Mid-Winter Blues

Hot-n-Tot spices up his winter festivities after breakfast with your mom:

Leon , on t’other hand, sticks to the more manly games.

Whilst watching the antics of our MI crew – kick back with a nice cup-o-joe and let Carin be your server.

If I gave half a shit, I’d axe youse’ll’s about what your watching re: the winter olympics – but it’s commie ass-hattery and I don’t really care. Hopefully that whole venture is a bust.

I tried to search for funny chiner olympic fails…. no joy for the winter games. Everything is scrubbed.

The west is screwed.

Have a nice day.



  1. Hello der

  2. wakey wakey

  3. Three weeks until Tool.

    Nova and Stella have been fighting. Ugh. I have to get them both fixed ASAP.

    Erin gets her wisdom teef out tomorrow, so that will be fun. I suppose after this she’s going to start planning a trip to California. She’s in LOVE.

    What else? The news sure is ignoring the Ottawa trucker thing. Its pretty hard to look up news about it.

    Any hope for the trucker thing going to DC? anyone hear about that?

  4. Oh, and there is this guy /regular sorta at work named Jerry. He’s getting up in years. When I bartended he’d come and chat with me. But now he LOVES Erin. He comes and sits in her section, has a coffee and fries, and then leaves her a huge tip. He contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted his book collection. Well, SURE. he was at the restaurant last night and he told Erin he’s writing her into his will.

    She was pretty touched.

  5. She said she almost cried – not because she’s expecting much (I have zero idea what means this man has) but just that he’s getting close to that point of life, etc. Made her sad.

  6. Ok, I’ve told enough stories – who’s up next?

  7. Most of the trucker stories I see come from “our” media. Not that I spend a lot of time looking elsewhere for news.

    I saw a mention of a trucker convoy in DC for Brandon’s SOTU. It will be treated as Insurrection II by the Democrat Media Complex

  8. Stories …

    OK, our newest addition, Ollie, enjoys taking advantage of his height and standing up to lick dirty dishes in the sink. Our everyday roasting pan was used but we were both too lazy to wash it right away. It was sitting on the counter with water and liquid dish soap in it “soaking”. Yesterday afternoon Paula asked me if I had drained the water out of it. Nope. Guess who was up at 0130 letting Ollie out to shit his brains out? Yeah, this guy! I sat up for a few hours anticipating another frantic rush to the door and was rewarded with him barfing in a few spots in the kitchen and living room which are thankfully tile and wood floor respectively. I crawled back into bed for a couple of hours at 0500. Had Paula not been working today I would have tapped her and asked her which dog was whining at 0130. That’s love right there.

  9. Dish soap will do that.

  10. That’s love! Don’t miss waking up to the sound of a dog retching. Whenever I think about getting a puppy I remember all that.

  11. Yeah, Dawn liquid soap vs dog intestines.

    The victor? Dawn by a country mile

  12. heh, I think about the sounds of retching every time Elliot finds something on our walks.


  13. I remember learning about different stool meds in Pharmacology during second year and Colace (docusate sodium) acts basically like a soap.


    “Docusate is an emollient stool softener (surfactant laxatives). By lowering the surface tension of the oil-water interface of the stool, it allows the passage of water and lipids into the stool mass. As a result, the stool softens and passes easily through the intestinal tract.[6]

    Numerous systematic reviews have investigated the efficacy of docusate and found no significant evidence to support its use.[7][8][9][10] Despite that, docusate remains one of the most prescribed of all laxatives.[11]”

    The second part of that quote cracks me up. No significant evidence to support its use. You mean like horse dewormer? Are we going to limit its availability and report prescribers to the BOM?

  14. So, apparently the DHS has determined that our constitutionally protected freedoms are a security threat.


  15. soon, being a GOP member will put you on a terror watch list. I don’t like where they are going, because the pendulum will swing back hard, and that ain’t good either.

  16. About a month ago I bought an octopus chew toy something like this one


    Because our dogs are assholes and can’t have anything nice the legs were slowly but surely torn off the octopus converting it into just a “puss”.

    And yes, Paula stopped laughing at me making that joke after the first time of way too many that I made it … why do you ask?

    I could have sworn we threw the legs out as they came off and we probably did for most of them. Fast forward to a few nights ago when Rowan barfed up 3 — THREE !!! — octopus tails at 2 in the morning. They were all lined up in a row like they had been hanging out in his esophagus for a few weeks.

    As awful as that was it was far preferable to a $2000 Vet bill for emergency surgery to deal with an obstruction. There will be no more octopi in this house.

  17. other forms of mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM)
    It has an acronym already …

  18. There’s nothing to protest. The fake mandates were a long time ago.

    GND started the push to get back to normalcy at MJr’s school. She’s still in the minority apparently but she went straight to no more closures if a kid gets covid and no masks.

    Apparently some of the moms have kept their kids from doing anything for 2 years. My guess is they’re lying for some reason but one mom said they hadn’t gone out to dinner, traveled or done anything near a crowd since late 2019.

  19. I haven’t eaten at a restaurant since Jan 2020.

    And my church is half-filled with followers of another God.

  20. how have you not eaten out? amazing.

  21. Jam, your “breakfast” link was very, very wrong. Please don’t do that again.

  22. how have you not eaten out? amazing.

    I cook nearly everything that I eat. Very occasionally I get take-out (usually when asked by wife or daughter), but I haven’t eaten inside of a restaurant at all.

  23. 165 years of subversion, treason, insurrection, and tyranny is enough.

    The Democrat Party’s gotta go.

  24. Dog ate Dawn, just which floor did he barf on?
    Could it be the laminate we laid last spring?
    Did he poop out in the hall, hit the lights, don’t slip and fall!
    This is why we can’t leave him with anything…

  25. Killed this thread dead, should look into getting it taxidermied.

  26. It’s only mostly dead.

  27. Sobek, Newsom won “handily” because California is a mail in ballot state and he did not actually win “handily.”

    Washington is also a mail-in state. They will never be republican again.

    Why do you think they are pushing so hard to get states to have mail in systems? It certainly isn’t about “voter suppression.”

  28. The thread’s not dead, it just deserves to die.

  29. “Sobek, Newsom won “handily” because California is a mail in ballot state and he did not actually win “handily.””

    That’s true but irrelevant. The point is that he’s not sweating his political fortunes right now. No way is anyone going to waste time and money trying to boot him again.

  30. Listening to Crowder, and just noticed that Gov Kathy Hochul sounds exactly like Hillary.

  31. Comment by MJ on February 10, 2022 9:11 am
    There’s nothing to protest. The fake mandates were a long time ago.

    GND started the push to get back to normalcy at MJr’s school. She’s still in the minority apparently but she went straight to no more closures if a kid gets covid and no masks.

    Apparently some of the moms have kept their kids from doing anything for 2 years. My guess is they’re lying for some reason but one mom said they hadn’t gone out to dinner, traveled or done anything near a crowd since late 2019.


    Of all the things this idiotic plandemic has done- watching people lose their minds in fear and give up 2 YEARS (and counting) of their lives is the most horrifying.

    People are truly gullible, foolish, stupid, dependent, irrational and silly.

  32. That’s true but irrelevant. The point is that he’s not sweating his political fortunes right now. No way is anyone going to waste time and money trying to boot him again.


    He’s getting pressure from those in the CA legislature to save their jobs. Local elections appear to be harder to manipulate. We’ll see. I don’t think voting matters anymore anyway.

  33. Those of us who said all the things about COVID were bullshit, were right.

    Emergency power use

    What am I forgetting?

  34. Oh, forgot:

    Good health (exercise, getting sun, dropping the sugar. Metabolic health appears to be very important with regard to how bad youl” feel if you get covid).

    Testing accuracy

  35. Went to get my boobs smashed this AM. Had to wear an hospital issued paper mask over my five layer cloth mask. I could’ve saved my paper mask for my afternoon primary appt, but fuck ‘em. I’ll be your Huckleberry. Continued prayers for TiFW.

  36. Oso, you still losing weight? Seemed like you were kicking ass in that regard.

  37. I hope they didn’t charge you to smash your boobs. You probably could have gotten MJ to do it for free.

  38. https://rumble.com/vuf6ns-democrats-are-taking-the-covidstan-exit-ramp-why-have-a-convention-of-state.html

    This is a couple of days old but still good. After the first few minutes of intro and small talk he gets to the Democrat exit from Covidstan. It’s becoming more obvious that they want to shift the narrative. I’m glad it’s happening but the slime weasels avoiding or shifting blame for the shitshow we’ve experienced over the last 2 years are going to drive me crazy

  39. Jonah Goldberg at CNN…it is to laugh.

  40. I’m reading that the fuel returned by the Ottawa Gestapo to the truckers (court ordered) was contaminated.

    I’ve said this before; we used to believe that law enforcement would not turn on fellow citizens. We were wrong, dead wrong.

    If you are still in the “Cops Are Heroes” camp. You’re an idiot.

  41. Mare, 5 more #. The diabetes meds and stoopid nutrition labels are working. We only eat at restaurants/fast food once a week due to masking and unreliable staffing. Fewer processed foods.

  42. If you are still in the “Cops Are Heroes” camp. You’re an idiot.


    After seeing the Ottawa police put the beat down on a 78-year-old man who honked and gave a thumbs up to truckers, I’m in the “cops who are in the compliant camp will be the first targeted.”


  43. Niiiiiiiice, Oso. I think that’s around 30lbs now. Fantastic. Your clothes must be falling off you which I’m sure is a bonus for Dan.

  44. The logic of that is stupendously bad. Contaminated fuel means the truck doesn’t move again. I thought you wanted them to leave, dipshits?

  45. gah, Crowder wants to have Trevor noah on the show. I don’t like that guy, and plus he’s not funny.

  46. Leon, the cops don’t want them to leave. They would prefer that they remain so that they can continue to oppress them.

    Cops are first and foremost employees of the government. And they’re unionized, which tells us all we need to know.

    There are probably some good cops, just like there were probably some good nazis.

  47. I smell a bad story. If they did it, it was a lone wolf, and a stupid one.

    I loved the video of the Ottawa residents carrying gas cans after the govt made it illegal to help the truckers. Overwhelm them.

  48. Hawaii is very mask-centric and indoor restaurants require proof of vaccine. Lots of restaurants have provided outdoor tables to accommodate non-vaccinated.

    They have bought the news narrative almost completely. (They love their local news.) Lots of older Asians here, they are kind of all in on what the news tells them. And of course, throw in the older lefty white Karens. Ufffffffff.

    yeah, yeah, I’m racist.

  49. J’Ames, Manfred is supposed to speak today. Angel Hernandez needs to go the way of Joe West. Mare, yep, 30 #. I’m wearing baggy clothes until the weight loss balances itself out.

  50. Hawaii is a liberal melting pot of lazy welfare queens, and limousine democrats with vacation homes.

    The only reason it is a state is because it was the tradeoff to get Alaska with all of its valuable natural resources.

  51. Now of course, the democrats want DC and Puerto Rico – two more liberal welfare shitholes, 4 more guaranteed democrat senators, and some number of guaranteed democrat representatives (too lazy to do the arithmetic).

  52. What is happening to Viva Frei’s hair?

    He’s starting to look like the Ancient Aliens guy.

  53. guaranteed dominance of the senate, if that happens.

  54. Watching his Feb 8 interview with Bannon now. He’s making some hilarious points.

    “Ottawa is safer right now than it’s been in decades, crime is down, the convoy protesters are feeding the homeless. So of course they declared a state of emergency.”

  55. liberal melting pot of lazy welfare queens, and limousine democrats with vacation homes.

    Obama is building a new mansion there complete with a SEAWALL that the environmentalists are losing their minds over!

  56. Vivafrei got a new avatar depicting his wild hair.

    After listening to his vlogs for a while I wondered if I was missing something with his name so I looked it up and found an older blog post of a woman interviewing him. His old youtube videos show him with normal looking, closely cropped hair with less gray in it. He went to law school in Montreal speaking French and went with the Viva part and his last name in real life is Freiheit which is German for freedom. I think and he just made a mash up for a stage name.

  57. He’s starting to look like the Ancient Aliens guy.

    LOVE that guy! When I grow up I want hair like that.

  58. My boss fears that he will get kung-flu because mask mandates are ending (not so far in NV). He is an otherwise very intelligent man, but he believes EVERYTHING democrat-controlled federal agencies tell him. Both of his parents worked for the EPA.

  59. Your boss should probably just stay home. Is he triple vax’d? You know he can keep wearing the safety mask.

  60. I’m sure he’s had All The Shots. And he Knows that YOU have to wear the mask to keep HIM safe. Because that’s how they “work”, according to Droplet Theory. He’s asthmatic and morbidly obese so he’s especially in danger if he gets the Fauci Funk. We actually do get along great, but we don’t discuss politics. We’re still working from home which frankly I’m a fan of so we’ll see how much longer this goes on.

  61. Hostages Theater presents:

    At Work with Mitchell

    Act I, Scene 1
    (Interior, an office in Las Vegas, every single day until Mitchell retires)

    Mitchell:. Good morning, boss. Hey, remember that time the EPA dumped trillions of gallons of heavy metals into the Colorado River, and no one was ever punished for it? Anyway, here’s those spreadsheets you requested.


  62. Remember when liberals drove around with “Question Authority” bumper stickers?

  63. Remember the “Million Man March” on Washington?

  64. Remember pussy hats?

  65. Remember when big corporations were “evil”?

    General Electric
    Big Three Automakers

  66. Remember when burning down DC during an inauguration was just peaceful protest?

  67. I remember when you could torch a limo in protest of an election.

  68. Jonah, as much as I liked him, seemed to fall for the common mistake of thinking that Twitter is or even represents the real world. Also, as both the product of a privileged upbringing and of a philosophical education, he seems blind to an important and ongoing change in this country.

    We need — and we’re getting — a much more broadly based conservative movement.

    We’re way past just the blue bloods and the think tanks and the establishment types. They were able to birth the modern movement — starting, yes, with National Review in the 1950s — but the movement had been stalled, at best, since Ronald Reagan left office.

    The new movement includes Tea Partiers, truck drivers, the red-pilled, “blood & soil” nationalists, displaced blue-collar guys, and more.

    It’s big. It’s new. It’s sometimes awkward, ill-mannered, and even angry. Those people don’t go to the right cocktail parties or on the correct cruises. But as we saw from 2017 until the pandemic, this broader-based conservatism was a helluva lot more effective than anything the National Review-types had accomplished in decades, and more than The Dispatch will accomplish, ever.

    It took me a while to get used to it, to embrace it, but here I am.

    Whatever Jonah’s apparent distaste for those sometimes (delightfully!) unruly newcomers and usurpers, it got the better him.

    It feels like we lost Jonah to Twitter — and his own pretensions — long before we lost him to CNN.
    Stephen Green

    Best part. Long. Sorry. Suck it.

  69. LOL Sobek.

    Aaaand as expected Maxi-Newsome (aka Gov Sisolak) is dropping the mask mandates and we’ll all be going back into the office in two weeks.

  70. 6 years ago for that environmental disaster. It popped up in my facedouche memories just now.

  71. Went to lunch. After parking to eat a fella approached me, said he was a homeless vet straight out of the hospital, wanted help with food.

    Now I know there’s a pretty good chance he was lying, but…even in the unsteady place I am in life I have enough blessings to share. So I gave him the lunch I’d just bought and went and got another.

    If he’s who and what he claimed, pray for healing and better days. And if he was lying (though he seemed thankful for the meal) pray the Lord guides him to a better path in life.

    I mean, it’s not like a meal ever changed anyone’s life, after all…

    $20 for lunch. I can deal with that.

  72. “6 years ago for that environmental disaster.”

    And all that poison flowed straight into … impoverished indigenous communities. Great job, USG.

  73. I remember that spill too. Nobody at the office discussed it other than to say it wouldn’t affect our water supply.

  74. Is that the one in CO that infected the San Juan River Basin through the Rez?

  75. Guys, I have a serious problem. Lucy is supposed to go to Matt, but I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

    She is just my little buddy. Follows me around – she’s laying at my feet right now. UGH.

  76. tapioca

  77. Lucy does love me.

  78. Brandon just exudes confidence and enthusiasm.

  79. “Like I said, I grew up in a family where if the price went up at the pump you filled it”

  80. Suck it.

    No u.

  81. All the breathless INSURRECTION journos reporting on the Canada trucker thing keep talking about the nazis and Trumpers in the crowds. All I see are people with Canadian flags. SOme heart flags.

  82. Lucy might get separation anxiety if she is abruptly parted from you. She’ll have a miserable life. You can’t do this.

    (I just made that up but it could happen, right?)

  83. Tell Matt to get his own dog and quit trying to steal yours.

  84. Did y’all watch that video? I highly recommend it.

  85. I think you’re right Lauraw. Hotspur as well.

  86. That poor girl couldn’t even afford a bra.

  87. “Hang on Droopy”

  88. Tell Matt he needs to have a few trial overnight visits to see if Lucy has any separation anxiety. And then call him every 20 minutes to check up on her and ask him how he’s doing with the awesome responsibility of it all. By the third visit he’ll agree she’s better off with you

  89. This post gets a diagnosis of eructation, flatulence and gas pain.

  90. Is the video of hotslot showing at the top?
    It’s not showing on my phone.

  91. Yes, the man setting his twig and berries on fire is there.

  92. Last time I stuck a torch inside my pants was to light the way for your mom.

  93. They just offered Ethan SARC. It sounds cool as hell. They are offering it to THREE of the SEAL dropouts and he got picked. He has 24 hours to decide.

    A Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman (SARC) is a United States Navy hospital corpsman who provides MARSOC and other USSOCOM units advanced trauma management associated with combatant diving and parachute entry. Traditionally, they are attached to the Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance companies to help support the Command Element of the Marine Air-Ground Task Force in special reconnaissance missions.

  94. Tell Matt he needs to have a few trial overnight visits to see if Lucy has any separation anxiety. And then call him every 20 minutes to check up on her and ask him how he’s doing with the awesome responsibility of it all. By the third visit he’ll agree she’s better off with you

    That is a solid plan. I’d already previously told him that we LOVE her and he doesn’t need to take her off our hands. We’re not trying to get rid of her.

  95. Corpsman training can be carried into civilian life and parlayed into a whole host of career choices. I enthusiastically support this, in case Ethan is interested in my sage advice.

  96. How exciting for Ethan! You must be very proud 😊

  97. Oh, and thanks for all of the prayers for Dad – the combination of the right antibiotic, a good painkiller, and real food has made a world of difference!

    He’s still always exhausted – and the cancer is terminal – but at least he is starting to act more like himself.

    Honestly, I think that if we hadn’t come when we did, he would have been a goner.

  98. sometimes you just need someone. That’s good that you get to see him.

  99. What HS said. Corpsman are cool.

  100. corpse man

    Obama pronunciation.


  101. If you DON’T pronounce it that way you’re a racist Pendejo.

  102. Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman (SARC)

    There’s not a single word in that four word job description that is pussified.

    Even the acronym is badass.


  103. Do it for the patch!


  104. That is a very cool patch.

  105. Is that…a spatula crossed with the knife?

  106. SARC – we’ll either cut you or make you some nummy scrambled eggs!

  107. It is a kick ass patch

  108. Dam Neck in VA was awesome. SEALs without Coronado Bridge.

  109. Pretty sure it’s an oar. I could be wrong.

  110. Oar, or paddle. That would make more sense.
    Making fun a SARC badge? That’s a paddling.

  111. Ok, so why does the parachute have a wee, little man-bun?

  112. Heh. That’s a paddling.

  113. TiFW for all the love and Prayers. Good people.

  114. https://rumble.com/vuj6mw-black-entitlement.html

  115. That appears to be the top of the winged pathfinder torch Mitch.

  116. I’ve actually watched Oscar noms. Loved Summer of Soul. Hated Year of the dog, whatevs. Hated Encanto. Not a fan of Luca. Don’t look up is a joke. Still planning on watching Coen Macbeth with Denzel. We have access to Ricardos. Not a fan. TCP Scottsdale. Golf to watch. Manfred is a 🐓🍭

  117. I understand the golf stuff, nothing else.

  118. You have a leg up on most hostages.

  119. Netflix heads-up, watch Derek and After Life. I’m rewatching Daredevil and The Defenders.

  120. 2/10/2022

    1432 Skyline Ave.
    Las Vegas, NV 90154

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing in reference to your latest, entitled “Racist Carrot,” posted on this date in the comments section of The Hostages. Specifically, I would like to know what the heck. Your prompt reply will be greatly appreciated.

    Yours sincerely etc,

    Sobek Pundit, Esq.

  121. How to Clean and Prepare Fresh Carrots

  122. My Dearest Sobek,

    The short sketch entitled “Racist Carrot” showed up in my recommendations on YT. I found it delightfully surreal and worth sharing here. Enjoy!

    Yours truly,

  123. Pretty sure this is info that my MIL said she wouldn’t believe unless she saw it in the NE Journal of Medicine.

  124. Today I learned that the immune process that manmade vaccines try to simulate, works just as good or better, than the manmade simulation. Weird!

  125. Djibouti endured relentless plagues.

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