Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today was born August 9th, 1995 in Boston, Massachusetts. She stands 5′ 3″ and measures 342435 and 128 lbs. Please grab some nuggies with Miss Faryn Corey.



  1. Bountiful

  2. She’s awfully cute

  3. wakey wakey

  4. Woman had an ass that would make a man cry.
    Throw back his head and howl.
    Lucious lips and liquid hips.
    More than the law should allow.

  5. Excellent selection here, Pupster.

  6. Some gay dude thumbed this down.

    I’m offended.

  7. *pulls pin

    Fire in the hole!

    Her teeth are too big.

  8. We’re in the 40’s to low 50’s with rain and a lot of wind. More than half the snow is gone off the lawn. Looking at the 10 day forecast shows a few 40’s in the forecast and a little snow in a week.

  9. Her teeth are to make you stop staring at her rack

    “Hey, my mouth is up here, creep!”

  10. She looks expensive. And not even in a high class hooker sort of way. Just… expensive. Like a date with her will require debt consolidation to finally kill that credit card bill. And you might not even get anything to show (the doctor) for it

  11. Smile like that lights up whatever space she’s in.

  12. She would make a fantastic weatherbunny, assuming she can read a prompter and point.

  13. Wind was nuts last night.

  14. Another awesome poat by the day crew.

  15. God help me with this stupid rabbit hole. I have to go to work today.

  16. Good (bad) thread:

  17. That is a two-dick mouth.

  18. She’s adorable.

  19. I just saw this, apparently a quote from the Leaf edition of Revelation:

    And the beast said, come and see, hoser. And I looked, and I saw a salt-whitened Peterbelt, and he that sat behind the wheel had a cup of Hortons coffee,and upon his head was a maple-leaf flag cap.

    It’s poetic.

  20. She’s a cutie. Might not give you cooties.

    In other news, Dad is still quite tired, but food and antibiotics have made him better to the point of being prickly again. Yay us.

    Paul and Rebecca are bugging out next Thursday, leaving me alone with him. Gonna have to get some day help in. Pray for oso.

  21. Mare, the term is “adorbs”. You sound like an old lady.

  22. Ahem, “adorbz”.

  23. Here’s a little story:

    After my leave following boot camp graduation I was on a flight to San Francisco where I was to be stationed for a while on Treasure Island awaiting orders. In those days it was a massive Naval installation where guys went to join/leave the Seventh Fleet. (Now as best I can tell, the government has sold the land and it is now condos – right in the middle of San Francisco Bay.)

    Anyway, I’m on this plane in my dress blues (that was how we were required to travel then, not in fatigues like the lazy ass cum guzzlers do today), and sitting next to me is a guy about my age. He notices I’m in uniform and says something like, “I don’t have to worry about the draft or having to go in the service.” I said, “Oh, why not?” He says, “I’m Canadian. We have you to protect us and we don’t even have to pay for it.”

    He was a smug little cock sucker, and I’ve felt this way about the Canucks ever since. You couldn’t beat Justin Trudeau badly enough with an axe handle to satisfy me. But just don’t kill him. Make him bleed. Make him hurt.

  24. Oh, right, adorbz. Thanks for that.

  25. Dull wood chipper. 2 min a day, feet first. We do it every day at dawn until there’s nothing left to feed.

  26. Nah, that’s too long. 30s a day.

  27. Back when I was in med school and in the Medical Corps in the Guard we could rotate through military hospitals if we wanted to. I didn’t take advantage of it and it’s a minor regret.

    Back then the Presidio in San Fran was an option for Letterman Army Hospital as well as Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu. The Presidio is a national park now as well as a ton of condos with human feces on their doorsteps.

  28. He says, “I’m Canadian. We have you to protect us and we don’t even have to pay for it.”


    I thought there were several excellent divisions of the Canadian military who served right along with us in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  29. Tripler has fantastic views.

    Had our rehearsal dinner there. Beautiful dining area.

    Had our reception at Hickam right on Pearl Harbor.

  30. Canada does have an army, but let’s face it, they’re half French, so I’m not sure “excellent” could ever apply.

    But to my point, back then we were all subject to the draft. We knew it all the way through high school, and if you weren’t college bound (I, and most of my buddies were not), and assuming you weren’t 4F, you were going in. The Canuck was basically saying, “Suckers.”

  31. Oh, I got your point, Hotspur, and agree.

    The turd who made the comments was a dick.

  32. The arrests in Canada are making me sick to my stomach, but also very much have the feeling of inevitability to them.

  33. I’m curious whether people will still come to Ottawa to protest in hopes of overloading the system or whether truckers will strike for real, as in, no goods will move except for those on their limited military vehicles.

  34. Anyway, I’m on this plane in my dress blues (that was how we were required to travel then, not in fatigues like the lazy ass cum guzzlers do today),


    Actually, we are not supposed to fly in any uniform today, even CONUS. Too high a threat level, says DoD.

  35. My wife isn’t even supposed to drive to her duty base in uniform.

  36. 8/10 would smash

  37. My wife isn’t even supposed to drive to her duty base in uniform.


    It’s a sign of how well respected the military currently is. hear your wife is still in, Leon. Last I knew she was catching a discharge.

    Shouldn’t be long until sanctuary now.

  38. I don’t see how a general strike is too far away, now. Truckers, and otherwise. Stock up, people.

  39. I picked a bad time to be struggling to find a new place.

  40. She took the Jab, Jude. I told her I’d support the decision either way, and we did the whole “clear it from your system safely” protocols we were able to find.

    Her arm still hurts sometimes and there have been other issues, but she won’t be tossed. At least not for that.

  41. I’ve still got 3 rams on the hoof. Need a few more barrels of rice socked away, but we’ll eat. If we run out of nuggets, though, Possum’s gonna get that intervention she needs.

  42. Dissolving Illusions is supposedly arriving today before 9pm.

    I will do a book report.

  43. With the latest update, all my wordpad documents have been converted to word and rendered read-only until I register or sign in to an account.

    This is evil. I need an offline computer.

  44. Can you right-click and “save as” to .txt or .rtf?

  45. I’m willing to give a crash course in Linux Mint, too.

  46. Right clicking on either the icon or the content does not give that to me as an option.

  47. ok WAIT, I can save it as a text document. No formatting, and I like formatting, but it’s not a deal breaker.
    Thanks, man.

  48. Gov Wuhan lifted the mask mandate. Frontline manager is making cashiers continue to wear masks. I’m not related to our two new clothing hires. I have worked with Alexis Tia. I have worked with two of Tina’s sisters. My Uncle was the ADA in the town their dad was the sheriff. NM is a small town

  49. rtf might save the formatting, but it’s not a sure thing.


    (Imgur video)

  51. ^^^ disappointed that had no sound

  52. This site might be of interest to some of you freedom loving terrorists

    I think I found it looking for a recipe for spruce beer of all things. No, I’m not making spruce beer but I read an article about how it used to be a common beverage in the early days of the US of A and wondered about it.

  53. I learned a new term today from this article


    I’m guessing you’ve encountered the term before Lauraw from your dual diagnosis patients. Zolpidem is Ambien and that was often in the news over 10 years ago with stories of people doing wacky shit and blaming it on their sleeping pills.

    Drugs are bad, mmkay?!

  54. We had multiple “Ambien” Kennedy style accidents.


    (Imgur video WITH SOUND)

  56. Too skinny & her tits are too small for BBF given how 2022 started off. End of discussion.

  57. Spruce beer and birch beer were both really common. I miss my birch trees from the old farm. I have uses in mind for them. I should plant some here.

  58. In the old place in Indiana we had a few sasafrass(questionable spelling, I’m not trusting autocorrect with this one) trees growing in the woods. Made for mighty fine but gritty tea. Also had pawpaw trees, which I heard the fruit was pretty good. Never tried it, they looked poisonous, that coming from a teenage muskrat trapper that ate the muskrat, after cooking.
    Before anyone asks, it tastes like chicken but a bit gamey. They’re herbivores with musk glands, hence muskrat.

  59. ^ also had catalpa trees, which are really trash trees except for the moths that choose them for brooding. When everyone else claimed fish just weren’t biting I could collect a basket of catalog worms & come back with a stronger full of bluegill & bass. Ask your mom, she knows the master bait.

  60. * catalpa, not catalog. Could someone please buy Ramesh Patel, the guy in India writing the autocorrect algorithm, a dictionary?

  61. Zolpidem users act exactly like junkies when you tell them the doc will not give them any more prescriptions, this trip. They get anxious, flip out and get ugly.
    Because they ARE, unwittingly, junkies. Not their fault. Doctor’s fault.

  62. Lumps, is that one opioid based?

  63. ^ I ask because opioid based pharmas have the roots of legalization in the blue lipped pimp, which Pharma loved. Why replace a hip when we can get you strung out on opium and have a paying customer until you o.d., even longer if Medicaid is paying for it cause the bureaucracy needs time to catch up.

  64. Catalog beans cause cancer.

  65. I don’t think so, ‘Dave’s not here’. But there are plenty of other drugs that people become dependent upon, that are non-opioid. Benzos, fore example. The older you get, the worse they are for you.

  66. Docs were successful with a gentle tapering off.


  68. No one is allowed to link 9gag anymore.

  69. Hope your happy Lumps. This is all your fault.

  70. Meme poat in the hopper for tomorrow.

  71. And I’m very sorry, but I cackled like Kamala when I heard the Surgeon General got the Chyna flu.

  72. I watched 30 minutes of the most amazing cooking show.

  73. No talking

  74. One of The segments featured grilled camel balls.

  75. It’s a tour de force of cinematography.
    More amazing than that dude riding the Buffalo.

  76. Peej may have teh gauntlet trone down.

  77. You all can’t wait for next Thursday to roll on in.

  78. Can’t

  79. Weight.

  80. A

  81. Maize

  82. Ing

  83. Big happinninz tomorrow.
    Iceauger testing to commence foist AM.

  84. Our training center lifted the mask requirement yesterday.

    They claimed it was due to decreasing COVID cases, but that’s bullshit.

    Any org that insists on a stupid rule that is not supported by any operational or safety reason will start to face worker animosity and institutional distrust.

    At first it may just be some low-level grumbling, but it grows. It builds into intentional non-compliance, which leads to disaster in a profession that records safety failures in terms of body counts and hull losses.

    Glad they finally got the message, hopefully the cabal managing slow Joe will get the same and lift it for airline travel.

    The Flight Attendant union is the biggest bunch of mask Karens outside of teachers, they will bitch to the high heavens.

    Fuck ‘em. They can choose to mask on a 14 hour flight (they won’t).

  85. The fookin’ surgeon general of the United States (Wears a fucking Mask 24/7) tested positive for fookin’ COVID-19! Is there any more proof needed that a mask will not protect you? “Stay Safe! Wear a Mask!”
    Can we stop pretending now?
    No! Of course we can’t!
    So it goes…

  86. Comment by Sobek on February 18, 2022 9:38 pm
    No one is allowed to link 9gag anymore.

    what no no no no SCREW YOU. 9gag is LIFE, I don’t even care. Look.

  87. Don’t explain reasons, please.

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