Love Meme Anyway


  1. The bologna cake is hurl-inducing.

  2. wakey wakey early today.

    Must have been things to do today?

  3. Up late watching Pats-Bills. This Mac Jones fella has potential.

  4. Two minutes of hate has started.

  5. Stella has started demanding that the puppies come out with her. I’m not sure, though, that its not just so she can lead them into the woods to get lost.

  6. Critical Drinker is growing on me. Partly because he’s right but also because he’s fucking right.

  7. Critical Drinker makes me glad I skipped the latest Star Wars, Terminator, etc. movies.

    Thought this was worth sharing. Melatonin has been in the protocols, good to know something cheap and available (like your mom) does that much good.

  8. Something that occurred to me, but I don’t think he touched on … i previous movies – the characters did have an elderly “sage” that they looked up to. Who guided them. Certainly true in Star wars. In today’s infantilization of society, all the old people are wrong, and we must look to the young people to save us. They are strong, they are right. And they don’t need any old person giving them advice.

    I find this an interesting, and horrifying, theme. Because i’m pretty sure it stems for politics.

  9. Like looking toward that idiot Greta climate activist. THE CHILDREN WILL LEAD US.

  10. Very interesting. I have melatonin by the bedside but keep forgetting to take any of my vitamins. Since I left my other job I’m also drinking more and putting on weight. Trying to stay positive though I do walk around with a nugget of hate burning a hole in my belly some days.

    I need to halt the spiral. Hiking in the fresh air with my husband really helps, we just can’t find the time to do it enough while it’s so busy at work and the sun sets at 4:20 PM.

  11. Meme days are the best days!

  12. They don’t know the fate of the “Children’s Crusade”. Mostly because the people manipulating them don’t want them to know the same fate is intended for them.

  13. try pizza delivery, laura. easiest job on earth, and keeps you busy. sometimes just doing a batch of dishes by yourself helps too.

    sitting and sulking is not a way to go. gotta keep busy. But I know you are, probably got more irons in the fire than I do.

  14. didn’t work out well for the Jedi children, when Anakin got pissed off.

  15. sorry if you don’t like the critical drinker vids. I laugh out loud at most, and go oh yeah at all. Might not agree with his take on the movie, but he’s thought it out.

  16. Hiking in the fresh air with my husband really helps,



    And for those of you who can, which are only a few, if you can go barefoot on grass or at the beach do it. Grounding makes you feel pretty good. It may help with sleeping too.

  17. Calm down, Mare.

  18. Grounding does calm me down.

    So STFU, Hotspur.

  19. Since I left my other job I’m also drinking more and putting on weight

  20. I spent a good deal of my teenage years grounded. It never calmed me down.

  21. Some of you may be video game players so you could give me some insight but why would anyone besides, maybe, physically disabled people use or want to be immersed in the METAVERSE?

    It sounds horrible and anything that takes us further (farther) away from nature sounds like a recipe for disaster.

  22. Why do people read fiction or watch movies, Mare? Same impulse, different medium.

  23. I agree with Leon.

    Having been guilty of it myself, gaming can be taken to an extreme where it becomes an obsession or an addiction. I quit doing it for that reason.

    Reading and TV can be the same sort of perversion of constructive use of leisure time.

  24. Then of course there is MJ and his hand puppets.

  25. So true. I’m addicted to Instagram. It’s so bad, during Lent I give it up.

    I’ve noticed that when I look at Instagram and then after I try to read, I’m incredibly distracted and it takes a while to settle down to read and have any kind of retention.

    I thought Metaverse (or whatever it’s called) is something people would be encouraged to “stay in.”

    Obviously, I don’t really get it.

  26. Of the “kids” I know (three) who are non-functioning adults (ages 30, 25 and 25) all three were hard-core gamers and gave up sleep to play- that kind of thing.

    Was gaming a means of self-treating something else? Like pot is for some kids?

    I don’t know shit.

    I’m sincerely asking.

  27. I think the key phrase is “hard-core”.

    If you are “hard-core” at something, it defines you.

    I can’t think of much of anything that if described as hard-core behavior, is actually healthy behavior.

  28. For men, at least, video games are a sort of idealized work mixed with escapism. A fictional word where your effort matters and get immediate feedback for what you accomplish. It’s all a lie — the tasks, the accomplishment, the feedback — but it’s an attractive lie, pulls you in, convinces you you’re doing something worthwhile with your time.

  29. I felt like I was always 5 years older than the video game evolution or something. We had Pong as kids on the TV set and after playing it for a while I grew bored. My younger brother had various gaming systems but I never got into them all that much because I was on to sports and chasing girls. When the various Playstation and Xbox systems came out I was too frigging busy to even think about playing them.

    Paula’s boys had all the systems over the years but I had zero interest in playing them. Pretty much the only “game” Ben plays now is a flight simulator.

  30. I haven’t bought a new game since Fallout 4 in 2016. That said, I’m still playing it regularly. I do so because I’m weak-willed and it enervates me from doing something more significant and risky with my life (as in, wasting my time on this keeps me from risking my family’s wealth and posterity in other pursuits), but it’s also my only real vice at this point.

  31. Every time I’ve gamed I found it a preposterous waste of time. That being said, I’ve read all the jack reacher bullshit including all his wannabes. So it’s not like I’m immune to pissing away time. And I hang out here from time to time.

  32. hahahahahaah, Pendejo nails it-commenting at this shit hole dump is a real time waster and I loved how Leon put it “I do so because I’m weak-willed and it enervates me from doing something more significant and risky with my life…but it’s also my only real vice at this point.”

  33. “I do so because I’m weak-willed and it enervates me from doing something more significant and risky with my life…but it’s also my only real vice at this point.”


    I wish I had said that…We have a lot of word smiths here.

    Like Hotspur calling everyone who is a C8nt a C*nt.

  34. I have two stacks of books on a few topics I want to master in case the Burning Times really get going, but my attention span is shit for these things nowadays. Feels too much like my job, even if the content is more important than an Udemy course on Docker.

  35. hahahahahahaha

    OMG I’m dying here.

  36. twitter: wow, Smollett is really crazy

    Can’t even quote him in a courtroom.

  37. Gaming all night is bad, and I’m sure lots of dysfunctional kids have that in their history. But there are a lot of successful people who – at some point in their childhood- gamed all night. Its hard to know if its going to have such an impact on your life (negatively) or its just going to be one of those things.

    Ethan was a HUGE gamer as a young teen. He slowly grew out of it, and it became something his sister and he would occasionally do .

  38. The Waukesha SUV attack.

    when we will get justice against that SUV?

  39. Right after we try those Jap Zeros for war crimes 80 years ago today.

    Just be patient.

  40. There’s a very real possibility that after all the #metoo crap, Tater will be the last (not quite a) man slouching at CNN.

  41. Until he gets caught fellating the pizza delivery boy.

  42. The best part about that will be when it comes out (heh) that he refused to pay the pizza guy for the privilege.

  43. Rumor has it that Francis is dying and a Conclave is being spun up.

    Can we just elect BXVI again? He’s not busy and is highly qualified. Only candidate with OTJ experience.

  44. Both of my nephews were avid gamers and both outgrew it. The older one (John) hardly plays at all now, younger one (Brian) is working his ass off for UPS now but I bet he still plays on the weekends. I remember John lamenting the whole summer he spent playing Guitar Hero and missing out of life. He felt like he got out of school in June, played a video game and then it was time to go back to school. Pretty sure that was his Aha Moment.

  45. Took me a little bit …

  46. I struggle myself on the gaming. It gives more a sense of accomplishment than real life sometimes. Of course I know it’s all just zeroes and ones and amounts to squat in the real world, but then I look around at the results of bullshit social trends, stupid government impulses, and self-serving economic fuckery, and…well a body can be forgiven. Still trying to wean myself, though.

  47. Fed judge in GA just said fuck the mandate on Fed contractors.

    Brandon’s lost every challenge so far. It’s a wonder to behold they keep trying despite being told no every time.

  48. Maybe I should have held on. The 401k was better and it was the devil I knew.

    Oh well, it’s done now.

  49. Brandon only has to get one Hawaiian Judge to rule for him – they’re the only ones who matter, remember.

  50. Can we just elect BXVI again?

    No. He doesn’t want it.

    He knows the church is doomed.

    Matt Walsh, a devout Catholic, was to speak at SLU, a “catholic” college. Because the college SLUTS (that’s what they call themselves) protested, the college cancelled his venue. So St. Francis Catholic Church on campus agreed to host him. Then the SLUTS got to them too, and the pastor cancelled him.

    So much for the Catholics down in St. Louis.

    Don’t even get me started on Notre Dame.

  51. When I was a younger men, I’d look at pictures of nekkid chicks to see something I couldn’t have.

    Today if I want to do that, I browse Zillow.

    I’m…honestly not sure if that’s an improvement.

  52. It’s a funny thing though, I’m comparing what I remember was being paid on the mortgage for the townhouse to what I’m seeing for comparable places in comparable areas and…it’s really making me wonder, quite a bit, because it seems like it was a pretty wide difference. And that was 2016 or so.

    Makes me wonder if there were goings-on previously of which I was blissfully ignorant.

  53. An example in my area: A house selling for $69k is estimated rental value of $1100.

    Somebody’s trippin’, is all I’m saying.

    Real estate makes no fucking sense to me.

  54. Recently seen meme:

    The bank says I can’t afford a $900 mortgage so I’m paying $1400 a month in rent.

  55. The people can afford the rent – MAYBE, until they miss three payments and you have to take them to court to evict.

    But let’s say on paper that they can afford the $1,100. That means they could afford the mortgage on $69K, except they can’t get a mortgage because their credit score is fucked, and/or they don’t have a down payment to create the equity the bank needs.

  56. And banks don’t say, “You can’t afford.” They say, “You don’t qualify.”

    Big difference.

  57. It’s also by one of the makes in the area. So there’s that maybe.

  58. Lakes. One of the lakes.

  59. I don’t know what I’m typing.

  60. Yeah, HS, I kinda get that, it’s why a mortgage is a pipe dream for me for a while.

  61. Speaking of cunts, Saule Omarova has withdrawn from consideration.

    One of the most punchable faces I’ve seen in a long time.

  62. Hotspur, I know all that, it’s what got us into trouble in 2008. But it is a reality. You pay a lot more in rent. But you’ve got to have that down payment and so many dumbasses have a huge debt from school. They’re fooked.

  63. One of the most punchable faces I’ve seen in a long time.


    One of the worst! That lying face made me sick.

  64. Or bad credit like you said.

  65. Rep Greene has been trying to tour the DC jail where the Jan 6 prisoners are being held. Here is the report, unusually cruel.

    They tried and tried, and finally were told they could tour at 6:30 pm. They were notified at 6:15, 2 miles away in DC traffic. They had sent that note 6 hours before.

    I hate democrats, which is 92% of the DC population, according to voting rolls.

  66. Twitter thread for this release

    Check out the comments. That’s who cancels out our votes.

  67. Matthew Dowd withdrawing his candidacy for Lt Gov in Texas

    Bushie democrat running in TX, surprise surprise.

  68. Nick Searcy’s Jan 6 movie is out

    $10 seems cheap

  69. Jack In The Box bought Del Taco – I wonder if that means Jack’s tacos will become more like Del Taco tacos, or if Del Taco tacos will become more like Jack tacos? Or maybe even some unholy union of the two?

  70. Jacko Taco

    Del In The Box

    Taco Box

  71. I’m a fan of Taco Box

  72. This email from Chase is over the top

    “There’s still time to take advantage of the exciting lease offer at the Maserati Gran Finale Celebration.

    For a limited time, Maserati will make your first two lease payments, up to $1,250 per month, when you lease a new 2022 Maserati.

    Plus, Chase provides financing to Maserati customers and based on your relationship with us, you’re pre-approved with Maserati Capital USA* for up to $100,000 on a new Maserati. To get started, just show this email to your local Maserati dealer.”

  73. Comment by Jimbro on December 7, 2021 5:45 pm
    I’m a fan of Taco Box



  74. Neither chain has any presence in the Great Lakes region. Coulda told me In ‘n’ Out merged with El Pollo Loco and it would be equally meaningless.

  75. “del” means “of the” or “from the”, so I’d go with Box del Taco.

  76. Congrats on the new Maserati for Christmas Jimbro!

  77. “Within the next generation I believe that the world’s rulers will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government power, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging and kicking them into obedience.”

    Aldous Huxley, in a letter to George Orwell


    (Imgur video with sound)

  79. Le tits, now!

  80. I’ve noticed that the trend for a LOT of people seems to be more toward the … themed christmas tree. All a certain color, etc.

    When did this become a thing?

  81. Biden Warns Russia That If They Invade Ukraine, America Will Evacuate Haphazardly And Leave $86 Billion In Weapons Behind

    From the Bee.

  82. I remember Mom doing color-themed Christmas trees and gift wrappings for 10-15 years Carin.

  83. haha chrisp

  84. It’ll never happen but Trump as Speaker would be hilarious.

  85. Theme trees aren’t new. It just seems they are becoming more of a trend.

  86. interesting, Tucker is against Ukraine in NATO

  87. I haven’t done a tree in years and years, but my preference is for warm white twinkle lights, multicolored decorations of all shapes and kinds (I’m partial to birds and blown glass trinkets but really anything goes), and icicle tinsel applied in kind of smeary clumps. Not fat clumps, but kind of drippy/stretched out. Not a big fan of garlands, except maybe the old fashioned beads.

    And you have to push a bunch of the lights here and there, deep into the tree branches by the trunk, to give it some depth.

  88. conflating membership in NATO with direct US involvement. Ah, now I see.

  89. We are in Amarillo. Great food. I’m no longer fully vaccinated as I refuse the booster.

  90. Oso= CG

  91. The hat of Texas.

    A really flat hat.

  92. My mom is back in the hospital. I’m not fully vaccinated

  93. Panhandle. They’re some pretty good hikes

  94. Tucker is against Ukraine in NATO
    The analogy I’ve read about is Russia or China setting up bases and/or staging forces in Mexico.

  95. I listened to Bongino today going off on Crenshaw. He usually reserves his criticism for liberals and RINO’s. Guess Crenshaw is getting labeled appropriately on a national radio show now.

  96. I’m tired. I may actually fix this shit. Or not.

  97. Christmas wreaths are expensive this year. $35-40 which is about 1-1/2 times as much as last year. I guess I’ll break down and buy one soon and toss my Indian corn into the woods for the chipmunks.

  98. Newsmax let Emerald Robinson go. Big mistake

  99. My sis was charged with making holiday decorations outside her workplace and she used zero dollars, gathering boughs of pine, spruce, holly berries, birch sticks, pine cones, etc, from her yard and ours. I lent her some silver spray paint to glitz things up a bit.

    I’m thinking a holiday wreath can be a similar neighborhood treasure hunt type thing. Just make a hoop of wire fencing and tie that crap up to the frame with some soft wire and ribbons.

  100. Maybe not all neighbors are cool about just sawing twigs off their shrubs and pine trees to help you make a door wreath. If they aren’t, you can be assured that they are cunts. For fuck’s sake, trees and shrubs grow like gangbusters every Spring. Nobody will ever notice.

  101. “Plandemic III” Trailer;

    Interesting, they even caught Psaki saying ‘Plandemic’…

  102. Defeat exacerbated Reuben’s pessimism.

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