BBF Best of the Best 2016 to 2021

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday Best of the Best end of the year retrospective round up.




Headers with the model’s names are links to their victory lap posts, with extra pictures and comments.




Your model for today has defeated all comers to be crowned Big Boob Friday Queen 2016.  You may know her as Lily from the AT&T commercials, or from her work on Cracked, Funny or Die, or her numerous stage and youtube appearances.  I dig her chilli because she is finely freckled, funnah, and even though I disagree with her politics, she is not all talk about her beliefs.  Also, nice rack.

Please join me in welcoming, Miss Melodious Yurbooty!





Your features today are a current TV Personality and former Adult Model, born February 8th, 1978 in Frankfort, Oder, East Germany.  She measures 37-24-33, stands 4’11” and 123lbs.  Bitte hol mir ein Bier and say hello to Miss Bettie Ballhaus !




2018 Champion KATHERINE BELL


Your model for today is the 2018 BBF Champion, born August 14, 1968 in London, England, she stands 5’9” , 34D-24-35 and 145 lbs.  Please tighten your neck bolts and say congratulations to Miss Catherine Bell !




2019 Champion SOPHIA BEVARLY


Your model for today was born April 26th, 1996 in ‘Merica, she currently resides in Las Vegas.  She stands 5′ 3″, measures 34-24-34 and 107 lbs.  Please straighten up  and welcome Miss Sofia Bevarly!




2020 Champion SABRINA LYNN


Your model for today was born on Friday the 13th, 1998 somewhere in Wisconsin, now residing in Los Angeles, CA.   She stands 5′ 10″ and measure34D – 24 – 34 and 136 lbs.  Please get ready to fall in love with Miss Sabrina Lynn.






Your model for today was born October 24th, 1996 in Paso Robles, California.  She stands 5′ 5″ and measures 38 – 25– 36 and 138 lbs.  Please throw a rope to Miss Jessica Bartlett.




One more copy paste and I SWEAR TO DOG



  1. It was tough to vote against the lovely limey lass but in the end I had to stick with a yank.

  2. Sabrina FTW (I hope)

  3. Amazing tits Pup.

  4. Guys guys guys!!!!!
    We’ve gained 38 seconds of daylight so far!!

  5. And ground hog day is right around the corner.

  6. But most importantly…

  7. Now back to our regularly shed-uled shedyoule.

  8. It’s really not fair to put the other girls up against Bettie Ballhaus.

  9. Pupster, check your sez mail. I sent you 2 pictures ayer por la mañana

  10. Heh. Nice. I didn’t really need bullwhip confirmation but I appreciate the effort.

  11. “It’s not bragging if you can do it”

  12. Laughing my ass off at the “CDC says” memes.

    The CDC says those that received ‘circle circle dot dots’ are no longer fully vaccinated. To be fully vaccinated you need to recieve your ‘circle circle square square’, and only then will you have protection everywhere.

    The CDC says it’s not omicron unless it comes from the Omicrônne region of France. Otherwise it’s just sparkling covid.

    The CDC says the 5 second rule has been extended to 15 seconds so you can eat that cookie.

    The CDC says it is, in fact, the size of the boat and not the motion of the ocean.

    The CDC now recommends we ditch our masks in favor of an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini.

    The CDC now says..If you want to go to Heaven and walk the streets of Gold,…You’ve got to know the Password…ROLL TIDE, ROLL!!!

    The CDC says if you have a fever, there is only one cure…and it is more cowbell.

  13. Well appears for some of us (myself included) the last week of the year has been a absolute shit show. Hope doggie stays on the mend. Tell the tadpole play time over, with your shield or on it. That’s what it takes. Plain and simple.

    And in the same spirit let’s all kick the shit out of 2022 or die trying.

    Happy New Year

  14. Christmas cookies for breakfast!

  15. That sounds like a scene from the movie “Elf”

    A movie that I found funny the first time I saw it and now have no desire to watch again

  16. Really an unexpected role for James Caan though, right?

  17. Oh yeah, good movie but I find Will Ferrell tiresome and can’t separate his off screen persona from his acting roles.

    Which is odd because I think Tom Cruise is a bit of an odd duck but I admire his acting skills and will watch a movie with him in it if it’s our plan.


    I packed a bunch of memorabilia yesterday (including the above bumperstickers, which I wanted to swipe one pretty badly) from the estate of someone who apparently was one of his staffers. Pretty neat. Pictures of her, personal memos to her and signed pictures from Nixon cabinet members, White House memo pads, official Christmas ornaments, sealed official playing cards from the office of the vice president, other Spiro Agnew shit of that nature, etcetera and so on.

    Coincidental and weird that this morning I read the article about the guy who wrote those books exonerating Nixon and accusing the prosecuting team of misconduct.

  19. Wakey wakey

    Doggo is still doing ok. It’s just a struggle dealing with puppies and sick dog and two-minutes -of-hate stella.

  20. I thought you figured out a way to stop the two minutes of hate?

  21. Zooey Deschanel is super cute in that movie. Bob Newhart is an elf. Ed Asner is Santa. If you can take 1.5 hours of Will Ferrell being himself it is a movie worth watching.

  22. I did, but now I can’t do it because with Nova – etc. I’ve simply got too many moving parts.

  23. Dog juggling is a dangerous sport. Good luck with that. If Stella has a crate I’d cram her in there every morning and ignore her until the hate stops. But I’m kind of a tough love pup.

  24. Her issue is that she wants Nova go to outside and play with her. So … that can’t happen right now. She basically is a dog that needs a lot of stimulation. If she doesn’t get it, she gets pissy. I made it through this morning and she’s napping now.

  25. How is sweet Milana not winning?

    Can you hear me now?

  26. Mare, do you recognize her location in that last photo?

  27. Chickens got lamb trimmings as a NYE gift. So far they seem to be enjoying them.

    We’re taking Possum to a reindeer farm today. They have a bio-security notice that was shockingly specific about not wearing boots or clothing that have been worn recently on a sheep or goat farm, they share parasites and are trying to keep the deer safe.

  28. It was between Sabrina and Sofia for me, and Sofia is shorter by lot, so that was the decider.

  29. Fucking reindeer are a pain in the ass.

  30. I’m not sure that we’ll ever have a BBF Champion with a better name than Bettie Ballhaus.

    And thanks to Pupster for this Galaxy of Tits!!!

  31. Looks like the early returns are from ginger precincts.

  32. Swcc is a cool job. That’s what erin’s new navy boy is trying to do.

  33. Don’t really know the status – but the late night, long phone calls have started. And she is really nice and cheerful which is usually the “sign” for her.

  34. Anyone doing anything fun? I mean beside leon and his reindeer games.

  35. Balls Out for Ballhaus 2021!!!!!!

  36. I sorta assume swcc guys just want to play with all those toys.

  37. I see the Salvation Army is balls out in advertising they’re desire to serve everyone.
    I am usually good for about a hundred in the bucket per year.
    They got the big zero from me this year.

  38. Ha! Hotspur! Don Cesar!

  39. They can suck it.

  40. I’d like to see the change in slope on their donation graph.

  41. They’re hahaaaaa. Autocucumber helped me.

  42. Salvation Army use to get a rather big donation from us too, Jam. Nope. Not this year not ever again. I’d rather give it to wait staff or someone similar.

  43. zero from me too.

  44. I work tonight and then tomorrow day. So, big zero going on at my house this year. Last year me and all my friends were off so we did a game night.

  45. The Salvation Army put a loaded pistol in its pocket and shot its dick off.

  46. I’m making a pot of beans with a cured and smoked turkey leg that I found in the back of the freezer a couple days ago. I ham-cured that turkey leg last year. ‘Bout time to get at it.

    Celery and carrots. Parsnips from the garden. Gonna add greens to it later. Smells great in here right now.

  47. Scott is bringing Chik-fil-A for lunch. And wine.

  48. SWCC is super cool. Ultra high performance craft and armaments. There was movie made a few years back about Navy Special Warfare that used all live rounds and such and lead roles were played by actual NSW guys. In this film they do a “hot” extraction and the amount of projectiles and ordnance placed on target is something to see.

  49. Zero from me as well. I gave it to the local food bank and to the Franciscans who run a soup kitchen in BHM.

  50. Not sure what I’m cooking for lunch yet. Daughter-in-law and Mini-me are making dinner tonight.

  51. There is no statistical difference between the vaccinated and unvaccinated getting covid.

    In about 30 days there will be no difference between vax and no vax for hospitalizations.

    A few months after that, there will be no differences in deaths.

    The narratives will be:

    1. Get vaxxed! It protects you from covid.
    2. Get vaxxed! It protects you from getting really sick.
    3. Get vaxxed! It protects you from winding up in the hospital.
    4. Get vaxxed! It protects you from being in the ICU.
    5. Get vaxxed! It protects you from dying with covid.
    6. Get vaxxed! It protects you from dying of covid without comorbidities.
    7. Don’t get vaxxed! Trump killed everyone.

    We’re somewhere between 2 and 3.

  52. That video of the cops busting non-vaxxed diners at a restaurant is scary and needs to be shared far and wide. At this point my attitude is bring it on, the more this happens and the more people see it, the faster it goes away.

    I know some of you doubt it and feel that there’s too many sheep that will fold but I disagree. Americans are freedom loving people and at some point soon to many people will wake up.

  53. I know some of you doubt it and feel that there’s too many sheep that will fold but I disagree. Americans are freedom loving people and at some point soon to many people will wake up.

    Beg to differ with you there, Jimber.

    The cops will follow orders, and so will the military. There was a time when I thought this impossible.

  54. Paula has been freaking out about Covid in the past 2-3 weeks. Her view is skewed by where she works and seeing the train wrecks that hit their doors in the ER. I understand her anguish, it’s got to be rough seeing so many people with bad outcomes. I can cite all the statistics from sites we tend to agree with but she’s seeing many people with bad outcomes.

    Examples off the top of my head include a nurse, her age, needing oxygen to maintain a decent O2 sat and struggling to breathe on her own, a guy younger than her with a saddle PE after he went back to work 10 days post-covid infection, 90 yo woman who walked into the ER one day and was admitted for it and was coded on the ward a couple of days later. Pointing out the 90 yo had lived beyond average life expectancy doesn’t erase her interactions with this woman who was probably someone she enjoyed meeting as a patient.

    After 2 years of seeing this crap up close and personal she’s getting a little sick of it. Hopefully we get to #7 on the list soon.

  55. You know I disagree. And it’s not merely a numbers thing. I actually think the numbers of people disagreeing would be about 50-50.

    But people with power love this shit. From the mayor to the dog catcher, they are willing to enforce any mandate no matter how dumb. Until that changes, none of it matters.

    I think our elites (from their perspective, not ours) hate our fucking guts.

    Teachers hate parents. Cops and firefighters hate the communities they serve. Politicians hate their constituents. Hell, even the baristas hate to make coffee.

  56. The cops will follow orders, and so will the military

    Firing non-vaxxed cops and soldiers sort of leads us there, doesn’t it?


  57. After 2 years of seeing this crap up close and personal she’s getting a little sick of it. Hopefully we get to #7 on the list soon.
    I can understand that. Tell her to calm the fuck down and relax. That always works.

    All kidding aside, and you def shouldn’t tell her this, what we’re seeing from a purely stats perspective is the bunching of people who were going to die.

    Death rates are actually normal, but the variation month to month isn’t. Covid is just sweeping up the at risk into neat little piles when they would have died for some reason within a 12 month period anyway.

    That isn’t to say there aren’t outliers but again, from a math perspective it’s pretty clear what’s happening.

  58. Here’s another take, from a political perspective

    Probably paywalled so let me copy/pasta some key paragraphs:

    “The fact is, COVID is no longer useful to the Democrat party. In fact, it’s going to be a complete drag on their prospects in the 2022 mid-term elections if they can’t make it disappear.

    Ipso facto, COVID is about to do the Houdini. Its only purpose was to get rid of Donald Trump. Mission accomplished!

    Now it’s just a distraction from spiraling inflation, the supply-chain crisis, violent crime, border chaos, $4-a-gallon gasoline, transgenderism and all those other winning issues the Democrats will be proudly campaigning on next fall.

    As for the Panic, the only thing left to do for the Democrats is to declare victory and get out – as Sen. George Aiken, the last great senator from Vermont, advised LBJ to do in Vietnam way back in 1966.

    In retrospect, that was some good advice, wasn’t it?

    Dementia Joe Biden remembers George Aiken – they served together in the US Senate, and Aiken was born in 1892. That’s how ancient Dementia Joe is.”

  59. At some point I’ll post the last two lectures from the econ class I took last semester.

    They were titled ‘deaths of despair’ and while really bleak, painted a pretty interesting picture of the US. The trend lines are basically the same: a slow decline of everything whether its median earnings or life expectancy. Everything is just sort of decaying.

    There’s also a bit of hope in there, which is that it’s all self induced. There are no huge outside events that influenced the trends. Perhaps it can be reversed.

  60. In 2022 I swear I’m going to lighten up. I don’t have much time anymore and I tend to drop a few bleak comments in the morning and then go to work or whatever.

    Sorry about that. I’ll get black out drunk later and call each of you to make up for it.

  61. All kidding aside, and you def shouldn’t tell her this, what we’re seeing from a purely stats perspective is the bunching of people who were going to die.

    Death rates are actually normal, but the variation month to month isn’t. Covid is just sweeping up the at risk into neat little piles when they would have died for some reason within a 12 month period anyway.

    Calm the fuck down – I’m sure that would work. My bestie works with Covid at her hospital, and confirms what I hear/read.

    Doctors are STILL treating patients the wrong way (she TELLS me what she is ordered to give) – per:

    MOST of the people with bad outcomes are basically unhealthy folks. Really old. Or may other comorbidities. Even the CDC admitted “There were co-morbidities or other conditions listed on the death certificate for as many as 95% of all COVID-19 deaths

    Occasionally an outlier occurs. But you know what? Occasionally a good driver gets dead in a car accident. Sometimes perfectly health folks die of the flu or a sinus infection. It sucks, its sad. Sometimes “healthy” people have something lurking they don’t know about, and covid hits them wrong, and they have a bad outcome.

    People need to chill.

    A local woman died- my friend was actually her nurse. Her death was really sad. They say covid – but she had cancer, and a donated Kidney. She actually beat covid, then went back to the hospital one day after being released and then passed away. Sound like someone needs to read that substack article up there I linked.

  62. They are going to extract from it by announcing herd immunity. Which by that point will probably be true. The pandemic wasn’t last year its this year. Which is also about right since historically speaking it takes two years to reach peak.

    But I’m not so sure they’re going to be willing to let go of this particular control apparatus.

  63. Also – the first year they delayed large infections with the quarantine.

  64. Isn’t today the last day for the PCR test?

    If it is the pandemic might end next week.

  65. Reindeer poop looks like sheep poop.

  66. Perhaps you can monetize your sheep poop

    Value added and all that shit

  67. Speaking of old birds, Betty White is gone.


  68. It goes in the compost, same as the rest.

  69. I also twisted the crap out of my right ankle as we were getting ready to go see the deer (here, stepping out of my own back door). I’m gonna have to back out of any running events I was about to be pressganged into. Hurts like hell.

  70. Bummer, Leon. Get well soon. Take your supps, especially the anti-inflammatories.

  71. Did you do the ice/heat thing yet?

  72. No, just gently rolling the foot around every few minutes to check for loss of ROM.

  73. This shit gets decided in the cities. And the people that live in the cities are brainwashed. They do what they are told. They comply.

    And now they are told to hate, and they’re doing it.

    I look at the line of sheep my wife sent me a photo of yesterday (Yes, she was one of them.), and I think about how brainwashed and clueless they are.

    Nobody gives a rip shit about people who live in rural areas.

  74. Jesus Leon, you’ve lost your ram and now you’re losing your rom.

  75. RIP Betty White – celebrities go in threes they say. I’m still sick, even worsened a bit. But I have a cat so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

  76. I didn’t lose the ram, I fragmented it and added cooling.

  77. This is one of those recipes that looks completely appetizing and amazing but probably just tastes like regular scalloped potatoes.

    yeah, I’ll probably have to try it

  78. MJ is right about the hate.
    The left has been extremely successful in fragmenting this country.
    Everybody is on edge and every group hates every other group.
    History shows where this goes.

  79. It’s why we can’t have nice things.

  80. Fire cleanses.

  81. Mitch you need bourbon.

  82. Lots of it.
    Trust me I’m a scientist.

  83. Jimbro, wouldn’t there be horrible outcomes in any hospital for a bitch flu?

    90 year olds would code with respiratory issues.

    50 year olds dehydrated and pre pneumonia.


  84. But how can we agree with people “shouting their abortions” or really believing in socialism, or wishing actual death among the unvaccinated. And those who want to force people to get vaccines or not be allowed to work or pay more for insurance. These people are sick and honestly I hate them.

    You’re supposed to hate evil.

  85. We’re divided. The universities have won. They’ve killed thought.



    from one of lumpy’s links i think
    crazy times

  87. Hey!! Milana is on the 5g commercial during the game!

  88. btw – those nypd scum that are arresting diners and terrorizing children….

    there is no difference between them and brown shirts.

    it’s not even hyperbole anymore.

  89. Agree, Jan.

  90. Jam!!

  91. It’s The Internet. It’s civilizational cancer. We spend all our time staring at glowing rectangles and we’re disengaged from each other. It’s easy to type nasty things at some icon that one would not say to an actual person in front of you. And young adults and kids today do not remember a time before The Net. They don’t go out and do children things anymore. I visited an old middle-class neighborhood I grew up in the 70’s and it was over Spring Break. It was a nice day. There wasn’t a single kid playing outside. It was spooky. And depressing.

    Jam, the Science of Booze is tempting, but I think I’ll stick with tea for the moment.

  92. The internet has been posed as a possible solution to the Fermi Paradox.

  93. Ever hear of Avelo Airlines? They fly out of an airport in New Haven and round trip tickets to Florida are under $100.

    I just priced a trip, and it was a whopping $58.
    Add $20 for a checked bag.

    House guest is trying it out tomorrow.

  94. People on twatter are wishing Queen Liz was dead instead of Betty White.

  95. Ever hear of Avelo Airlines

    Hopefully it’s better than the Grace L. Ferguson Airline and Storm Door Co.

  96. I’m tasking the whiskey cure prophylactically with a wee dram of Powers Irish Whiskey

  97. Praying for a better 2022 for the H2.

  98. We have Allegiant Air for cheap flights BGR to Florida

    The airport they use for Orlando is not the big one but there’s plenty of ground transportation available. Paula and Ben have used it a couple of times for Disney and looking at a college in FL.

  99. Just checked in at The Mother Ship for the first time today. Wish I hadn’t. Urk.

  100. I’m looking at buying some fire brick and I’m shocked at the prices online. How much does it cost where you are? Not the 1/2 thickness stuff at HDepot.

  101. The New York Governor declared racism a public health emergency, how will she use those emergency powers to eff over Mew York.

  102. New York. Stupid phone keyboard.

  103. how will she use those emergency powers to eff over Mew York.

    Ban all white people from Mew York?

  104. A week, or so, ago the CDC was yelling about Omicron™ being 73% of new cases and that Monoclonal Antibodies for Delta would not work so are being withdrawn.
    I think it was Thursday that they said;
    “Oops, oopsie, we said 73% but it is really 23% and still predominately Delta.”
    My bad…
    You can’t trust those fuckers about *anything*. If they told me it was raining, I’d still check outside.

    Happy New Year!, hosefuckers.
    Miss you, Lance…

  105. Laura,
    There are places around here that stock materials from demolished buildings, windows, beams, used brick, fixtures, doors, etc. Got anything like that in your hood?

  106. After 2 years of seeing this crap up close and personal she’s getting a little sick of it. Hopefully we get to #7 on the list soon.

    Maybe if the medical establishment actually focused on a wide variety of early treatment protocols, instead of reactive ‘come back if you can’t breathe, she wouldn’t be seeing so many distressed in her ER.
    Up til now, massive negligence and malpractice is going on..i.e. denying people “right to try” in many hospitals. Families shouldn’t have to sue to get their loved ones a very safe five cent pill.

  107. Palate cleanser…mare after her 4th box of wine

  108. This doctor works somewhere in the northeast. Can’t remember which state. Youtubes are coming close to kicking him off.. The past 2 years he’s been working mostly in hospital and sees a lot of covid patients. Hospital has begun tracking comorbidities, A1c numbers, etc. Of their covid patients. Yes, to what car in said. Comorbidities, age, higher A1c #s, weight. The the weight. Fatties are having a harder time if it.

  109. My mom had multiple Comorbidities. She also had a DNR. Her quality of life sucked. She’d still be here. Selfish of me, when she suffered so much.

  110. Perted out the rest of the Christmas ham and vacuup sealed/froze most of it. The rest of it, with the bone went into the crock pot with onion, carrot, and a pound of split peas. It came out pretty nice, except we’re both stuffed…
    It was hot enough that I did not want to put it in the fridge, so I put it in a big sauce pan and set it in the snow. Sank right in and cooled off nicely. I really like split pea and ham soup!

  111. Recommendations for a good vacuum sealer…

  112. Happy New Year and may 2022 bring health and happiness to all Hostages!

  113. Beasn, I use a FoodSaver. It works quite well.

  114. Why DR Robert Malone gets perma-banned from twitter? It’s only 11 minutes and interesting…

  115. Beasn,
    I, too, use food saver. You vacuum seal anything and freeze it for ever. NO freezer burn. Fish, pork, ham, chicken, you can keep for ever. Very cool…

  116. Interesting, the local “Neighborhood” groups are reporting that that there is no milk in Safeway, Fred Merey, Winco, ot Costco. We have not been out since the blizzard, as we had stocked-up before hand. All of our dairy products are locally sourced so I wonder if the problem is between the dairy and the processor/packager, or the processor and the supermarket…

  117. Happy New Year, Hostages!

    **squishy hugs evvrbody**

  118. Thank you ChrisP and Hotspur.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR HOSTAGES!! May this year be a better one.
    The fireworks outside are insane. Almost sounds like the 4th of July. Lots of pyros in my town.

  119. I’ve been reading Car in’s Dr. Kory link. I’m tempted to send it to my “we have no early treatment protocol” primary doctor.

    In the comments, there is this link… (not going to shorten it, sue me…)

  120. And in that link, is one to Malone’s substack…if it’s really him..

  121. happy new year, H2!

  122. I have a food saver, but I mostly use a chamber sealer now. I sous vide a lot, and smoke a lot, so vacuum sealing helps save a lot of food. chamber bags are cheaper, and I can seal liquid with that.

  123. My son will be going home before lunchtime later in the morning. He originally said he’d leave “Thursday or Friday”, but I’m guessing he likes being cooked for too much to leave early.

    Don’t think he’ll stay long enough for the black-eyed peas and ham. But will be taking some ham, a sack of White Castles, and the remaining cookies (to save me from myself) with him.

  124. Definitely going to look into getting a sealer sooner than later. Hate buying a pretty piece of meat and it getting a bad case of freezer burn, when I can’t get through the rotation soon enough.

  125. sealer is highly recommended, the food saver at least

  126. don’t buy food saver bags, way overpriced. Just get generic rolls, works fine.

  127. heh, had some stickers in the pocket of jeans, so now my dryer has I Did That! in the lint screen

  128. Drinkers enjoy rum punch.

  129. wakey wakey

  130. Airport and back.


  131. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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