BBF 2021 Unfinished Boob Business

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.


_Eye Tracking Challenge_ (NSFW – Language)_


We have unfinished Boob Business from 2021, thank you all for your participation last year. Let’s make 2022 the Best Big Boob year ever!



2021 Miss Congeniality – KYM GRAHAM

Miss Graham did not fare terribly well in her initial posting, and there are next to no GIFs of her in circulation so I had to make a few to get by. She is however cute as a bug and defeated a fine group of boobs to be declared 2021 BBF Miss Congeniality.

Born: Sunday 15th of November 1992
Birthplace: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, United Kingdom
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Profession: Adult Model
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Height: 5’6″ (or 167 cm)
Weight: 122 lbs (or 55 kg)
Body type: Average
Measurements: 34E-27-34
Bra/cup size: 34E
Boobs: Real/Natural
Years active: 2013 – present




2021 Best of the Biggest – RUBY MAY


2021 featured some big ‘ol moo-moos, and the star of that show makes her living on the internet and has some of the best gifs of the year, almost too many good quality ones to choose from. Please welcome back a personal favorite and the Best of the Biggest 2021 Champion, Miss Ruby “Most-Likely” May.

Born: Friday 3rd of May 1996
Birthplace: Surrey, England, United Kingdom
Ethnicity: Mixed-race (primarily Caucasian)
Profession: Blogger, Camgirl, Glamour Model, Model
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Hazel
Height: 5’1″ (or 154 cm)
Weight: 134 lbs (or 61 kg)
Body type: Average
Measurements: 42-29-40
Bra/cup size: 32H (70H)
Boobs: Real/Natural
Years active: 2017 – present


BBF BEST of the BEST 2016 – 2021

Okay so…this happened.

I can’t explain it, and while being ecstatic about the people’s choice I am also somewhat stunned and semi-flabbergasted at the results. The survey company keeps the ip information for all votes, I lack the skills or interest level to decipher them BUT, voters from all over the world can’t be wrong, right?

I proudly present the VPN user’s choice for The Best BBF Model of All Time


Born: Wednesday 8th of February 1978
Birthplace: Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Profession: Adult Model
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Green
Height: 4’11” (or 149 cm)
Weight: 123 lbs (or 56 kg)
Body type: Slim
Measurements: 32E-24-33
Bra/cup size: 32E
Boobs: Real/Natural



    (Imgur video with sound)

  2. I’m dying heeeya!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Awesome job Pup!!,,,,,

  4. The Hostage’s have spoken.
    Rosetta would be proud.

  5. Btw the watermelon gif is hilarious.

  6. Miss Ballhaus has real staying power. She was kind of a darkhorse winner last time too if mammory serves.

  7. Cup size is alphabetical. Band size (chest under bust) is numerical.

    A 34H is bigger than a 46D.

  8. Formy, thanks for helping solve the mystery of boobs that I’ve been working on solving since I was weaned off my momma’s tit

  9. Bettie’s second pose was ill conceived.

    Awkward if you will.

  10. Bettie looks like she could lick the salt off a pretzel better than most

    And awkward is a fitting description Mare

    “arms akimbo” lol

  11. Which Hostage will this be in a hundred years?


  13. 123?

    wakey wakey

  14. Who bitch dis is?

  15. Ted Cruz was underwhelming on Tucker. Tucker didn’t believe him, and neither do I. Sorry Jesse Kelly, time to drop the hammer on Cruz.

  16. Today we’re getting the snow storm that the W’s got overnight. Forecast is for 5 inches last I looked but Ben said he saw up to 8”. Because they worked 3 days after school vacation (Monday was off for some reason) and deserved it, there’s no school today.

  17. That was a pussy move by Cruz. He really wanted to have it both ways for some reason.

  18. Fucking dogs spotted a deer by the river this morning and chased it onto the ice that’s forming on the edge. Fortunately we got them back in the house one by one with Scooby snacks and no dogs were drowned today. Yet. The deer can swim the river but they never end up on the exact opposite side because of the swift current. There’s a nice game trail down there that goes for miles along the river.

  19. He’s probably getting a lot of no-fan mail.

  20. Snow day! I need to clear a path for the chimney people, they are coming tomorrow.

  21. We got 3″ of puffy, light snow last night.

    School called a snow day. In Michigan.

    It’s Michigan, no one moves to here except H1Bs and grifters like Tlaib. Literally no one driving the bus hasn’t driven in much worse than this for a doughnut and coffee.

    Either we’re entirely pussified or they can’t get anyone to plow anymore.

  22. I mean, the chickens won’t go outside, but there’s a reason we use that as an insult,

  23. I am ashamed for my people.

  24. Around me, its the teen drivers they are worried about. Driving to school. That’s usually who gets in the accidents.

  25. if something happens, you KNOW the parents start demanding why school wasn’t closed.

  26. We got about 8 inches overnight…your whore mouths, shut them. Snow is still lightly falling but looks like it’s about over.

    I’m having a liesurely morning to allow the roads to get a little better then I’m going to hit the gas station and then Wallyworld for a bunch of stuff we need at the new workshop.

    May be harder than I think to get around, our DOT is down 600 personnel due to the vax mandate. For public safety of guys that drive a plow alone in the truck. For a vaccine that doesn’t work after 3-4 months.

    *slide whistles, kazoos, clowns running about in disarray*

  27. I am sure Ben will be on the road to visit friends and go to the coffee joint they all hang out at when he finally crawls out of bed. He told me last night that, as a senior, he doesn’t have to make up snow days since graduation day is fixed in the calendar. Pretty sure he’s taking a course or two at UMO for college credit this spring.

  28. The interview Tim Pool did with Marjorie Taylor Greene is really good. She definitely doesn’t come off as crazy, and is really well spoken. So therefore no liberal will ever see it.

  29. living in a rural area made winter driving skills necessary. Dad made us learn in a truck with a manual, and made us stop on icy hills to teach us how to start out. Nowadays i love to go out and drive around in the snow. Drives the Mrs nuts, she shakes her head.

  30. People are bitching because we don’t have enough bus drivers in Lapeer because of the OHMYGOD variant. People are all for shutting things down except when it inconveniences them. Just like people bitch about our restaurant being short staffed.

  31. Jay, I watch MTG on WarRoom all the time. She’s sharp as a tack and unless she pulls a Cruz is as conservative as I am. I really like her and we need about 40 more like her.

    She’s tougher than any man on liberal bullshit.

  32. Trying to make MTG sound crazy is a standard lefty tactic. Eff them.

  33. She calls out Cruz, and is actively arguing with Dan Crenshaw. She did you proud, mare.

  34. I’m kinda cranky today. Spilled my morning coffee as I was walking out the door, DOH!

  35. The busses — and only the busses, and because of Mayor Pete — are masked here, driver and riders. I can imagine why they’d have a hard time staffing that job.

  36. Mandatory telework for me today. Supposedly icy roads here, but mine is clear. Hoping to go to First Friday Mass with Mini-me later.

  37. Huzzah! Jay!

  38. Jay, although you are an uncoordinated dolt, make this a good day anyway.

  39. That reminds me, I haven’t made coffee yet.

    Jay can’t have any of mine. I’ve heard he doesn’t take good care of it, and I want my coffee going to a good home.

  40. Cruz screwed the pooch. Give them enough time and when (not if) they let their guard down just a little bit, they will always reveal themselves. Always.

    He won’t lose his cushy senate grift over this, but he will go no further.

    Remember when we thought he would be a good Supreme Court pick?


  41. Back when we were dating, Mr. RFH and I got stuck on I-81 overnight. Same kind of situation. We had just visited his sister, so we had snacks she had given us and two sleeping bags, as well as clothes for layering. We were driving my Chevy Citation, which was a hatchback where you could fold down the back seat. We made up a bed and slept (car engine was off) until the sound of the trucks moving woke us up.

  42. I watched the Tucker Carlson spot with Senator Dickinhismouth.

    He kept justifying his bullshit speech saying he was talking about the people who assaulted cops.

    Who are these people?
    What is the number of people who assaulted cops?
    How many have been charged with terrorism?
    How many have been charged with insurrection?
    How many have been even so much as charged with assault?
    How many cops got assaulted?
    Did any get hurt? (Other than the ones who cried on camera.)
    Are the prisoners who have been held in solitary without bond for the past year the cop assaulters?

    As I said earlier, he screwed the pooch. When he gets primaried, which he should, all his challenger needs to do is run that speech.

  43. My mind keeps returning to the thought, “I don’t think that speech was really meant for his conservative constituency.” He’s sending a signal to somebody else. This is not a stupid man. It’s disheartening. I was a Cruz supporter in the primaries. Although I’m certainly over the moon with Trump’s performance during his 4 short years under constant siege. Imagine what he could have done with 4 more.

  44. There were just two Republicans present in the House chamber for a moment of silence commemorating the riot in the Capitol: Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming and her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney.

    While Republican leaders stayed away from the remembrances at the Capitol, Ms. Cheney — who was ousted from her leadership post for speaking out against Mr. Trump — and her father stood solemnly with hands over their hearts.

    Top Democrats, who regarded Mr. Cheney as a detested foe when he served under President George W. Bush, lined up to shake his hand and greet him warmly.

    From a New York Times article. No linky here. google republicans in jan 6 candlelight vigil if you want it.

  45. You know that room I reference from time to time?

    Cheney and his retarded daughter will fit right in.

  46. He’ll shoot your face off, look out.

  47. Roamy, other than a couple of extra hats and gloves all I have is an army surplus sleeping bag and a woobie for gear in my truck. Then again, I don’t make many 14 hour road trips anymore. If I did I suppose my gear list would be different.

    That woman was far too modest with holding her pee. Her boyfriend should have held up a blanket for her to pop a squat beside the car FFS.

  48. Top Democrats, who regarded Mr. Cheney as a detested foe when he served under President George W. Bush, lined up to shake his hand and greet him warmly.
    They only laud Republicans who do their bidding or after they’re dead

  49. He’s sending a signal to somebody else. This is not a stupid man. It’s disheartening.
    I caught the clip as well and thought he did a marvelous job defending himself. So well in fact that I’ve already dashed off a check to his reelection committee.

    Hah! As if! Tucker was right to call him out on it and this is a go along to get along move and how the GOP rolls over and allows the Dems to incrementally shove a sideways pineapple up America’s ass.

  50. I used to work at a restaurant that served crab legs. My goal was to trade out their shell bucket. I’m short so it was a reach. My mouth said “oh don’t mind me I’m just going to pull the ole reach around.” They just stared. I thought it was weird and walked away.
    A coworker overheard and was hysterically laughing. He asked me if I knew what a “reach around” was.
    I was 18 when I found out 🤣… I made him take over the table and never went back. 13 years later I still can’t sleep.


  51. Karol Markowicz
    · 1h
    So many “I did everything right but still got covid” pieces. I’m ready for some “I did everything wrong and never got covid” ones.

  52. I give this poat 17 of these thingies:


  53. Corbevax, huh?

    A vaccine authorized in December for use in India may help solve one of the most vexing problems in global public health: How to supply lower-income countries with a COVID-19 vaccine that is safe, effective and affordable.

    The vaccine is called CORBEVAX. It uses old but proven vaccine technology and can be manufactured far more easily than most, if not all, of the COVID-19 vaccines in use today.

    $1.50 a dose. 90% effective against original, 80% against Delta, still being tested on OMYGOD! strain

  54. UNK! How did you find this link?

  55. I’m over 50 and my daughter got really badly sunburned. I told her to brew some tea, let it cool and have her boyfriend ‘tea bag’ her…..they died laughing because I didn’t know what that meant! Oops…

  56. Got my December gas and electric bill from Alliant Energy. Last January Alliant was charging $.57 per therm for gas. In December they are charging $1.17 per therm for gas. What happened to that story that there was an abundant supply of gas and they were talking electric power companies into switching from burning coal to burning gas? Since they have doubled the price per therm I would expect power plants, like the City of Ames has, will have to increase their electric rate to cover the increased cost of the gas that they are now using to generate electricity. All of these increases will eventually end up affecting the price that you are paying for that pound of hamburger at the grocery store.

    I don’t even bother any more.

  57. My take on Cruz is the politicians have no clue how pissed people are. Ted thinks it’s just a debate club and it’s all about scoring points. He’s out of touch and a weasel. The country is a powder keg and they are playing with matches. People are not going to allow the same old bullshit of talk a good game and do nothing like the GOP has done forever. Cruz needs to be made an example to the the other idiots.

  58. Buck Sexton
    The libs on the Supreme Court- Breyer, Kagan, Sotomayor- have a very poor understanding of COVID risks, which keeps coming through in shockingly dumb statements like “omicron is as dangerous as delta” and “children are on ventilators”

  59. any bets on the supreme court rulings on mandates?

  60. It’s a tax.

  61. I just watched a video of the US water polo team trying out a day of BUD/s . They did 3 hours and looked like they wanted their mommies.

  62. Shannon Bream
    · 1h
    J. Sotomayor says Omicron is as deadly as Delta. #SCOTUS

    Shannon Bream
    · 1h
    J. Sotomayor says over 100K children in serious condition, “many on ventilators” #SCOTUS

    Election Wizard
    · 2h
    Justice Sotomayor: Why is a human not like a machine [which OSHA can regulate] if it’s spewing virus?…

    the “Wise Latina”

  63. RBe
    Based on the absolute lunacy of the “logic” behind the leftist SCOTUS justices’ questions, the OSHA mandate is dead.

    And the precedent the ruling will set will be a win for liberty and freedom.

    Physics Geek
    Replying to
    I disagree. The important question is whether Roberts and the other 3 leftists can somehow cajole one of the others into being the 5th vote to uphold the mandate. There are 4 votes for it from the get go and now it’s on the edge of a knife.

    I’m with The Geek (a Moron, capital M)

  64. Kyle Lamb
    · 2h
    It’s really sad how misinformed the justices of the highest court in the land are on this disease. It shouldn’t matter, as it should be about the law, but since they’re making it about the disease itself, it would help if they weren’t citing utterly false statistics.

    Lamb works for DeSantis

  65. good read on Cruz, from Deace

  66. If you need a sling Jam you ought to look here

  67. More wise latina:

    Ed Whelan
    · 2h
    Sotomayor: Many kids are on ventilators from covid.

  68. This!

    Liz Wheeler
    It doesn’t matter whether the vaxx is a wise choice (or not). Or whether it’s effective (or not). Or how deadly Covid is (or not). The ONLY thing SCOTUS should be answering is whether OSHA has authority to issue an ETS requiring private employers to force employees to get vaxxed.

  69. Sotomayor is like Clinton’s friend Bob. They’ll just say anything.

  70. Maybe they’ll get the opinion of Jill’s friend Mary Ann tonight when they’re back in Delaware

  71. Holy shit.

    She won?????

  72. I can’t really understand the SC stuff.

    Why does it matter about the deadliness of the disease? Does the law say OSHA can mandate vaccinations if it’s super double plus bad?

    Jesus fuck these people are dumb.

  73. Patrick Witt
    I went to Harvard Law and have many friends who clerked on SCOTUS.

    They’ve all told me that Sotomayor is the dumbest justice that has been on the Court in decades.

  74. Breitbart News
    Far-left Washington Post reduced Sen. Cotton’s Pinocchio rating after it was revealed that the Boston Marathon bomber did, in fact, receive a coronavirus relief payment.


    I’ve had this as an open tab for a little while. Laundry list of supplements with a few I hadn’t heard about before.

  76. I saw they reduced it from 2 to 1.

    The 1 was because it “lacked context” or some other such bullshit.

  77. So many “I did everything right but still got covid” pieces. I’m ready for some “I did everything wrong and never got covid” ones.


    That’s my story. I may or may not have had covid. Some people get it and are asymptomatic. Whatever. Like I said, I didn’t change my habits at all. Traveled the same, washed my hands the same, took the same supplements, worked out and walked. I don’t believe in hand sanitizer. I think it ruins the good bacteria and can create mini cuts (because they dry you out) that just cause problems.

  78. Comment by MJ on January 7, 2022 2:06 pm
    I can’t really understand the SC stuff.

    Why does it matter about the deadliness of the disease? Does the law say OSHA can mandate vaccinations if it’s super double plus bad?

    Jesus fuck these people are dumb.


    I don’t get it either.

  79. I think Lauraw has a good point, WTF was Cruz speaking to? Big donors that are center-left? He’s not dumb. Like Hotspur said, did he just let the mask slip?

  80. It’s strictly a legal question, and it should be easy. Being pregnant on the job is risky to mother and child, can OSHA make you fire or sterilize female employees?

    Same energy.

  81. JTFC, just saw an article warning about “flurona” where some people catch covid AND the regular flu at the same time. It’s a potential “twindemic”. Better get both vaxxes asap!

  82. Translates to ball house. I dunno. Huge tits, but the body is absolute trash, wouldn’t boink that with your moms favorite dick, or least favorite.

  83. Still waiting for The Knack to get the band back together for another one hit wonder album featuring “My Carona”.

  84. Ruby’s about the only one I’d take a run at from this group. Bettie is oddly unappealing, and that’s from someone who likes pale redheads.

  85. The Knack is #1 band on the pre 80’s hair band era bands that suck ballhauses list. Those guys were a waste of $8.99.

  86. Bettie is oddly unappealing

    Let it go, Leon.

  87. It could be lousy lighting in each of the photos, but the consistency leads me to believe it’s a lousy body. I’m with ya Leon, I too find fire hair and alabaster skin appealling, but not in her case regardless how big the jugs are.

  88. The Lincoln Project is apparently also piling on Ted Cruz.

    Which is making me rethink my position.

  89. Lincoln Project? Isn’t that just NAMBLA rebranded?
    What happened? One of the Obama’s go flaccid in their hands?

  90. jay, have had this link for a berry long times. was either Rosetta or PJM that threw it at me. can’t remember which

  91. What did Lincoln project say about Cruz?

  92. The friend of my friend might be a friend…..or might be someone I’ll schedule to kill later on after I’ve finished the big list…’s complicated.

  93. UF – how are things in the finger lakes?

  94. Saw a thumbnail for them on YT with the caption “which is it, Ted?” or something like that. I didn’t watch because I’m not interested in giving them views, but it looked critical.

  95. I can answer that one Jam, cold & wet. Around the lakes I can’t answer for. Thanks, & don’t forget to tip the wait staff!

  96. it’s lake effecting here. sometimes it’s blitzing, sometimes it’s nothing. could get 4 inches, could get four feet.

  97. SQUEEEE Unk is here!!! 🐻❤️☄️

  98. I am legion.


  99. Is that the Crosby that had parts in Adam 12 & also wrote the career ending book accusing Bing of being a derelict dad? Or was that Denise from Star Trek TNG, maybe.
    I’d ask Bob Hope, but hope is dead.

  100. So, every day until April in other words.

  101. Dad update: past The Danger Zone I believe. He’s feeling MUCH better and he sounds good. He wants to come home but they won’t medically release him yet. He’s disappointed but resigned to stay another night. He wants me to INSIST they release him tomorrow. I’m not going to demand his release without medical approval but he’s going to raise a ruckus if they don’t.

  102. Saw the Cruz thing with TC. Crikey. Disappointed with Carlson for not bringing up how these people are basically political prisoners.

  103. I’m still happy I was able to see him play. 🐻❤️☄️ His hockey, not so much.

  104. dave i thought you were in ohio

  105. Daddy’s fingerlakes


  107. Mitch, great news, happy to hear it!

    Jam, Ohio’s hat is Lake Erie, which is Erie…especially if you’ve driven the turnpike at Cleveland heights in the winter after being in Cleveland proper half an about earlier. Trying to get a supercoupe straightened out on that ridge in an unexpected blizzard yields an adrenalin high you wouldn’t believe!

  108. ^ Sliding sideways at 75 mph looking at the west bound lane, 200 feet below, thinking “damn, this is gonna hurt.”

  109. Is Lake Erie still a no smoking zone?

  110. It was the Cuyahoga river Leon not the lake. Sheesh a river catches on fire and 60 years later…

  111. Just saw my local news reporting on the surge of cases OVERWHELMING our hospitals. OMG!! Omicron is wearing out the docs/nurses (the ones who didn’t quit or get fired) to exhaustion. They have to vent people right there in the ER because no more rooms (the ones not on the floors that were shut down). It’s so serious, little kids are flooding in (they’re doing worse with this version of bat flu) and the unvaccinated are not experiencing the symptoms of a mild cold…only the vaxxed are,, an alleged critical care doc said.
    So then the news idjits talk to our state’s AG, who’s been fighting against mandates…will he finally support a mask mandate because they need everyone masked to prevent some of the spread. He said ‘no’ and that he’s been in touch with the hospitals and 1 out of 4 beds are still available. Which means, hospitals are experiencing just another flu season..
    Fuckers are doing their damndest to frighten everyone into taking the jab.

  112. 75% capacity in a hospital => losing money

  113. The propaganda bullshit and not one doctor countering any of it, is all so disheartening, leon.

  114. I haven’t been paying attention, so I need to ask my daughter if her dipshit school went back to masking or online.

  115. Desperadoes entered Rita’s pueblo.

  116. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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