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  1. wtfits

  2. Uncle Roger is a funny mofo

  3. I survived bartending. I asked the gal who I was working for to call up all the annoying regulars and ask them to please not come tonight. THEY DIDN’T . It was awesome.
    Even though she didn’t actually call them it worked out anyway. Did the credit card thing get fixed?

    As a busboy in high school I learned a lot about how adults behave and one thing I noticed were the regulars. Initially I came at it from the perspective of a kid who liked to get together with my friends on the weekend and drink beer underage as in, “Hey, we’ll get together at a bar like this when we’re older and have fun!” Then, when I worked more often and on different nights, it slowly dawned on me that they were there every night. So I started thinking of Cheers which was popular at the time. You ever attend a party and not drink and witness the things people think are funny when you’re sober? There was a lot of laughing at stupid shit that wasn’t even remotely funny. After a while longer I realized they were, in most cases, functional alcoholics and did not aspire to be them.

  4. Every now and then I’d do early morning clean up of the bar area and find paper money dropped at night that the bartenders had missed on their initial late night sweep. That was always a nice bonus.


  5. leftover Poor Man’s Meal

  6. Debbie’s eggplant reeked putridly.


  7. After a good night’s sleep my nasal passages feel normal. I’m taking a break from the wood stove today. Maybe we need a humidifier so I can fill it along with the dogs water all day long

  8. Don’t get the first mug, “Deploy Friday 5PM”

  9. IT joke about deploying update on a friday?

  10. wakey wakey

    Yes, a lot of the regulars … I just don’t know. There is this one couple who are there almost EVERY night. They eat at the bar EVERY night. I’m not exaggerating. Thankfully they weren’t there last night – and I was shocked.

    I mean they must hate being in the house just the two of them. that’s the only thing that makes sense.

  11. These hippies are hard to hate

  12. I’ve eaten at the bar when I was on my own more than a few times but typically that was when I was at a conference in a distant city. It’s a nice change up and avoids the whole Lonely Guy At The Two Top scene but eating there every night seems unusual.

  13. That makes sense TeeRoy

  14. Oh, most people who sit at our bar eat. And I get lots of people in town for work etc. And I do wait on nice people, or even people who are semi-regulars and they are usually awesome. No, I’m talking about the people who are LIterALLY there every night, and eat at the bar EVERY night. its weird.

    There are two regulars that meet up every night right after work and have a few. they are super nice. They are there for usually around an hour,then go home for dinner.

    I’ve never had to deal with the weirdo regulars who show up at this place.

  15. Maybe one the guru’s will deign to enlighten us. It’s prep day for camera up yer arse day tomorrow. This hernia I have going on (tennis ball size) has me apprehensive about the process but Dr says this has to be done before the repair???

  16. It makes sense on a certain level. If you’re going under for the hernia he wants to know a. if you have inoperable cancer in your colon (doubtful given your history which I assume doesn’t include anything ominous) or b. anything he can fetch while you’re under for the hernia in a BOGO fashion. All in all, a careful surgeon which is good.

  17. That makes sense TeeRoy

    That is exactly it. Something always goes wrong with a deployment, doubly so if it’s a weekend.

    Imagine someone scheduling a 2 hour surgery for 15 mins before you leave for the weekend. It’s gonna run over, right?

  18. DiBlasio not running for governor of NY. Shouldn’t have gotten that popcorn stock.

  19. killed it with a meme post. Amazing

  20. Twitter: Rob a train, have it reduced to trespassing

    UP threatening to leave LA county. Shit just got interesting. Especially if Gascon ignores this, which I suspect will happen. More change coming to California.

  21. I’ll go with yer perspective on the subject Jimbro. Thanks.

  22. I was just telling Pat about that this morning (the train stuff in LA). Progressive hopes and dreams smack dab hitting reality.

    Everything they know, isn’t so.

  23. Proggies think midnight basketball and lack of accountability will cure bad behavior. Because RACISM caused it anyway.

    SO fucking stupid.

  24. Am I hearing right, was the Wide Latina literally on the phone for oral arguments the week before last because she’s afraid of catching Kung Flu?

    At least she understands comorbidity.

  25. Triple points for deploying at end of business day just before a long weekend or holiday. Because there is no scenario where services get bunged for days with nobody to fix them, nope, nosiree.

  26. Not quite the same, but analysts used to pull that at the old shop. Kick off a job they know will take a long time. System hits multiple hardware limits, crashes, other analysts crippled. Triage team gets called in on Saturday night.

  27. ever work with Entity Framework, leon? looks like it’s easier to setup from VS using the IDE, than LINQ was

  28. Twitter: You won’t believe what’s happening with the Whitmer plot trial (Julie Kelly, so it’s actual news)

    Defense is asking for immunity not for their clients—but for FBI agents and informants who concocted the caper.

  29. “Normally, these people would testify at trial and would answer questions posed by both sides to the case. It is now apparent that a number of both the agents and sources have reason to refuse to testify by invoking their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination.”

    Jebus, what a shit show.

  30. Alec Baldwin is a creep, and a liberal loon, part 3000

    Donates to a gold star widow ($5k), one of the 13 killed by Brandon’s Afghan surrender. Finds out a family member was at Jan 6, proceeds to out them on Instagram, resulting in his followers harassing them.

    And it wasn’t even the widow that was there, it was a family member, who had already been interviewed (*spit) by the FBI.

  31. No Entity Framework. No VS, not here or the old shop. Everything I’m doing now is an Argo workflow for Kubernetes/Docker. Old shop was going in that direction but didn’t have any Kubernetes expertise on staff yet.

  32. So Entity Framework ~ NHibernate?

  33. * I can see everyone’s eyes glazing over right about now

  34. and I’ll be working on Orchestrator automation soon, as it seems we will be getting rid of more people, so we will rework our batch notifications and error handling.

  35. No Hibernate. We’re a python/Java shop, so it’s mostly straight DB connections when needed, or elasticsearch REST calls.

  36. There is a C# SDK, which involves the (someone at MS should be beaten with a tire iron for this) CLI, but I don’t have to touch that, thank God.

  37. Kubernetes has a C# port? interesting

  38. *Goes blind from all the eye glazing*

  39. Not that I’m aware of. We have several language SDKs that serve as connectors to our front-end API. That API makes calls to back-end APIs, and those back-ends are what talk to actual datastores (S3/DB/ES/etc). The SDK layer is there so that the customer doesn’t need to know or interact with the back-end APIs at all.

  40. heh, you probably understood it mitchell

  41. Twitter: Rogan interviewing McMaster about Jan 6

    This seems like that interview would be a shit show.

  42. Husky puppies were for sale at our mall’s pet store for $1800 yesterday.

    So, you know, starting a puppy mill is an option.

  43. *Takes hammer and chisel to eye glaze*

    Nope. It’s all geek to me.

    *Glazes over again*

  44. For Jimbro. I thought it was already there.

    Poor Man’s Meal

  45. Mitchell, if it’s any consolation, I completely detest this. I studied physics and then math because I wanted durable knowledge and something akin to a connection to eternal truths.

    But knowing how to stitch together software components pays better, and the primary talent needed is being able to rapidly learn the new tech while mostly forgetting the old to make room. I’m a few steps from being server hardware at this point. To continue the metaphor, one of my fan bearings is wearing out and starting to hum louder and louder. When that goes, I’m done. Hoping the mortgage is paid off by then.

  46. For Beans – I have a reverse osmosis water filter plumbed in to the kitchen sink. I also have a Berkey water filter for a SHTF situation and a LifeStraw knockoff for camping.

  47. Wife wants to breed these silly floofy horses that sell for like $10k+

    Eh, I could live with that.

  48. someone at MS should be beaten with a tire iron for this

    This is probably true for lots of things.

  49. They named a component “CLI”.

    CLI has meant “command line interface” for decades. This is demonic nonsense on their part.

    Plus they bought Bethesda and then Activision. MS is going to own all AAA game dev unless there are upstarts.

  50. roamy, that looks like goulash without paprika.

    And it looks good.

  51. I should pitch my “Barn Cat Simulator” game to some indies and see if I get any traction.

  52. I would brown the meat and onion, then add all the other with uncooked pasta, add 3 cups water, and cook the pasta with the rest. Poor man’s hamburger helper.

  53. I bet it would sell, because cats.

    What do the cats do? Is it like Sim City in a barn?

  54. I’m a college drop-out who fell bass-ackwards into this data analyst gig. I mostly muck around with spreadsheets and databases. I know just enough programming to get by.

  55. vb script FTW!

  56. Tower defense and stealth gameplay. You hunt down vermin and avoid larger critters. Racoons would be boss battles. You’d get to invest in upgrades to shelter and passive defenses over time as you notched mouse and chipmunk kills. Coyotes would be an “edge of map” threat to be avoided or kited into raccoons.

  57. Select * from mitch.skills

  58. They named a component “CLI”.

    Seriously?? WOW.

  59. hahahaha, how is that a simulator?

  60. Also, it’s survival semi-permadeath. You have to keep warm in cold seasons, hydrated in hot ones, fed at all times to stay strong.

    You get 9 lives.

  61. it’s true, 22 years ago

  62. Jay, that could work, though I wouldn’t mess with it if I were cooking it for my family. The recipe came from Mr. RFH’s mom. It is a big comfort food for Mr. RFH and the kids, and I learned not to mess with that. It’s funny what you can mess with and what you can’t. Blushing Bunny is another sacrosanct comfort food – it’s just a roux of 3 Tbsp each of flour and butter, condensed tomato soup, and cheese, served over toast. Like Welsh rabbit (rarebit) but with tomato.

  63. That’s just the name, Jay. “Goat Simulator” isn’t, really, neither is “Gas Station Simulator” or “Lawn Mower Simulator”. All of which sold >50k copies.

  64. On the other hand, I Southernized my mother-in-law’s chicken fricassee and chicken stir-fry recipes, and no one complained.

  65. I just like less dirty dishes. When I was out of actual spaghetti, I put raw penne in with the sauce with some extra water, and cooked it. Really good, and thickened the sauce to boot. Now I do that just as often as having spaghetti. Mrs. Jay was 2 thumbs up.

  66. blushing bunny sounds good too

  67. sorry children

    / uncle roger

  68. bonus is you don’t have to use just water to cook the pasta. I’ve started with stock, beer, etc.

  69. Best not even to bring Unnamed Goose Game into the discussion.

  70. I’d outright steal the engine from AVP2 if I could. The wall-crawling Runner in that was perfect for one of the upgrades I envision the cat getting.

  71. I have no idea what’s going on here.

  72. Nothing good, Sobek.

  73. Twitter: Dan Crenshaw battles a little girl

    I wish I was kidding. Not a good look, Dan.

  74. Carhartt is firing unjabbed employees.

    No more of those for me, then. Always hated the stupid leather branding patches anyhow.

  75. That really surprises me, Leon. I would have expected Carhartt to know their customers better than that.

  76. Thanks Roamy. Looks like a traditional comfort food.

    Add sliced peppers and tomato sauce and it’s close to American Chop Suey

  77. Carhartt is the style now, they can give up on their base.

    So says the short lived CEO, hahaha

  78. Huh. Personally, I’ve never seen anyone wearing Carhartt who didn’t have the kind of job that Carhartt people have – oil refinery, rancher, GQ model, that sort of thing. I didn’t realize it was actually fashion.

  79. Jay mentioned Jan 6 a couple of times earlier. I was reading this lengthy Revolver report (do they do any short articles?) and can’t see how anyone would believe Jan 6 wasn’t a set up

    I finally listened to Rogan/Malone podcast and I’m wondering if he interviews people of any political background? HR McMaster seems like a part of the Blue Check Mark Mafia and very swamp-like with his “Russian provocateur” answer to Jan 6,

  80. Rogan will talk to anyone.

  81. Carhartt now seems to be in the fashion place that Timberland boots were in about 20 years ago

  82. None of the Revolver article is reported on, which is why everyone is still “jan 6 was insurrection” eleventy

  83. Everyone in Ames that isn’t a farmer now wears Carhartt.

  84. Carhartt became an “ironic” trendy brand as a way of showing you were more “rugged” than those fakers with North Face or Columbia jackets. They apparently think they can now dispense with men in trucks and forklifts.

  85. Carhartt has been a staple around here the 23 years I’ve lived in Maine. All my years in MA it was strictly blue collar wear.

  86. Hipsters started with John Deere trucker hats a while back. It was weird as heck seeing those in A^2.

  87. I never heard of Carhartt when I lived in California. Moved to Montana and it’s everywhere.

  88. None of the Revolver article is reported on
    Sort of like your Kyle Rittenhouse Trial meme above

  89. Heh, I noticed that after the fact. Was cutting and pasting, not reviewing.

    Should have been in a post a while ago.


    Carhartt’s letter to associates.

  91. Well, guess if I want overpriced outdoor wear, it’ll be Ariat.

    Who am I kidding? It’s the discount aisle at Bomgaars for me.

  92. Oilfield Rando
    David Hogg is the @Carhartt target demo now. Thas ok. Ariat it is.

  93. Ariat has been great about supporting small homestead channels on YT. Good ad placement strategy.

  94. Heh:

    Matthew D. Dempster
    Don’t want to jeopardize that leftist hipster Carhartt beanie market.

  95. yeah, Ariat has been on a lot of DIY channels, woodworking, etc.

  96. lots of lefty support for Carhartt, too.

  97. Haha, Ariat is based in Commiefornia, so they are probably all wokey woke, too.

  98. Duluth Trading is based in Wisconsin

  99. I mostly buy Duluth. It’s generally good stuff so far, so I likely won’t need replacements anytime soon if they go off the rails too. Have not bought any Ariat, just saw a lot of sponsored vids. Pretty sure they send clothes and some cash to any farming channel with over 60k subs.

  100. Comment by Jay in Ames on January 18, 2022 11:34 am
    roamy, that looks like goulash without paprika.

    And it looks good.


    Agree. I love goulash. Corn is good in it too.

  101. I just don’t get it. Apple and Facebook can do this shit because they have monopolies.

    But Carhart? WTF.

  102. wORkPLaCE sAFEty, mJ!

  103. keep their union from striking. and customers from buying. lefties loving it, since it hurts a privately owned company

  104. GE dropped their mandate. G. E.

    Big Ag Corp never had one unless you were going to a convention, and now that’s gone too.

    But Carhartt is pointing a lever-action rifle at its own dick.

  105. Twitter: stupid hits bottom, digs

  106. Hawaii requiring booster to enter? When did they declare independence?

  107. Ice-Ice-Iceberg Baby!

  108. Go Neil Go.

  109. The hits keep coming for Crenshaw:

    Twitter: What have you done for Jan 6 detainees?

    but we have no power! What a crappy answer.

  110. MTG has more balls than that phony.

  111. Think about how bad Crenshaw is at this. He could have ridden his early popularity to a senate seat or the governor’s mansion if he were willing to even just fake it a little better.

    Now he could get primaried by Juan the janitor and lose.

  112. I was making fun of Carhartt hipsters the other day, Dan was wearing his Carhartt Steelers ball cap.

  113. Roamy, sounds like my moms goulash. She would spice it up with red pepper flakes.

  114. good call on the flakes

    Why does sams need 2 days to get me a snow broom for pickup, oso? Even with a call?

  115. Joe fucking Rogan……..well, mysterious ways and all that to be sure.

  116. Wow, must be your Club. We have same day pick up.

  117. 75% of business at our location is curbside, scan and go, or self check.

  118. Sounds like a logistics issue.

  119. wife’s birthday today. Wonder what she wants for supper

  120. Lies, lies, and more lies

  121. Hope you’re proud, Liz and Adam. You won’t be forgotten, at least.

  122. Youngkin has been in office 3 days, now he’s repealed CRT in schools, and no more mask mandates. Winsome Sears says that mask holdouts in blue areas might have funds withheld.

    Its been 3 days since he took office.

    Anyone want to go with me to piss on Paul Ryan’s house?

  123. Everything after the apostrophe was extraneous, Jay.

  124. I tested positive for the Chinese Lung Aids!
    What do I win?

  125. Let me know if you need a recent pic of “your” horse, Chris.

  126. get well soon!

  127. So now Youngkin will be the object of hate, DeSantis is the moderate voice of reason, and Trump is the type of Republican that is reasonable.

    Boy, the timeline on Strange New Respect is speeding up.
    Posted by: alexthechick – Boobs and hysteria at January 18, 2022 04:28 PM

  128. Oh man do I want to live in a world where DeSantis is the moderate.

  129. Oh no, evidently Hershel Walker likes to look at boobies.

    Haven’t found what he did yet, but this is HORRIBLE!

  130. I tested positive for the Chinese Lung Aids!
    What do I win?

    A case of Turtle Wax, and a years supply of Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco Treat and a copy of the Hot Sausages home game!

  131. wow, sams just up and cancelled my order 1 hour before pickup, no notice of it being out, or asking if I want it delivered, etc. That is not a way to let me know.

  132. Sister is bugging me to get covid tested. Why? I’m certain I’ve already had it over two weeks ago (no I didn’t get tested). I’m over it now & have been for a while. What exactly is it supposed to show me? I’m not positive today? Yay? So what? Are we supposed to test ourselves every day? Every week? Every month? For how long? Forever? I don’t really understand the point of all these tests.

  133. Sorry, J’ames. Order cancel is what happens when there’s a bad on hand. If they cancel the order, it doesn’t count against the club’s fulfillment numbers. Our pick up team always calls before canceling.

  134. MX voices. Call them out. Bad comments impacts bonuses.


    (Imgur video)

  136. Whoa. What was that, look like about thirty lateral feet to you?

  137. The memory care my MIL is in did a covid test sweep on all the double jabbed and boosted, inmates, on Sunday. Results came today and MIL is positive. No fever and oxygen normal.

    Unfortunately for BIL, he went to see her yesterday…said she was a little stuffy in the nose and very slight cough.
    She was boosted a month ago.

    Husband’s buddy has it too. Caught it from his wife who is on the mend after 2 weeks. He was going to go wait in line to get tested. Husband asked him why…he said so that he can quarantine. Mr B is like, shouldn’t you do that anyway when you’re sick?

    Nephew, his wife, and their babies got over it a week ago.

  138. We’ve got a deer trying to bed down for the winter along the river in the green space between my open fields and the river. All three dogs chased it last week and just Lola yesterday morning. I’m sure the deer would prefer to be left alone and conserve calories for the winter rather than running away from pain in the ass dogs. Hopefully it wises up and moves on up or down river of sniffing range.

  139. Week before my colonoscopy…*waves to Teeroy riding the porcelain sleigh*….I thought I was coming down with what felt like a cold. Head felt funky, fatigue, overall unwell. But no fever. Thought I was going to have to cancel but by the Monday before, felt better.

    We were thinking we caught something from the grandniece/nephew, at Christmas. Both had runny noses and a tad cranky.

  140. COVID going through work…again. 30 positives. DiT should be going home today.

  141. Or maybe it’s the flu, oso. Maybe again.

  142. Good grief, just saw a picture of dumbass Sotomayor….face shield and black paper mask. And she thinks Gorsuch is carrying the plague.

  143. Testing causes Covid.

  144. This thread on twitter has one case after another after another after another…

  145. Beasn, I’m not testing. Don’t care. Not boosting. Lumps with the ear worm.

  146. Lumps, female soccer has multiple VAERS. Drs aren’t likely to report. Tip of the jabbed ice berg.

  147. I love the moray jokes, Lumps. Also,

  148. Totally off topic, Take me home, Country roads. An homage to West VA, or western VA? Discuss. Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River. Western VA. Not West VA.

  149. Both are awesome.

  150. I don’t know why anyone would want to be tested for covid. Funny how the most transmissible disease EVAH! requires a nasal swab all the way to the back of your brain.

  151. Skyline Drive.

  152. Osita, I thought it was funny that “Country Roads” was almost Massachusetts.

  153. Roamy, no test. 2 pallets of tests expired after we stopped testing weekly due to jabbed numbers.

  154. Massholes already ruined Sweet Caroline.

  155. I was told there are no home tests to be had here. I personally haven’t looked.

    For reasons unknown, they sing “Sweet Caroline” at the Catholic high school football games here and shout “J! P! 2!” at the baa baa bum part.

  156. Oh, and there’s no monoclonal antibodies here, either. Co-worker’s daughter is on a waiting list. Way to go, Joe.

  157. Cyclone game started, if you were wondering

  158. Roamy, that is kind of cool.

  159. Roamy,
    Anita & I are sick. We tested so we know we have it and will be immune from here on out, if we live. Otherwise, we would not know.
    The current tests put the swab 0.75″ into the nostril…

  160. Praying for ChrisP and Anita

  161. Get better soon, Crispy and Anita!

  162. This guy is really great. I could read his timeline all day long.

  163. got my NAC and quercetine. I’m bulletproof now.

  164. 🐻

  165. Someone on FaceDouche posted a list of 30 shows with “you get a point for every one you’ve seen”. I’ve seen 2 (Game of Thrones and Stranger Things) and even then, just the first season of each. Half of them I’d never heard of. Euphoria? Succession? Barry? Narcos? Glow?

  166. Get to watching that TV, roamy, gotta pump up those numbers!

  167. I’m rather pleased to be that culturally clueless. I figured if they were any good, y’all would be talking about them.

  168. either that or we’re clueless too

  169. I haven’t watched any tv since Dexter ended. Not in English anyhow.

  170. the new Dexter is different

  171. I watched most of Dexter and liked it – Mom said the last couple seasons went off the rails a bit. Never finished it. I was a fan of his previous show Six Feet Under. It was oddly subversive conservative though I doubt the creators intended that. Dead Like Me was also a pretty good early 2000 series from…Showtime? Only two seasons and a kind of lack-luster movie cap though. I hardly watch any TV at all anymore.

  172. Daisy enjoyed Roger’s professionalism.

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