars and focused on our country’s own issues.

    Establishment hacks get back in and we have inflation, medical tyranny, world war 3, need to take a mortgage for gas.

    — Julia Song (@realjuliasong) March 6, 2022

  17. I was able to have some hope for the future with Trump. All I get now is dread.

  18. Lumps, I started some of your cleome seeds right after you sent them last year, without much luck. Maybe two out of 30 sprouted.
    So I threw the baggy full of them, in the freezer, in the fall and pulled them out a couple of weeks ago. I’ve got dozens sprouting. WoOT!

  19. When they had my Tacoma for the frame replacement the loaner was a Tundra. It took me about 2 weeks of driving it to feel confident I wasn’t going to knock people over or hit parked vehicles as I drove by them. I had it a little over 5 weeks and I did get used to the back up camera.

  20. The truck thing is mainly unrealistic expectations on my part probably.
    A bunch of guys that I know always talk up their tundras.
    I’ve had a number of hvac and other amenities issues that have been crazy expensive to repair.
    The brakes have been lackluster since I purchased it and that’s been an issue when I’m towing.
    It is pretty bad on fuel comparatively. That part I give a pass on… it’s a truck.
    it’s got a lot of highway noise as compared to comparably equipped ford, Chevy,gmc and rams that I’ve driven.
    The controls layout took a lot of getting used to too. They’re very different from the competition.
    The steering wheel controls require a lot of fumbling around to get shit done.
    Cruise control should be on the wheel not a stick on the column that’s oddly offset and whatever moron decided that the mirror control should be unlit and down near your knees is a fucking dope.
    All told it’s not a horrendous vehicle… I just expected more from it I think.
    On the positive side ground clearance is good with attack and departure angles out performing the competition. That’s been nice for my hunting and fishing sojourns.

  21. 70’s last week. Check

    Tornados this weekend. Check

    5 inches of snow today. Check

    Welcome to the midwest

  22. Cleome’s take forever to get going. They come up very late in the season at my house – they just self seed/have for years.

  23. Wakey wakey

  24. hmm, all the libs on twitter have blue waves in their profile. Are they already setting up the steal for the midterms?

  25. I really like the steering wheel controls in the Ram. Front and back side, lots of control and pretty intuitive.

    Toyota trucks were a LOT more expensive.

  26. My garden looked great yesterday. Red onion, all kinds of winter lettuce, peas, hot dogs, and some pollination flowers.

  27. mmmm what kind of hot dogs are you growing? If you plant sweet corn all around it you’ll have corn dogs.

  28. MJ would plant weiners.

  29. Awesome beans! That’s the last time you will ever need to start them. In subsequent years you will only thin the seedling forest every spring. I use a steel rake turned upside down like a scuffle hoe to disrupt their roots in the woodchip mulch.

  30. A friend of ours got a Tacoma last year. He had nothing but problems with it. Constantly at the dealership for major issues, transmission, brakes, etc.

  31. “scuffle hoe”


    Sounds like a belligerent bar girl…..

  32. I planted cheese dogs. You know the kind with little cheese balls distributed throughout the dog.

  33. hmm, I wonder if you threw a dead deer on there and sprinkled some cumin seeds around if you could crosspollinate and get chili dogs.

  34. I loved cheese dogs as a kid. Can’t eat hot dogs at all now.

  35. love brats mixed with cheese

    not the kid ones

  36. crowder live streams on rumble? also I heard You Are Here is getting set up to live stream on rumble.

  37. Jimbro, it was exactly that. THANK YOU!!

    I could not remember who linked it.

  38. HTF could there be a blue wave (besides cheating)?

  39. Calm down.

    Biden is already a lame duck and will be until he shuffles out of office.

  40. Bacon ‘n’ cheddar brats are pretty great. I’ve also had good feta and spinach ones.

  41. There was a big Honk for Ukraine sign in the roundabout near my house yesterday. It was gone today.

    It seemed sort of perfect. Literally just honk your car horn. That’s enough.

    Im starting a mental list of all the fake stories:

    These braves soldiers told the Russians to fuck themselves right before being shelled!

    These supermodels are in the streets with machine guns!

    This nuclear power plant is being shelled!

    Mobile crematoriums are being driven around by Russia troops!

    Mass graves are being dug all around the city!

  42. I feel bad I haven’t changed my facedouche avatard to “I stand with Ukraine”.

  43. This guy is interesting for vehicle advice.

    5 Trucks You Should Buy (Tundra is in there):

  44. I’ve had mine 3 years, hauled horses with it no trouble. Only problem I’ve had was the chipmunk that crawled into the cabin air system and chewed up the filter trying to get out. Managed to fix that myself, but it wasn’t fun pulling the fan assembly out to clean it up.

  45. Only problem I had with my F150 was recurring battery trouble, but that was (afaik) because of some aftermarket stuff that was draining it.

  46. Comment by MJ on March 7, 2022 10:51 am
    Calm down.

    Biden is already a lame duck and will be until he shuffles out of office.


    How about I kick your bitch ass?

  47. If there were mass casualties, we’d be seeing them 24/7.

  48. Let’s have a spelling bee!

  49. “Biden voters thought they were voting for free college and unlimited stimulus checks, instead they’re getting WW3 and $6 per gallon gas prices.” – Thomas Hern

  50. Biden is already a lame duck and will be until he shuffles out of office.

    He’ll be in a wheelchair by then.

  51. Flip to the 2nd panel. WTF? Possible oil deal with Venezuela? Fucking Obama.

  52. Venezuela, Iran, Russia … all wonderful nations that we can support with our petrodollars.

    $4.99/gallon spotted by my friend one town over. It’ll be higher than that at my local station in no time.

    It pays to fill your tank when you can regardless of how empty it is because it’ll be higher the next time you stop

  53. also none of those countries are as green when getting oil out of the ground than the US is. So we are just getting worse in the very way the enviroweenies have been hyperventilating.

  54. $4.35 here. Cheapest was Wally Mart at $3.99.

  55. What if we had a truckers convoy and nobody knew since the media has completely ignored it

    Contrast coverage of the US vs Canadian truckers.

    Our truckers aren’t shutting down DC and they’re about a month too late which probably explains some of the lack of focus. The majority of the leaving alone is because it reflects poorly on Brandon

  56. 2nd half of the Deace show today is a UK researcher and Dr. who tried to get ivermectin used after researching Pierre Kory’s research, finding it was very effective. She was ignored, both in US and UK.

  57. Todd Erzen on Daece made the point that the sudden shift in the “Covid Risk” statistics ought to have been a hanging offense for the CDC folks, but putting it ought now while the only news story is KEEEEEEEEEEV is the equivalent of a Friday afternoon newsdump.

  58. How about I kick your bitch ass?
    I said calm down.

  59. I said calm down.


    You said….pffffffff. You talking is like a Biden fart, they happen all the time, it’s disgusting and people around him pretend it’s someone who’s not demented.

  60. To buy or not to buy…

  61. wow, they sidelined ivermectin (before widespread vaccination, even!) because university of liverpool got a new medical school from the payday. Dr Hill sold his soul, and it’s on video.

  62. Who paid for the new med school, jay?

  63. Why are Mare and MJ bickering?

  64. Unitaid out of UK? Bill Gates is involved.

  65. Calm down, HS

  66. This is the video, start at 1 hour 9 mins

  67. Tess Lawrie, MD, PhD, former consultant to WHO

  68. Her letter to Dr Hill, to retract the study

  69. Tried to do taxes today. I went over the Roth limit last year.

    Gonna have to pull it out somehow or get raked for it.

  70. Did y’all know that the contribution limit on traditional IRAs/Roths is 6k if you’re under 50?

    You must gamble in the 401k market, peasant, or not retire at all!

  71. ugh

  72. You said….pffffffff. You talking is like a Biden fart, they happen all the time, it’s disgusting and people around him pretend it’s someone who’s not demented.
    Fine. Agree to disagree.

    That said, your farts are like Biden talking. They are sloppy and meandering. Children question what they just heard. But everyone ignores it because you are old.

  73. Comment by Jay in Ames on March 7, 2022 2:48 pm
    This is the video, start at 1 hour 9 mins


    I knew that ivermectin was a miracle drug but how much it would have been a lifesaver is astounding. Evil was working hard during covid.

  74. But everyone ignores it because you are old.


    THAT’S MEAN…but true.

  75. Jay, I guarantee you that for the next plandemic they are working on an ivermectin-resistant virus.

  76. Honestly, I’m laughing out loud and needed a good laugh today. My stepmonster (boss) is a really difficult person to work with.

  77. HA! Mare loves MJ.

  78. well, they are the same person, so…

  79. Holy shit, Bill Gates was on the board of Unitaid?? Unitaid was influencing the outcomes of scientific manuscripts.

    Bill Gates actually killed thousands of people.

  80. So I was checking Craigslist for housing options (yeah, I know) and found what might have been a nice option. Except…the description said it was in one area, which is decent…but the included map had it somewhere else entirely, which is (a) a crapshoot (b) as long a commute as I already have.

    Yeah, no.

    Thus endeth the browse of Craig’s List of Scammers.

    Fortunately I have another option lined up that would at least take me through the year. Pricier but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Nothing else pans out, I have a fallback.

  81. BREAKING: Commenter At Twelfth Rate Blog Kills Thread Through Craigslist

  82. sometimes, things just die

  83. I just read a transcript of a recent congressional hearing, and AOC was on the committee. Her questions were … She’s not very bright, is she?

  84. Comment by Jay in Ames on March 7, 2022 4:29 pm
    sometimes, things just die


    Laugh out loud

  85. nope, she is not. She’s an actress, not a congressman.

  86. Comment by Jay in Ames on March 7, 2022 5:12 pm
    nope, she is not. She’s an actress, not a congressman.


    So is Zelensky.

  87. Politics is just Hollywood for people too ugly to be in Hollywood.

  88. Friday $3.79.9. Saturday morning $3.99.9.
    This morning passing by on the way to work still $3.99.9. Passing by on the way home $4.25.9.
    Seems like we could have one of those boards, like they do for the Indy or NCCA (almost typed NAACP…), pick a date, choose a price, closest guess wins.

  89. hmm, wonder how much it went up when I went in to work today

  90. Good thing I filled up yesterday afternoon.

  91. Leon, the thing to do is have both traditional & Roth. Rollover 401’s into the traditional, fund the Roth post tax out of pocket. Am pretty sure you can still add to the traditional after maxing out Roth contributions.
    Also, taking excess contributions out of a Roth is painless, you already gave the blood sucking parasites, ahem, I mean central their fair share before you contributed.

  92. Gas prices might backfire, pun unintentional, on market speculators. Most of us are still capable of remote work due to the pandemic. Lots of speculators taking a bath if remote work becomes popular again, their only salvation may be the logistics sector which could take a big hit if someone discovers rail service, as they did in the ’00’s.
    Thus, Leon, NSW or similar would be a good choice to posses in the Roth, for now. Pretty decent dividend too.

  93. Yeah, I’m just going to roll the excess from the Roth to my regular before filing. Turns out there was another fat-finger error higher in the software decision tree, too, so most of the “you owe this many thousands of dollars plus a penalty for not withholding enough” vanished already.

  94. Beasn, the shipping is a bit pricey. They have a promo code to get a 4th shirt free if you buy 3, but Christ, $70 for tee shirts I’m gonna trash quickly rolling around under a greasy car or truck in or doing chores around the house is a bit steep. But the message made me LOL, a nice boomer shirt.

  95. TL;DR. I forgot my meds Saturday night. Couldn’t take until Sunday. Woke up at midnight. Seriously ill. Time for work. Severe dehydration. Had to call out. Blah blah. I had seriously crazy dreams. Fevered dreams.

  96. Lol Visa and Mastercard pulled out of Russyso Russia teamed up with a China based card/credit system.

    Like Putin would be as dumb as Biden and not think 3 steps ahead.

    More good news, the Iran deal Biden is working on is said to be worse than the one in
    2015. We’re fooked.

  97. How does autocorrect get Russyso out of Russia?

  98. are you back on an even keel now Oso?

  99. Drive-by shooting at or near a school in Iowa today. One student that identifies as a male is dead, two others that identify as femxle were wounded. They’re not releasing any details about the gun-user.

  100. Jimbro, we’ll see. I just realized I missed my meds again due to family shit and my mom’s funeral.

  101. I identify as your mother. All offers accepted. Get fuckin busy.

  102. Covid is definitely over. A certain manager for the first time in two years didn’t end the meeting with “wash your hands, wear your mask”.

  103. Dan and I don’t fight. We just got into a fight about my moms funeral and my siblings.

  104. down the road from where I work

  105. Hi everyone. Back from work.

  106. Good. I’ll take a double Crown & Coke tall. And another behind it by 5 minutes. I tip like a monkey on crack so don’t dissapoint me.

  107. Here’s a fiver on the table. Every time you mess up I take away a dollar…

  108. Gotta play your raiders thursday, PG. How do you feel about that game?

  109. Russian Attack helicopter (Alligator) vs Stinger…

  110. Danny extended Rita’s payments.

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