Types of Pain

Block Diagram for pain mechanism | Download Scientific Diagram

Ever stop to consider how many types of pain there are?

Pain in the neck.

Pain in the tuchas.

Pain mechanisms and analgesics pathways #Pain #Pathways # ...

Pain in the nut sack.

The five most common types of pain are:

  • Acute pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Nociceptive pain
  • Radicular pain

venn pain – not being able to find the right intersection(s)

Venn diagram showing the intersection of neuropathic pain, nociceptive pain, and “other” pain. In the centre is the word “hell.”

My current biggest pain is emotional I think –


How the fuck did this happen?

Time to drown it out with something….

I ordered parts to build a couple of glock clones; i don’t even like glocks.


  1. Spongebrain Shitpants

  2. I spent about 45 mins reading Foreign Policy last night. Lots of essays on Russia.

    I think the first one has it right…a reality based foreign policy would see that Russia will take back Ukraine.

    We’re not going to fight and they can’t have Ukraine in NATO.


  3. I ordered parts to build a couple of glock clones; i don’t even like glocks.

    I’ve got one of these on my project list.

    This guy is kind of OCD about, well…everything, but he’s got a lot of detailed information. https://is.gd/EVBaCN

    (Link to Marine Gun Builder youtube channel.)

  4. I have a covid story.

    A gym bud got the ‘rona. His whole houses did, and they weren’t like me – tired. They were sick. But healthy so easily recovered.

    He’s canadian, and wants to visit his dad – who has cancer, yada. So for that reason alone, he went to get the jab. blood pressure plummets, passes out, gets rushed to the ER. Sick as a dog for 2 days. He initially decided he was done, but then recently decided to get the booster because his dad (etc). So he goes to the health center – and THEY REFUSED TO GIVE IT TO HIM. Said nope. they remember him from last time. They’re not doing it.

  5. man my pile of supplements gets bigger and bigger

    *gulps more coffee to get rid of that lump

  6. it was 20 degrees colder yesterday than the day before.

    today was 20 degrees colder than yesterday. -9

    can’t wait for tomorrow

  7. Your link sucks MJ. Is it this one: https://foreignpolicy.com/2022/01/19/ukraine-russia-nato-crisis-liberal-illusions/

  8. sue the center! they are quarantining him from canada

  9. Its interesting because according to the news media and government, people like him don’t exist. the shot is safe, and everyone should get it or be shut out from society.

  10. Are they really still promoting that? I have no idea, I’m not being a jerk.

  11. I did read that GA is only about 55% vaxxed.

    Wonder why?

  12. Promoting what MJ? The shot?

  13. Yeah

  14. Well, yea. There are places in the country where you can’t do shit if you don’t have your vax card. If that isn’t promoting it, I don’t know what is.

    Live nation is still requiring it or a negative test (although some places won’t even allow that – Boston I think? card only).

  15. Yep, Boston requires a card. Negative test no longer accepted. For the Tool show. But its the venue that sets the rules, not the band.

  16. People are trying to sell their Boston tickets. but who’s going to buy?

  17. It must be the new science to promote things that obviously don’t work.

    Vaccine = affirmative action medicine.

  18. They haven’t flipped the script to indict Trump and Fauci just yet, MJ. Give it another month.

  19. Are they really still promoting that?

    Morning sports show promoting it today. Teachers can’t go to school, because the kiddos can’t get vaccinated, yannow!

    They openly asked when we were going to treat it like the flu. The gen z host said too many companies are making money from it, and the older ones acted like they hadn’t heard anything about that. Wear your mask!

    There are 2 information streams in this country.

  20. no way they indict Fauci. They retire him if anything.

  21. They better do it before Jan 2023, when the next Congress is set. I think the GOP will win it back, but they will fuck something up and it won’t be the wave it should be.

  22. You mean like let them cheat again?

  23. Deace overtime posed a question: do you think your congresscritter (House and Senate) needs to be primaried? 75% said yes.

    They tried to come up with 24 names to keep, and Joe (You Lie!) Wilson made the list. These guys talk politics for a living and didn’t know how much of a dem plant anti trumper this guy became. They had difficulty naming Tom Cotton to the keep list. Just goes to show how little some people know, because of their limited exposure.

    I looked at Conservative review and the liberty score for Iowa, and was sorely disappointed in Ernst and Grassley (expected). My congressman Feenstra, who replaced Steve King, scored really high though.

    Michigan is a dumpster fire on that site, ugh. Tuberville in AL was a real surprise, with a really high score. Thought he would be a celebrity republican, but he walks the walk. Good thing he’s better at that than he is announcing games.

  24. Berenson’s substack predicted a Fauci retirement this year. He can see the wind blowing and knows where this is all going.

    He can count on the media defending him as a dedicated civil servant and, besides, he’s retired now, why can’t those evil Rethuglicans leave him alone?

  25. let them cheat for one, and us running shitty candidates for another.

  26. *fistbump jimbro

    At least someone around here has some sense

  27. This guy is running against Upton:


    I should get a yard sign.

  28. I wasn’t able to read past the first few paragraphs of MJ’s Ukraine article even with Carin’s link. It does seem they’re going all out for war and by “they” I mean Brandon and NATO.

    I wonder how the MSM will explain Biden’s invitation to Putin to invade? It’ll be hard to explain this one away as a “stutter”. Psaki already tried damage control last night.

  29. heh, watching crowder, and they are shocked that asians are racist towards other asians. Dad always commented that the US is the least racist country. He thought Asia was pretty bad, but the middle east is the worst.

  30. What was the consensus in the legacy media on Brandon’s creepfest last night?

  31. everyone is ignoring it, saying they tuned it out.

  32. heh, watching crowder, and they are shocked that asians are racist towards other asians

    I should call in and tell them about watching Koreans force Chinese and Japanese out of jobs so they could hire more Koreans.

  33. i don’t even like glocks.


    Shut your whore mouth.

  34. The only people shocked by how Asian nationalities treat each other are people profoundly ignorant of history.

  35. FINALLY there’s a lawsuit that addresses the fact that mandating medications that are only authorized under Emergency Use is explicitly illegal. There is an actual law against it that everybody has been fucking ignoring. FINALLY. It’s being pressed by federal employees but if it goes to the supremes and wins, I can’t imagine it won’t apply to everyone.

  36. I’ve heard of some bigger healthcare networks starting to drop vax reqs, too. Maybe the staff loss is really starting to bite.

  37. So, Flint schools are remote only again?


    Can’t read it, ad blocker, but the headline was interesting

  38. FLINT, MI — Flint students will remain at home indefinitely starting next week, as the school district today announced that it will not be returning to the classroom on Jan. 24.

    The decision to continue virtual learning comes from Superintendent Kevelin Jones, who made the call to go virtual to begin the new year after winter break.

    “While this decision was not made easily, it is necessary for the greater health of our community,” Jones wrote in a Wednesday, Jan. 19 statement to parents. “We know this is not an easy time for many across our district and we want you to know that you are not alone.”

    The announcement to continue virtual learning cited Genesee County’s 38.4 percent COVID-19 positivity rate.

    “To lower the transmission number, and to keep it low, we must actively continue distance learning until further notice,” Jones said.

    Last week, the district announced that it was opening doors to students once again on Monday, Jan. 24, after about three weeks worth of virtual learning. That was the plan until today’s decision to continue virtually.

    Food distributions will be available on Tuesday, Jan. 25 and Thursday, Jan. 27 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at these schools: Durant-Tuuri-Mott, Eisenhower Elementary, Freeman Elementary, Holmes STEM Middle School, Neithercut Elementary, Flint Northwestern, Pierce Elementary, Potter Elementary and Southwestern Classical Academy.

    Jones addressed the community’s worries about staying virtual after last week’s Board of Education meeting.

    “We want to get scholars back into the buildings, but it is just not safe,” Jones said. “… We are going to be catching up, educationally, for a while anyway. Most people do not understand that. … We are going to have to catch up, but the world has not ended. We are going to keep going and keep educating.”

    Teacher’s Unions are full of people in need of a hickory shampoo.

  39. Oh, so now hospitals can just turn off ventilators against the wishes of the family?


  40. tweet about Flint:

    Flint, Michigan schools closed indefinitely. This district’s minority enrollment is 90%. 80% of students are in living in poverty. You want to talk about economic inequality, talk to your union bosses keeping these kids and families locked out.

    These kids don’t have computers to remote learn? Those teachers are awful.

  41. for mare, quote from Jason Whitlock re: Saban

    “Nick Saban is certainly a coward, but I’m not sure if he’s a real Democrat. I believe he thinks that the only way to be a successful head coach in this time is to embrace Democrat policies.” – Jason Whitlock

  42. Fuck Saban. Fuck the Tide. He backed BLM too, remember.

  43. Our coaches are avoiding the issues. National anthem starts early at games now, and the players stay in the locker room. At least no one is kneeling.

    There is no comments on it either.

  44. wait, it’s a witch hunt? who could have seen this coming?


  45. In Clyburn’s defense – he is pretty stupid.

  46. He’s not stupid, he’s lying for effect. 2024 will need a pretense for more race riots.

  47. Listening to yesterday’s Deace Show. Predicting an arrest of Trump by SDNY just before the election. I hadn’t thought of that. I didn’t hear whether they thought 2022 or 2024 although 2024 seems sort of far away to pass the straight face test.

  48. I ascribe stupidity to anyone who plays that game. Because they obviously can’t grok where it leads.

  49. oh they know exactly where it leads. Thus stupidity becomes evil.

    Sometimes it’s accidental, probably in Clyburn’s case. But evil nonetheless.

  50. US Taxpayers are being very generous, unbeknownst to them..

    Pfizer Inc., New York, New York, was awarded a $2,047,500,000 modification (P00007) to contract W58P05-21-C-0002 for an additional 300 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine for international donation to low and low-middle income countries. Work will be performed in New York, New York, with an estimated completion date of Sept. 30, 2022. Fiscal 2021 Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act funds in the amount of $2,047,500,000 were obligated at the time of the award. U.S. Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, is the contracting activity..

  51. we certainly are a generous bunch, aren’t we?

  52. Looky there, it’s a big windfall for the city of New York!

    Who could have seen that?


  53. Robert Reich wants to assault disobedient women

    Good thing women are shorter, so that little troll can reach them.

  54. Watching those clips of Biden mumbling through incoherent statements, whoa.

    Glad I don’t live in Ukraine. Or Taiwan.

  55. Count, on facedouche, thought it was pretty good. I don’t know what presser he watched.

  56. Glad I don’t live in Ukraine. Or Taiwan.

    Me too. Of course here in the Disintegrating States of America we’re equally screwed.

  57. Hahahahahahahaha

  58. they reflexively respond with words of violence or misogeny or homophobia when they are angered. Because if you go against their desire, you’re less than human – its ok.

  59. Twitter:I asked Wharton students what they thought the average American worker makes per year and 25% of them thought it was over six figures

    And she thinks it’s because they don’t understand the wage gap?

    These people control monetary policy and government.

  60. Pain:

  61. House of Pain:

  62. House of Pain, the hair metal power ballad:

  63. Synth-pop Pain:

  64. Post-grunge Pain:

    *This is not an endorsement of the song or the band*

  65. Gangsta rap Pain:

  66. Bro Tim FTW.

  67. Ooh, Live is a good choice. Great album.

  68. haven’t heard Live since the last time the iPod shuffled to it

  69. My favorite Live:

  70. good one

  71. Can’t believe I missed The Police and Chevelle.

  72. comments are gold

  73. they are gold. LOL. trumpian Post? really . Lol.

  74. Sorry Trumpington.

  75. BBerard
    Replying to
    He could cure cancer and you people would criticize him for putting people out of jobs. “Is it Really a Win?” your headline would read.

    Yea, about that …

  76. they counting the length of the presser as a positive. That is mostly a factor of the long pauses and meandering while he spoke.

  77. I saw Trumpington Post and remembered we live on completely separate planets.

  78. ABC “News” headline:
    “Vaccine Side Effects Due to Placebo Effect, study says”.
    Note that it does not say ‘some’ or ‘many’ side effects.
    Apparently the heart inflammation, infarcts, pulmonary edema, Bells Palsy, DVT, TIA, stroke, bi-lateral myletus, and DVT are just imagined…

  79. Remember, these people think Faux News is Reich Wing, and still believe Willard Rombley is basically Hitler*.

    *Not literally, though, that’s Trump

  80. https://thepostmillennial.com/watch-matt-walsh-explains-human-biology-to-confused-trans-activists

    “What you want to do is appropriate women, you want to appropriate womanhood, and basically turn it into a costume that can be worn,” Walsh concludes.

    What a line, wow

  81. placebo effect? WTF?

  82. does ABC know what placebo is?

  83. does ABC know what placebo is?

    “When we use a word, it means just what we choose it to mean — neither more nor less.” -ABC “News”

  84. No, Jay. The are conflating placebo with psychosomatic.

    Fun fact, psychosomatic effects can still kill you. They are real effects. The claim is going to be that “misinformation” is killing people in this case, so you must be censored if not jailed for murder.

  85. wow, last night’s Jesse Kelly show starts with a bang. They play Brandon saying “I don’t apologize for what I’ve done”

    Then Jesse reads 13 names.

    I wonder if everyone else listening to that went silent like I did.

    13 moms didn’t get to hug them again.

  86. As their sons were brought back in a plane, and their parents were there, Brandon checked his watch.

  87. Well Spongebrain Shitpants is a busy dude. Has more important stuff to do rather than hanging around with some dead guys Jay.

  88. Oh, who lives in an ice cream cone under DC?

  89. We should really finish that song. It’s got meme potential.

  90. Placebo:

  91. Well, I do have a measure of confidence that his underwear is absorbent and yellow and porous, but I’m not sure how to work that into the next line.

  92. Man, the reverb on that snare drum. Awesome.

  93. Who lives in an ice cream cone under DC
    Spongebrain shitpants
    Porous and yellow and decrepit is he
    Spongebrain shitpants
    who’s babbling nonsense be nothing you wish
    Spongebrain Shitpants
    So trip on the stair truck and flop like a fish
    Spongebrain Shitpants

    Spongebrain Shitpants
    Spongebrain Shitpants
    Spongebrain Shitpants
    Spongebrain Shitpants

  94. /waits for accolades

  95. There’s pain in the rhoids, I’ve worked with numerous over the years. Even one named Roy that I always called rhoid even to his face, until someone explained it to him & he got pissed off and threatened a workplace violence situation.

  96. Don’t make me give anyone the back of my hand.

    Which I’ve learned from Robert Reich isn’t a threat of violence. Its an idiom for rebuke.

  97. Great work Car In! Could you work in both his sperm count and IQ involve negative numbers?

  98. **sends a pitcher of margaritas and a pool boy to Carin for the lyrics**

  99. High five, Car In.

  100. DNH – unfortunately, there are only so many lines to the song

  101. / awaits margs from pool boys.

    Chop chop

  102. Third line, “he’ll sniff your kid’s hair and finger your mish”

  103. Magnificent Car in! Whoot!

  104. Up until this past year, it has been widely known that you cannot catch the same virus- cold or flu- twice. If you get sick again, it is overwhelmingly likely it is a new virus or new strain that you haven’t seen before.

    The society-wide amnesia about these things is nothing short of astonishing. Liberals are able to wipe their memories and overwrite new ones like nobody’s business.

  105. 🎶Spongebrain Shitpants🎶

  106. was thinking that too, laura

  107. Liberals are able to wipe their memories and overwrite new ones like nobody’s business.

    mRNA is a hell of a drug.

  108. here is my pain contribution

  109. Robert Reich, the third?

  110. Roamy is a talented lyricist. She wrote 🎶Forever in Mom Jeans🎶 About JEF for me.

  111. Warning: Only click if you have a strong stomach


  112. Saved the best for last

    RIP Mark Sandman

  113. Highly recommended

  114. ^^^

    That was supposed to be the full album of Morphine “Cure For Pain”

  115. Jim to, you have some seriously good taste in music. Like Swimming is an absolute masterpiece of an album.

  116. I contributed!

  117. I’m listening to Cure For Pain now and have Like Swimming cued up for the morning (I’ll be asleep before too long).

    Morphine was always on heavy rotation. I double checked, Mark Sandman died in ’99 … I can’t believe it was that long ago. The drummer Billy Conway died last year from cancer of some sort.

  118. Mitchell, we were just linking PYW songs on FB. I have the CD. By “We” I mean Morons that are Boomers. Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood streams crossing.

  119. Big Meat:

  120. Dan was watching golf or NFL. I started watching Hamilton. He countered with The Greatest Showman. Well played, Dan. I’m no longer singing Hamilton show tunes.

  121. Oso, Paint Your Wagon was a bit before my time. It’s the only musical Dad ever liked. Parental Units bought the soundtrack album when it came out and we still have it. Dad made a tape of it and we’d listen to it in the car some times.

  122. Darren electrocuted Rhonda’s parakeet.

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