MMM 478

It’s a holiday for some guy. He’s not as important as George Floyd, though, so it escapes me why he’s important. Something about dreams. Is it Edgar Cayce day? Whoever he was, I’m fairly certain that his message is forgotten entirely.

Those weights look really nice back there. Ergonomic ‘n’ stuff.

Must be standing on a block or that’s a stubby bar.

Okay, even I will admit that her arms are mannish. Redhead tho.



Belly shirts are for this.

Chest to bar.

225# to excellent depth, but her neck should be neutral.

I wonder how Christmas is doing these days. Pretty sure this is her from 10 years ago.

Have a happy day, on or off, as your job sees fit.


  1. Car in’s article on the snowflake blaming almost everything on antivaxxers is unreadable, both the silly starting position, and yahoo’s shitty website that has so many popups and clickthrus it’s impossible to read. It forwarded 3 times on me, when I’m just trying to scroll, and close windows making it hard to see.

    Bet their clicks are making them a lot of money

  2. so sick of “anti-vaxxer” talk, especially since they change the definition of the word, now everyone gets to pile on.

  3. Just start calling them “vax addicts”.

  4. Though what they really are is approval addicts.

  5. There are times when one keeps one’s mouth shut because to offer a comment would serve no purpose other than to show disdain for all individuals involved.

  6. White fluffy flakes are falling. Wood stove is just getting the downstairs warm enough to take my sweatshirt off. My MLK Day involves drinking tea and a slice of fruitcake this afternoon as is traditional.

  7. So I talked with my sister and mentioned my friend who had died. She knew him peripherally through me but also from her husband who was a UPS lifer. My BiL worked his way up through the ranks at UPS to management and my friend Bill was a driver throughout his time there.

    Anyway, she had heard of his passing from another one of my friends who they know. The second- or third-hand news is Covid and an MI as the cause of death. Hard to know the whole story and in what order it happened or if he was vaxxed or not. I’d assume he was vaxxed given that he worked for UPS.

  8. Heh, people are losing their minds over this:

    Twitter: Is this shit real? (army tik tok dancing in the barracks)

    Why not post the obstacle course? What is this fascination with dancing online? Kids these days.

  9. find the Dana White (UFC) interview, he goes nuclear on monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, and pain pills. Some reporter tried to gotcha him, did not work well.

    This showed up in DuckDuckGo, did NOT show up in Google. Tells me it’s probably true. They blocked the video, too.

  10. Eh, female barracks with a bunch of girls who probably graduated high school last June doing what they naturally do when together. Probably not headed for the Infantry, Armor or Artillery Schools

  11. A lot of social media rides on monetizing the desires of the unhinged and immature for validation and attention.

  12. now that interview is showing on that page. It’s probably our network that was hiding it, now I’m on another list. haha

  13. My state AG, covering herself in glory once again:

    Wait, did I say glory? I meant Soros semen.

  14. oh for pete’s sake, that is such a lazy take. I know shame on Nessel is overused, but she needs to be beaten over that one.

  15. Fucking FBI.

    Complete 180 in positions, in 24 hours. Maybe shut up for just a second and quit propping up Islam every chance you get.

  16. She’s not stupid, but she assumes her voters are absolute retards.

  17. Dem party in Michigan saying the quiet parts out loud, again.

    Twitchy has some really good ones today. Jen Rubin showing her ass again.

  18. Jen Rubin showing her ass again.


  19. Twitter: I get up every day and don’t let the old man in

    Keep going, Clint Eastwood, keep going.

  20. I don’t find any of these ladies to be “help me rub one out” candidates.

  21. In Nature, poisonous creatures develop bright colors to warn of their toxicity:

  22. This would explain tattoos. It all makes sense now.

  23. Twitter: Eye-opening poll

    Fuck you, democrat voters. you have no right to think this.

  24. work has been a never end shit show. On any given day we have 2-3 people missing from the front of the house.

  25. here too, car in.

    But no working from home. Have to come into the office. *spit

  26. well, obviously restaurant workers don’t get that luxury. But the public is really fucking stupid. They see tables empty – why can’t they sit there? Here, let me just seat myself …

  27. What part of “Please wait to be seated” confused you?

  28. yeah, some just don’t get it. There was one of those signs at the local place, and the people behind us said “but there’s a table right there!”

    Not if there isn’t enough help, there isn’t.

  29. I don’t find any of these ladies to be “help me rub one out” candidates.

    Yeah, this was not the best week. These were originally week 97.

    Which reminds me, I need to go back and delete all of the MMM image archive for year 2.

  30. My friend with Parkinson’s turns 78 today. Ima send him that Clint Eastwood quote. Thanks, Jay.

  31. Another thing I hate is when they ask to be moved. Can we have that table right there?

    An honest hostess would inform them that the server who has that table just got a 12 tops, who haven’t even ordered drinks yet, and has 3 other tables who are in various stages of service.

    But they don’t.

  32. I’m bartending for one of my buds, and I just found out the credit card machines are down (all the internet is down in town). This actually happened the last time I bartended. It was horrible. Nightmare.

  33. Credit card thing might be widespread. Chip reader at Lowe’s failed me when I was there for salt and furnace filters. Had to use debit instead.

  34. We need to defund, dismantle, defenestrate and delete the Federal Bureaucracy of Incompetence. But that will never happen, because governments only expand until they invariably collapse.

  35. So, cash only?

  36. Debit card worked in the same chip reader, so maybe an issue at VISA. Seems unlikely that the chip itself would be damaged.

  37. why does sams need a whole day until I can pick something up? grrr

  38. After listening to Carin’s Veep Thoughts video on the previous post, I wonder if A. F. Branco should draw the empty thought balloon for Kamala as well as Dementia Joe.

  39. We have removed the tweet that explained our position. Please don’t misinterpret our statement as a statement of our position.


    Gillibrand breezes in to a restaurant maskless, in violation of the statewide mandate, like she owns the place. guy calls her out on it, has video.

    Pelosi did the same thing, nothing happened. Same thing here.

  41. Pelosi did the same thing, nothing happened. Same thing here.

    Know your place, peasants.

  42. Y’all ain’t so chatty this evening.

    I had to scrape snow and ice today. FUCK YOU ICE.

  43. I just ran the truck for an extra 5 minutes to melt the windshield crust.

  44. I had to scrape snow and ice today. FUCK YOU ICE.

    Las Vegas is dangerously snow and ice-free today. All winter in fact. Not a trace of it anywhere except WAAAYYYY up in the mountains.

  45. Wow, Gillibrand gained a lot of weight.

  46. Prayers for Dave in Texas.

    Ace’s website can eat a bag of ducks. It constantly has errors on my phone and trashes my comments.

  47. “Y’all ain’t so chatty this evening.”

    Still sulking about Car In’s comments about Warrant.

    Not really. Spent the morning running with the missus and playing with my kids, and now I’m flying back to DC. I’m reading Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, which is not very interesting. I keep hoping it will pick up, but I’m almost a third of the way into the book.

  48. Bo-very




    Which is preferred?

  49. Also, feeling a little burning in my nasal passages this evening. It may be the result of being in the same room as a wood stove the past 4 or 5 days straight and not hydrating enough. My skin and lips feel dry. I chugged a liter of water earlier today as well as a schooner of tea with honey. I guess I’ll know more in the morning.

  50. I’ve been Frenching it up every time I read it, so it’s Boh-vah-REE, with a French roll on that R. YMMV.

  51. Gracious! Prayers for Dave –

  52. Why not Bo-VRAY?

    ***dances off, laughing maniacally***

  53. “Never marry a woman who can out run you” – Pupsters Book of Life Hacks

  54. *Subscribes to Pupster’s newsletter*

  55. His friend on TWITTER, says he’s in the hospital, but feeling better today.

  56. Oops, I didn’t read up.

  57. “***dances off, laughing maniacally***”

    Some women just want to watch the world burn.

  58. Mitch, put Brave on your phone.

  59. Dad is still the same – lost in a fog and unwilling to eat much of anything. Today he’s had a few grapes and part of a protein shake. Tonight he’ll eat maybe ten bites of dinner and drink a glass of milk. Don’t know how long he can keep this up.

  60. Is he very thin, Mitchell?

  61. bud in elk is the same in english apparently.

    (Imgur video with sound)

  62. Eh, he’s “skinny-fat” as they say these days. Lost a fair amount of weight last year, but then he was kind of really over-eating the sugary foods for a while before that. He gets most of his calories with Gatorade, scotch and cigarettes now.

  63. He has to have somebody watch him and follow him because he’s a big fall risk now. Very challenging to juggle that, his dr appointments, my job, taking care of the house, getting it ready for sale, etc. We have Visiting Angels and they do help but it’s getting overwhelming even so. Fortunately my elder brother and his wife are stepping up. They’ll take him in for a while as I get things wrapped up here.

  64. Ciggies are zero cal.

    If he has any body fat layer, I wouldn’t worry about missing a few meals. Or even a lot of meals. As long as he gets adequate fluids.
    I’ve seen profoundly depressed patients eat absolutely nothing, for months. Not kidding. Like, six months. Fluids only, and scanty.

    Is there anything he used to like to do, that would help with depression? Like going to look at a body of water, or just go out for a drive someplace he knows and can talk about? What kinds of things did he used to like to do?

  65. Sorry, didn’t see your follow up while I was writing my comment.

  66. He may perk up with other fam around.

  67. Still sulking about Car In’s comments about Warrant.

    Look, someone has to tell it like it is. I’m that person.

    I would never, ever intentionally or willingly listen to any song by any hair band.

    I stand by that statement.


  69. /changes station

  70. *screams*

  71. *thrashes my long, luxurious, 80’s-90’s permed hair*

  72. I’d rather listen to Lady Gaga.

  73. I survived bartending. I asked the gal who I was working for to call up all the annoying regulars and ask them to please not come tonight. THEY DIDN’T . It was awesome. I had an early, normal rush of normal people who tipped well. No one at my bar for the last hour, got out early with bank.

  74. Holy shit. What’s the cover story for telling regs not to come in?

  75. Looking for TWO more awesome runners for our co-ed FUN team of 6. This is a good ONE DAY relay to test out the “relay waters.”
    *must be flexible, dependable, vaccinated, no pace requirement


  76. LOL, she didn’t do that. I just got really fucking lucky.

  77. They are loser barflys and maybe perhaps they had a special night out planned elsewhere?

    I dunno. A few came in, but not the worst of the worst. I’m chalking it up to a win.

  78. At least Lady Gaga can sing.

  79. most of them know I was pissed at them because they acted like animals one night when Erin was training to bartend. I had to step in to cover and she went to cry behind the restaurant.

    They are assholes.

    “we didn’t MEAN it”. whatever.

  80. This was a few months back. They know what they did. She has refused to train to bartend since that night.

  81. Dad has advanced macular degeneration, so he can’t see or do much. He has significant hearing loss too. He doesn’t like his hearing aides. He can hear if it’s loud enough though. Still, he won’t listen to audiobooks, though he won’t say why. He has some dementia and his short-term memory is crap so he probably can’t really follow a story-line anymore. He only listens to talk radio and Fox News which he plays at high volume. He particularly likes Hannity, whom I can’t stand. Sean compresses the most words into the smallest ideas of anyone I’ve ever heard. Drives me nuts.

  82. Mitchell, you’re a great american. Why is Hannity so popular?

  83. Well, at least he’s enjoying something in life! It is doubtful that most will have that luxury at his age.

  84. My dad enjoyed certain things too – just let him do what he want. Talk radio and fox news were the two biggies. Hockey games too. Its fine. Whatever it is that he wants to be engaged with.

  85. The vast, vast majority of us are not great Americans. Even the most awesome.

    There needs to be a show where pretty terrific but ordinary Americans get showcased, and then told, “You are not a great American,” and everybody just shrugs and applauds anyway, because we can be wonderful but we just can’t all be Ben Franklin.

  86. Mitchell would still win tho

  87. g’night

  88. Lumps, you’re cracking me up with your enthusiastic Whitesnake.

    Car In, if you never intentionally listen to a hair metal song for the rest of your life, I can fully respect that.

  89. I love the Whitesnake Lumps, too.

    I brought vitamins, zinc, quercetin, melatonin, two cans of chicken noodle soup, grape jelly, bread, and leftover Poor Man’s Meal to the daughter of a former co-worker. (Co-worker passed in 2013; I miss him. He was a great American.) She and her husband have had the coof for 10 days, he’s vaxed, she’s not. Can’t seem to shake it. Their kid is having a field day, he’s consistently negative. Here’s hoping my good deed goes unpunished, but dammit, she needed help.

  90. You’re a good soul roamy. And a great American. Hopefully, you left the goods on their front porch.

  91. Btw, what kind of water filter do you have?
    Seeing as how I’ve got gastritis, lemon water for my stoned kidney, is a no no. So water filtering is another thing I need to look into.

  92. Debbie’s eggplant reeked putridly.

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