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  1. I wonder if Ron gets away to do a little fishing now and then

  2. I totally missed his passing

  3. Minus 4 bitchez

  4. wakey wakey

    My last night was a bit crazy. I went for a two hour frenzy of trying to get ahold of ethan – I figured (mom’s intuition) something was up. He made it halfway through the day yesterday and rang the bell. He said He just didn’t want it enough – and had been feeling that way since BO- not wanting it as badly. He said he wasn’t really ready for the water confidence stuff – which is today. Biggest thing is that he just didn’t want it enough – and that is really what the first phase is about. he can try again in a year and a half (or try another special warfare job) but right now he’s good with his decision. I think he’s just too young. He said he was really surprised about some of the other guys who quit.

    He sounded ok and positive, which is really what I was most worried about. He said it was a learning experience, and that he’s learned from “failure”. He said since getting out there – his drive for that job has gone down. who know, is it the girlfriend? I’m sure it will all work out in the ‘wash’.

  5. he’s got zero to be down about. it’s harder than anything else. much respect to him

  6. I was really worried about how he’d be about it – knowing that in all likelihood it would happen.

    Today he meet to discuss what next/job possibilities.

    I really don’t know that he *could* want the job enough at this point in his life. Watching the documentary – lots of guys don’t make it on their first go -through (or as a fresh-faced 19 y/o). They do something else for a bit, get more experience.

  7. Initially I was surprised that new recruits were allowed to attempt BUDS TBH. I don’t know how or why I believed that recruitment/selection for any Special Forces job happened with service members who had some time in already. Like after a couple of years.

  8. I think it used to be. It really seems like a better path. Maybe since the regular navy (boot camp) has gotten so soft, they did this?

    Who know. Ethan said a lot of the instructors didn’t make it though the first time, etc. He told them – he had to fill out some sort of survey – if he wanted to go again, and he wrote no. They asked him about that, and he explained himself – and they responded that he was the type of person they wanted to try again.

    who knows. He said maybe ED.

  9. I didn’t know the Navy let you train for erectile dysfunction.

  10. It took me two times to get into med school. I learned a lot about myself and life in general in the process. I was a much better candidate the second time around. I don’t know if that info would provide any wisdom or solace for him but feel free to share it if you do.

  11. Agreed, much respect to Ethan for giving it his best try.

  12. I will. Pretty sure that its an issue of wanting it enough. His head wasn’t there – for whatever reason. If he tries again (or tries another SW job) , I imagine he’ll be in a better headspace knowing what he’s learned.

  13. You learn from failure. People who can take it without breaking are already a step up. Kudos to Ethan for what he accomplished.

  14. I was rooting for him because it was cool and he wanted to try, but I was worried that if he made it – my life would be constant worry.


    Sort of long guest post that is in the category of “Liberals Eating Their Own” which is why it’s fun to read. I consume minimal amounts of their (Hollywood’s) content now so it’s not like I’m suffering from the war on white people.

  16. sounds like he was sick, was doubting what he could do.

    I did better at college my second time too. Needed focus. Probably should have joined the military.

  17. reading lefties like Bari Weiss makes me leery. They are still farther left than I like, but they did just get hit with the 2X4 of reality and what shits the left really is. I have to take it with a grain of salt.


    My nephew has the coof. Seems to be doing okay. Sis is starting him on ivm, zinc and quercetin.

  19. jebus, that article by Weiss hits you with racism right off the bat. White white white.

    I just don’t see things that way. No wonder it’s hard to be a good communistlefty.

  20. mom had couf, brother had couf. Mom had monoclonal antibodies, no ivermectin. Not sure on brother.

  21. interesting that I heard that Glee was the origin of woke culture in Hollyweird circles.

  22. Meanwhile, CBS mandated that writers’ rooms be at least 40 percent black, indigenous and people of color (or BIPOC) for the 2021-2022 broadcast season and 50 percent for the 2022-2023 season.

    Nevermind that whites are 70% of the population here, if we are going by skin color alone. These people make me ill.

  23. We are desperately trying to gather racial data so we can sell it.

    Apparently it’s really difficult to figure out someone’s race.

    I’m not sure what it will be used for but probably ‘health equity’ which means race will be a factor in determining who gets moved to the front of the line for care.

    I’ll figure out a way to stop it, hopefully.

  24. Seems to be hitting more people I know this time around. Our idiot governor is under intense pressure to do the shit that didn’t work last time, but so far he is resisting, which is a pleasant surprise.

  25. I was horrified that BIPOCs move to front of the line for monoclonal antibodies in larger states. I’m glad mom lives in Iowa, and there isn’t a shortage. All because liberal lists suck. NY has a shortage, because the communists have to divide everything up, to make it fair, rather than depend on market forces.

    Thus the divide between communists and Trump voters. Race has nothing to do with it on the Trump voter side, and everything on the other. Yet we are declared to be the racists. And you can’t make anyone see it, either, even though it’s out there in plain sight.

  26. wow, Ned is resisting lockdowns? good for you!

  27. Movies and shows that were once widely acclaimed but are now verboten, writers and directors said, included “Blazing Saddles,” even though it was co-written by Richard Pryor; “The Bad News Bears,” even though it featured a multiracial cast; “Tootsie,” because transgender activists; and “Rocky” (“bad guy CANNOT be black,” a director explained in an email). Nor would “The Wizard of Oz” get greenlit. (“The munchkins? Forget it,” the director said). Nor would “All in the Family,” probably the most influential show of the 1970s. (“Archie Bunker”—the main character—“is basically a Trump voter,” a producer explained.) “South Park,” which debuted in 1997, has been grandfathered in. “Otherwise, no way,” another producer said.

    Preach Bari, preach. These people are missing out on actual non-racist movies, because they are racists.

  28. I keep wondering when the breaking point will be reached.

  29. Can someone explain why Joe Rogan is a Bernie bot? It just doesn’t fit. Tim Pool is too.

  30. I keep wondering when the breaking point will be reached.

    At some point, one of the white “allies” pushing this shit is going to get forced out of a CEO slot. Other C-levels will react accordingly. That’s my guess.

  31. laura’s article, oh yeah

    I wanted to share a snippet with you because it puts everything into perspective: basically, the death rate hasn’t changed at all because people are dying with COVID rather than from COVID.

  32. Joe has done a lot of drugs, Bernie appeals to that sort.

    Tim’s got beanie hat. Pretty sure they’re obligated to be wrong.

  33. also, it’s been 27 years since he left there?

  34. So, new Project Veritas video on Fauci and gain of function.

    Military docs? Wonder what new this will uncover. Methinks not much.

  35. He’s on the 30 year graduation plan.

  36. she gets so close, but can’t give up the illusion that her beloved lefties are sick communists:

  37. Took a look at Marketplace insurance plans. To get a decent deductable I’d have to pay two months of take-home per month.

    I’d have to pay my entire take-home to get one with a deductable as bad as I currently have.

    So, fuck that.

  38. They are going to use Jan 6 as a tool to not lose Congress:

    Saw that with Michael Jackson’s, err San Fran Nan’s outburst yesterday.

  39. crowder back on today, deace started yesterday. It’s all getting back to normal.

  40. I wanted to share a snippet with you because it puts everything into perspective: basically, the death rate hasn’t changed at all because people are dying with COVID rather than from COVID.
    This is correct. And people dying of covid or with it would have died anyway. The death rate is statistically stable. Has been for along time, although it’s been edging up slightly for the past decade.

    Every time you hear omg death rate – it’s a lie or a misunderstanding of data. Probably both.

  41. What is this new 40% increase in deaths that the insurance companies are coming up with?

  42. I don’t know. It referenced an increase in the middle aged male demo who have their (can’t remember the company) insurance plan in Indiana.

    But the guy said he’s hearing the same thing from others, whatever that means.

    It doesn’t match the US data at all. I can check by state.

  43. Disrespect embittered Ron Popeil.

    That’s because the Pocket Fisherman was for fags. Right, Jay?

  44. I mean, who goes fishing in pockets except fags?

    And your mom.

  45. This is what rang my bullshit bell;

    OneAmerica is 100 billion dollar business. It isn’t.

    It’s a 2.2 billion dollar business with 100 billion of assets under management. The insurance portion of their business is tiny.

    Missing that sort of detail is sloppy.

    And it very well could be that there’s a 40% increase but where are they starting and compared to what? He says prepandemic levels, which is fine but from that point a lot of conclusions are sort of just spun out.

    He said they expect to pay 100 million in claims. Last year they paid out 6000 million in claims, total. That’s not very significant compared to the total but is in the insurance portion.

    That whole article is a mess of quotes and inference and not really understanding what’s being said.

  46. how big of a pocket is needed for a pocket fisherman anyway?

  47. Have we had this link here? I think I got it from HQ comments:

    Seems plausible.

  48. A guy named Xiu Ping Ling got hammered the night before and fucked up at work.


    Three years of bullshit.

  49. doesn’t the dominant virus crowd the other ones out? also seems plausible

  50. Not endorsing the site, there’s a lot of joo hate there, just enjoyed the one article.

  51. Yes, Jay. This is the extreme form of the conspiracy theory, where there doesn’t even need to be a new virus, just a panic coupled with a bad flu season made worse by banning normal treatments.

  52. The destruction of trust is so deep that it’s plausible, and that’s bad.

    But yeah, a new virus that hit the same attack surface and was more transmissable would crowd out the others, as I understand it.

  53. I’m so proud “one of our own” wanted to try a really hard thing. Ethan must have been in fantastic shape and that alone takes a lot of self ass kicking. When he decides what he wants to do within the Navy I hope it’s something he can enjoy-that’s a gift. If he doesn’t, that’s alright too he’ll learn and grow from each step.

  54. I’ll bet mare could pass BUDS

  55. Common sense tells us that there was not a 40% increase in deaths (due to covid).

    The flu mysteriously took a break.

    And of course, heart attacks and other common death causers were labeled covid.


    A David Goggins reference.

  57. Speaking of attack surface. When I got sick Feb/ March 2020 (which I assumed was just a sinus infection that went south but now think it was Covid), the back of my throat was so raw and sore it hurt to breathe. Never, never, ever had a sore throat like that before. After some miserable nights I decided to start gargling with saline, and that helped. But when in desperation I bit the bullet and ate kimchi one night before bed (fortunately I had non-spicy white kimchi), the next morning my throat felt a WHOLE lot better. I don’t really know, but I suspect the key was either the lactic acid, or repopulating the pharynx with beneficial organisms.

  58. Deaths in working age people in IN is probably very low generally. It it’s 10/100k and goes to 14/100k, it’s a 40% increase(!).

  59. Yeah, Scott and I were talking about that article. I’m tempted to say it was an uptick in suicides and overdoses, but these were working people with an insurance plan and I’d assume fewer of them have those issues. Could be wrong.

  60. I’ve added daily Listerine gargling and saline wash of my nostrils to try and stay healthy while my daughter continues bringing home presents from 1st grade.

  61. I don’t really know, but I suspect the key was either the lactic acid, or repopulating the pharynx with beneficial organisms.

    Or the infection was just running its course and you would have felt better anyway.

    Or not. After all, I AM pre-med.

  62. Carin, the only thing I can tell you is this, if he can get into a special forces unit (doesn’t have to be SEALs) he will be elevating the level of person he’s in contact with on a daily basis.

    There are a lot in the military who do their time and they do it half-assed. There are others who are simply dumbasses. But when there is a series of qualifications for a particular unit that seems to filter out SOME of the lame asses.

    His everyday life would be spent with a higher caliber individual.

  63. That’s kind of what I was thinking, leon.

  64. Dr. McCullough encourages rinsing the nose with water or saline and a couple of teaspoons of betadine.

  65. anything to cut the viral load, right? That’s what HCQ and IVM are for too. They are right, they don’t cure covid, but they sure do kill excess virus, which seems to make everyone sicker.

  66. “injecting bleach” is another one. Getting disinfectant in is one of the methods of reducing risk. Trump just didn’t say it well, he was right once again.

    Thinking out loud, in front of people. Would be amazing if the current occupant would be able to do that without too much effort.

  67. Yeah, “the dose makes the poison” isn’t a perfect analogy, but the amount of literal attack surface (in this case cell membranes) exposed to infection matters considerably.

  68. We’ve spend billions of dollars and millions of man hours trying to figure out how to get something as simple as toothpaste antiseptic up close to HIV in vivo.

  69. Twitter: Cruz at the Jan 6 tribunals

    Oh great, he’s still talking

  70. I’m no Cruz fan anymore but he asked some good questions. The dumbass he was asking only answered “I don’t know.” Hoo boy.

  71. as simple as toothpaste antiseptic up close to HIV in vivo.
    ER Doctor: “Okay, let’s run through this again. Can you tell me how a tube of Pepsodent came to be lodged in your anus?”

  72. because of course he would! he already has his left wing book deal.

    libs make less money on books, because they don’t read. They already know everything.

  73. Barn cats both need spaying, vet just called to reschedule because they are closed this week. No staff.

    Shit’s getting real.

  74. I wonder if they made their vet techs get jabbed and the techs noped.

  75. Yeah, I keep wondering what will happen next. My ability to predict the course of things is horrible. I said out loud almost two years ago that the lockdowns will be over within a month because people won’t stand for it, lol! What a wretched bad call. All my calls are bad, really. Mostly naive.

    Thank goodness I’m married to Scottstradamus.

  76. I was sure they’d get the blood they were asking for, instead we got piecemeal Irish Democracy.

  77. Your mom loves it when Hotspur repopulates her pharynx…

  78. I’ve been rinsing my sinuses with saline every night, mainly to lessen allergy symptoms. It seems to really help. Penelope is still coughing from whatever virus she caught. I felt bad on Sunday, mainly gritty eyes and sore throat, but I got over it in a day.

  79. If Trump wins again conservatives should put real pressure on him to start arresting lefties and throwing them in prison. Maybe a few executions – big luxurious affairs – to put a fine point on it.

  80. Deace reading the DARPA document. virus released accidently Aug 2019, from Wuhan. was supposed to infect bats.

    Ivermectin, identified as a curative in Aug 2020 works through all phases of infection.

    Chloroquine Phosphate (HCQ) identified April 2020 as a curative, is a SARS Covid inhibitor.

    People need to go to jail.

  81. IVM suppresses viral load, and modulates the immune system.

    People need to go to jail.

  82. watch Deace be cancelled now. They are already banning Project Veritas accounts.

  83. All my calls are bad, really. Mostly naive.
    Oh man, I feel that. Before the election I was super confident Trump would win because Biden didn’t campaign and he had no get out the vote effort.

    Turns out he had the best one ever! Facebook donated $400M, 90% of which was spent in 4 states to target voters. The money went to ‘approved groups’ meaning left wing organizations like the formerly known Acorn.

    And they harvested ballots in specific counties, achieving an 81% increase of voter turnout!

    They literally bought the election. Of course we were told it was a non partisan effort by Facebook, which is fucking lol.

  84. yup. name a GOP area FB operated in

  85. “Twitter: Cruz at the Jan 6 tribunals”

    If you take Cruz at face value, Jan 6 was a violent, criminal insurrection, and also the government was responsible for the Jan 6 insurrection. If you take him at face value. So what are the implications of that?

  86. yes, he has said multiple times it was a terrorist attack.

    One where no one has been charged with terrorism, insurrection, etc. Or had a gun.

  87. Jay, what did Major Murphy do/say?

  88. Oh, I’m sorry, it’s in your link. Thank you.

  89. he is the Major mentioned in the leaked documents. he is NOT the source.

  90. What if Cruz made those earlier statements so that during his questioning of the scum at FBI no one would think him disingenuous of the seriousness of the situation?

  91. Hotspur, you give a politician (known scum- all of them, just a few who prove the rule) too much credit.

  92. “… too much credit.”

    I’ll go ahead and agree with Mare, even if she hasn’t calmed down yet.

  93. she’s coming down from BUDS training, give her a break.

  94. There were terrorists hoping to overthrow the elected government there that day.

    They had green badges, and guns.

  95. My mom and sister told me my neph hasn’t taken his IVM yet nor the other supps. I texted sis what the Hell is he waiting for, the spike protein is dangerous to the heart muscle, he needs to stop viral replication NOW. Then I called my mom.

    So sis called the kid, and mom nagged him through me. Triple Nag Team.

  96. Ted Cruz actually going for the jugular

    Maybe this Tucker brouhaha was just what he needed to push him in the right direction.

  97. Meh, that one looks like BS

  98. If you can change your gender, why can’t you change your race?

  99. the interview with the pilot? seems plausible

  100. Kirsch does a bit of “too good to fact check” stories.

  101. That DARPA thing is explosive. Why no flaming skull?

  102. I don’t think anyone believes it. Deace show really broke it down, and that’s what flipped the switch for me. Earlier I though *yawn another PV video. It’s when you read what’s in it.

  103. But the libs will memory hole this.

  104. When this country falls apart it’s going to happen so fast the entire world is going to be shredded by the shrapnel.

  105. The funniest part will be the 30M Mexicans trying to go home.

  106. Ethan is not answer my phone calls and I”m not happy about it.

  107. He’s probably exhausted and finally getting some rest!

  108. I’d be crashing pretty damned hard about now if I were him.

  109. He was supposed to meet with someone today at 9 am their time about his next assignment/job.

  110. I’d be drunk and trying to get laid –
    But I was kinda a ne’er do well at that age.

  111. Do you think black people like being black?

  112. That was only 2.5 hours ago, he might still be in meetings or going from one to another.

  113. Those docs…are interesting, if legit. And these days who knows?

  114. Ray Epps, Part 2

    debating on giving Revolver some money. They have done some great reporting.

  115. hmm, only $5 a month, ad free

  116. Send me $5 a month and I’ll be ad free.

  117. I don’t care for your reporting medium

  118. Why? Just because I publish from your mom’s?

  119. Price of old imported Japanese Kei trucks is going up. 😦

  120. I just heard the CEO of Pfizer say “the first two shots provided very little if any protection.”

    Okay, you stupid suckers were we right or were we right?

    SAY IT.

  121. Ivermectin, identified as a curative in Aug 2020 works through all phases of infection.

    Chloroquine Phosphate (HCQ) identified April 2020 as a curative, is a SARS Covid inhibitor.

    People need to go to jail.

    I linked that late last night…but it can’t be repeated enough.

  122. My colonoscopy was scheduled to be done tomorrow afternoon. The center called and said they have several cancelations, can I come in 3 hours early.
    May as well. I should take a nap since I will be up all night but thinking about drinking that crap already has me riled.

  123. SAY IT.

    Okay, you’re a racist.

  124. Beasn, that was unpleasant as hell. By the end of the prep I was shooting out clear water by the gallon.

    Cleanest colon ever!

  125. Do you think black people like being black?
    Any black person who wonders about that probably doesn’t. The rest of them, just living their lives and ignoring the media, most likely could not give a shit about their skin color.

  126. The “I love being black” movement is a big one. I can’t say I ever much thought about being “white”. I’d prefer a less pasty color. Growing up all my friends were black and changing my skin color wasn’t something I gave much thought to, but I certainly never considered being white an advantage to me.

    People need to “wake” up and realize they should like who they are for how they think and what they do. Not what they look like – whether it is the skin color or relative attractiveness of their outer shell. I wonder if we’ve ever lived in a time where people were so obsessed.

  127. If you want to get white people to start thinking of themselves as an identity group, just keep going with crap like that.

  128. I, for one, think of Western Civilization as the best civilization. But that’s just me and I’m racist.

  129. It’s all just ____ war masquerading as a class war.

    Everyone knows it. The produce sucks. There are stock outs all the time. Cars aren’t being made. We should do more with less, etc. etc.

    I really think this is the start of the decline. A few more hundred years and we’ll be back to the dark ages.

    But think of it like this…some assface will be sitting under a tree, an apple will fall on his head and he’ll get to rediscover gravity!

  130. Pedophile is the new gay they say.

  131. How do the gays feel about being equated to CNN producers?

  132. My nephew has the coof. Seems to be doing okay. Sis is starting him on ivm, zinc and quercetin.

    According to someone on faceass who argues with everyone to get their jab because too many unvaxxed are dying…Noone is doing ivermectin any more…and then blah blah blah when I linked the PV link and that of the IVM, HCQ being suppressed.

  133. 70 people dropped and it’s only halfway through second day.
    I just talked to Ethan. He’s still good with the decision he made . The OIC just dropped and seven followed him when he left. (Officer in charge) .Ethan said he would have walked out when he saw him give up – he couldn’t believe it.

  134. How big was his class, Carin?

  135. I think so many were weakened by covid or this cold going around. It lingers a long time and just when you want to be at your peak physically you’re dealing with a cough or weakened respiratory system .

  136. 203. Who knows. Ethan was sick for the last month. He said a LOT of guys were too.

    Just, who knows. But it is what it is.

  137. But he swears it wasn’t the physical stuff. that he was holding up that just fine. It was the misery. He just didn’t want it bad enough. At least not now.

  138. Updated list of ivm and hcq writing doctors nationwide.

  139. Sssss OK. That young man did a phenomenal thing. He tried. Most don’t even have the balls for that. Most know there is no way they could. This kid tried. He tried what is arguably known as the most physically demanding, beat your ass in every way military training in the world. Courage. That he was selected and given the opportunity says that this kid is special. I’m certain the Team guys liked him if they want him to try again, they aren’t known for blowing smoke up people asses. And he should, but first go to SWCC with his buddies. He was hanging with swcc guys and it is part of the traditional pipeline if I’m thinking correctly. Gunners Mate in Swcc should be fun. Get to work on and operate all the weaponry.

    He should stand proud.


  140. Still very proud of Ethan. Hope he finds something that he is passionate about.

  141. Dad group pow-wow tonight. Hoping for a good turnout.

  142. Same here. Mighty impressed Ethan got as far as he did.

  143. Teeroy is connecting with my comment about being with a special group. Trust me, having a means to be weeded out in any way is better than being in just general population.

  144. Jay, thanks for the Revolver link. That was interesting. Unfortunately no one will ever be held accountable for it.

    The RNCC called tonight. I usually just let it ring, but decided to pick up. The lady starts her spiel and it’s so rehearsed I think it’s a robot. I agree Joe and the democrats’ are worthless (not her words). Then she ask if she can count on me to donate to the NRCC. I start with “well since I’m talking to a robot”, she correct me she is not a robot (that’s what a robot would say). I then continue, “I don’t trust them and will only give directly to candidates”. She goes quite and I hang up. They really think we will trust their stupid asses. The grift should be up by now. Maybe I’m wrong, but I hope by now most people are on to them.

  145. Thank you, lumps. Gov Wuhan, in addition to not allowing ZPac and Ivermectin, also put limits on Listerine, toothpaste, and salt. She is evil and should be prosecuted.

  146. Hmmm, I read where the average height for US women is 5′ 4″, and the average weight is 171 pounds. Waist 38.7″

    For men it’s Height 5′ 9″ Weight 200, waist 40.5″

  147. Taller than average. Much lighter than average. Waist smaller than average *cough*
    Not sure Pepe’s source is being real.

  148. Poop. Average height used to be 5’3” and 3/4. I was average. Now, I guess I am short. Fist in air “MARE!”

  149. Lost a friend. He took the vax and the booster for his family. He stepped up and became dad to his brothers troubled family. I was friends with his brother and children. His niece lost both parents to this insanity. Now, she lost her Uncle/Dad to the booster. Fauci at the very least, needs to be held accountable. MLG and the Cuomos. Wolfe. Murphy.

  150. My Uncle Goob is in the hospital. Yes, he smoked. Yes, he was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. My COVID takeaway, are we asking every COVID positive if they are obese? Oso at Dr appt when asked to get on scale “Are you fat shaming me?” PA “?” Oso “I’m just fucking with you. No really, are you fat shaming me?”

  151. lost in Kansas by 1. Missed goaltend, and a terrible flagrant 1. Life at the phog, so many bad calls benefit the Beakers down there.

  152. Oso, I agree on Fauci. He started all this and has made it worse. I truly hope he is held accountable and I’m sorry on the loss of your friend.

  153. Thank you. He was a great friend and brother and uncle. I feel like Cassandra. Shouting the truth into the abyss.

  154. First dose down the hatch. Fortunately, it was about 6 ounces.

    Tsunami watch has begun.
    Feel like I got a rock in my stomach.

  155. That sucks so hard about your friend, oso. I’m there at the abyss, screaming with you.

  156. Gov Wuhan, in addition to not allowing ZPac and Ivermectin, also put limits on Listerine, toothpaste, and salt.

    Why the latter three and why in hell has no smart lawyer sued fuck out of her.

  157. Ruh roh…small tweaks of crampage.

  158. I am avg height and under the avg weight.
    Tonight I shall lose a couple more.

    Feeling a little chilled.

  159. Beasn,
    I got referred to the gastro folks by my Doc. I was so greatful when the told me; “Nope, you are good for 5 years after your last one!”
    I really hate the ‘PREP’ for that.
    The colonoscopy, not so much. The ‘PREP’, oh yeah…

  160. Instructions say to drink 5 or more 8oz glasses of clear liquid over the next 5 hours..after first dose.
    Felt like I just passed 40 oz, in the 1st hour.. Oy. Stuff I had the last time, didn’t work this fast.

    Drank 24 ounces…water and tea.
    Opened the Gatorade.
    Still nauseous. The second dose in 5 hours, scares me.

    Piss out yer ass blog.


  161. ChrisP, I am on the five year plan because polyps last time.
    No polyps or anything else, you go to ten years.

  162. Hopefully, I get the good anesthesia tomorrow. I really need a nap.

  163. Apparently I’m well over average height, a tad over average weight. I’m trying to lose a little bit of belly flab and gain more muscle at the same time. That’s tricky, because all the muscle I’ve put on in the past couple months (mostly arms and pecs) has been at the cost of eating a LOT more than I’m used to. So I’m stuck with this little pot belly.

    Couple years back I dropped a bunch of weight, but that was at the cost of a whole bunch of muscle, and my frame is naturally pretty skinny, so I didn’t have much to spare. I had more than one person tell me (in effect) that I was looking pretty gaunt. No bueno.

  164. Car in, so very proud of Ethan – it takes a lot of courage to ring that bell. He is going to be fine – he knows what he DOESN’T want (for now), and that is a very important thing to know.

  165. Danny experienced real pleasure.

  166. Feeling awful.
    Getting no shut eye which makes everything worse because everything is making me nauseous which makes everything worse. Not sure if the second dose is going to go down.

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