2021 BBF Best of the Biggest

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday 2021 Best of the Biggest Showdown. Today’s contestants didn’t get enough likes for the finals, but have gigantic orbs that require pondering.




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Your model for today was born on May 2nd, 1997 in The UK.  She stands 5′ 1″ and measures 42 – 29 – 40  and 134 lbs.  Let’s go shopping and get some ice cream for Miss Ruby May.




Every Ruby I’ve ever known has been crazier than a shithouse rat.


5/10 would smash


wakey wakey

Ruby’s gonna get fat.


Yes, she will. She will be glorious and comfy until that happens, though.





Your model for today was born in Brazil and currently lives in Barcelona, Spain.  She loves sunsets and pasta and bouncing around on Instagram.  Please grab a towel for Miss Sanna Torr.  




She straddles the line between hot and repulsive. A BBF classic.

7/10 would smash


That fountain she’s showing her boobs to saw them from a mile away already. You can see them from space.


The fountain is clearly envious of her enormous tits Mare.





Your model for today was born November 18th, 1987 in St. Petersburg, Russia.  She stands 5′ 5″ and measures 45 – 31 – 42 and 154 lbs.  Please collude with Miss Olyria Roy.



Holy shit, she needs a wheelbarrow for those.



2/10 would smash



MJ has very inclusive standards.





Your model for today was born September 11th, 1988 in Australia.  She stands 5′ 10″ and measures  54 – 33 – 45 and 200 lbs on a good day.  Pleastake a waiver for Miss Penny Brown AKA Penny Underbust AKA Plunder Bunny.



the Motor City battery boys are not going to be happy with this.



5/10 would smash

I’m with the motor city crew on this one.

However, she is classic BBF material.



Some gravitational distortion going on.



JANE!  Stop this crazy thing!


  1. The H2 BBF Christmas Classic

  2. As always, voting later after contemplation. I’ll need to figure out which one has the most attractive facial features because I don’t think you’d be able to pick one of these models out of a tit-only line up, now and especially in 15 years.

  3. #LGB


  4. https://www.navytimes.com/video/2021/12/20/watch-marines-learn-to-forage-butcher-their-own-dinner-military-times-reports/

    Tactical Barbecue

    Leon, if you enlisted in the Marines as a chef you could request sheep duty. These Marines won’t always have skilled chefs like Ethan to feed them so this training makes sense.

  5. I went by the Inverse MJ Rule.

  6. 3 votes cast with each having a 33.33% share of the count. Excellent!

    I went for my favorite Miss Right Now and threw any longevity concerns out the window. With udders this humongous you really can’t think long term.

  7. I just took the ham out of the freezer for tomorrow. I also need to get the beans soaking for baked beans. Beans need a good 4 hours in the oven and the ham is precooked so I think we’ll be okay as far as oven real estate is concerned

  8. Here’s some seasonal (literal) fluff to enjoy

  9. My neighbor has a 6′ inflatable Santa, he turns off the fan in the morning and I snortled at the sight of dick-in-the-dirt Santa face down on the turf when I picked up my packages from the front porch.

  10. Udderly amazing.

  11. Tomorrow is HS’s big day.

    If Joe Biden croaks, he gets a 5 pound block of human fat, and a signed copy of Jordan Peterson’s 12 More Rules.

  12. Rendered or raw?

  13. PDF of the Devil’s plan for humanity, if you need nightmares:


  14. Mare?


  15. Trust your government. Totally the Oval Office. They’re not even trying to hide stuff anymore.


  16. Scott is out making a few deliveries. He is completely bored to shreds today.
    I also gave him a bad address for one of the deliveries, so he’s coming home all flustered and angry.

  17. but he won’t be bored anymore, so

  18. You helped. You’re a helper.

  19. Antifa Hates Lawn Ornaments and are responsible for senseless wave of blow up deaths this holiday season!

  20. A paragon of lumpatude and docket detail.

  21. Had to go with Sanna because better face, even though the Russian’s boobs looked…healthier?…in defying gravity.

  22. Btw – Pup – this is a fantastic lineup.
    True BBF contenders!!!!

  23. Mr. B and daughter went to visit his mom.
    He just texted me, “I don’t know what you’re complaining about, but my mom says beasnette has two kids.”

  24. Sanna Tor should run for the Senate.

  25. I don’t think she can really run at all with that armament.

  26. The fat is a solid lump.

  27. Must be rendered, then. Classy.

  28. Somewhere in Heaven, Rosetta looked down on this poat this morning and gave it his blessing. He then went and finished first and third in a jacking off contest

  29. Well for time, obviously.

  30. my mom says beasnette has two kids

    Oh my. At least she still recognizes Mr. Beasn and Beasnette.

  31. Bo Snerdley was on whatever show took Rush’s place. My eyes might have leaked. I miss Rush. He was always so positive.

    Okay, been dragging my feet too long today. Gotta put out the rolls to rise and start the cookies.


  32. Roamy, that is what is so weird. Though she hears voices and sees people who are not there, she still recognizes everyone.
    And is very consistent in her belief that I am a prostitute responsible for her circumstances…even though I was so nice to her and it was so nice to live here…before.

  33. What determines the winner of a jacking off contest?

  34. Different categories:

    Fastest Shooter
    Largest Volume
    Longest Distance
    Original Soundtrack
    Mister Congeniality

  35. It’s like martial arts, on one side you have the “forms” judged by technique and rhythm, posture, etc. On the other side you have the combat section, where quickest to the knock out wins.

  36. Who are the judges? I mean besides your mom.

  37. Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon.

  38. LOL Those two assholes hold multiple titles in the relay race.

  39. https://tritorch.com/PCRFraud/

  40. Chillin’ at my brother’s in Atlanta. For all its bumps, life is good.

  41. Not to spoil your eternal destiny, but I’m pretty sure there’s no jackin’ it in Heaven.

  42. Probably not after the Resurrection, either.

  43. I recommend watching this to meet your minimum recommended daily allowance of Pink Floyd and Dire Straits:

  44. Not to spoil your eternal destiny, but I’m pretty sure there’s no jackin’ it in Heaven.

    No jacking it in hell either, but for very different reasons. Seems the afterlife is entirely a jack-free zone. Thou Shalt Not Pull the Pud.

  45. Not to spoil your eternal destiny, but I’m pretty sure there’s no jackin’ it in Heaven.

    No jacking it in hell either, but for very different reasons. Seems the afterlife is entirely a jack-free zone.


    (Imgur gif)

  46. Holy cow! This post on Christmas eve?
    Get the pun?
    Which one goes by ” Eccentrica Galumbits”?

  47. Christmas Eve dinner was beef daube, which is basically beef stew someone spilled red wine in and served on noodles. It was delicious.

  48. That sounds really good.

    Today I’ve had two eggs on a bagel, an apple, a chocolate bar and for dinner I’ll have a hunk of beef I cooked. Why yes, Paula is working until 9, why’d you ask?

  49. I got my wrapping done in record time using this one weird trick.

  50. Christmas BBF is kinda like those shitty bowl games like the Jimmy Kimmel Bag-o-Dicks Classic brought to you by General Insurance.

    Merry Christmas Eve, you crazy people!

  51. Too many weeks, not enough boobs. Next week is for all the marbles.

  52. Merry Christmas noggers of egg.

  53. Merry Christmas from the white trash corner of H2. Please enjoy this charming little story set to song.

  54. Merry Christmas to this dumpster fire.

  55. happy birthday!


  56. But it’s the dumpster fire we know.

  57. That was a fine tune Pendejo

  58. Happy Christmas Eve!

  59. Merry Christmas H2

  60. Merry Christmas.

  61. That was a fine tune Pendejo

    My contributions are not exactly in the same genre as sobek’s.

  62. I hope I may say I agree.

  63. Oso!

  64. Merry Christmas, Lumps. I hope you’ve been laying off the silica gel lately.

  65. I love that stuff but it makes me so thirsty.

  66. Talked with sis tonight about helping me paint and update in this house. I’m excited about that, but mostly I can’t wait until it’s time to start garden planning again in February-March.

  67. Breaking!

    Shots Fired At Nakatomi Plaza!

  68. Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I have a liberal supply of scotch and Die Hard. Bruce Willis has hair.

  69. Best part? We have a new space for work; when the home business departs our home and garage which it has occupied since Summer 2013, we will be able to retire the shed, which is a tube frame carport-type thing with a tarp-like cover, and move its contents back into the garage where they belong.

    The shed frame will migrate to the back of the garden and in a trice will be covered with greenhouse film and make all my dreams come true.

  70. I’m so happy about this I have to restrain myself from bringing the tape measure outdoors right this moment to measure the size of greenhouse film I need to order for use several months from now.

  71. This looks fun!
    Santa (Mel Gibson) gives an asshoe rich kis a lump of coal for Christmas. The Kid hires Boyd Crowder to take him out.


  72. Become so accustomed to having two packing rooms, a cash register, and piles of freight and cartons in so many rooms of my house I can’t really imagine that life was different from this not that long ago.

  73. Not complaining, this is and has been a blessing.

  74. Fatman is great, definitely watch it

  75. One more sleep til Christmas…

  76. G’nite all. Merry Christmas to you and yours. May GOD bless you all…

  77. Darleen enjoyed red poinsettias.

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