MMM 479

And so begins the last week of January, AD 2022.

Not sure what’s being depicted here in terms of narrative. Ideas?

About to throw fists.

Oh! It’s a jump rope.

How was there enough skin for that belly piercing?

This is true.

Hope this is ‘shopped, ’cause that looks dumb.


These always strike me as more risk than value.


Now go spank Monday like a back-talking naughty Zoot.


  1. gomurnay

  2. Yea, I’ve just given up trying to squat snatch. Or overhead squat (heavy). Whichever she is doing.

    wakey wakey.

  3. I can do the stretching one

  4. man, I miss kickboxing

  5. I want to get some ivermectin or HCQ, but these assholes have created a false supply/demand situation, and it’s really expensive.

  6. Kickboxing is my favorite workout.

  7. What is the ever loving fuck?

  8. It’s boring, decided to feed The Argument Room, and the resident libertarian

  9. where do you get kickboxing in? I’m not willing to shell out for Farrells, $300 a month.

  10. Wow, that’s expensive. Jeez.

  11. Jay, how expensive is expensive?

  12. Is the Argument Room the group that Chicom Chuck made?

  13. Expensive is $300 a month. actually $100 is pushing it, but willing to do that, if I get kickboxing mixed in with circuit training, which I also liked. I had $60 for a 10 week program at a church, but they discontinued the program, without even trying to get a little more money which they easily could have. Tells me there were other factors in play there.

  14. No, chuckie is not involved in The Argument Room. We have other idiots in there. Mostly small l libertarians.

  15. oh, beasn means my ivermectin comment. Price from seven cells, one of the online pharmacies that isn’t bending to the regime:

    Ivermectin – May help protect against viral illnesses
    $99.70 – $598.00

  16. She is protecting a shy chain link fence from the embarrassment of a non flattering picture.

  17. she is showing all of her friends the size of MJs gentlemen’s sausage

  18. Mini-me reported yesterday that she was asked for her pronouns for the first time. 2nd semester, junior year, English dept. Not great, but not too shabby, given the state of higher education these days. She ignored the professor and introduced herself normally. One of the other girls also ignored the prof.

  19. Are those prices Ivermectin from India?

  20. Ignoring the person is a great idea. I also like asking dozens of questions to clarify why you’re being asked about it.

    Feign ignorance.

  21. Jay, I haven’t been in a kickboxing class in forever, and didn’t know the price back when I was because it was included in the community center membership. There’s a place not far from my house in MT that I think is about $90 per month. I never looked into it because I’ve had recurring back issues and didn’t think roundhouse kicking a heavy bag would be good for that.

  22. “Ignoring the person is a great idea.”

    Or, “why are you asking, are you assuming I’m not a female? Are you saying I’m ugly?” *Break down into tears, file a formal complaint*

  23. Taking pictures of kids with masks on is mental. Sick. Having kids wear masks at school is the same.

  24. Someone in the class is “they/them”, so Mini-me knows who to avoid.

  25. I wish Planet Fitness had more group workouts like that. No one signs up, because they all know what they are doing. They have no idea how fun it is. Like crossfit, I know.

  26. My friend just got back from mexico. She loaded up with Ivermectin.

  27. Workouts aren’t supposed to be fun. They are supposed to crush your soul.

  28. you just have fun crushing souls

  29. “He pled guilty to ONE count of disorderly conduct.”

    He started Walk Away, which cannot be countenanced. I’m stunned he didn’t get a much worse sentence.

  30. I think the main reason to join some sort of program is that it is going to push you out of your comfort zone. Not everyone needs that, but a lot of people do.

  31. Straka and Candace Owens are both “race” traitors.

  32. ron johnson is holding a hearing on early treatment:

  33. heh

  34. Twitter: This is the way

    Louden county high school students go into school maskless, even though the district said they are ignoring Youngkin order to make masks optional.

  35. Visiting my mom in actual civilization. Ordered something from Amazon last night, it was delivered this morning. Where I live, it’s 8 to 10 days.

    So far, no covid or flu symptoms. Hopefully we’re clear. May have already been exposed, who knows?

  36. The masked school pics reminded me of the Christmas newsletter I received where my friends were masked in every photo. (They are libs living near Philly.) What was the point, other than virtue signalling.

  37. Dr. Richard Urso is a rock star.
    these guys and gals testifying are awesome – syaing it like it is.

    if you all can – tune in to johnsons hearing.

  38. ftr – johnson is a dick(imo), but the hearing is a great thing

  39. Dr Pierce Kory — HAaAHHAAAA calling it like it is – CORUPT Exercise in how this has been handled.

    hopefully these guys look 3 times before crossing a road

  40. nurse from methodist hospital in tx just testified… she a rockstar too.
    she got fired for doing the right thing.

    i hope we get our pound of flesh in the end.

  41. my friends were masked in every photo.
    Eh, as a one time thing with funny masks as a cultural time stamp I’d give it a pass. My cousin usually sends a newsletter with pictures of her girls but this year it was just a card with a quick greeting. The girls are older teens and didn’t want mom doing the picture thing this year.

  42. over 12000 covid vaccine injured

  43. why is Johnson a dick, except for the obvious? brewfan is a fan

  44. 25000 cdc confirmed cases of vaccine caused myocarditis

  45. I need to start sending cards.

  46. Jay, everyone on Twitter who’s crowing that she isn’t vaccinated, do they seriously not know that the vaccinated can still get it?

  47. jordan peterson on joe rogan soon

  48. they are selectively ignoring that part, sobek

  49. Otto is 50 pounds already

  50. If you get covid and were vaccinated, you are good, even though the result is the same as if you were unvaccinated.

    If you get covid and you were unvaccinated you are bad. Period.

    Do I have that right?

  51. You forgot selfish, MJ. That’s their new buzzword for anyone not fully onboard with PfizerGloboHomoVegan.

  52. You forgot “…and I hope you DIE SCIENCE DENIER!”

  53. You just won’t get the jab because you’re selfish.
    You just hate illegal immigration because you’re selfish.
    You just won’t blow trannies because you’re selfish.
    You just eat meat because you’re selfish.

  54. isn’t blowing trannies and eating meat in the same category?

  55. Dick is the only acceptable meat option to PfizerGloboHomoVeganism.

  56. Is there a difference between female tranny dick and male tranny dick? Because I’m pretty sure both exist.

  57. you’re only counting 2 genders, too

  58. Happy birthday, Vmax!

  59. James Webb Telescope has arrived at L2, literally a million miles from home, performance nominal so far.

  60. happy birthday, vmax!

  61. Hey, I HAVE seen that movie!

    We boned.

  62. Happy Birthday, Vmax!!!

  63. HBD VMax!

    I got you one of these

  64. We’re putting a fence up at camp to contain the dogs. More of an enlarged enclosure than anything grand since our lot is not all that big. We met with the guy last summer before Labor Day and he told us they wouldn’t be able to start until this year. Well enough, I’ve used this company twice before and they’re excellent. They wanted to start today and an owner had to be on site so I was the chosen one. Camp is shut down with no heat or plumbing and I was dreading sitting in my truck all day but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do or something like that. I packed some shit to amuse myself and a couple of blankets and set off to camp to be there at 0730. After meeting the crew we discovered that their guide poles that were placed previously are frozen in the ground and can’t be easily removed. There’s also about a foot of snow in the yard. They’re coming back in April. What a giant circus.

  65. what did they think they were gonna do? surely they realize it’s frozen at this time.

  66. Ace’s post on the coming market crash makes me think of the last time we had a Great Depression, and the only thing that got us out of it was (checks notes) war in Europe.

  67. Oh wait, my bad. That should have read … war in Europe and also East Asia.

  68. Remember a while back when I said most Mormon jokes aren’t funny because they’ve all been done to death? Well it looks like there was at least one more good Mormon joke out there. This one hits very close to home:

  69. Jay, my mind was tossing that one back and forth last night and this morning as I begrudgingly prepared myself for multiple frostbitten digits but I figured that the fence guys somehow had it all figured out.

    Apparently I’m like Nostradamus when it comes to outdoor fence construction. In January. In Maine. Must have missed my calling.

  70. I’m with you. BTW, you are responsible for treats at the next H2 Mensa meeting, since we’re both so damn smart.

  71. “I packed some shit to amuse myself…”

    – Jimbro

  72. Sobek,

    You’ve probably seen this one, which I thought was pretty funny.

  73. Pennies Sobek, pennies.

    Enough to seed the registers of my town for weeks if not months

  74. I’ll allow that one Mitchell.


    (Imgur video)


    (Imgur video)

  77. hope they are good

  78. It isn’t the best year for Sumos, still pretty fantastic.

  79. BTW, you are responsible for treats at the next H2 Mensa meeting, since we’re both so damn smart.

    I got games.

    (Imgur video with sound)

  80. Thanks for the birthday wished all!

  81. No Sumo oranges here yet. Last year my usual supermarket had something called dekopon which I figured out was actually Sumo. These were smaller than the ones I bought before

  82. None of the sumos we have had this year are up to the regular standards. I don’t know if it’s the batch we got or if they just had an off year.

  83. heh, we played the helmet game in football, with chinstraps. pretty freakin loud

  84. I too bought Sumos yesterday. Had one today – yeah, not quite as good as I remember.

  85. This is the worst citrus harvest in 70 years. I have hardly seen any trucks on the road and the few I have are full of small green oranges. The season is usually December to Feb March, so green oranges in late Jan is not good

  86. I checked My trees were good from Dec to Mar other varieties have different seasons, sorry to mislead

  87. I would never, EVER have a husky. omg

  88. I didn’t wish you a happy birthday, because I didn’t want to be rude and tell you what to do on your birthday.


  90. I would never, EVER have a husky. omg

    Very much dog. That would get real old for me real fast.

  91. Thanks Scott

  92. Happy Birthday V-man!

  93. Oy.

  94. whoa, sumos are really sweet

  95. damn, they are seedless. Otherwise I’d try and start one, need a new tree project at work.

  96. They are some weird one-off random citrus cross, would never breed true anyway even if there were seeds. Most of the time when you grow out seeds from crossed citrus you don’t get much of anything good to eat.

  97. They got big piles of Sumo fruit here, for $4.95/lb. Yeah, they are really good, but not $4 orange good…

    Some of the Morons were talking about decorations in their cubicles and this happened:
    “A young Gurkha fella working near me. Small man, quiet, very competent and intense. He put up an American flag and some asshoe complained. One of the big bosses got involved and he was sent a mail to take it down. Nope.

    Big boss came around and told him to remove it.

    My young Gurkha friend stood up and with a very quiet voice scared the boss so badly she threw up right in front of everyone. The flag was still up when I retired. hehehe”

  98. Yeah, you couldn’t pay me enough to mess with a Gurkha.

  99. Doyle’s enemy responded proportionately.

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