Sunday funnies 02-27-22

Let’s see what’s in the funneh folder for today.
Hard to go wrong with boobs.

Let’s get all the topical stuff out of the way first.


With the recent celebration of President’s Day

Speaking of First Ladies.

For Beasn.

If we’re picking on individual Hostages, this is for Leon.

For Jay and perhaps BroTim.

For Carin.

For me.

Name that Hostage.

I prefer “Love Shack”.


Another Hostage who spent too much time with your mom.



Speaking of wives…


Mardi Gras is Tuesday.

Y’all have a good day.


  1. Excellent!

  2. I recommend switching to 00 grit for the end.
    Phat, you magnificent bastard, I laughed too hard at that one


    More inspirational than tactical but I’m sure it’s appreciated

  4. If we’re picking on individual Hostages, this is for Leon.

    This is accurate.

  5. Leupold optics.

  6. Great poatation roamy!

  7. wakey wakey

  8. Good morning, Roamy, thanks for the poat. I was way too tired last night by the time I finally finished that book.


  10. You’re welcome, Sobek. I’ve been wanting to post that President’s Day meme since I saw it, so I had fun.

  11. *whispers*




  14. Damn, Roamie!! Great stuff. It’s good to start your week off with a dozen giggles.

    The one about folding towels hit a little too close for comfort.

  15. Comment by Pupster on February 27, 2022 8:23 am

    I could hear this picture.

  16. Laser tag one cracked me up.

  17. Well, I don’t have social media but I can tell you LinkedIn is all Ukraine. Everyone has a stand with Ukraine thing. I can’t even imagine the other sm platforms.

  18. If we’re picking on individual Hostages

    Nolo contendre.

  19. Init weird how Brandon’s sanctions on Russia mean Americans take it up the ass at the pumps?

    Take that, Vlad!

  20. Comment by PepeLp on February 27, 2022 9:24 am

    Oh believe me, I’m really hoping they stay out of it. Thank God we are no longer dependent on Russia for getting astronauts and supplies up there, but we still rely on them for the Soyuz module for crew escape and propulsion to keep ISS in orbit. From what I’ve heard, we’re staying in our modules, and they are staying in theirs. Usually Friday night dinner is social hour for the entire crew, haven’t heard if they skipped the recent one.

  21. If you guys believe any of what the press and dems are saying about Russia/Ukraine, you’ve learned nothing in the last two years.

  22. Heh, apropos of Mare’s comment

  23. I f do not respect Sean Penn one bit, he’s a fricken attention whore. .That stupid, dick, went to Venezuela and look what happened there. He really helped the people there. *snicker* Good intentions kill lots of people.

    Everything we see is theater. It’s a shame good people die because of it.

  24. Jimbro, one of the lefties quoted in your link complains that Andy Ngo is using the NYT and AFP writers falling for the hoax to undermine trust in the media. Buddy, I got some real bad news for you re: trust in the media.

  25. Steve1989MREInfo featured the Ukrainian ration as his small part to help


  27. Yeah, if the media gave a crap about consumers having trust in their product we’d be living in a whole different world

  28. What’s the over/under on Biden “delaying” the State of the Union address and what excuse will he his puppet-masters use?

  29. 3:1 delay.

    He’s too busy slapping puta(n) around at the moment. Other important shit like curing COVID and getting Hunters supply chain on meth and ecstasy straightener back out.

  30. Comment by Hotspur on February 27, 2022 11:08 am
    Init weird how Brandon’s sanctions on Russia mean Americans take it up the ass at the pumps?
    Take that, Vlad!



    We have to sacrifice (which Psaki actually said) for Ukraine!!! Why? Who the eff knows?

    Except I do know, Ukraine is the deep state money laundering country.

  31. Google, elections, 2014, Ukraine.

    Kerry’s spawn, Biden’s spawn, and others made a shit ton in Ukraine.

  32. Pelosi’s kid, Romney’s kid….

  33. Catturd ™
    Putin is threatening nuclear war and Joe Biden took the weekend off.

  34. If Soros and his minions are ganging up on Putin….perhaps Putin has good reason for doing what he’s doing?

  35. One of the comments over there..

    ” I wonder how it types with hooves?”

  36. Comment by beasn on February 27, 2022 2:51 pm
    If Soros and his minions are ganging up on Putin….perhaps Putin has good reason for doing what he’s doing?



  37. How is soros still breathing? He’s 91. Is his head in a jar, hooked up to cables? Does he eat the afterbirth of goats? Or has one of his spawn taken over?

  38. You know, every now and then I hear Glenn Beck on the radio while I’m driving, and he’s going on and on about Soros, Schwab and other one world/great reset instigators and I wonder why there’s no corresponding conservative sugar daddy out there paying to fuck up the liberal world view and their globohomo plans.

    During the Obama years we heard never ending reports of how the evil Koch brothers were right wing terrorist sponsors but as time went by we discovered they were more on the side of Soros than anything different.

  39. From the WSJ:

    “82% — The percentage of buyers who paid above the sticker price for a new car last month, according to consumer research site, an unprecedented number as pandemic-related supply-chain problems stretch the new-vehicle shortage into a second year.”

    That makes me want to baby my truck even more and drive safer than ever. Needing a new vehicle now would be painful. It also makes me wonder if maybe they’ll start making some new models without as many bells and whistles to minimize production costs and parts delays.

  40. It also makes me wonder if maybe they’ll start making some new models without as many bells and whistles to minimize production costs and parts delays.

    They won’t. Why should they? The taxpayers will just make up for any profit shortfalls.

    This isn’t their first rodeo.

  41. Liberalism is a mental disorder example 69,420:

  42. The label “megapusssy” came to mind as I was reading that story. How embarrassing that must be for their dogs and cats.

  43. How do liberal guys get so much sand in their vaginas?

  44. They took the saying “pack sand” literally?

  45. According to the media today Putin has threatened to go thermonuclear, leading to questions about his mental state.
    Two things strike me about those reports.
    First, they’ve ignored the elephant in the oval office for how long now.
    Second, CRAZY IVAN!

  46. Dave, it’s the same bullshit they tried on Trump.

    All you need to know is Soros is pushing the anti Putin narrative. I’m automatically on the other side until further info come out.

  47. Ukraine is not a democracy.

    When you imprisoned the opposition (like the lefties tried here) you’re not a democracy.

  48. Mare, I’m not buying the media reports on that, I thought my sarcasm would come through on that. Sorry, I failed there. If Putin had made such a claim, I’m sure by now several by standing nuclear capable nations would have verbally responded that Moscow could count on being on the receiving end of a like response.

  49. OTOH, given our last general election, Ukraine passes the U.S. definition of free & democratic elections…which I’m sure both Putin & Xi approve of.

  50. Putin has been determined to be a problem for the WEF. Xi is next. Neither Putin nor Xi are your buddies, but the WEF serves Satan directly.

  51. It boils down to globalists being naive & the U.N. being at fault to the point of being useless, when for example, it places Iran on the HRC, because if Iran is given the responsibility it will “transform” itself, with no contingency plan in place if things don’t go as planned.
    Basically this planet is infested with dipshits, and you all are driving the only sane guy on it, this guy, crazy.

  52. Maybe Hunter Biden could negotiate a peace, after all, he got millions of $ from the Ukrainians and spent it on Russian hookers.

  53. Good background on the Ukraine mess …

  54. Oh, Dave, I knew you were being sarcastic! Sorry. Never mind me. I was just fired up because we are being gaslit again! We must be easy marks. I’m entirely annoyed and sick of the press but mostly the evil left.

  55. Ruralcouncel, you’re new so welcome. We normally ask new people rude questions and make them uncomfortable right away. I’m annoyed with a lot right now so I’m just going to ask (and not watch the video-at least not right now), HTF is Ukraine the west’s fault? And by west I mean Trump.

  56. All I know is I had fuckall nothing to do with it. It sucks, but it ain’t like I even get to vote.

  57. Worth watching. Thanks RC. Everything you need to know in first 38 mins. Take it a step further and learn about the history if the Rus.



    Be sure to wear a mask and maintain social distancing in the event of a nuclear attack.

    Morons, and not the good kind.

  60. Also, every time people write about the Donbass region in Ukraine, I read it as “dumbass”. Sorry, Ukraine.

  61. Good news: Sweden is sending weapons
    Bad news: You have to assemble them…….(They do include a hex wrench!)


  62. Mare, we are correct.

    Viva and Barnes went over the mess, this evening. Lots of questions were answered. They too got their hackles up at the mention of soros and Romney weighing in…as in, it’s never good…something is up.
    They go over the history of the region…particularly the Donbass region and Crimea, the treaties/agreements, how Zelenksky backtracked on what he ran on..getting emboldened by western influence/corruption, neo nazi influences in western Ukraine, history of crooked elections.

    Self defense trump everything…Russia is taking this perspective…Crimea and Donbass region declared their independence and sides with Russia and they get the right of self defense too.
    1. Right of self determination
    2. Right of self defense
    3. Sovereign border

    Donbass, on the border of Russia, in Ukraine, declared their independence, which Russia recognized. (They speak Russian, support Russia).They signed a mutual support agreement. Ukraine kept shelling the shit out of them (starting in ’15) for a couple of days before this incursion…cutting off essential services there..they even shut off the water in Crimea (hmm, how come noone is reporting that tidbit of info?)

    Ukraine was building an anti-russian project being manipulated by western interests…soros etc…joining NATO, and wanting nuclear weapons, putin considered it an imminent threat to Russia’s national security. Self defense requires not only protecting Russia but the Donbass region/Crimea of which they have an agreement…which includes removing the current illegitimate regime in Ukraine influenced by the coup and neo-nazi elements….desire to join nato and getting nukes…putin doesn’t want that on his border.

    Then it goes on to what Putin wants to end it, which is mentioned above..he has said he doesn’t want collateral damage and there really hasn’t been much….situation on the ground is LOTS of propaganda.

    Remember boys and girls, truth is the first casualty of war.

    That’s kinda the summary.

  63. Barnes warns, it will only get worse if the west sticks their nose in it. Too many slobbering usual suspects wanting to get their contractors to jump in. Like the Romneys, Clintons, neocon a-holes.

  64. I’m ignoring all of it. All of it.

  65. Beasn,

    Sorry I usually like viva and Barns, but that show pissed me off. Barnes thinks Russia is the victim here and is in the right. That’s bullshit. He buys all the Russian propaganda. He also thinks O.J. is innocent, so he has some bind spots. Putin is not the good guy. This is an asshole who has his critics murdered.

  66. Thermadin, I didn’t take it so much as Russia is the victim. The entire region and it’s “leaders” is corrupt as hell and something led up to this event. And given the shit we’ve seen over here with the same fools that were enriched over there by both Russia and Ukraine…I trust them and our media less thanks to their just as bad corrupt actions and election stealing…it’s got some merit. It’s more believable…at this point…than Putin wanting to absorb Poland next, into a new Soviet empire. They need to solve this themselves. In that, Barnes is spot on.

    That said, Barnes annoys hell out of me too with the OJ crap and love for Bobby Kennedy.

  67. I bet if you took a poll, the majority of their audience thinks he’s wrong about OJ.

  68. I am a little late, but today is my Zekester’s 13th birthday!
    here is a pic of his first.
    Zekes Birthday Cake

  69. okay yesterday was his birthday, it took me a while to find the pic

  70. Lumps, I’m trying to ignore it but it’s like losing weight. One step forward, two frustrating steps back.

  71. Aww, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZEKE! Such a handsome boy.

  72. Sunday Funnies:

  73. I’m seeing lots of newly-minted ‘defense/aviation experts’ asking what the US hasn’t blocked Russian overflights like the EU.

    Two reasons:
    1: Aeroflot only serves a handful of US cities, all are on the two coasts. I know I’ve seen them in NY, Dulles, Boston, LAX an SFO. Usually only 1x day per city.

    2: We rely on Russian overflight to get to most of Asia from the East coast and Chicago via routing over the North Pole and down through eastern Russia. The airlines pay ‘navigation fees’ to Russia for that access.

    We don’t want a tit-for-tat to end in US carriers being denied overflight access. We have a lot more to lose than they do.

  74. Happy birthday, Zeke! Who’s a good boy?

  75. Phat, I saw a report where the Antonov An-225 took some damage at one of the airports near Kyiv. Biggest cargo plane in the world.

  76. Roamie,

    I think they only ever made 2 of them and they haven’t flown in many years.

    So a big ass static display got hit.

    They flew one into Vegas around 1994 for an air show when I had my Russian translator job in the AF. My boss took the job of escorting it in and he said it was ridiculous. The maintenance support required to keep that thing in the air made it horribly unprofitable. Cool looking airplane, though.

  77. I stand corrected, Wikipedia says the 225 flew a couple years ago. Could be wrong. lots of people confuse it with the AN-124, which is also huge (size of our C-5 Galaxy) and more numerous.

  78. Vmax,

    Glad your good boy made it to 13. He’s now a senior citizen.

  79. Vmax, isn’t that rare for the breed?

    My oldest shih tzu is 14, but small dogs tend to live lots longer.

  80. Dorks everywhere respect Picard.

  81. In my experience Phat 10 years is kind of it, but 15 is pushing the outer limit

  82. Awww, Happy Birthday Zeke! Thirteen! I remember when he came home with you, Vmax. We’ve been on this blog a long time.

  83. Pfizer data about to be released this week.

  84. I hope the whirlwind they reap is of biblical proportion, something that will survive as a terrible myth many centuries hence. It was literally the plot of a horror novel I read 30 years ago.

    MMM shortly, I procrastinated and didn’t schedule one.

  85. The attorney with the FOIA request wrote this up about a month ago. I am almost certain the weasels will be trying some other tactic tomorrow to avoid letting people see these documents, if not to act in outright contempt of court. The fact that they don’t want anybody to see the clinical data on their “vaccine” is suspicious to say the least.

  86. MMM 484

  87. mare, here’ my synopsis of the video.

    Our globalist State Department had been trying to lure Ukraine into being a hostile power on Russia’s border for years. They instigated the 2014 coup, they discouraged Ukraine from negotiating with Russia. We even tried to push a color revolution in Moscow (Obama’s ambassador Paul McFaul) like we did in Libya, Georgia, and the Ukraine. Part of our failed “nation building” effort to spread liberal democracy around the world, even where it isn’t wanted.

    The EU and US wanted to take advantage of widely-known Ukrainian government corruption. When the pre-2014 government wouldn’t play ball with the EU, they destabilized it and instigated a coup.

    Everyone knows the justifiably paranoid Russians wouldn’t allow Ukraine to join NATO. But we and the EU continued to dangle that possibility in front of the Ukraine. We essentially backed the Russians into a corner where they had told us again and again what they would do. And then they did it.

    The analogy I like is that we were part of a gang of older boys daring a young kid to stick his arm in a woodchipper. And then he did.

    We are responsible for pushing the Ukrainians into this war, even though Putin started the actual shooting. This is morally more our fault than Russia’s.

  88. so, mare, to answer your question. Not Trump’s fault. It’s the fault of our miserable failed foreign policy that we’ve been shoving down people’ s throats for the past 40 years. It’s Bush, Clinton, Obama, and Biden’s fault more than any other POTUS.

    Trump actually tried to alter our foreign policy to avoid these “forever wars.” He didn’t support that kind of interference. But our State Department undermined him at every turn.

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