Weird Names / Weird Creatures

The Crazy Uncles of the Animal World

Neoclinus blanchardi – The Sarcastic Fringehead

Phacellophora camtschatica – Fried Egg Jellyfish

Males release actively swimming sperm into the water column. Some of this sperm then enters the mouth of the female. – kinda like

Vampyroteuthis infernalis – Vampire Squid from Hell

Vampire Squid Possesses Unique Reproductive Strategy ...

vampire squid return to a gonadal resting phase after spawning, and presumably start accumulating energy for a new reproductive cycle” – kinda like

Callicebus aureipalatii – Monkey

NNN / The Monkey Named After a Website

A New World monkey, discovered in Bolivia 2004. Named thru a fund raiser., paid $ 650,000 to have the species named after them.

Parastratiosphecomyia stratiosphecomyioides – Near soldier wasp-fly

Revision of the southeast Asian soldier-fly genus ...

Longest accepted scientific name.

Eumicrotremus andriashevi aculeatus – Andriashev’s spicular-spiny pimpled lumpsucker

Pacific spiny lumpsuckers: the swimming golf balls ...

Ogcocephalus darwini – Red-Lipped Batfish – closely related to The Blue-Lipped Motherfucker (Obamalus peensipperrae)

white red-lipped batfish resting on a sandy ocean floor

Of course there are tonnes of funny bird names.

Later boobys.


  1. Wakey wakey

    I will be lumping furniture in a former crossfit location.

    I won’t be posting videos and photos, or my dresser packaging times.

    Some people just don’t have the competitive spirit.

    Good tl/dr post from Chris. Pat is always talking about that stuff.

  2. And the wind is back.

  3. We’re getting rain today supposedly. There’s a thin layer of new snow out there now. Either way, it’s chilly and a fire in the wood stove is on the horizon

  4. I still say these women asked to compete with fake women ought to just stay at the starting block when the start signal is given. Participating only furthers the farce.

    They may have scholarship requirements to participate which forces their hands to actually race them. The worm is going to turn on this bullshit before too long. The sooner the better, I say.

  5. Agree about the tl/dr post Chrisp provided last night. I sort of “knew” all that stuff about batteries but having it presented by an anthropomorphic battery bot was a clever way of telling the story.

    I tend to roll my eyes when the left does similar things but as Dan Bongino frequently mentions, “NEW RULES!” That’s more along the lines of not agreeing or apologizing to the libs in the hopes of getting along with them but fighting back twice as hard when they pull their crap.

  6. Huh, the weirdest thing just happened. Right before I went to bed last night I put a log on a thin layer of coals in the wood stove. Damper was still wide open and it usually burns down to just a few coals overnight. I’ve been up since 0500 and no fire. Paula just came in from the gym and as we were talking I noticed flames in the stove. Sure enough, the same log was now burning. I think having a few doors open at once got the air moving enough to get it going. Never one to miss an opportunity I added a few smaller pieces of wood and got it roaring back again.

  7. Reminds me. We had our oil burner cleaned yesterday. Guy said our draft isn’t positive, which is good, but it’s borderline negative to zero and we need to hire a chimney sweep asap. Boo.

  8. Headed to Cincinnati for a few days. Should be awesome.


    Fantastic article that reflects my feelings entirely

    “Wisdom is a combination of knowledge, experience, and judgment. Knowledge can be imparted, experience gained, but judgment is an inherent quality, not acquired through instruction. You either possess good judgment or you don’t. For some reason, many physicians are not well equipped when it comes to that leg of the stool.”


    “Although stated in regard to the Vietnam War, this entire situation reminds me of a quote by John Kerry that I will modify for the circumstances we find ourselves in today; “How do you ask a man to be the last man to die from the COVID vaccine? How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?””

  10. They may have scholarship requirements to participate which forces their hands to actually race them. The worm is going to turn on this bullshit before too long. The sooner the better, I say.
    I really don’t think it will for decades, perhaps longer. What we’re seeing is the result of liberal women in positions of authority making decisions based on their feelings.

    It will change when they’re displaced or when they further embed themselves into systems and collapse the system on their heads.

  11. But I hope you’re right Jimbro because it’s all so absurd.

  12. Jimbro – I read that article the other day.

  13. “…we need to hire a chimney sweep asap.”

    If he doesn’t call you Guv’nah he’s a fraud.

  14. I’m with MJ. The schools are far too entrenched in their stupid ideas to give up so soon. It is going to take massive disinterest, and a possible collapse, to get them to reverse course. All this silliness put on today’s generation hasn’t done the trick, because the makers of society are so good at their job that it masked their effects.

  15. Get that chimney swept, especially for an oil burner. CO is no joke, and draft is important.

  16. Last time we had our furnace serviced the guy (really, the company) refused to extend our contract unless we had a metal chimney liner installed. I’ve had service by them for 20+ years and this was the first time it was mentioned. That meant we had to track down the metal chimney liner guy and set up a visit. It was a pain in the ass but now, a year later, I’m fine with it because it decreases the risk of a chimney fire.

  17. Surprised your insurance company wasn’t reaming you for it already.

  18. Another provably false scam.

  19. in chrisp’s article, I have a question:

    Who buys $1.75 beans? The 1%ers, that’s who.

  20. There’s already tension about the trannies with the whole TERF phenomenon. Telling a group of feminists to shut up like a good bitch because this guy with a penis in a dress is just as much of a woman as you isn’t a formula for success. JK Rowling, no right winger, is getting push back for calling things as she sees them.

    I don’t know, I think they will eat themselves up with their endless canceling of demonized groups until there’s nobody left and we’ll be on to the next thing designed to infuriate conservatives.

    All the girls who used to get pregnant, do drugs, have eating disorders, cut themselves, etc now want to take male hormones and the boys who wanted their theater instructor to take them on a “field trip” want estrogen and fake boobs to fill out their bras and compete against biological females. Being a transgender will become like having the newest iPod before too long.

  21. Another provably false scam.

    That was my take as I was going through the motions. A scam run by Big Chimney with kickbacks to the Oil Burner Technician

  22. Buyden groped a kid and pushed the vax during a visit to KY. All the shit the media gave to Trump for his disaster visits, and it’s a damn tonguebath for President Rutabagabrain. Why do people let their kids anywhere near him, even for a photo op?

  23. relax, he’s a democrat, what harm could it do? They can give you money, you know!

  24. LOL

    Couldn’t possibly be the vax. These people are insane.

  25. heh, headline: Why Chris Wallace left Fox after 18 years

    Because while we don’t agree, he’s not an idiot, and can read tea leaves. He knew the gig was up, even though the Murdoch children agree with him politically. Their father was the businessman, and knew how to run the news network.

    News flash: Fox isn’t right wing. It’s just not as left wing as the others.

    Maybe that’s a hot take. I’ll have to ask the kids about that one.

  26. In happier news, the boom deployment on the telescope went well.

  27. no pepe, it’s stress, related to covid.

    Never the jab, never never.

  28. great news, rocketchick!

  29. The Freddie DeBoer substack gave me heart about the new Left; he basically said they unite no one, they persuade no one, its just one sadistic witch hunt after another. Like with BLM riots, cancel culture, etc- the only thing these people create-and in large numbers- is passionate lifelong enemies.

  30. If it ever doesn’t go well you’ll get to say, “The boom deployment went BOOM.”

  31. I disagree, laura, they unite the left. before they were separate groups.

  32. oh, so now the story is Jan 6 planners had burner phones, talking to Lara and Eric Trump.

    This is just stupid.

  33. Jay, CRT is divisive even to D-voting winemoms. Trannygender bullshit is making them enemies everywhere. Laura’s right. They are on a purity spiral and getting ever smaller.

  34. I’m trying to find out when “first light” is planned, in other words, when they take the first real pic.

  35. Heh, what’s the difference between Kyle Rittenhouse and Pfizer?

    Kyle’s 3 shots were effective.

  36. The Left assume they’ve won and are now squabbling over division of spoils. Before anyone assumes this creates a political liability, factor in that the GOP is part of that structure, just with deceptive branding.

  37. One of my Facedouche friends -just can’t let go of his Trump hate. Its not seething but it colors everything. he doesn’t have a problem with how the Jan 6 protesters are being treated. That’s how they all are treated, move along, nothing to see here.

  38. He should have no trouble at all with how I’ll treat Antifa if they set foot in my neighborhood, then.

  39. heh, I have a feeling I know exactly who car in is referring to, and it ain’t chi com chuckie

  40. Yea. I like him. But if there even a tinge of TRUMP involved, his views are jaded.

  41. Ethan’s thinking he’s going to get rolled back. That means he redoes orientation, then cooking school starts in Feb or something. He says he’s “accepting the fact” so he’ll be pleasantly surprised if it makes it though this time.

  42. tell him to keep going. He might be doing better than he thinks he is! Sounds like he’s his own worst critic

  43. The Idiot King Ned of Connecticut has new fun for us: a vaccine verification app so we can prove we are worthy to enter businesses. Supposedly will be voluntary for businesses to check or not. Riiiiight. For now. Let the camel get his nose in the tent…

  44. at AOS sounds like your senator is getting both barrels too

  45. Oh, he’s going to keep going. He’s got today and tomorrow. I mean, if he “quits” he’s out. He’s going to keep trying. And I’m sure he’d prefer to go through with the group of guys he’s with now.

  46. The Idiot King Ned of Connecticut has new fun for us: a vaccine verification app so we can prove we are worthy to enter businesses.

    I bet it uses log4j. It’ll assplode in hours if deployed.

  47. we had a 50 degree drop in temp, from yesterday. Welcome to the North!

  48. It’s almost 60 degrees here. I haven’t been outside yet.

  49. It’s been WAY too warm here to hang sheep, so I still have 4 on the hoof. Weekend is supposed to be in the 30s, so I might slaughter one tomorrow.

  50. -15 up where I hang my hat/toque. -26 in Canadianese. Starting to feel like winter.

  51. Reason #267,583 women make less than men:

    – You are my office manager and you call me on Thursday morning to tell me you are taking the day off because you have to take your kid to the doctor.
    – Men in my employ do not do this.
    – You just lost a day’s wages.

  52. How may hectares do you live on, pod? Round to the nearest acre.

  53. 20 Acres Leon. Not too big but good enough to stretch my legs. Just horses for livestock and chickens for eggs.

  54. If you aren’t selling them, they aren’t really livestock.

    They are giant gerbils, same as I’m stuck with.

    Nice lot size, though. I’m on 10 until one of the neighbors decides to sell.

  55. So you have horsewhips shoved up your ass instead of bullwhips?

  56. Sorry, I should clarify that my lot is 5 chains by 2 furlongs.

  57. True enough. Essentially 3 hay burning pets.

    Usual assortment of dogs and cats and some mystery creature in my barn that is hiding in the bales. Picked up a trail cam today to see what shows up. Cat, coyote or raccoon I’d guess.

  58. If the field north of me is ever for sale, I could have a private road from one side of my “block” to the other.

    I’d set up tollbooths.

  59. A mix of both Hotspur and all ribbed for my pleasure.

  60. We get opossums in ours from time to time, caught one raccoon at the old place. Those things can be huge.

  61. I hear you Leon, I sure like having my own land. Always wanted it and ended up moving out of the city 12 years ago. Would be dragged back kicking and screaming.

  62. A question on Vermont…Do you have to show any sort of proof of vaccination to get around, attend concerts/theatres or enter businesses right now?

  63. Do we have anyone in VT? I think it’s just CT and ME at this point in New England.

  64. f’d up. Meant CT.

    I live in Saskatchewan and us unclean folk aren’t welcomed at any restaurant or bar, liquor and pot stores or any performance event. Wondering if anyone else has to follow the same rules.

  65. I’ve only heard that here in NYC and SF so far, but Ned Lamont (CT Gov) is just the dipshit to try it at a state level.

    MI is safe until at least November. Longer if we can get rid of the Coven in Lansing.

  66. Who is supposed to take the kid to the doctor?

  67. Nova just brought home a deer leg. Rather fresh.


  68. Good to see we’re keeping up with the progressives…*spit*. Nothing but dipshits in charge around these parts. Critical thought seriously absent at all levels. Ah well…off to deploy camera and see what sort of shady beast is hiding amongst the hay.

  69. Marshmallows make good bait for raccoons, if that’s what turns up. Orange halves, too. Both are unlikely to catch a cat, and I’ve always had barncats so that was a feature. Friskies will catch pretty much any of the animals you listed if you don’t care about trapping a cat.

  70. Welcome to the neighborhood, podsmasher, glad you delurked.

    I am free to go into any business here. Mr. RFH and I went to dinner and a movie Sunday and did not wear a mask for either. Our waitress was also not masked, and I said something either positive or inane (I meant it to be positive) that it was nice to see her smiling face. I still am supposed to mask up for work, but I make people call me on it.


    That is a happy gunner.

  72. It is around 40 here right now, 14 degrees this morning. The wind finally quit.

  73. I work a mask in Disney world – inside the buildings. And in the airport. Other than that – I don’t wear ’em.

  74. On the mountain behind me, the wind got up to 85 mph yesterday.

  75. I wore a mask, badly, for 5 min to renew my DHS badge last August. Only time ever, but I did curbside pickup for groceries in IN for most of 2020.

  76. Correction, IN did masking by county at first, and I went to the mask-free county next door for groceries until they joined the Borg in June.

  77. The neat thing is that orgies of 25 are okay in NZ but church services are still capped at 10.

  78. Loophole: church orgies! Only everyone is clothed and loving The Lord.

  79. I have trouble even imagining the world the two Corinthians lived in. Like, Paul has to tell them that they need to stop going to orgies all the time if they’re gonna hang with Jesus.

    1) orgies were basically a hobby
    ii) they needed to be told that they were not a great hobby

  80. Its interesting that people find their sexual liberty so progressive. As a sign of some sort of advancement.

    If you ask me – its a return to our baser instincts.

    I mean, the line from the NIN song … “I want to F*ck you like an Animal” pretty much sums it up.

  81. The same culture had Vomitoriums, Carin. It was, for the time, fantastically wealthy, to the point where the patrician class could essentially indulge every vice as they liked, and nothing in pagan tradition told them not to. The only societal forces pulling the other way were Stoics and Christians, and the Stoics weren’t even all that hard and fast on the indulgence stuff, just cautionary.

  82. Draw whatever parallels you like to our patrician class, it’s appropo.

    Even Elon was indulging in manic pixie muses for a little while there.

  83. Manic Pixie Muses would be a good name for a rock band.

  84. The first album wasn’t bad, but they had to replace the lead singer after she got a lithium prescription and the new gal just isn’t quite pixie material.

  85. Podsmasher, what part of SK? I visited Regina a couple years back and was surprised at how picturesque it was.

  86. You know what’s weird? That Tumblr wasn’t replaced by, well, anything. Tumblrpocalypse should have let to at least one thing that looked more or less the same but without the rule that killed Tumblr, and it didn’t.

  87. So SK is the abbreviation for Saskatchewan? I wondered, because if podsmash is going to hang out here more often I can’t be typing out Sass-Catch-A-Toon every time.

    Regina cracks me up every time

  88. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on December 16, 2021 1:32 pm

    That is a happy gunner.


    Roamy, that was awesome. Made me lol.

  89. Oh, Lord, Podsmasher is a Canadian?

    *takes deep cleansing breath*

    Okay, okay, better than our Korean H2er never delurking.

    Plus, my father was from Saskatchewan. So it has to be a good place.

  90. It’s not his fault, Mare. My grandma was a Newfie once.

  91. What can you do for fun in Saskatchewan for three days?

    Watch a dog run away.

  92. How many Saskatchewaners does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    Both of them.

  93. Rather fresh.


    *looks around*

    You gonna eat that?

  94. That story of a parent guiding her daughter through gender dysphoria is horrifying. Not one person that needs to hear that would ever listen, but it’s the only way. That mom really loves her daughter.

  95. Anybody notice that there’s a group of 535 assholes (544 if you count the supremes) in various stages of ill health, like morbid obesity, diabetic, alcoholic, heavy smokers, and elderly – that have no instances of Covid-19?
    I wonder how much ivermectin that little drug store near the capitol goes through in a month…

  96. If the daughter had decided she was gay, the mom and any therapist that tried to help would be in jail or destitute now.

    That’s a weird irony considering that the tranny lobby is trying to erase gays.

  97. They aren’t all in bad shape, Chris.

    I’m willing to extensively examine Lauren Boebert to confirm that.

  98. Absolutely, Chrispy. Those MFers have had the earliest monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and got it for free.

  99. Who is supposed to take the kid to the doctor?

    I don’t know, and I don’t care.

    But if you want me to choose, the one who isn’t going to bitch about not making as much.

  100. That swimming video, all I can say is, you voted for this, ladies. Enjoy it.

  101. We are ruled by Evil People: psychopaths, pedophiles & perverts. You’re not allowed to thrive in the District of Mordor unless you’re One Of Them.

  102. give it to them hard, and constantly. White College Educated ladies are the main support for Brandon. give it to them again.

  103. heh, I never knew why Jesse Kelly calls Kamel Toe Dome.

  104. I’m a white college educated woman. Can you please just call them liberals.

  105. Can you please just call them liberals.

    *Consults Hot Sausages Parliamentarian*
    Sorry, the motion is denied. The ruling of the Chairman of the Good & Hard committee stands. All White College Educated Ladies are subject to being “Given It Again” if the bill passes the full vote of the Blog Senate.

  106. I move to define “It” differently for conservative women than for liberal women, then. Conservative women, comprising half the bedrock of American society and the only thing keeping normal men sane and well fed, deserve “It” to be something they actually want to be “Given Again.”

  107. My wife makes me look like Arlen Spector. I give “it” to her good and hard as often as I have a chance.

  108. I move to define “It” differently for conservative women than for liberal women, then. Conservative women, comprising half the bedrock of American society and the only thing keeping normal men sane and well fed, deserve “It” to be something they actually want to be “Given Again.”

    I second the motion.

  109. Very well, the motion has been seconded. The proposed clarification will be submitted to the Language Resolution Subcommittee for a new draft to be re-proposed to the full Good & Hard committee at the next meeting. The bill is tabled for now.

    *Taps gavel*

  110. *high fives Romacita*

  111. The Good & Hard Committee would be a great band name

  112. Welcome to the Good and Hard tour, sponsored by Cialis. And your mom.



  115. Thieves who rob bong stores are not the most aggressive criminals on the block. Guy could have chased them away with this (nsfw)

  116. deserve “It” to be something they actually want to be “Given Again.”

    So, pancakes?

  117. Yes, Pupster. Any suitably delightful pastry, really. Also fried chicken. Which is also a type of pastry.

  118. …hey, who left these dirty napkins with writing in the men’s room, they barely absorbed–

    /catches up on thread


    Carry on.

  119. Now I want chicken and waffles.

  120. i had the worst table ever. And some super nice tables. But man. I don’t think I can even convey …

    I’m listening to some metal sorta loud. My daughter just texted me to turn it down.


    Tables have turned.

    I’m going to plant some beer trees tonight.

  121. tomorrow is the day. We find out if he goes forward or gets held back. Either way its going to be fine.

  122. no way kelce should male that cut, wow


    What say you, Carin?

    Last drink I ordered in a bar was an Irish Mule (Irish whiskey, ginger beer, and enough lime juice to prevent scurvy). It was good.

  124. I do stereotype people but most of those were inaccurate.

  125. The Cosmo one is true, as is the Fireball.

  126. I have ordered a Cosmopolitan precisely once, just to find out why Sex and the City women loved them. It reminded me of watered down Kool-aid that someone had whispered “alcohol” over.

  127. Brandon is sowing panic about the mostle harmles “Omicron”.
    “Omicron has not yet spread as fast as it would’ve otherwise done and as is happening in Europe. But it’s here now, and it’s spreading, and it’s going to increase. For unvaccinated, we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death — if you’re unvaccinated — for themselves, their families, and the hospitals they’ll soon overwhelm.”
    Most medical folks look at “Omicron” as a cold. There are no hospitalizations or deaths.
    We should have “Omicron” parties where we could spread it amoung ourselves and we would all be immune to Chinese Lung Aids!

    So it goes…

  128. I saw that, Chrisp. I flipped a bird at the screen and kept on doing my chores.

  129. Dirk effortlessly resumed pitching.

  130. A well-made cosmo is pretty good. I never watched sex and the city, so the connection isn’t one I make. I make them strong,the way God intended. But a lot of people are used to foo-foo verson and complain that mine are all alcohol.

    /blink blink

    Yea. There is cranberry for color. That’s it. LOOK UP THE RECIPE.

    Basically, anyone who orders frozen drinks gets carded.

  131. My favorite thing to say when someone asks my view of an ice cream drink? Oh they’re delicious but SO many calories.

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