Saturday funnies 12-11-21

Let’s see what’s in the funneh folder for today.
Santa, I don’t feel so good.

Name that Hostagette.

Name that Hostage couple.


Also me.



Actually, L -> R, my memes, Pupster’s memes.




For Jay.


For all the Hostages.

Shades of Pinochet.

I snort-laughed.


And now to finish with some Christmas memes.


Improvise, adapt, and overcome.

Why XBrad got undies for Christmas.

Y’all have a good day.


  1. Great memes today, Roamie!

    Daughter was induced last night, and contractions started coming hard and fast almost immediately. Unfortunately, she wasn’t dilated very much as of 1:00 am CST.

    I think she got an epidural, so she got some rest.

  2. Amidst the joy of your grandbaby’s imminent arrival Teresa we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that their birthday and Christmas will be separated by about 2 weeks for the rest of their lives and pose a dilemma for their parents, family and friends for the next century or so

  3. Story of my life, Jimbro.

  4. Not enough kids being named Dirk anymore.

  5. I went to school with a Dirk. He changed his name to Doug when he hit 18.



  8. Thanks for the reminder Pepe, I probably would have remembered just in time to be too late.

  9. This page began last February as an open question to physicians who are members of Medscape. It has since become a continuing support group for docs who have been injured by the shot.
    This is incredible.

  10. I successfully pissed my wife off this morning and it’s not even 0800! I bought a tote to store some stuff from work in, mostly sentimental shit from patients and old papers I considered classics along with a few textbooks I’ve had over 30 years and are worn to shit. Anyway, the tote is in the mud room/laundry room and it’s currently empty. Ben dropped a huge pile of dirty laundry in there and it’s sat for days. Last night when I walked by the pile of laundry for the umpteenth time to let the dogs out I noticed my empty tote was filled with clothes too and dumped them out. Fast forward to this morning when I discover that they were actually clean clothes that Paula had put in there because Ben had stolen her laundry basket.

  11. Now that’s an interesting dilemma, if I were Paula, would I want you to wash my clothes that you dirtied or hands off my stuff.

    (Answer if it had been Mr. RFH, if there’s any delicates, back off!)

  12. Glad you liked the “Good” video Lauraw. I had never heard of Jocko until I looked at that store that sells expensive Maine made jeans and boots and has an MMA slant to it. He’s affiliated with that store somehow. I can’t figure out if it’s an affiliation due to geography, MMA or SEAL history. Anyway, he seems like a no bullshit guy who could kill people as easily as I could eat a cheeseburger.

  13. I can hear the washer going now so I think she has moved on from the initial shock into action. She’s currently at the gym so let’s just say this is to be continued. Hopefully she’ll be distracted by something else by then …

  14. Your choice is clear, Jimbro. Be strolling around the house naked when she gets home.

  15. RIP Jimbro (somedamntime – 11 December 2021)

  16. Primary Cause Of Death: Covid
    Contributing Cause Of Death: Restless Anal Syndrome, 20# Dumbbell In Frontal Lobe, Multiple Mouse Trap Contusions

  17. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  18. I’m writing a paper on the efficacy of displaced worker retraining.

    Here’s the summary: it doesn’t work.

    Now to make it 8 pages…

  19. Rule #773 If you bring home a new storage bin, fill it up promptly or prepare to abandon it.

  20. You sound like a man who has learned that lesson the hard way Pendejo. I don’t often buy totes for myself, usually they’re bought by me for Paula or she just gets them herself.

    My usual strategy to have something to use when I need it is to keep buying multiples until there’s too many around for the people who use stuff and don’t return it to the place where they got them from to lose any more. Which is why we have multiple rolls of scotch tape, sharpie markers, scissors, gel pens, measuring tapes, nail clippers, staplers, etc.

    I swear to Dog, the people I live with wouldn’t be able to keep track of their head if it wasn’t attached.

    So next time, buy 5 totes. Got it!


    This march came and went within less than a day’s news cycle. I think even the MSM knew it was too bogus to sell to the gullible American news audience.

  22. Ugh, the saga continues. Last nite my better half returned from shopping with a home rona test. For the record I have felt like shit for a couple of weeks exhibiting all the symptoms of Rona, the Flu, or a healthy sinus infection, and tested negative (rapid and pcr) twice during the same period. At this point I was really starting to consider sinus infection. You can see where this is going. Take the home thingy and it says positive. Then about 2130 lost power, just came back on. So I gotta go get tested again this morning at the official place. Biggest bummer, im gonna miss the company Christmas party at the range tonight (unlimited ammo and rental) where they give away mucho swag and dineros.

    Is this the part where I’m supposed to say “good”? Jimbro check out David Groggins.

  23. I’ve been listening to Jocko for years.

    He’s part-owner and it’s about everything being made in the USA.

    He has really good children’s books.

    He also sells an energy drink that is sold in WaWa.

  24. TeeRoy, please get treatment asap. Monoclonal therapy. Know anyone close who has ivermectin?


  25. That’s a sad story, Jimbro.

    I’m pretty sure if that happened in my house my stepdaughter’s shit would be out on the porch.

  26. It has since become a continuing support group for docs who have been injured by the shot.

    There is strength in numbers.
    When will the rank and file loudly say ‘enough?
    Surely many are seeing the same kinds of things in their patients they encouraged to get jabbed.

    When my primary asked if I got stuck, I said, “Nope. Don’t like how it’s produced, don’t like the politics, don’t like the coercion, and really don’t like my friends losing their……” – at this point, she got the point and interrupted with another question. Prior to this appt, when asked, she told me there is no approved early treatment for covid.

  27. Then how about non approved early treatment for covid?

    Got any of those?

  28. Mare, a friend was telling me that one of her fellow church members caught covid from her 90 year old uncle. He wound up in hospital…she took a home test, which came back positive. When she called a hospital to set up an apptment for monoclonal antibodies, the person she spoke to said they don’t accept results from home tests. Wtf?

    FF. She recovered and so did her uncle. She wanted to bring her uncle to her house so he could continue recovery around eyeballs that love him, but the senior living place, where he normally lives, said no because…..she isn’t jabbed.

  29. Hotspur, I had to bring up supplements that boost immunity but in the context of the issues I’m dealing with now, and she even tiptoed around that.
    I need a new doctor.

  30. These guys have a lot of Christmas music, I just heard this one for the first time. Fun.

  31. Beasn, doctors and nurses are constantly hammered with the CYA message. She literally cannot discuss this with you, even if she agreed. Also, cowardice. Also, brainwashing.

  32. Love the Mavericks. I bought the CD with “Dance the Night Away”. I haven’t listened to it in years, need to dig it out now.

  33. Mr. B is not allowed to touch the buckets or coolers that I have purchased, without permission. Same for my toolbag.

    Until we came to loggerheads about said items, previous buckets and coolers meant for foot soaking, kitchen tasks, or picnics, would go missing from their spots I always place them, and wind up in the garage filthy from various yard or tractor tasks, including fish guts and totage of dead critter corpsman….because mine were always easy to find/access and the stack of his meant going to the garage to move this/that out of the way and he ain’t got time for dat.

    I need to retool my toolbag. Some things went missing when we rehabbed the rental.

  34. Best wishes, Teresa. So very excited for you!

  35. Beasnsnsnsns, the whole system is awful and a lie.

  36. Also, cowardice. Also, brainwashing.

    My BIL was a pharmacist. He just retired. He’s book smart but dopey otherwise. Very much a don’t stir the water, respect authority, only listened to what his corporate employer put out re covid, masks, etc. Didn’t read anything outside those parameters. It was easier.
    He encouraged Mr. B to get his shot. Bro’s a pharmacist…my wife’s sources of info are suspect….the medical/pharmaceutical industry would never do something so dastardly…….shot it is!

    I sure hope he doesn’t encourage his son to get the grandkids poked.

  37. Speaking of grandkids…..mare?

  38. need to write out my wishes to my kids, younger sister, and sister-in-law in the event I wind up super ill from fauci flu. I’ve told the kids and my sister and even most of you are on the same page as me.
    It’s unfortunate but I don’t think a certain someone would go to bat for me once I crossed an ER threshold as it regards this bug.
    I may or may not delete this. I have almost accepted my reality.

  39. Okay, off to put on some pants and finish a project that has been bedeviling me for weeks. Deadline is Wednesday.
    So tired. No more storms after I finally went to bed last night but the crazy wind kept waking me up. Felt and sounded like it was going to take off the roof.

  40. Beasn, I have every intention of writing on my arm in Sharpie “no shot, no ventilator” if need be.

  41. I have beef jerky in the dehydrator and have finished all the cookies except the Oreo truffles. I finished the centers, which are now chilling in the fridge. I need to start on Christmas cards but am out of motivation. I talked to my dad this morning and only got one “Whatever”, so it’s a good day.

    MeTV is advertising two hours of the Monkees tomorrow afternoon and two hours of Christmas cartoons Monday night.

  42. Beasn, if it worries you, get the HCQ and recommended vitamins. If you get the coof it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to set foot in a hospital.

  43. Super windy up here.

    We did a workout/fundraiser for victims of oxford. Really good turnout and some games level athletes from another gym showed up , which was cool.

  44. Aspirin too, for the clots.

  45. I need to buy the lo dose aspirin for that. But I wouldn’t take it unless I actually got covid. I wouldn’t recommend any females take aspirin on a maintenance schedule unless they actually have a clotting problem or the coof. When women my age get strokes, they are usually hemorrhagic, not clots. Last thing we need is extra-slippery platelets in that situation.

  46. Trying to figure out colors for spikes on a dinosaur lovey. Oy.

    Which is better to have on hand…IVM or HCQ? Whatever one I can get first? Friend of ours found a doctor who will prescribe HCQ, but only if you test positive. He’s not convinced of IVM.

    I haven’t shopped yet for the full spectrum of supplements…which feels overwhelming. It’s like, take this ..this..and this…but if you take that you better take copper and K2 and that. I thought quercetin, C, D, and zinc were the most important but the list keeps getting longer. How do you manage it and does psyllium fiber inhibit any of them (I hear you shouldn’t take it with zinc. Something I mentioned to my primary and she nodded but didn’t say anything. )
    And now aspirin? What about ibuprofen?

    I hope to hold off another few days so I can get these projects finished. Then I’d slowly introduce a few I’ve never taken before to make sure my stupid body doesn’t object horribly…like melatonin (I do need a little something to help in the sleep department until I can manage the stress/anxiety better). There’s a nutrition store down the street. I’ll check it out this weekend.

  47. Saw the damage the tornadoes did in Kentucky. People were calling from under the rubble. Entire candle factory fell on the night shift.

  48. Yeah, I’d hold off on stuff like aspirin, until I actually have the bug. Zinc too. I may take it off and on before but definitely during.
    I plan on c, d, quercetin, daily. Right now I take C daily, and alternate between nutritional yeast on my poached eggs (tasty!) and some B complex, which actually has a little zinc/copper.

  49. No ibuprofen.
    The ones you mentioned are fine, we added NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) K2, Slow mag (I take the magnesium at night because it helps with relaxing you a little. Take it without other supplements because other things interfere with magnesium). We also take stinging nettles as an anti-inflammatory and I take centrum because it has a little of everything plus some good B vitamins and iron. I just added a melatonin sublingual for use right at bedtime and I like it pretty well. I do get better sleep with it…sometimes. More than I usually do anyway.

  50. I have never been on a daily schedule. I don’t think of it every day. I’m not even on it every other day…probably should try to tighten that up since it’s Winter. The D especially.

  51. I have to be on aspirin. Clotting is an issue for me, ditto for iron buildup. I was recommending it solely for anyone dealing with spike proteins.

  52. Just got off the phone with Ethan. One more week – so let’s hope he can keep his health up enough and make it through to BUD/S. he’s been sick for almost 3 weeks. He is KILLING the runs (4 mile run, in boots, wet and soft sand – 28:25), and the O-course time is good. He’d like to be faster during his swim – he dropped 30 seconds on yesterday’s 2 mile swim . But he threw up TWICE during it. I can’t imagine.

    Why he has to do all this to be a cook I have no idea.

  53. Killer Biscuits

  54. Watch Under Siege.

    Then you’ll know why.

  55. Yeah, I take the full list of supplements about 4 or 5 out of 7 days as well. The other days I just take the multi and Vit D because I figure I’m tanked up with the others already.

    I use aspirin rather than ibuprofen for aches and pains. Somewhere along the line, med school or residency, in the context of drugs to treat Rheumatic Arthritis that they used to use aspirin only. The dose would be maximized until there was pain relief or complications of a GI bleed or tinnitus.

  56. Yea, I know the flick. I joke. Pretty sure that’s where I got the joke from.

  57. When did we turn into a supplement blog?

  58. Not enough traffic with poop blogging so we shifted


    This will disappear from the news cycle like the Waukesha Massacre. I imagine if he worked for Fox News it would be a several day story with on air interviews with his neighbors, former classmates and women he dated in the past (using a filter to disguise their appearance because they’re victims you know).

  60. Just finished re-reading Macbeth. Wondering why we let “you egg!” fall out of fashion as an insult.

  61. Because douche bag has a better ring to it.

  62. Fie! Wot I not thou’rt as unto a bag of yon douche?


  64. There was an article at JJs a couple days ago about a guy coming down with Coof, very fast. Ended-up in hospital. No monoclonal antibodies, but tried to put him on Remdisiver, he refused.
    Was having lung problems, so inhaled steroids for that.
    Had a PA assigned that kept trying to give him stiff to kill him, so got Patient Advocate to get her off his case.
    When he was getting better, he asked the doc why.
    Doc was blowing smoke up his ass. Steroids?
    Nope. They reduced lung inflammation, but suppress immune system. Finally asked the doc;
    “What caused the virus to stop replicating?”
    Patient shows him the Ivermectin that he smuggled in in a tissue box when he checked in…

  65. Hope everybody’s been kept safe from the tornadoes. Where’s Romacita?

  66. Linux Mint 20.2 installed. Still recovering everything on the box.

  67. Got some trees down, but so far we still have electricity up here in Michigan (60-65 MPH wind gusts). Lots of people in town are out, but w/o ice or leaves on the trees we usually don’t get as MUCH damage from high winds. I think the top of one of my huge trees came off, but its a bit in the woods and its still to dangerous to walk in there.

  68. I received my SS package last week – I kept meaning to mention it.I haven’t tracked my gift, but it was supposed to arrive yesterday. Maybe I’ll go find that receipt and see where it is. I did NOT trust the USPS this year. Not after last year’s fiasco.

  69. I hired a guy named Dale to just drive it down.

    Seemed legit. He wanted gas and beer money.

  70. I think at least half the gifts have arrived. Did anyone who took part not receive anything yet?

  71. Lumps,
    1. do you take SlowMag on an empty stomach?
    2. what brand melatonin do you have? I was going to ease my way into the latter.
    3. Where do you get the NAC?

  72. Wondering why we let “you egg!” fall out of fashion as an insult.

    Saw someone call someone else a ‘spoon’, on twitters, the other day. I may have to start using that.

  73. MMM archive status: safe.

  74. I have faith in Dale. He’s going to “get’r done”.

    Not sure what that means, but that’s what he yelled out the window as he pulled out, planting beer trees along the driveway.

    those will look nice.

  75. Beassnsnsnssns, my grandson is so delightful I couldn’t have imagined.

    He is a laughing, smiling, observant, sweetheart. He gets all my jokes, sleeps 10 hours and will be starting food (4oz of a veggie) this week. He’s not much of a cryer, that’s for sure.

    One of the best parts of having grandchildren is seeing your child be such a good mother. She quit work and is a full time mom and loves it. I’ll link pics when I remember how.

  76. You should invite Dale to come be a hostage if you ever hear from him again. He sounds cool.


    (Imgur video with sound)

  78. Aww, I’m so happy for you and your daughter’s little family, mare. And jealous. Big congratulations!
    I will live vicariously thru you as I age into a raisin, grandchildless.

    I hope Theresa’s daughter is safely holding her little one by now.

  79. LOL, that is too cute, pupster. Little boys are the best.

  80. Beasn, I do take slowmag on an empty stomach. I used to take regular mag supps but it’s too easy to accidentally give yourself a laxative dose.
    Scott got the NAC at
    I got the melatonin at my sister’s wholesale club. It’s called Berkley Jensen brand, not sure it matters though. These sublinguals are 5mg. At the hospital the docs usually prescribed either 3 or 6 mg to patients.

  81. The producers aren’t getting their money back for that one.

  82. They posit that the reason kids are generally not at risk, and why reactions to covid19 can vary so wildly between individuals, may be related to how many other corona viruses you already have been exposed to and thus have previously created an antibody response for. More exposures to similar viruses inhibit your ability to create a new version for the new covid strains. You keep throwing the same old shit at the new kids on the block and nothing happens.

    And vaccination with a leaky vaccine makes that situation worse.

  83. So I’m left with either:

    1) they were so arrogant and sure this would be super-safe and highly profitable that they did this through sheer incompetence and hubris


    2) they fully intend to cripple the immune systems of every “peasant” on the planet so that they can keep injecting them for profit with each new round of virus


    3) they fully intend to cripple the immune systems of every “peasant” on the planet so that most of us die off or lose the ability to procreate in the near future

    And I don’t know which one’s real. (1) is the least bad of all the options, and it’s still something that should result in the ringleaders being torn apart with hot tongs in front of a cheering audience and their bones caged somewhere prominent until they are dust.

  84. Nobel Prize winning French virologist Luc Montagnier is scaring the shit out of me with his warnings.

  85. Sounds like one of those knuckle-dragging anti-vaxxers, Lumpy.

    Protect yourself from misiniformation! Get the facts from CDC and NIH!

  86. I thought we were supposed to take zinc

    still didn’t get quercetin or nac

  87. Some Hollyweirdo nobody is happy with the tornados in Kentucky because they have republican senators and Global Warm-mongering is extracting it’s just revenge.

  88. Zinc is one of them.

  89. Beasn, don’t be sad that you sold your farm, take a look at this gem

    Probably nowhere near you but it looks like a steal

  90. Wow, I can almost smell those cabins in Jimbro’s ad.

  91. what’s wrong with the cave, at that price?

  92. DD#1 was induced yesterday afternoon, and no baby YET. Apparently the baby is perfectly happy right where he is, and he isn’t budging one bit.

    They gave her one medicine, then after a few hours they gave her Pitocin, and a couple of hours ago they broke her water.


    He’s not in any distress, so I guess they’re going to wait a little while longer. But daughter is tired and hungry, and I think she is about ready to ask for a C-section.

  93. If she gets a c-section, her son will be able to kill Macbeth. I don’t know if that’s important to her or not.

  94. There was a line of severe thunderstorms this morning, then the temperature dropped from 68 to 38. It’ll be 32 sometime tonight.

    I went to Mass tonight, then finished up my holiday baking until the kids devour all of something.

  95. 10 degrees here this morning, 18 right now. No fun at all.

  96. Desmond expected routine payments.

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