2021 BBF Miss Congeniality

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday’s 2021 Miss Congeniality Tournament.




Today’s models didn’t make the cut for the tournament, but I’ve been assured by multiple sources that they all possess sparkling personalities.


#1 – LUCY LI


Your model for today was born on January 4th, 1994 in Munich, Germany. She stands 5′ 6″ and measure34 – 25 – 37 and 112 lbs. Please welcome Miss Lucy Li – AKA Scarlett Lee / Lucy Lee / Lucy Ly / Lucy / Teal.




She has a nice personality.



She’s no Farrah Fawcett




Would smash with a biohazard suit on



At least they bounce.



Wakey wakey

Giving this gal a butterface score of 10. If that’s the best they can do with lighting and makeup …





Your model for today was born on February 1st, 1995 in Zolochiv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine. She stands 5′ 7″ and measures 36 – 25 – 40 and 130 lbs. Please follow along with Miss Josephine Jackson aka Josephine / Josephine B / Josephine Bells / Josephine C / Josephine Bee / Jozephine Jackson / Julia Senyuk.



A brief internet search confirms my suspicions that Josephine is quite the thespian.

And by thespian I mean cum dumpster.



Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what kind off BBF model you’re going to get.



I’d annex her Crimea.


Very confusing.

9/10 would smash? 6/10 would smash?





Your model for today was born November 15th, 1992 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England.  She stands 5’6″ and measures 34 – 27 – 34 and 122 lbs.  Please defend your island for Miss Kym Graham.







I think she’s cute! And you know she’s smart because she’s wearing big glasses. I don’t know if she’s a bed duster but she seems the type.


9/10 would smash


An English muffin eminently worthy of buttering.



Nooks and crannies



Crannies not grannies you sick fucks



I’d buy her a farm and put babies in her.



Farm and babies killed it.



Ironic, really.



Part of me really wants to see the rest of the plaid-skirt photo shoot, but I’m resisting.


I have a link.




Your model for today was born March 23, 1987 in Killeen, TX.  She stands 5′ 8” and measures 36 – 28 – 45 and some pounds.  Please roll out the yoga mat for Miss Briana Bette.




8/10 would smash


Wow. She’s definitely fits the category, right down to her initials. Good job, Pupster.


This chick is thick.



I’m sure she’s a fine young woman.

Glad we’re able to appreciate a bevy of snapshots of her thiccness before it becomes something else entirely.



Don’t start none won’t be none.



  1. wakey wakey.

    dragged over from other thread.

    A well-made cosmo is pretty good. I never watched sex and the city, so the connection isn’t one I make. I make them strong,the way God intended. But a lot of people are used to foo-foo verson and complain that mine are all alcohol.

    /blink blink

    Yea. There is cranberry for color. That’s it. LOOK UP THE RECIPE.

    Basically, anyone who orders frozen drinks gets carded.
    Comment by Car in on December 17, 2021 6:16 am

    My favorite thing to say when someone asks my view of an ice cream drink? Oh they’re delicious but SO many calories.

  2. The competition is stiff but I think #2 looks like the stupid one this week.

  3. So, dogs were UP and whining at about 5:15 this morning. They’ve been fed, let outside for a good long while, played … now they’re back to sleep.

    And here I am.

  4. Brandon is sowing panic about the mostly harmless “Omicron”.

    “Omicron has not yet spread as fast as it would’ve otherwise done and as is happening in Europe. But it’s here now, and it’s spreading, and it’s going to increase. For unvaccinated, we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death — if you’re unvaccinated — for themselves, their families, and the hospitals they’ll soon overwhelm.”
    “a winter of severe illness and death”

    Inspiring words from Brandon

    “if you’re unvaccinated”

    So you’re guaranteeing a vaccination will prevent death?

  5. Agree with you on #2 who will probably get my vote later

  6. Who wants to hear about my terrible table last night? No one? too bad.

    Reservation for a part. One server (I didn’t know about this) said the two parties were going to be her’s, but then when she saw the name of one quickly said she’d share (that’s RACIST). I wasn’t slated for any of the reservations, because I’m not that person who steals parties from folks. Reservation was for 5 pm. 10 people.

    They don’t show up. TWO women are there. at 5:45 they ask to be seated and they’re just going to eat. They get seated in my section. So it begins.

    They order, and just as their food arrives, two more show up. Then another. THey ask to move to my party table.

    So The NEW three people order. Just as THEIR food arrives, FIVE MORE SHOW UP.

    Look, this isn’t your momma’s house. On a busy night, this is a serving NIGHTMARE. And we were busy. They were at my table from 5:45 until after 8, because apparently I was serving a progressive dinner at my party table?

    And, to be expected – the tip was very underwhelming. Of course it was. Because. And, of course, they were needy. They need more this. They need more that. OH can you bring me another one of those? Oh, she doesn’t want the meal she ordered … what can you do for her?

    FML. They were full of thanks yous, etc, because that’s sometimes how you get paid in these situations.

  7. How do you make a well-made cosmo? And I’d also like to know how to make a martini with a twist.

  8. I have vague memories of bussing group tables with frazzled waitresses back in high school. Not fun.

  9. 1 shot citron, half a shot orange liquor of choice – triple sec or grand mariner etc . Fresh lime juice ( couple pieces should do). Splash of cranberry. Chill, shaken. Rim martini glass with lime juice for extra yummy. Garnish with lemon or orange twist.

  10. So, I thought I had COVID back in February 2020, before it was even a pandemic, because of the symptoms. I waited until the last minute to get the jab (work requirements, although all of my group are mostly working from home). I ignore the boosters after all the hub-bub about them causing problems.

    This Monday, I start feeling my usual late-fall cold coming on. I decide since I have symptoms to get tested. Despite the jab and having had it previously, I test positive for it and am in quarantine for 10 days. Meanwhile, it feels and behaves just like my usual late-fall respiratory infection I always get. I think it is my usual cold and their tests are baloney.

    Bah! I say, Bah!

  11. Martini is just chilled alcohol with a very small amount of vermouth. Chill martini glass. Pour a little vermouth in glass, swish around and dump out. Add chilled gin / vodka whichever is your preference.

    It’s weird because martinis are gin. VODKA martinis are vodka. But in the last few years people mostly drink v martinis and have dog gotten that. They just assume a martini is with vodka.

  12. dog gotten is my phone interpretation for forgotten.

  13. Tom, I’ve heard that the jab can supplant the broad natural immunity of an original-strain infection, leaving you vulnerable to an expodential infection of omnicron.

  14. Wouldn’t be surprised, Leon. Added to the joy, I just found out my wife is coming down with it and she had no jab whatsoever because of health/allergy issues. She can’t take the usual cold remedies because of heart condition. She’ll have a harder time of it than me; I does myself good to get rid of symptoms.

  15. ^does^dose

  16. Betadyne inhaler ASAP for her, Tom, twice daily up each nostril hard enough to spit it out of her mouth, then daily zinc/quercetin and C and D3 for both of you. Get some Claritin while you’re at the drug store, too.

  17. *I am not a doctor this is just what I would do*

  18. I wouldn’t give claritin to anybody with cardiac issues.

  19. I am also not a doctor this is just what I wouldn’t do

  20. Right, the Claritin was for Tom. I figure she knows she’s not supposed to take it, but I should have clarified.

  21. The betadyne inhaler was a Dr McCullogh suggestion, he swears by it.

    Amazon is back-ordered on them until mid-January.

  22. So now the CDC says avoid the JNJ vaccine….a day after the better half was injected with it at the hospital…

  23. I had never heard of a Betadine inhaler pre Covid. I’ve read about them a few times since but was under the impression that they weren’t commonly available in the US. They have them on eBay but I get nervous buying anything I’d ingest from there

  24. Thanks for the info, Carin.

  25. Tom you can test positive for covid and it means A) it’s a false positive B) you have it with zero symptoms and you have a cold. C) you have covid with no symptoms.

    Also, I don’t know what I’m saying.

  26. If you get a nasal nebulizer you can make one, Jimbro. You dilute betadine in distilled water and you’re good to go. I think the ratio was 1:6, but I’d double-check that with McCullough’s statements if I were making one.

  27. Does anyone else find it charming when Mare says she doesn’t kno what she’s saying? Those people are so rare. Unlike 81 million, who vomits random syllables and is certain he just bested Churchill.

  28. When you’re lying in bed with your wife having a cup of coffee that she got up and made (but you put in the grounds and water the night before, but I digress), and she turns to you and says, “You’re having egg salad for your sandwich.”, you know you’re in heaven with an angel.

  29. The older I get the more convinced I become that there is no greater blessing than having an awesome wife who is also a superlative mother to your children. Ask me how I know.

  30. Indeed.

  31. Question of the day: in the 12 days of Christmas, what is the gift for the 4th day?

    Your answer is probably wrong, compared to the original. As I learned last night.

  32. Car in?

  33. My gift on the 4th day was your mom.

  34. I really should have seen that one coming.

  35. As someone over there in Twitter said, I can’t believe Elon Musk owns Tesla, SpaceX, and Elizabeth Warren.

  36. Comment by Hotspur on December 17, 2021 10:18 am
    When you’re lying in bed with your wife having a cup of coffee that she got up and made (but you put in the grounds and water the night before, but I digress), and she turns to you and says, “You’re having egg salad for your sandwich.”, you know you’re in heaven with an angel.


    You know what matters, Hotspur.

  37. Heh:

    This old lady handed her bank card to the teller and said “I would like to withdraw $10”. The teller told her “for withdrawals less than $100, please use the ATM.
    The old lady wanted to know why… The teller returned her bank card and irritably told her “these are the rules, please leave if there is no further matter. There is a line of customers behind you”.
    The old lady remained silent for a few seconds and handed her card back to the teller and said “please help me withdraw all the money I have.” The teller was astonished when she checked the account balance. She nodded her head, leaned down and respectfully told her “you have $300,000 in your account but the bank doesn’t have that much cash currently. Could you make an appointment and come back again tomorrow?
    The old lady then asked how much she could withdraw immediately. The teller told her any amount up to $3000. “Well please let me have $3000 now.” The teller kindly handed $3000 very friendly and with a smile to her.
    The old lady put $10 in her purse and asked the teller to deposit $2990 back into her account.
    The moral of this story is….
    Don’t be difficult with old people, they spent a lifetime learning the skill.

  38. Someone left some onions out again:

    Last December, when Rush was hospitalized, he was so desperate to get back to you on the radio he asked the doctors if he could have a day pass for his annual pre-Christmas show. As you know, Rush loved this time of year so much, the music, the lights, the scents…all of it, and most of all wishing you and your families the best year ahead. In honor of Rush, may your holidays be bright, and may the year ahead be the very best yet. Let’s continue his tradition…
    With love,
    ~ Kathryn Adams Limbaugh

  39. So, the CDC says don’t take J&J? Funny. We were supposed to trust the vaccine absolutely, until the very second the authorities reverse course. But somehow the public health bureaucracy think they are still going to maintain credibility for the remaining vaccines, which are still lacking long term clinical trials? “TRUST US (just like you trusted us for that one we are now saying is bad). THESE are safe!”

    Oh, and give it to your kids, too. Little babies. I’m sure it will be fine. After all, it’s not MY kid…

  40. Hotspur, you are a wise man who has built a good life. I admire that.

  41. I hope this is signaling the beginning of the end of this bullshit. Still holding out hope that logic will return and this whole narrative just implodes and gets dropped. I’m pleased with this one bit of vindication. If anybody on this vax bandwagon gets their eyes opened by the reversal of vaccine recommendations by the government, and what it means about the validity of their other recommendations…but nahhh…who am I kidding? Robots don’t allow themselves to think that hard.

  42. Imagine being afraid because Rachel Maddow told you to be

  43. I think a lot of people’s “Aha” moments came with the boosters. For months they heard that if they got the double shots they’d get their lives back and society would go back to normal. Nuh uh, no one is “vaccinated” until they have all the shots that Fauci and the CDC say they need.

  44. I got the J&J shot. I was aware of reported clotting issues, but I figured they’re all untested crap shots with possibly lethal side effects, and with J&J I only have to do it once. Now what price will CDC or J&J pay for telling me, falsely, that it was safe?

  45. Not sure about the wise part, but I do have a good life.


  46. Egg salad is delightful. It’s one of those foods I never think of making. Another meal I really like is meatloaf and I make it too infrequently. I did create a fantastic loaf a couple of days ago and it was delicious.

  47. i don’t remember the last time I had egg salad. We have deviled eggs at holidays, closest I could think of.

  48. Deviled eggs are the ambrosia of the small g gods

    At any party or gathering where they are served I shed all pretensions and stand as close as possible to them and eat way more than common sense dictates

  49. haha, same here. Of course we don’t get to hide at holidays, brothers will warn everyone when an egg is consumed.

  50. For the J&J they claim to be worried out 54 cases out of 17 million shots. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines cause heart inflammation at higher rates. For males 16 or 17 the rate was 69.1 per million Pfizer doses administered as of last month. They say it’s due to the blood clots from the J&J being more deadly, but most likely J&J didn’t grease enough palms.

  51. solid theory there, thermy!

  52. I could eat egg salad sandwiches every day and never get tired of it.

    Sometimes it’s peanut butter and jelly – and it is glorious. Do you know what jelly does to the texture of the inside surface of the bread after four hours? OMG — soooo good.

    Sometimes it’s salami and cheese with mustard.

    Always cut into fours. Always put in a Tupperware thingy with a handful of almonds.

    To quote Pupster: I am the luckiest man alive.

  53. mmm love a good PB&J, grape is my favorite but they are all tasty.

  54. Ben came home feeling sick yesterday and went up to his room when he got home. This morning he was feeling a little better but Paula thought he sounded a little hoarse. He stayed home from school. And because of Covid he is going to the walk in test center to get tested.

    And of course now I feel like I’m getting something because I’m feeling a little off. I want to return to the old days when you could just get a cold or a seasonal GI bug and not freak out about the end of the world.

    Paula is freaking out because she has a skewed sense of Covid after working in the ER and seeing some occasional cases of relatively younger people coding and dying. It’s bad enough to feel like you’re fighting a cold without the additional factor of your wife worrying she’s going to have to do chest compressions on you while simultaneously dialing 911.

  55. LOL

    Earlier in the week it was PB&J with strawberry jam. That evening when I said thanks for the sammy she kind of laughed (she always does that when it was PB&J as if it’s something naughty), and I laughed back and said, “I like grape.”

  56. Tell Paula its her fault marrying an older man.


  57. It’s bad enough to feel like you’re fighting a cold without the additional factor of your wife worrying she’s going to have to do chest compressions on you while simultaneously dialing 911.

    Mrs. Pupster’s Covid experience has twisted her perspective, she is very afraid of every cough and sniffle. I have to keep reminding her about zero reinfections with natural immunity.

  58. Addendum: It’s pretty logical that my wife is coming down with the same thing I have, right? She went to the CVS and bought a self-test kit for COVID and it came back NEGATIVE. Could I dare say mare is right? I have a cold??? I wonder if it could come back positive from my having it before…

  59. her fault marrying an older man
    Every now and then when she’s worried about some financial thing I’ll do my best to calm her down by reminding her she’ll be a well to do widow

  60. Ok, new music suggestion from me.

  61. The live version is probably even better.

    Go ahead. Begin the jokes and insults.

  62. Stop guzzling vodka martinis when you’re testing Tom


    “”We observed that all soft drinks (Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta-Orange, Orange soft drink), energy drink (Red Bull), alcoholic beverages (vodka, whiskey, and brandy), commercially bottled mineral water, and carbonated mineral water caused the appearance of a red test line.””

  63. Good thread here:

  64. Begin the jokes and insults.
    Worst Christmas carol ever

  65. Don we now our gay apparel, huh Jimbro?

  66. I wonder if it could come back positive from my having it before…

    Yes. We never retested people if we knew they had prior covid. I was told that retesting people who had had covid before was useless because even months later they will still be shedding nonviable viral fragments here and there that will create a false positive test.

    But…it seems like that advice has gone out the window? Lots of people who had it before are retesting all the time. Not sure what’s going on with that. The old advice seems more sound to me.

  67. The screenshot for Contestant #1 in the voting section is rather….pornographically in-your-face.

    Hey, this joint has SOME standards, right?

  68. My Ugly Sweater is FABULOUS





    https://tinyurl.com/yck3srs5 ?

  69. Another new & instant classic, not gay at all though


  70. I skimmed this article, didn’t read in detail


    The title really sums it up though

  71. I just shared the shit out of that sweater.

  72. Sky Karens Guild

    LOL Ace

  73. My mask was too tight and giving me a headache on a flight. I took the loop off one ear and kept the cloth part sitting on top of my nose and mouth. Sky Karen told me this was not sufficient.

  74. My last flights I kept snacks on the tray in front of me the whole time. Whenever I sensed a Sky Karen hovering I very slowly reached for some food or drink.

  75. Yeah, I do that, too, Pups. In intro speech they give, they tell you to put the mask on between bites, but they have never enforced that, as far as I’ve seen.

  76. If classing up = you get a piece of new gear, and then they send you on your way for your Christmas break w/o saying anything… then Ethan classed up. He really doesn’t know for sure, so we’re being cautiously optimistic.

  77. Golden Spatula.

  78. Pocket Frog

  79. Elliptical Cucumber

  80. Assault Whisk

  81. wait, what are we doing

  82. The screenshot for Contestant #1 in the voting section is rather….pornographically in-your-face.

    Hey, this joint has SOME standards, right?

    Oh, yeah sorry T. I changed it.

  83. Guessing what cooking gear Ethan got

  84. Turning Fork with Almond Clusters

  85. Kevlar-coated battle hibachi. Costs $27,500 through military appropriations, or $300 through Amazon.

  86. Mr. B decided to do some plumbing. Shower faucet all drippy/corroded.

    He turned the water off without telling me after I took the roast out to thaw and before I could use the toilet.

    It’s not going well.

    Pray for oso.

  87. Lemon zester with Trijicon night sites

  88. Mozart, Theme and variations form, “La Belle françoise”:

  89. Tactical Spoon Sharpener

  90. Silver Strainer of Legion

  91. Tungsten melon-baller.

  92. Box of these with a wink and a nod


  93. https://is.gd/lRen8b

    (Imgur video with sound)

  94. Isn’t posting that without a “your mom” joke a violation of blog bylaws?

  95. Oh Pupster, that was amazing

  96. Question of the day: in the 12 days of Christmas, what is the gift for the 4th day?

    Four pounds of back-bacon.

  97. Shaving cream balloon pop was about as funny as the one with grandma ranting about creamy shit

  98. Pupster, balloon pop was fucking hilarious.

    I can think of a few in-laws in need of that.

  99. I told him to hire a plumber to do this because..
    1. He hates plumbing..
    2. He is no good at plumbing..

    He admits this.

    Plumber is booking 5 weeks out.

    There is only one shut off.

    I will cut a bish the next time he even hints at doing this again.

  100. Had I known, I would have filled up a bathtub so we don’t have to use a gas station overnight.

    *deep breath*

  101. Can’t he just cap the lines, Beasn? Pretty sure they make some nifty clamp on valves and stuff for most water lines.

  102. https://is.gd/GseYVW

    (Imgur video)

  103. Pepe, he phoned a friend who is somewhat handy. Think the guy’s brother is a retired plumber.
    If they can’t fix the shower, then I’ll mention capping it…surely they would know this….

  104. On the bright side, I finally got a crocheted bodice attached to it’s skirt. Now to add a button and hem said skirt and I will be finished with my last commissioned project.

    I’m going to ignore that it’s going to be too big for a one year old but I have no clue how big this kid’s going to be late spring.
    Right now, coming up on 6 months, the kid is quite chunky. Her face is so chubby, she’s got a Charlie Brown kind of head.
    Looking at various dress patterns and beasnette’s baby dresses…12 to 18 month sizes has a wide range.

  105. Lumps earlier today: ” Robots don’t allow themselves to think that hard”.
    Algorithms don’t think, macros do, if written properly. There’s a difference & it directly reflects upon the skill sets of their creators.

  106. Like this, Beasn


  107. ^ you may want to argue ” but Dave, they’re the same thing.” Not in my business, algorithms are written by those with computer science degrees that have no working knowledge labour what they’re writing them for, macros are written by those without a computer sciences degree but have the working knowledge & test the mother fucking shit out of them before releasing them.

  108. ^ LOL. I find it cute that autocorrect turned “about” into the Limey version of Labor. Just gotta laugh at that retarded algorithm.

  109. BTW, candidate #2 appears to be a Soviet continuation of Nazi genetic experiments. This one involving human DNA mixed with that of a Holstein cow.

  110. Super easy three miles tonight, 9:40 pace. Just want to stay lose because tomorrow I’m going for 12 miles. Wish me luck.

  111. ^Those aren’t blobs, they’re udders. She should be disqualified, but the international Olympic committee gave the eastern block a pass for a few generations. Guess what you can expect about “girls” with penises competing against girls with vajayjays for a few generations…

  112. Thank you, Pepe. I saved the link.
    I just went upstairs, after 6 hours… and a half hour after the friend showed up. Friend said his dad and two of his brothers were plumbers and he learned a few things from them. Brought some plumbing tools. Makes me feel a little better. Says it should be all fixed and handle/faucet installed before midnight (hopefully an hour or two..they went off to the hardware store again.)

  113. Just looked in on facechimp. Oso’s mom passed away..nurse said, peacefully.

    So sorry oso, our oso.

  114. Pray for Oso.

  115. Praying

  116. Ben’s Covid test was negative


  117. Prayers for Oso.

  118. Sorry for your loss, Oso

  119. May she rest in peace.

    You have my sympathies, Oso.

  120. Sorry to hear about your mom Oso.

  121. So, I told you guys ethan is sick? Apparently they’re ALL sick. they all have some respiratory bs.

  122. So sorry about your mom, Oso {{{hugs}}}

  123. Oso. *Holds hands* Our condolences.
    Peace upon you and your family.

  124. Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let Your perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen. (((squishy hugs, Osita)))

  125. Dr Ben Carson is a very smart man who seems to follow logic, rather than emotion. It’s too fuckin’ bad that people listen to the administration and MSLSD rather that him.


  126. Oso,
    Sorry to hear about your mum. Hugs for you and yours…

  127. No derp tonight out of respect for the passing of osita’s mom. May she rest in peace.

  128. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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