MMM 474

Penultimate Monday of 2021.

Looks warm there.

Please ignore satanic symbology in the corner.

I want one of these.

I can’t do this, even briefly.

Hot, but her hair says she hates me.


More monochrome. Pretty hair.

It’s not an F, what’s that letter?

Impractical gym attire.

5 shopping days remain. Get on it.


  1. I wear a kevlar glove under leather, wasn’t worried about my hand as much as I was slipping and piercing bung or guts in the evisceration step. Basically after one of these, I know where the pain points of the process are. The initial stun is unpleasant and requires steady hands and nerve or the animal suffers. The skinning isn’t too bad, but getting the guts out without getting any poo or urine on the meat requires a lot of precision. The rest is just a lot of hard work, but not laser-focus. At most you have more trimming/cleaning to do or you lose an organ you meant to keep.

    My cough and fever on Friday morning meant shaky hands and chills when I wasn’t wearing a sweatshirt indoors. No bueno for the “high focus” parts of the process.

  2. Gotcha. And ew. For mammals, I’ve only ever done a wabbit by myself and a deer with help, many years ago. Actually I don’t remember gutting the deer, pretty sure that arrived field dressed.

  3. Went to Cincinnati for a few days.

    Really ugly city.

  4. Haven’t been there in 20 years. Seemed nice at the time, but my standard was Chicago in the 90’s, which was already getting ugly.

  5. It was bleak. You wanna see a dying midwest city? Go to Cincy.

  6. Let’s get this show on the road.

  7. Touch Football

    Muck Football

    Suck Football

    Fuck Football

    Anyone of those. She’s #69 so take your pick.

  8. I saw an interesting survey the other day.

    The summary: If you are double vaxxed and have gotten a booster you are more likely to support lockdowns, masks, distancing, etc.

    Even with all of the pressure and reassurance that vaccination is awesome, people can’t make the leap to believe they are safe. The scared will always be scared no matter what.

    It’s predictable but also a bit counterintuitive.

  9. Don’t forget Duck and Truck Football but those are not as likely as the other options

  10. Going to Cincinnati on the 30th to pick up my new kayak and trailer. Not actually going into the city, but to a norther ‘burb. I will be there maybe a total of three hours if I’m lucky.

  11. Had a friend there that worked for Procter and Gamble. I’ll bet they’ve been remote for two years now, not one office drone has been in Cincy in ages. Can’t imagine the restaurants and tire shops and whatnot downtown have done well in that.

  12. It probably smells better than Toledo.

  13. It did at the time, but that was mostly the cinnamon in the chili. If the Skyline joints are gone, it probably smells like the Ohio.

  14. Liawatha has the coof. I wonder who sent her a blanket.

  15. Cory Booker too, but his Valtrex will probably carry him through.

  16. I didn’t get sick the whole year we homeschooled. Possum brings home 2 plagues a month, on average, from first grade. Her immune system is basically tissue paper.

  17. OK. Enough festering. I need to get back to work. Got some packing to do and some admin work. Then I’ll prep some more Christmas goodies to distribute among the fam.

  18. Liawatha has the coof. I wonder who sent her a blanket.


    Someone should ask her that.

  19. Fuck December. Thatisall.

  20. A thought on the FBI’s Jan. 6 report that there was no pre-planning or conspiracy. If they concluded otherwise, that there were a preplanned op, then anything charged in relation to that op would be entitled to discovery of information related to pre-planning, to include information of FBI involvement. Therefore, no pre-planning occurred.

    The big flaw with this theory is that everyone charged in connection to Jan. 6 should have been entitled to all the discovery anyway, and we know they weren’t allowed to review all the video, so it’s not like the government wasn’t willing to just straight up hide evidence. But I guess a government lawyer could argue that evidence of pre-planning isn’t relevant to a trespassing charge, so law enforcement involvement in inciting the event is not discoverable.

  21. Tuck Football.

  22. They “lost” all the Epstein evidence, Sobek. Everything the FIB does is thoroughly political at this point, or at least that’s the way to bet.

  23. “Tech Football”

  24. FBI = Democrat Party Gestapo.

  25. Tecmo Bowl FTW

  26. I’m not sure what Epstein evidence the FBI would have had – genuinely ignorant on that one. I’m relation to his hanging, that would be BOP. I think the first time he was charged it was a state level offense (?). Whatever, I genuinely don’t know what I’m talking about.

  27. FBI raid on his compound turned up a safe full of CDs.

    No one can account for their location now. Whoopsies.

  28. There are a lot of fat people on The Price is Right.
    And the way the audience is set up, which is drastically reduced, is stupid.

  29. People trying to get something for nothing, and they’re FAT?

    Hold the presses!

  30. Cuck football.

  31. “FBI raid on his compound turned up a safe full of CDs.”

    That sounds familiar. I do not believe that could happen by accident. Evidence mistakes can happen, sure, but losing a safe full of CDs, when you have a full search team with lots of time to plan? Nope.

  32. I had an econ teacher in high school who had a funny Price is Right story. A lot of things made more sense after that story.

  33. They are flaunting it as this point, Sobek. Highest possible profile, and they just announce it like a clerical error or an extra appetizer on a restaurant bill.

  34. Looks like there’s something dribbling out of ” pretty hair’s” belly button.

  35. Pretty sure that’s BB jewelry, but Carin’s the expert.

  36. Okay, quick Google search on the lost evidence, and I’ve changed my mind – it could actually be gross, astronomically gross, incompetence. According to trial testimony, agents cut into a safe with a saw and observed the evidence but didn’t seize it because they didn’t have a warrant. When they came back four days later, the evidence was gone.

    So I have questions.

    If you don’t have a warrant, why are you sawing into a safe?

    Why did it take you four days to get a warrant? You can get a warrant with a phone call under exigent circumstances, and under normal circumstances you can get a warrant in a few hours.

    Why did you leave the scene unattended during those four days?

    The answer to those last two questions could easily be “because we wanted the evidence to disappear, and we didn’t want it to be in our custody when it disappeared.” That’s the answer that makes the most sense. The only other answer is jaw dropping incompetence.

  37. Embrace the power of “and” .

  38. It beggars belief that it could be anything but deliberate. Men that stupid would have killed themselves trying to open the safe.

  39. there’s something dribbling out

  40. Be optimistic, could be tequila.

  41. Check out the video

  42. another florida dem decides not to run again, Stephanie Murphy. Didn’t recognize the name, so she probably didn’t say many vile things, other than that D

  43. “Tech Football”

    New Era Pinstripe Bowl, Wed. Dec. 29, thankyouverymuch.

  44. Not sure what that says with a 6-6 team getting a bowl game, but there you have it.

  45. Bowl games have proliferated. They’re a PR and advertising tool for their sponsors now rather than having any use in determining which teams are any good.

  46. Bowl game rant killed it dead

  47. Bowl of dicks game.

  48. Someone was asking for your mom

  49. The rack on that thing is unbelievable.

    It’s like the Salma Hayek of deers.


    (Imgur video with sound)


    (Imgur video)



    (Imgur video with sound)


    (Imgur video with sound)

  54. Boo!!!!!!!!

  55. Savage Babylon Bee is savage:

  56. Chris Christie pushing vaccines vaccines vaccines for everyone HARD on fox news tonight. Absolutely no mention of the adverse reactions nor of them being unnecessary for young and healthy.

  57. GD love the Bee.

    I think it’s Potluck Football but I could be biased. I’m off to the hockey team’s Christmas game followed by a potluck. Got myself some moose meatballs in the slow cooker.

    Figured these are niche market but maybe not for this crew…

  58. If you just ran on a treadmill for half an hour with no mask, and the second you’re done running you put a mask on, what exactly do you think you’re accomplishing?

  59. I learned in ye olde auncient times of just a few years ago, that surgical masks are not effective or acceptable PPE for respiratory viruses.
    Actually, every nurse in the country has learned this for the last 20 years or more. But every nurse I worked with threw their own brains and knowledge out the window and turned into easily programmed robots.
    They have likely always been robots, it’s just apparent now that the programming has contradicted itself but they have questioned nothing.

  60. As long as you are eating something you don’t need a mask.

    Covid hates food.

  61. A while back during this whole nightmare I had to return to my textbook and verify this was true. It is true. I didn’t look up the footnotes. But every textbook footnote I checked while in college was iron-clad. Evidence-based practice is dogmatically pursued in nursing academia.

  62. Anyway…after the holiday I’m going to focus on making a new garden fence and gates. I need to keep out woodchucks, bunnies, deer. And make it not so ugly as what I have now. And something easy to remove if needed.
    I’m thinking of taking concrete-block deck footers and splitting them in half if possible, setting pressure treated 2x4s in them for the posts. No or minimal digging. Depending on where the posts are on the slope.

  63. The masks They will tell you, are NOT to protect you from The New Black Death, but rather to contain the spew of potentially NBD-laden errant “droplets” out of your own mouth into the pristine environment and thus perhaps possibly contaminate others. I know of no actual SCIENCE to back up The Droplet Theory beyond The Fauci proclaiming it so but then The Fauci is the Science-God and thou shalt not gainsay Him.

  64. We’re expecting a bunch of snow at the end of the week. I normally shop on Friday. I need to stock up on whiskey and chicken is not $4.00/lb for bonless skinless breasts/thighs, but I have a coupon for spiral cut ham at $1.27/lb. What am I to do?
    I’mma fire-up the food saver and vacuum pack and freeze a buttload of ham and make split-pea soup, is what I’m gonna do…
    I’m not going to wait for Friday.

  65. not = now

  66. Dangerously exposed, Rudy panicked.

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