Snow Possum

Love the floor mat


  1. Trying some video embeds there at the end, give me notes.

  2. Oop probably won’t play for you ChrisP.


  3. Sorry CARin I didn’t see you drafting there. Snow this morning now freezing rain, this is fucking bullshit.

  4. Thanks for saving the day, Pups.

  5. Yesterday was my last day with body aches.

    One full week of that crap.

  6. If someone wants to save my poat for another day, that’s fine. I have to take the doggies out right now. I published it.

  7. Stomping on poats – the good ole days.

  8. 3am, sea shanty, and any possum in blankets.

  9. OK. Hit me with the clue bat. What’s the deal with possums?

  10. Possums are neat.

  11. There is additional content added to this stinky old recycled post.

  12. Bonjour.
    I’m going to take my seed vault out of the deep freeze today and do a little shopping.
    It’s almost time to start onions and celery.

  13. Are possums the new Llama? Freezing rain sucks. Oh good, its a retread. I was looking at the poat and thinking “i gotta stop hitting the vape first thing in the morning”

    Im thinking about taxes today…..pita

    Rogan and Tucker. Lightbearers. Which one gets whacked first?

    Trucker restrictions begin at border today. No vax card, no entry. Lets place a unreasonable and unecessary burden on the people that deliver food in the middle of winter when there are already delays n the system. Thats the smart thing to do!


    (gfycat mp4)

  15. Gorgeous frogs. Look like they’re made of wet glass. Or latex.

    I don’t think you people are as excited about the start of garden-planning season as I am. Nobody’s running around in circles or freaking out, at all. Quite disappointing.

  16. Anyway….I pulled out the seed vault and I’m letting it come to room temperature so there’s no condensation when I open it up. I’ll open it up about noon.
    *rubs hands together*
    You guys don’t know what you’re missing.

  17. And then……???

  18. might find $20

  19. might find Hoffa

  20. or all that incriminating crap that was moved out of Capone’s vault right before Geraldo got there

  21. Will you be growing any *checks notes* Giant Prague Celeriac this year lumpy?

  22. I may. I may, Pupster. Linky no worky, but I’m pretty sure I do have those seeds.

  23. There’s just something about the smell of a brand new tag.

  24. wakey wakey

  25. Fixed linky:

    (Imgur video )

  26. Please consider this poat liked twice.

    I don’t get the nobody said thank you one.

    The moon one and Kirkland Signature cold have been stolen, thank you.

  27. Someone on FaceDouche posted a pic of one of the Obama daughters. She looks like a man, only meaner.

  28. Frozone from The Incredibles, makes ice and snow as his superpower.


  29. Ah. Thank you.

  30. I thought I was having deja vu all over again.

  31. Bigfoot is often confused with Michelle Obama.

  32. I’m just saying I don’t think Barack and Michelle have to worry about that one being “punished with a baby”.

  33. Yup. Giant prague celeriac. Got it. Gonna start it in February, in a couplatree weeks or so. Along with two other kinds of celery and three kinds of onions.
    This is terribly exciting. Trust me.

  34. I never really grew a good celery before. Be interesting to see how I do. I just learned recently they like wet muck soil. The back of my garden is slop. I’ve been trying to dry it out by putting raised beds there but not going to bother this year. That will be the celery patch.


    If you’d like to name the next snowplow in Minnesota. There’s some pretty funny names in there – Ctrl Salt Delete, Blizzard of Oz, Minnesnowta…

  36. I like Lord Coldemort and Scoop dogg

  37. I saw that pic Roamy. Not flattering at all, looked like barry in a wig to a certain degree

  38. Lumps, thanks for the offer of pickle stuff, but I’m going to experiment on my own.

  39. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on January 22, 2022 9:18 am
    Someone on FaceDouche posted a pic of one of the Obama daughters. She looks like a man, only meaner.

    I would like to see that picture.

  40. Teeroy, Possum is also a nickname for Leon’s daughter.

    So as things go around here, Possums became a thing.

  41. These arseholes are posturing over the ukraine. Not our circus and not our monkeys. Killed the credibility of every major institution in the country and now they want us send us to war.

    I see Ron Klain name has hit the radar. Guy is deeeeep in Clinton camp and well known hardcorp socialist communist. I remember him from the clinton “era” back east. Now hes Potus Chief of Staff.

    Who run bartertown?

  42. Who’s Leon?

  43. Tortellini or Ravioli? Which is better?

  44. I still have to kill them if I catch them in the barn. The horses could die if they carry EPM. Sucks, but I only set traps in the barn. No ingresa, no problema.

  45. Ravioli.

  46. When did possums become domesticated pets? I don’t understand this century. I want to go back to 1985 and restart everything.

  47. One for Rav

  48. These arseholes are posturing over the ukraine. Not our circus and not our monkeys. Killed the credibility of every major institution in the country and now they want us send us to war.
    They really can’t help themselves, can they? We just endured a disastrous exit from a 20 year war filled with unforced errors, the military is in the midst of an identity crisis and is having a hard time meeting recruitment goals.

    By all means, let’s tangle with a nuclear armed foe on their home turf. What’s the worst that could happen?

  49. Tortellini or Ravioli

    Same thing, different shape

    Whatever is on sale or is being served is okay by me

  50. Wasn’t George Jones known as possum? One of those guys old fart Nashville hicks was.

  51. Tortellini by a mile if the filling is cheese, ravioli if meat. Specifically the green tortellini, tastes different from orange and white.

  52. When poll numbers go down, the chance of war goes up. Americans, generally, rally around a President during a war. I think they’re barking up the wrong tree this time. No sane American wants to go to war for Ukraine, regardless of our treaties. Especially after the Afghanistan CF.

    On the other hand, those who thought Trump was a Putin stooge are totally mental. Biden on the other hand is literally a Putin stooge. His comments during his press briefing prove it. Plus allowing that Russian pipeline through Europe.

  53. This will sound like Russian Collusion but Putin does have a point about the proximity of NATO to Russia. Try to imagine our response if China or Russia was sending military advisors and selling arms to Mexico. Spongebrain Shitpants wouldn’t worry all that much, so long as he got his customary 10%, but Americans at large would be more than miffed.

  54. True, Jimbro, true.

  55. Mare, this is the pic of Malia I mentioned.

  56. Jimbro, I’m going to honest here, I’ve never considered you a Russian stooge. Now a guy who looked into the Russian bride magazine, maybe.

  57. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on January 22, 2022 2:43 pm
    Mare, this is the pic of Malia I mentioned.


    Thanks, Roamy and hooboy.

  58. Malia was the daughter who interned on the set of GIRLS when she was 16. That was the show that showed some guy doing…
    well, nevermind. It was effing inappropriate to be on that set at 16. Or any age.

  59. This is incredible. Greenwald is doing some great work.

  60. I submit tnat tortellini are in fact superior to ravioli on a filling v pasta ratio. The filling size may be the same but pasta content is higher in ravioli.

  61. Pendejo, George Jones was the Possum.

  62. Mare, this is the pic of Malia I mentioned.

  63. “… And when the snacking is done he’ll scream and eat some ticks.”

  64. Wow that Malia one is not good.

  65. Malia’s dick may not be as big as Michelle’s, but it’s definitely bigger than Barry’s.

  66. Totally agree Jimbro. Besides, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, refresh my memory, what part of Ukrain has an Atlantic coast? Same for most countries that have become members. NATO has become a smaller scale military model of the U.N., no need to pay for their own defense when they can have D.C. take care of it for them at the expense of the U.S. tax payer.

  67. Spongebrain Shitpants won’t defend against the incursion at the southern border, but he’s going to stop a Russian incursion into Ukraine.
    Putin is laughing so hard he’s wet his pants.

  68. Putin is laughing so hard Joe wet his pants.

  69. How much of a liberal power craver do you have to be to eat Malia’s snatch out in the hopes you get to marry into the family that will assure your political future?

  70. Perhaps that was a bit too crude. Let me rephrase the question:

    Who would allow Malia to peg them to further their political career?

  71. From ChrisP’s link, I laughed at the one with Oscar the Grouch. There’s an experiment going up to the ISS named OSCAR, and it has to do with recycling the garbage.

  72. ChrisP, thanks for the TWIP.

  73. Today I ran 13.1 miles in 2:04:56. It’s been a loooong time since I was able to do that. I was aiming for 15 miles but didn’t have enough fuel from yesterday and this morning.

  74. Woohoo! Owning comments. Officials really want the Titans. Read a Peter Gent book in the 70s about fixing NFL games and who needed to be in on the fix…40 years later, Dan is getting red pilled.

  75. Fish sticks episode of South Park was on in the break room. GLAR.

  76. Sobek, are you home or in DC?

  77. La Quinta looks nice.

  78. Unjabbed CoW with the Rona came back to work today. Our GM was harassing her about being unvaxxed. Didn’t think her time off should be paid because “Unvaxxed”. He tested positive after being vaxxed, boosted, previously positive.

  79. I’ve lost 5 more pounds. Thanks diabetes meds that will eventually cause cancer or liver failure. Kidney failure. I don’t know.

  80. I’m in DC.

  81. It’s a failed medication. Clearly. How are people not seeing this.

  82. We’re you running to a restaurant that didn’t require a vax card? 🤪👊🏻

  83. Lumps, they don’t want to see.

  84. Fish sticks episode of South Park was on in the break room. GLAR.

  85. “We’re you running to a restaurant that didn’t require a vax card?”

    Close, but you’re way off.

  86. Due to Joe’s age and declining self control it’s impossible to prove Putin’s laughing at President * caused to lose control of his bladder. That will be the talk of the town in DC on the Sunday morning political news shows. Biden is powerful, he’s riding the bear….just like the lady from Niger road the tiger.

  87. Pupster SQUEEEE

  88. Poop. I just noticed the autocucumber. Were. I guess DC cold is nothing to MT running.

  89. The smart move by Biden, & democrats in general given they need sympathetic voters to stay in power, would be to invade Mexico with intentions of annexation, then continue moving South. It would increase the poll head count & eliminate the need to defend the southern border in one stroke of the pen.
    Then we could export the meth & fentanyl to China & Europe for profit instead of Mexico exporting it to the U.S.

  90. Bengals win!

  91. ^ only problem is Biden got his ads kicked by a bunch of 7th century hillbillies in Afghanistan. Imagine what Mexicans would do to him!

  92. Scott, in spite of the best efforts of the NFL.

  93. The latest border crisis isn’t Mexicans. I want all of the posturing to stop and governors need to send busloads of illegals to Martha’s Vineyard and DE.

  94. 80’s era girl band, Scott?

  95. You’re absolutely right, Oso. But the Mexican government, or/and its proxies are enabling it in mass quantities since the non DC insider was taken out of office.
    Friends in high places.

  96. * Bangles

  97. I live in a border state. My cousin is a Soros DA. MS13 and the Mexican mafia/Sinaloa control over half of my city. Trump won NM in 2020.

  98. *Bungholes

  99. Just for the record, I hate football, both the U.S. version and the international version. In fact I hate all sports except ice hockey, not to be confused with teh gay version known as field hockey.
    Drag racing isn’t a sport, is it? 2 cars racing a quarter mile, not a couple of dudes dressed like women in a track competition.

  100. 🐻❤️🏒

  101. I H8 the Packers. Pretty much since SBI. Get off my lawn. I used to H8 Rodgers until he started standing up for common sense.

  102. This guy is also a firm believer that if your state is in an area that does not naturally form skatable ice, you have no business hosting an ice hockey team. Looking at you Florida & Texas.

  103. buses don’t run to the Vineyard

    Well, I guess they could load them onto the ferry…

  104. Comment by Dave’s not here on January 22, 2022 8:06 pm
    This guy is also a firm believer that if your state is in an area that does not naturally form skatable ice, you have no business hosting an ice hockey team. Looking at you Florida & Texas.


    hahahahha, You’re just mad because the Florida team is so good. The Lightning are always in the playoffs- if not the finals- if not the champions.

    But in a way, I agree with you.

  105. I guess the frozen tundra shouldn’t get baseball.

  106. All sports should be played outdoors.

  107. Agreed.

  108. After Life is a show on Netflix. Ricky Gervais. I’m afraid to watch season 3. First season was him dealing with the loss of his wife to cancer. No spoilers. I cry and laugh every single episode.

  109. Make those assholes play basketball in the snow.

  110. I want to thank Bidenflation for increasing the cost of Skyline Chili to $9. You have encouraged Dan to attempt his own Cincinnati chili recipe. Pray for Oso.

  111. Old school city hoops.

  112. I should make some chili. Mrs S doesn’t eat red meat, so I’ve never bothered trying, but since I spend most of my time bachelor style all options are on the table. Which of y’all thinks they can learn me something foolproof?

  113. Fire and ice chili. It’s a white chili. Pork and pineapple

  114. I’m not a fan of soup. No menudo. No Posole. Whypipo like Posole.

  115. Scott doesnt like chili, so I dont know how, either.

  116. Comment by lumps on January 22, 2022 10:16 pm
    Scott doesnt like chili, so I dont know how, either.


    Welp, Scotts mental so…

  117. I’m not watching the game but if the 49ers beat the packers I’m kicking all of you in the poon.

  118. Which of y’all thinks they can learn me something foolproof?

  119. easy chili:

    brown up a couple pounds stew meat.

    mix in a chopped up onion. And garlic, to taste.

    Get some good chili powder, add what you think you should (2 tbsp to start) then double it. add some more cumin

    When onion is cooked, add a big jug of your favorite salsa. 32 oz at least.

    Cook this for a couple hours.

    When that is up, crush up 30 tortilla chips, add to mix, stirring, cook another 15-30 mins


    We can go with more advanced topics in the future. Like replacing salsa with individual ingredients. Then replacing chips with masa flour. but this is a good start.

    If you like beans, add them.

  120. A little late, so I’ll post my recipe in tomorrow’s post.

  121. Denmark eliminated regulatory penalties.

  122. Comment by ChrisP on January 23, 2022 12:03 am


  123. If you can make spaghetti sauce or manwiches ™ you can make the kind of chili I like, but I’m not a conventional chili fan. We have chili dogs for dinner sometimes because I’m a grown-ass-man but use Wolf™ canned chili, no beans.

  124. Mitchell, we have a recipe blog here for just that porpoise. Your recipe can be saved for a digital eternity in that location.

    Click on the apron-wearing baby butt tab labelled **H2 RECIPES SQUEEEEEE** to access.

    Then comment here with a link to your recipe since it’s a low traffic site that only gets occasional visits

  125. In high school we’d ride the public bus downtown after school, lift weights and play 2 on 2 basketball at the Y before heading home on the bus. If we timed the bus schedule right then a stop at Tex Barry’s Chili Dogs was made (of course we timed it right over 90% of the time … we’re talking chili dogs!). Two dogs with chili and chopped sweet onions, a small paper plate of fries and a 12 ounce can of coke was under $5.00. Then we’d go our separate ways on the buses, walk home from the stop and eat the dinner our respective mom’s had prepared.

  126. I’ve made three batches of chili so far this winter. One with ground beef (had to use it up) and the other with cubes of beef. I prefer that sort, but erin like the ground beef version.

  127. Erin bet her uncle $100 against the Packers last night. Erin knows football.

  128. 30 min morning play session, and the dogs are again napping.

  129. My brother is coming over today to learn how I make my sourdough bread. The loaves I distributed at Christmas made an impression.

  130. One more coffee then I pick up this place a little.

  131. Everyone’s still snoozing, so I can’t really do anything yet.


    Scott mentioned these when I was lamenting my eyeglass cleaning woes (Zeiss disposable cleaning pads leading to gradual wearing off of the coating of my lens leading to a cloudy appearance).

    Initially I was not impressed, feeling that it was just smudging the oil around. I’ve become a convert over time. My new thing is to ignore the minor oil build up where the glasses touch my face up top as long as I can and then clean them when I can’t take it anymore.

    I end up using the Zeiss wipes maybe once a week and the Peeps every other day. Hopefully this gives my lens some longevity.



    im working on this one today, just about got the intro down

    Play it LOUD

  134. Gotta see if I can foist some of these extra pumpkins on bro while he’s here. I just don’t want to eat them. I do this every year. They just lose their appeal after a while.

  135. I will be making meatloaf today but not as any kind of tribute. Might also make meatballs as a tribute to your mom.

  136. My brother is coming over today to learn how I make my sourdough bread.


  137. Did anyone have troubles loading this page, with the embedded IMGUR videos?

    Were they just empty boxes on your desktop Chrisp?

  138. All good with me here but every time I refresh it jumps way back up to the middle of the memes and I have to scroll down to the new stuff.

  139. That is happening to me as well.


  140. Yah that happens to me to when videos are in the comments.

  141. I have yet to watch a pro football game in 4 years. That tells you what I know about football. I wanted Rogers to win because of his anti vaccine mandate stance.

  142. no problems with them pups

  143. Kay.

  144. Welp, I don’t see any new drafts in the hopper, I’ve got some IMGUR videos with sound I was just gonna use as comments, prepare for annoying scrolling.

    Videos with Sound that make you Scroll

  145. Mare, I’ve been mad ever since Scotty Bowman retired. No reason to go to hockey town & toss an octopus onto the ice since that sad moment in sports history.

  146. Beasley is still playing? he should be dead. not vaccinated

  147. would you classify this as an aggressively called game?

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