Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today was born on September 14th, 1999 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She stands 5′ 5″ and measures 402636 and 130 lbs. Please honk for Miss Thera Overing.



  1. Honk honk

  2. Wakey


  4. Betty B has got some competition.

  5. Awesome job Pup!!!!!!!!!!

  6. mooooo

  7. Rosetta smiles.

  8. She has a very nice pair of personalities.

  9. She looks miserable.

  10. This is my someone stole my car look.

  11. Just hoodwinked someone into a banned book discussion.

  12. Well of course, her back is killing her.

    Faster please:

    It would be great if I could just give a titer to show immunity and go back to work. Please. Truth has to be on the upswing. PLEEEAAAASE

  13. I just looked at her pictures again and you nailed it: the look of misery. The best photo, IMO, is the one with her hair up and looking off to the middle distance. Probably because her expression is neutral.

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ tits though

  14. 10/10 would smash

  15. Wow. Nice pair of Canadian Honkers!!!

    She’s awfully damned cute, but:
    • Needs to lay off the makeup
    • Needs to smile

    Awesome, pupster!

  16. HONK!

  17. Sitting in the car while erin gets her wisdom teef out. The make you wear a mask inside. Hard pass.

  18. Oof, wisdom teeth.

    Brings back some wonderful memories…

  19. Good dreams.

  20. Erin isn’t being put out. She’s seen too many videos of people saying crazy shit. Like perhaps the one girl crying that she couldn’t give a bj until it healed.

  21. Whoa!

  22. You’ll be videoing the ride home, right?

  23. “Is this real life?”

  24. She’s high drama so I imagine the ride home is going to be rough. For me.

  25. She’s high drama so I imagine the ride home is going to be rough. For me.

  26. We heard you the first time.

  27. Didn’t sent it twice . No idea why it posted twice.

  28. For both of your sakes, I hope there’s no talk of BJs.

  29. I guarantee you she has dusted a few beds.

  30. Comment by jam2 on February 11, 2022 6:46 am


    LOL Yes.

  31. “Teams” is broken today. I can’t talk to my team at all.


  32. I read the AP article about abortions falling by 60% in Texas. It’s darkly comic how they write that up as such an awful thing. Of course they quote Planned Parenthood lamenting that not as many babies were killed. And of course they didn’t quote any pro-life individual or organization.

  33. I just reinstalled mine (Teams™), now it’s working. Make sure you uninstall the installer too, or it blocks!

    Have fun!

  34. heh, Planned Parenthood/CNN bitch on Outkick:

  35. Hellary must be sending her muu-muus out to be cleaned in preparation for that.

  36. Or for her, moo-moos

  37. In case you ever need a reason to kill yourself, watch this.

  38. *watches video*

    I ain’t the one who needs killin’. Nor is she, but she’s starving her poor brain so much that she’s gone bonkers. She’ll be dead soon by her own actions, assuming she’s not a liar like most public vegans.

  39. Teams finally fixed itself after I got a notification.

    POS software right there, and I don’t mean Point Of Sale.

  40. Position of strength?
    Part of speech?
    Proof of service?
    Person of suspicion?

  41. Almost expected her to be giving the secret handsignal that she was being abducted. She really looks like she’s being coerced into posing. Not a good look.

  42. Holy shit.
    I’ve lost iq points by watching that.

  43. That’s gotta be satire.

  44. Know who else didn’t eat animals? Adolph Hitler. A white man. This is so problematic I can’t even.

  45. I’d like to ask the pre-Columbian native community about the colonial nature of eating meat.

  46. My response to that wacky woman:

  47. That wacky woman is someone’s granny.

  48. I hit the 40% mark in Gravity’s Rainbow. Is anyone else still reading this strange book?

  49. I admit that I bailed on Gravity’s Rainbow. There’s too much else going on to devote any time on that right now.


    The Bee, where reading just the headline gives you about the same amount of laughs as reading the whole article

  51. Also BB: “Conservative who boycotts all woke companies now alone in cave with his can of Goya beans and MyPillow”

  52. Random thought for the day: The View is the sole operational (if not truly functional) brain cell in the Karen Collective’s hive mind; if it went off the air, the Karen population would plummet in a matter of weeks.

  53. “The Bee, where reading just the headline gives you about the same amount of laughs as reading the whole article”

    You are correct, sir.

  54. did you see that Trump was flushing documents down the toilet now?

    these people

  55. I thawed out one of the pans of enchiladas I stored in case of bad weather during the snow storm last week. Wish I had the toilet Trump used to flush those documents…and a bidet.

  56. What about flushing documents?

  57. Oh Trumpy, you little scamp!

  58. Comment by Mitch on February 11, 2022 3:15 pm
    Also BB: “Conservative who boycotts all woke companies now alone in cave with his can of Goya beans and MyPillow”


    Don’t laugh, this is actually a fair representation of me.

  59. Jay, like Trump has never heard of a shredder.

  60. That’s the exact type of paper flushing behavior I’d expect from a dude who pays prostitutes to urinate on a hotel bed

  61. Last part of Howie Carr’s column today about how the Church of Covid is collapsing:

    “Just get yourselves back to the basement, Cuomosexuals. Tweet out another denunciation of Joe Rogan or Tucker Carlson. Double mask yourself, to offset all us heathens and our crimes against humanity.

    Besides, it’s only a matter of time until the Democrats’ Ministry of Truth rewrites history once again:

    “Democrats Repeal Reviled Trump-Era Mandates.”

    Yeah, that’s the ticket. Trump did it! Whatever it is, if it’s bad, Trump did it.”

    He’s predicting the same thing we have … Blame Trump!

  62. Regarding the post topic, if those are natural all it’s going to take is popping one kid then the weight goes to 230, maybe 330. Sorry, that’s just the way that it is. Don’t be the guy with the lucky sperm.

  63. If there was toilet clogging going on it was likely from back-stabbing staffers specifically to make him look bad. There was so much sabotage going on during that term.

  64. According to Nora O’Donnell on CBS news, Russian invasion of Ukraine is imminent.
    Barely a year into the senile son of a bitches tenure & he already needs a war to rally the citizens behind him.
    Just a point, no matter how badly the media claimed Trump was polling, the man never needed to use the threat of war to appease his appetite for popularity. He didn’t give a fuck, just said it like it is, which hurt the feelings of those raised to be pussies.

  65. Whoa, the comedian who passed out and cracked her skull is blaming it on the booster. Yes!!!

  66. Members of Congress are not under a vaccine mandate. Soooo…can they still travel internationally, to Hawaii, to other places that demand vax card? Any actual restrictions placed on their normal lives, if they choose not to partake? Or is that just for the peasants?

  67. To ask the question is to have it answered

  68. Apparently Pfiezer hasn’t greased enough palms, now that our hat, Canada, is on the verge of accomplishing what the U.S. is no longer of doing.
    Plenty of links at small dead animals, I’m not going to beat myself up trying to link them from this android.

  69. Mare, give it a few days. Those taking a blow to the head are given lots of leeway. Once big brother talks to her she’ll see how that blow misguided her, but she’s better now.

  70. I’m ashamed Americans didn’t start the trucker protest. How can sweet, compliant, semi-socialist Canadians be more American than Americans?

    You can get into Hawaii without a vaccine but you have to really work at finding an NAAT Test by a CLIA certified lab or you go into quarantine. Also they are between $150-$200.

    However, effing vaccine passports are required for indoor dining. Thankfully, my favorite places are considered “open air dining.”

  71. Dave is most likely correct.

  72. Dayum.

  73. Calm down, Mare.

  74. Calm down, Mare.

  75. 2 Members that I chat with, lost boosted family members in nursing homes/rehab facilities in the last month. COVID pneumonia. Thanks for the HI info, Mare.


    Worked overtime the last two days so I wouldn’t have to work the weekend. Got a hot date with Mr. RFH tomorrow night.

  77. Mare, the reason our truckers didn’t start it is because most are from red states and the vast majority were never in danger of being subject to the gov’ts vac mandate (which was overturned).

    Our bear never got poked the way the canucks did.

  78. First week of 787 school in the can.

    I think I’m really gonna like flying this jet.

  79. Are you allowed to make pew pew noises while you’re flying?

  80. Sobek, I’m much too serious as a person to ever engage in such tomfoolery! Every one of the Hostages who has never met me may possibly believe that.

  81. *nods solemnly*

  82. There seem to me no photos of this weeks BBF’s empennage. Really can’t make a truly informed opinion at this point.

  83. I just learned a new word.

  84. Sobek, I’m here for you.

    It’s a bit more dignified than my old Academy roomate’s term.

    His word?


  85. Just trying to bring some class to this moron-adjacent blog.

  86. Huh. Empennage is a better word for a pilot, I think.

    So I’m going to go to Philly tomorrow. I would have just sat around my apartment reading or whatever, but I decided to rent a car and get out and explore, and I’m looking forward to a bit of an adventure.

  87. Yay! I turn 51 on Sunday! Word is they’re having a sporting event in my honor complete with some kind of concert with…oh. Ah. Nevermind.

  88. In Philly? Bring your weapon, you’ll find adventure.

  89. There’s a pub still in business where our founding fathers used to get shit faced at. Can’t remember the name, been 20 yrs and thousands of bars ago.

  90. Ok, googled it.

    City Tavern.

  91. We got our 4 free Covid-19 migrating membrane tests from the USPS today. A little late, as we both got sick the day before MLK day, tested positive on MLK Day, ate our *PonyPaste* and got better, and tested negative a week later. What good will these tests do now? We had the *Chinese Lung Aids* and recovered. We are immune and can not get it again. The folks that had SARS-1 in 2005 are immune from Covid-19(SARS-2) 15 years later.I’m pretty damn sure we are done with Covid, especially if docs were allowed to do early treatment with Ivermectin or HCQ/Zinc.Some of the Demoncrats are still holding on,but many are bailing after looking at the polls.
    So it goes…

  92. “In Philly? Bring your weapon, you’ll find adventure.”

    I’m going to find some militant street preachers and argue with them.

  93. So, Tulsi says the solution is just saying that Ukraine never becomes a NATO member? Why does that just feel skeevy to me?

    and what is the fascination that Tucker has with her?

  94. I just finished ‘reacher’ . Very good, very motivating for me to get on better shape.

  95. Denise’s expenses remained problematic.

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