Can’t Meme Loose

Thanks Sobek!


  1. I’ll see you blonde in a convertible and raise you a crazy blonde in a convertible:

  2. Also, that’s how everyone who got into classical music got into classical music.


  4. What the hell?

  5. ABBA-licious throw back video

  6. I’m getting a guest lecture in a class this from an MIT professor this semester in a business class.

    The topic is Chinua Achebe’s, Things Fall Apart and Black Lives Matter.

    Is there only one book written by a real black person?. Everyone reads that yam foo foo book in HS for fucks sake.

  7. 28 yesterday. -8 today


  8. Neil Young v Joe Rogan is peak boomer.

  9. are you going to ask questions?

  10. Todd erzen had an epic rant on overtime for deace, re Bari Weiss. I’ll break it down on a keyboard in a bit

  11. I hope they make it avaliable

  12. I thought Things Fall Apart was an interesting book. I expected it to be “we were an awesome paradise until the white guys showed up!”. Instead it didn’t flinch from showing the truly awful stuff that Africans did to each other.

  13. I’ll probably ask a few but I’m wondering how it will be presented. So far things have been very even handed.

    I was very surprised to find out that the commie econ prof thought Obama was a total grifter and loser. Same for Bush.

    Interestingly he didn’t call Trump or his supporters scum of the earth. He tended to view all disputes through the lens of working class folks getting screwed, which is largely correct for the past 50 years.

    I actually got my highest grade to date in his class.

    So we’ll see. But I’ll come fully loaded and ready to flame him if needed.

    I think it was Thomas Jefferson who said, ‘Trust but verify.’

    Maybe it was Adams. Dunno.

  14. I’ve been meaning to bring this up. This song sucks. I’ll let Sobek break it down officially, but I think its because it literally goes no where.

  15. “Free speech is overrated, but not overtly so.”. Stuff Jefferson Said, Vol. 3.

  16. Okay, I’ll give it a listen.

  17. They keep playing it on (Octane) and I can’t stand it.

  18. It is the first minute of the song? the last minute? Can’t tell.

  19. The Book-By-Black-Guy that was assigned to me in high school I think was Ralph Ellison “Invisible Man”. I vaguely remember it but it’s been so long I can’t remember if it was well written or not.

  20. I think it’s okay. Maybe if I had Sirius and heard it all the time it would start to grate, but having never heard it before, I’ll stick with “okay.”

    To me the most jarring part is right after the first chorus (at 1:50), where all of the intensity instantly drains away. The volume drops, the instrumentation drops, and probably worst of all the tempo drops. Everything they’ve been building as kicked down and they have to start from scratch.

    Also, the verses remind me very much of Imagine Dragons. I liked them at first but then it seems they ran out of things to say and everything became a muddy blur. So Muse borrowing that sound after it’s long been exhausted isn’t a good idea.

    I love the album Absolution. When I first heard Hysteria, I thought I was a Muse fan for life. I bought the next album, Black Holes and Revelations, without ever hearing anything on it, just based on the strength of Absolution. But I was disappointed with Black Holes overall, and nothing I’ve heard from them since has captured my attention enough to seek out more from them.

  21. I long for the day when “book by black man” is Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell.

  22. Here’s Map of the Problematique, from Black Holes and Revelations:

    This is my favorite track from the album. I’m curious what you think of it, Car in. It has a “sameness” to it, but I don’t know whether that means it goes nowhere or not. There isn’t really an intensity change to it, it’s like dance/electronica that way, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was popular in the clubs. It’s a lot like Baroque music that way: the movement of the music comes from a consistent, driving pulse rather than from building action or change of direction.

    Steve, Todd, and Aaron discuss how we should approach the ever-increasing number of people waking up from their COVID-induced fear fog.

    The upshot from this was that Bari Weiss deserves grace for her changing position. Took a lot of courage to stand up in front of her friends and admit she was wrong. Which she did. Ben Shapiro was another, took a hardline on vaccines, but then put it all on the line when the mandate dropped, and Daily Wire was a big cog in the judicial process to get that part overturned. Bill Maher has also been skeptical all the way through the process, and has been outspoken on this issue.

    But rightys like Erik Erickson, Jonah Goldberg, David French? They deserve both guns and unloading full magazines. They stabbed their own people in the back, and they deserve to roast in hell.

    Todd’s epic rant was great, and I can’t do it justice. But it did force me to look at Bari’s position with more forgiveness in my heart. Yes, those positions were what extended this response out to what it was. But they did come around to the correct position, and had the guts to admit it. Others did not.

  24. The books by black people on my list of stuff to assign in high school English are Achebe, Go Tell it on the Mountain (Baldwin), Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Invisible Man, Their Eyes Were Watching God (Hurston), Beloved (Morrison), The Color Purple (Walker), and Native Son (Wright). I’ve read all but Invisible Man, Eyes and Beloved.

  25. I think what I like most about Map of the Problematique is overlaying the long, drawn out vowels on top of the driving beat. Gives the thing a dreamy feel.

  26. To me the most jarring part is right after the first chorus (at 1:50), where all of the intensity instantly drains away. The volume drops, the instrumentation drops, and probably worst of all the tempo drops. Everything they’ve been building as kicked down and they have to start from scratch.

    I think that is what annoys me most. That.

    Map of the Problematique has a sameness, but it doesn’t build up to a some sort of false crescendo and then start over.

    I’m not the biggest Muse fan.

  27. ut rightys like Erik Erickson, Jonah Goldberg, David French? They deserve both guns and unloading full magazines. Th

    And Allahpundit.

  28. Amusing fact, “Trust but Verify” is a Russian proverb. I’ve seen it attributed as a paraphrase of Lenin. It was no accident Reagan used the line as he did, he learned it from a scholar who advised him about the Russian tendency towards proverbs (I only learned this part when I looked it up to make sure my brain wasn’t playing tricks on me just now).

  29. Twitter: a new Contract with America?

    I like it. The last one resulted in a balanced budget, even though it handed Clinton a legacy and another term (?). Not sure on the timing, but Newt ran with it.


    Robby Starbuck is a must follow on Twitter, and is running for congress in TN.

  31. And it’s okay to drop the tempo in a song, if it works with the context. Here’s Born For One Thing:

    At 3:43, the tempo drops dramatically until the end, almost 40 seconds later. But it is clear that this is an outro, the tail end of the song. We aren’t building up to what feels like something that turns into nothing at all. Huge difference.


  33. And Allahpundit.

    And the National Review. So glad VDH left them.

    Let’s not forget Fox News!

  34. laura, is that Ron Johnson’s group? I think that’s Malone and McCullough up there.

    And yes, I probably misspelled McCullough. Please tell hotbride not to kick my ass.

  35. My least favorite example of a song that builds up to nothing is Help I’m Alive, by Metric. I remember the first time I heard it, the lead up to the chorus at 0:50, I thought ooh, this is going to be cool. Instead it turns into this light, chirpy thing that totally undermines everything that came before it:

    They did a much better job with Gold Guns Girls. The pedal in the bass, relentless hi-hat that clicks through the mix:

  36. How many of us have had covid?

  37. Yeah, the whole presentation is hosted at Rumble, Jay. I don’t want to sit through five hours of video though I probably should.

  38. One of my former coworkers called me last night and we had a wonderful chat. Apparently my old unit is a complete nightmare. Locked down with multiple covid patients again, and the techs don’t want to go into those rooms to do basic patient care so the nurses are doing all the work, again, and understaffed to boot. I remember days like that. Horrid.

    They basically need to fire all their techs and start over with people who aren’t just there to play on their phones and be rude to patients and shitty to their coworkers. But, union.

  39. Gold Guns Girls sounds like a drum machine, or that drummer is damn near perfect. Like the song, though.

  40. Training seminar email I just received

    subject: Private Employers with 100+ Employees Vaccine is Now Barred by the Supreme Court! What Can Employers Do Now?

    body: The Supreme Court’s stay of the ETS will likely be in effect for at least the foreseeable future. However, given the previous January 10, 2022, initial compliance deadline for the ETS’s non-testing requirements, many employers had already implemented policies and practices to comply with the ETS prior to the Supreme Court’s decision being announced. Employers who have already done so, therefore, have several options at this juncture, including:

    Just in case you want to subject your employees to a mandate, here’s what you can do.

  41. well, everything Gojira does is amazing, so …

    Born for one thing starts out pretty fast and intense (as many of their songs do) . But things happen musically . There is movement. I don’t feel like I’m on a carousel just going round and round. I can tell what part of the song is on.

    Sometimes I feel artists write a short song, and then just decide – hell, lets just repeat it through again so its longer.

  42. Perfect example of that – Nero Forte. The basic,melody – etc- isn’t bad. Typical banger Slipknot song. The chorus …. they … play … it …. so … many … times. It just repeats over and over. I just can’t. Its over 5 mins long. By 2:30 I’m done with the song.

  43. heh, I can see that. Probably the record producer, though. The band wouldn’t do that.

  44. this was my favorite song off of their last album:

  45. I love that song.

  46. Soft start. one minute in it takes off. Pretty intense. But at 4 minutes it somehow takes it up. 5 min – lets you get a quick breath for the final punch.

  47. They basically need to fire all their techs and start over with people who aren’t just there to play on their phones and be rude to patients and shitty to their coworkers. But, union.
    CNA’s are in a union?!? Around here it’s just nurses as far as I know.

    Paula discovered on one of her weekend shifts that the traveler CNA was making more per hour than she was and almost came uncunted.

    The latest rumor circulating is that the hospital management is conspiring to revert the travel rules back to the old rules of greater than 100 miles from your home of record. I think they’re realizing that nurses crossing town to work in a different hospital is eating into their Covid money making machine.

  48. jimbro, I’ve been assured there is no extra money being introduced by Covid. That’s just crazy talk.

  49. Aside from the obvious virtue signaling pap taught in public schools today, why on earth would I, or indeed should I want to read a book because it was written by a “black person”?

    Racism will be kept alive by those who always have, and always will profit from it most.

  50. I’ve read many books by black people.

    /virtue signaling to young people

  51. Twitter: Tapper defends Doocy, then lies about Faux news

    CNN can’t stop lying

  52. I prefer arguing about Huck Finn. That usually triggers someone who doesn’t know how anti-racist that book is.

  53. Read a book because you enjoy it, or because it has information you’re seeking. Anything else is wankery.

  54. No, I totally only read books to impress people.

    /glances over at “Foucault’s Pendulum” on bookshelf

    But I do have a line I won’t cross.

    /makes sure “Gravity’s Rainbow” is still holding that heavy door open

  55. uncunted


  56. So, Florida has to close down all its covid treatment sites because the feds outlawed monoclonal antibody treatments.

    Florida is going to be a red state for the next 50 years.

  57. uncunted
    It’s Paula Talk.

    Right next to “So and so flipped my bitch switch”. She is an artful swearer.

  58. “Uhm…wut?”

    Glad I’m not the only one.

  59. I plan on reading Gravity’s Rainbow one of these days. People already think I’m a loon so I have nothing to lose.

  60. “Uncunted” is a glorious addition to the lexicon, whose meaning is almost immediately grasped on sight.

    Pynchon, on the other hand, can get fucked.

  61. I read The Crying of Lot 49 and liked it. But it was maybe 200 pages or something, so that might be a factor. We’ll see. Some day.

  62. I tried “Finnegan’s Wake” and gave that up after a few pages. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Started “House of Leaves” recently. Unsure about that one.

  63. I read an article on The Athletic the other day.

  64. Ulysses and House of Leaves are on my list, too. Books to read so I can say I read them, because I like a challenge, but also maybe they’ll be something worth reading.

  65. “Free speech is overrated, but not overtly so.”. Stuff Jefferson Said, Vol. 3.

    Yeesh, that’s what? 15 years old? I had totally forgotten about that one.

    Awesome that you resurrected it.

  66. Jefferson who?

  67. Geoff, pretty amazing how far DinT got that fool to go believing Dave thought it was a legit quote. But 15 years? Wow.

  68. Jefferson who?

    Back before IB and The Hostages started up, while we were all hanging out at AoSHQ, Dave in Texas wrote that in response to some troll. It was complete nonsense, but all the commenters played it like it was a legitimate quote. It became a kind of meme for a while.

  69. But 15 years? Wow

    Yeah, I think you were 12 or 13?

  70. I’m guessing that was more like 2004, so probably more like 18 years old.

  71. oh I know, just playing it up

  72. I’m used to the phrase “Shit Jefferson Said” moreso in these here parts.

  73. Ulysses and House of Leaves are on my list, too. Books to read so I can say I read them, because I like a challenge, but also maybe they’ll be something worth reading
    Ulysses is on my list. It seems like a book that a good English professor would be able to walk students through rather than assign it to read alone. War And Peace is on that list for me to.

  74. I’ve read War and Peace. It wasn’t difficult, just really long. But I definitely prefer books with endnotes, if they get into a lot of historical stuff. I’m not interested in something like Ulysses without a study guide or something. My HS English teacher said her study guide was as thick as the book, which says something about Joyce.

  75. “April is the cruelest month … ”

    My college English professor took about 3 weeks to walk us through T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land.

  76. I plan on reading Gravity’s Rainbow one of these days. People already think I’m a loon so I have nothing to lose.

    Oh, I “planned” on reading it. And I have attempted it several times. I read for a while, realize I have ZERO idea what’s going on, and give up.

    Every time.

  77. I read Les Mis with like 300 pages of endnotes, and although it showed everything down it was worth it to get more out of the book.

  78. I got through War and Peace on my fourth try, Car in, so I feel your pain.

  79. Maybe if Gravity’s Rainbow had footnotes I could read it. Or if I’d ever tried acid.

  80. If you try acid, you don’t need to read the book. That’s the whole point of acid.

  81. I think trying acid might just might be the better choice.

  82. Okay, someone needs to read the book, then drop some acid, and report back. For science. I nominate Vmax, in honor of his birthday.

  83. “Uncle Roger love head. Shrimp head good also.” LOL

  84. Anyone else notice the recent Ukraine stories are mentioning Kyiv rather than Kiev as the capitol of Ukraine? It was a few days before it dawned on me that it wasn’t a different strategic city close to the border where Ukrainian forces were marshaling.

    Kyiv is to Kiev as Pakistan is to Pock-ee-stan

  85. Kyiv decided to go “trans” and that’s their new name now Jimbro. Please stop using the deadname.

  86. stop using the deadname.

    My response:

  87. What district are you in, jimbro?

    The six SEALs include Morgan Luttrell in Texas’s 8th Congressional District, Brady Duke for Florida’s 7th District, Eli Crane for Arizona’s 2nd District, Derrick Van Orden for Wisconsin’s 3rd District, Ed Thelander for Maine’s 1st District, and Ryan Zinke for Montana’s 1st District.

  88. Chicken Kiev is delicious. mmmm

  89. The Hot Sausages’ HR department would like a word with you Jimbro.

  90. Cringeshaw was a SEAL

  91. I read Les Mis with like 300 pages of endnotes, and although it showed everything down it was worth it to get more out of the book.

    I am currently reading “The Life of St. Joseph”, which is the private revelation of an Italian nun who lived in the 1700s. Multiple introductions (it was translated to German, then to English, so they included all three introductions), there’s some explanation of differences in translations, what was omitted to make it more readable (!), and references to other writings, including papal bulls and saints’ opinions. It’s been a bit of a slog.

  92. I’m in the 2nd District which typically votes for the conservative choice.

    We split our electoral votes between districts, same as, I think, Nebraska. That’s why we get presidential candidates up here to campaign.

  93. I don’t take book advice from you dicks ever since Confederacy of Dunces, for which SOMEBODY needs to get a profound spanking.

  94. The whole Neil Young thing was just a publicity stunt to get his name trending on twatter for a couple of days.

  95. I heard a caller on a local talk show yesterday morning telling listeners to go to a specific diner and ask for the Let’s Go Brandon Sandwich. The host asked what it was and the caller replied “It’s a Sloppy Joe”

  96. Confederacy of Dunces

    Ha! I was going to mention that one too. That was…a slog. The way the plot resolved was clever but it certainly wasn’t a funny book.

  97. Three weeks for The Waste Land? There’s a lot to unpack but that seem excessive…

  98. Heh, Cringeshaw was going to be on Dana Loesch’s radio show, and she asked twitter for questions. Wonder if he got asked any?

  99. I’m looking at Wayne Newton’s old house and there’s a small jet on the property. There’s no runway for the thing and no airport nearby. Huh.

  100. It was a memorable class. English 101, part of my core curriculum requirements. It was fall of my freshman year and the class size was small. Prof was one of two sisters on the college staff who looked like twins (I think her sister taught sociology – never had her for a class). She went through all the references to places, people and events he mentioned in the poem.

    I don’t regret taking the class and why should I? You paid for it with my ROTC scholarship!

  101. Just as I’m paying for budding officers to listen to CRT in their colleges now …

  102. Okay, y’all, I’m looking at Foodsavers RIGHT NOW. I just want a extra fancy add ons.
    Is this what I should be spending? Yes, it’s target but I have a gift card.

  103. Ha! Pretty certain that this jet doesn’t have that capability.

  104. “”Vice President Harris Warns Vladimir Putin of ‘Serious Consequences’ if He Invades Ukraine””

  105. Ramifications include bad beej and cackling while in Flagrante delicto.

  106. Who was it that recommended that one?

  107. Can we make them take Finland as a punishment?

  108. And Don Quixote wasn’t my favorite read either and I’m pretty sure that was the same deal – “we” decided to read it? Ringing any bells?

  109. Next time we decide to tackle classics, can we pick good ones?

  110. I have the FM3620 which has the separate jar/bottle saver, which I have never used. That one should do it for you, Beasn.

  111. That was Peej who picked Don Quixote. God, what a slog. (The book, not Peej.)

  112. I read half of Don Quixote. I think it’s fun, but much longer than it needs to be.

  113. We should read Weasel in my Meatsafe together. I don’t know if that’s a real book or just a meme.

  114. $166 for a used hardback copy. I think I’ll pass on the weasel book.

  115. *Pokes blog with stick*
    Where is everyone? You’re supposed to be entertaining me.

  116. Wooo I don’t think mine was quite that spendy, beasn, but it’s many years old now.

  117. *Pokes blog with stick*


    *falls over dead*

  118. I have a great idea for a book club. We read Gravity’s Rainbow – a chapter at a time. And Sobek explains to us, as we go along, what’s happening.

  119. At A&M when we were students, the only English requirement for Engineering degrees was Style and Grammar. Which was perfectly fine for me.

    The History courses were heavy enough on extra reading that was boring.

  120. I had Great Books as a requirement for Honors. I’m sure it’s been #cancelled since I was at UM, all the authors but one were “white”, and the lone African was St Augustine.

  121. If the hostages read Gravity’s Rainbow as a book club thing, that would be the most amazing thing ever.

  122. Hey, no poking Lumps in the spleen!

  123. *falls over dead*


    *Puts incriminating stick in Sobek’s car*

  124. Kind of fun the past few days. Watching the covid Karens suddenly realize the moral high ground they’ve claimed to hold has always been the floor of the cellar.
    Part of me wants to welcome them to reality, the larger part wants to tell them I have an elephantine memory and won’t ever let them forget this.

  125. I read a lot so that is not out of the question Sobek, however you can keep your acid and continue feeding it to the gator.

  126. I don’t have any acid. I thought Mare was in charge of that.

  127. Let’s do it

  128. It’s the wrong season for me to gather the good fungus.

  129. If we do read Gravity’s Rainbow, is there a time frame? Do we invite Senor Derp?

  130. LOL Jay. No one offered the question “should congress craft a law making insider trader illegal?”
    Had I known & still had a twat waffle account I would have offered that question.

  131. Why Leon? It, from rumors I’ve heard, glows in the dark. Plenty of dark hours this time of year. Got a lot of snow cover?! Supposed to be on the mid 30’s next week, it’ll melt!

  132. ^ the local Morel hunters swear by April- early May, but I’ve had old geezers tell me you can find them year round, if you know what areas to look for.

  133. Sr derp has read it I’m sure. We need to read this book in very small chunks because I get lost easily

  134. Need an opinion on this musical masterpiece:

  135. The kind of shrooms used in the making of that video really only have good fruiting bodies in Spring and Fall rains.

  136. LMAO. On Kennedy at FOX business just now. Apparently Amazon wants to sell hooter!
    Yeah man, I’m gonna buy a lid. When it arrives the driver already smoked half of it!

  137. I wish Rosetta were here to see that. He’d have 8 new poat categories halfway through it.

  138. Not bad leon, but it’s no Shut Up & Get On My Horse.

  139. ^ Amazon review:
    Yeah man, I paid for an oh zee. When the driver tapped on my door I found the box had been cut open then taped shut with scotch tape. I received a strong quarter ounce. I asked the driver if that’s how the package was when he put it in his van, he seemed confused and his eyes were bloodshot, obviously overworked. This is the first time I’ve interacted with your drivers. Do all of your drivers have Chinese eyes?

  140. The last book I read was about Hunter Biden’s laptop. That dude is a real piece of shit in terms of being a human. I think it’s probably genetic.

  141. Carin, pretty sure he has.

  142. I’m on my 3rd book today. Traveling. 1st book was regency nonsense. 2nd book was a precursor to Only Murders in the Building. 3rd book is a Bob Lee Swagger. I’m boiling over the HOF BS. I papi gets in, Barry should be in. Schilling out because he’s a MAGAt?

  143. I want to see this, but I don’t know if it will be as good without the Doom music:

  144. Y’all did better than I did with Confederacy of Dunces. I couldn’t finish it.

  145. I believe it was Cathy who picked that book.

  146. Yeah I went to IB and put the title name in the search box and found three threads on the subject. That was, gulp, eleven years ago.

  147. Eleven years…my how time does flow by.

    Let’s do this Gravity’s Rainbow thing. I’m up for it.

  148. Anita & I are tired of the Covid, and I’m tired of being cold. Could we not go back to being well and it being ‘sunny and 70?’
    Really, i’ve had quite enough…

  149. Darcy eloped rather precipitously.

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