Saturday funnies 02-19-22

Let’s see what’s in the funneh folder for today.


Also topical.

Need a video link.

Southern valentine.

Possum valentine for Pupster.

Roles might be reversed in this house.

Your mom’s cup.

1:1 scale



I’m old.

Also me.


Nerd humor.
More nerd humor.

Reminds me of MCPO.

Reminds me of Wiserbud.

Osita, of course.

And finally…

Y’all have a good day.


  1. Everybody except JAM2 must have slept in this morning.

  2. Thanks for the poat Roamie.

    I just finished up BBF for next week, no I just have to figure out what to do with the rest of my weekend.

  3. wakey wakey

  4. What’s the soup today?

  5. Are there onions in it?

  6. Imminent!!

  7. These dumbasses sent Kamala to Europe and she’s talking shit at Putin. Anyone here think Putin has ANY respect for the silly wench?

    The separatists evacuated 700k civilians from Donetsk yesterday. This’ll probably go hot within the week.

  8. Shocker….

    ” Jean-Luc Brunel, the former model scout who’s been accused of trafficking underage girls to Jeffrey #Epstein, “found dead” in his prison cell in France.”

  9. Its the same soup that we’ve had every day for the last ten years. READ THE MENU.

  10. i’ve had people order French Onion and asked me to pick all the onions out.

  11. “With my tongue?”

  12. “Right after you pick the corn out of the shit I’m about to deliver to your table”

  13. Partially digested fecal corn kernels killed it as they so often have in the past


    (Imgur video)


    They won’t enforce the booster mandate for healthcare workers in NY, but they’ll just nag them to death every day and wave injections at them even while they’re at work.

    Article doesn’t mention that they are only useful for a few weeks and do nothing for omicron. I just…Ugh. When is this going to end? Despairing over here. So stupid.

  16. “The Senate just recently took a vote that would have removed funding for all of Biden’s jabby mandates. Four Senators — Burr, Graham, Inhofe and Romney — didn’t show up to vote.”

    One of my biggest regrets was donating $ to Romney’s campaign. What total POS’s.

  17. The Great Reset is waking a few people up. A few.

  18. Sounds like the trucker thing is over in Ottawa.

  19. Do you still have to have 2 shots to work in New York? Just no booster?

  20. This is the addictive thing I’ve been bingeing on recently:

    There’s like a million of those, they’re all fun and interesting.

  21. Are NFTs this generation’s commemorative plates?

  22. Weird that the subtitles for the Dreyfus video are only offered in Vietnamese.

  23. Hmmm. I ordered a tire changing machine since #1 son gets at least 2 flat tires per week. 600#, so shipped truck freight. Per the trucking company, they would call 24 hours in advance to arrange unloading. Got a surprise notice this morning that it was delivered yesterday. It wasn’t delivered to the correct address, so we’re trying to figure out at which random location they dropped it off. If we do find it, then I have to haul a trailer and skid steer with forks in to load it, rather than sliding it directly onto a flatbed truck. Grrrrumble.

    Usually the big freight companies get the freight to ABQ, then use a local freight company to make the final delivery. They make a run on Wednesdays, and I know the driver, so he calls me about a half hour before he gets there. My truck has a flat bed that’s a little lower than the deck on the semi. I back up the pickup and he slides the freight right across, takes about a minute, super easy.

  24. …takes about a minute, super easy.

    …barely an inconvenience.

  25. Two flats a week seems like a lot.

  26. A couple weeks ago I had two flats in two days.

    Neither one could be repaired.

  27. Temba. His arms wide. Classic!!

  28. Two flats a week seems like a lot.


    No kidding.


  30. short essay

    “The Canada convoy situation is no longer about vaccines or mandates. It’s about a first world, western nation oppressing and harming its own people because the party in charge has despotic delusions.”

  31. takes about a minute, super easy

    Wait, have you been talking to your mom about Hotspur again?

  32. I haven’t had a flat in years. Last time was driving to a conference in Boston and when it happened I was on busy Route 1 in Methuen. I pulled over into some flea bag motel’s parking lot and thankfully the maintenance guy gave me a hand changing it.

    On the other hand, my lawn tractor gets friggin’ flats at least once a year. That’s a giant pain in the ass. I am waiting for the day when John Deere sells airless/no flat tires for lawn tractors.

  33. Comment by scott on February 19, 2022 1:13 pm
    A couple weeks ago I had two flats in two days.

    Neither one could be repaired.


    Big Tire is after Scott.

  34. Nobody is a cool movie. I recommend it.

  35. Mare, both times it was a huge bolt in the tire. Too odd of a coincidence. Scott joked to me that he thinks the tire place throws them in the road. Then the tire guy made the exact same joke to him.

  36. My girlfriend in 9th grade was flat.

  37. My girlfriend in 9th grade was flat.

    Carpenter’s Dream?

  38. Nobody was awesome. I told everyone to see it.

    Last year.

    It’s old.

  39. But I didn’t see it until yesterday. Now i can agree with you. Isn’t it nice to feel validated?

  40. It is. Kinda like when Sean finally admitted that Radiohead is amazing.

  41. Someone should make a website just to validate you.

  42. Having lunch at Schlotzky’s today! Great sandwiches, if you’re ever in an area that has one you should give them a try.

  43. That would be awesome!

  44. I’ve had Schlottzky’s before. Definitely a above average product. Unfortunately I was ruined at a early age by a deli on the corner of Broadway and Amsterdam in NYC. Folks would send me there at night when I was kid when they got the munchies. None other have ever topped those sammichs

  45. I seen clips from Nobody, and they looked well done, but the “undercover former .gov killer just trying to mind his own business” trope turned me off from going start to finish. Did they throw a little redemption line in there?

  46. It’s a good movie. Don’t be a doubter.

  47. Will someone please wake me up when Vice President Harris comes back from Europe and declares peace in our time?

  48. Teeroy, it’s very much a John Wick movie – even down to the plot of Russian mobster dick starting all the trouble. It was written by the same guy, and they did they poster as an intentional nod to the John Wick II poster. But Bob Odenkirk (!) gives it a lot of heart that I never would have expected. He trained for two years so he could do the stunts properly. He’s very good as the beat down family man. Strongly recommend.

  49. For everyone who has speculated that the whole Ukraine thing was a set up so Joe could say he averted a crisis and get his peace prize, I don’t see how that is at all consistent with sending Kamala over there. Surely they can’t be dumb enough to think she’ll succeed at something for the first time in her life?

  50. Ukraine is a war to protect Biden grift.

    I like Odenkirk, he has that hang dog working class tired look down to a tee . My real problem is shortened attention span. I get distracted, or worse yet can just about predict what happens next in any given film.

    I like to look at the costumes in period piece movies now, that and set /scene design

  51. LMAO. At small dead animals the NYT is too conservative for the Canadian media. Sadly, the Canadians seem to be investing a bit too much trust in the NYT.

  52. You know how I know you’re gay?



  55. ” I don’t see how that is at all consistent with sending Kamala over there.”

    Maybe they’re hoping her flight augers in? That would solve another one of their problems. And then they could blame it on Russia! A twofer!

  56. Oh man did I find a racist thread over there. Shit.

  57. You know how I know you’re gay?


    Pretty Pink Party dress?
    Toe socks?

  58. Odenkirk had an heart attack on the set of Better Call Saul. Freaked everyone out. CoW that was all “Booster booster booster” and actually defended football players collapsing on the pitch as “Normal”, has an appointment with a cardiologist this week. Can oso join Carin’s vindication blog?


  60. You know how I know you’re gay
    You naively mooned him in the H.S. gym locker room and he corn holed you?


  62. Miata = gay
    Miata with a 426 hemi crammed under the hood = more balls than John Force.

  63. The little girl running to meet her sister – that was me with my middle brother. I always thought he was the bee’s knees.


    The woman who narrates this long video is annoying AF and the delivery is too rapid to follow but it showed me a lot more weirdness than I ever suspected happened at the Vegas shooting.

  65. Me too, but I had a bat.

  66. Ben took the bus home from middle school for a couple of years and whenever I happened to be home I’d play frisbee with Rowan in the driveway. When Rowan heard the bus he’d tear down the driveway to run up to Ben. He still wants to run to the bus when the neighbor’s kid gets off so we have to time our play sessions better.

  67. You guys! I wrote a music post for tomorrow!

  68. I’ve been to more than one LEO presentation on the Las Vegas shooting, with people who were actually on scene, and I can confirm that when they say in public “we don’t know what the motive was and can’t answer some really important, obvious questions,” they say the same thing in private as well.

    For what that’s worth.

  69. Jimbro, im not in the mood to watch over two hours on that shooting tonight, but I read the first few paragraphs of the review, and saw a big warning sign right up front. Apparently there were reports of multiple mass shootings at multiple locations that day that then got ignored or covered up. I know from experience that when something big is going down, the initial calls to law enforcement will be garbled, contradictory, full-on invented from while cloth, or else true.


  71. **squishy hugs for Sean**

  72. **hugs roamy back**

    Dino enjoys renovating houses.

  73. Rock Around the Croc: Beethoven and the Symphony

    Hey Sobek, I added some tags and posted this for you, sorry if you weren’t ready but it looked done to me.

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