MMM 473

Happy December, happy Advent.

I think this is Christmas, so it’s timely.

When your head is cold but you want to show off your abs.

Don’t think I’ll ever manage these.

CrossFit Southern California Regional 2012

The perfect attire for when you want underboob and sideboob, but want to post on werdpuss.

I want one of these. For punching.


Eva and her quads.

Good lighting.

Pretty eyes.

Have the best week you can.


  1. guhmerma

  2. You can tell Eva is a crossfitter. She has “the look.”

  3. good call on camera placement, we wouldn’t want to look at anyone’s butt outlined in a garment meant to accentuate every single thing residing down there.

  4. aren’t the balancing on one foot exercises easier for the ladies, because the center of gravity is closer to the middle? I think I read that somewhere.

    Try identifying as a woman, leon, then you’ll get it.

  5. It’s often recommended that men start with a 15# weight held out in front at arm’s length, Jay, for that reason.

    I think I’m over it, I just want to get my waist back below 32″.

  6. What is the girl in the first photo looking at?


  8. ah, 32 in waist. Used to have one of those. working full time at a bar and a restaurant will do that for you.

  9. classic trump, HS, love it. Definitely not PC, not a political answer, and definitely inflammatory. and I love it. Need more actual businessmen in that office. Maybe DeSantis can take it.

  10. Omicron specific vaccine on the way!

    Just sign over a few more billion to Pfizer. Who is currently stealing ivermectin to actually treat this.

  11. Omicron is the vaccine I want.

  12. Homebrew tip #1: when you are done with the boil, got the chiller running, and just can’t figure out why it’s taking so long, make sure you have turned off the burner. It cools down a LOT quicker when you do that. Chillers aren’t miracle workers, people!

  13. Jay’s giving us just the tip.

  14. I’ll take “Shit You Couldn’t Make Up If You Tried”, for $500, Alex.

  15. Don’t laugh, Hotspur, our equivalent is “Admiral” RichardRachel Levine.

  16. Oh, to be sure, I laugh at him too.

  17. Today is the feast day of St Nicolas of Myra. Punch a heretic in his memory.

  18. You want me to go all the way to the Vatican on such short notice?

  19. Pray for distant punching, then.

  20. Don’t forget your mask, otherwise you can’t get on the plane.

  21. NARRATOR VOICE: Julie actually knows exactly why republicans aren’t participating in this

    they want them in jail too, that’s why.

  22. Can’t be in the same room as the pope without 2 jabs and a booster, either.

    Because he might get sick, you see, and fearing death and sick people is totally normal for the Vicar of Christ.

  23. For your last minute christmas shopping needs:

  24. Comment by leoncaruthers on December 6, 2021 11:03 am
    Can’t be in the same room as the pope without 2 jabs and a booster, either.

    Because he might get sick, you see, and fearing death and sick people is totally normal for the Vicar of Christ.



  25. Because he might get sick, you see, and fearing death and sick people is totally normal for the Vicar of Christ.

    That the same RCC that once braved persecution and plague to minister to the faithful in need is acting like this is why I tried out a non-Catholic congregation yesterday.

  26. Isn’t this the time of year when PJ puts in an appearance? Last year I think she hung out for about a month.

  27. All the priests who died ministering to lepers and plague victims?


  28. And the men who were battlefield chaplains?

    Total chumps.

  29. For Pendejo, NO ONE ELSE LOOK!

  30. HotBride called earlier to say she is coming back from her sister’s today.

    I had to rush home at noon to scoop out the litter tray so she won’t know I didn’t do it all weekend.

    “Every day, Honey, without fail. Honest.”

  31. Today’s Tech Tip: change your passwords on your work systems BEFORE they expire as changing them afterwards is a lot harder.

  32. oh man, been there mitchell

  33. Joke I just read for the first time, but likely older than me:

    Q: What never changes in a Jesuit mass?
    A: The bread and the wine.

  34. The North Attleborough store “sells merchandise like hats, shirts, stickers and signs,” as WJAR reports.
    My sister and BiL’s first house was in Attleboro. They’ve moved about 5 times since then but probably less often than MJ.

  35. Now Sobek is giving us just the tip.

    This feels dirty.

  36. Sam’s had festive tissue paper to wrap gifts but no gift bags

  37. All the priests who died ministering to lepers and plague victims?


    Comment by Hotspur on December 6, 2021 11:39 am
    And the men who were battlefield chaplains?

    Total chumps.



  38. Comment by Jay in Ames on December 6, 2021 12:00 pm
    For Pendejo, NO ONE ELSE LOOK!


    Well, I looked and laughed so suck it.

  39. Whorns on the couch this year.

    Tech vs Miss State will be interesting. Leach won’t pull off.

  40. Leach won’t pull off.


    ? Won’t pull off the win?

  41. First meal of home-grown lamb. Pretty good meat if I say so myself.

  42. *starts clock

    Let us know how you feel in a few hours, leon. It’s for your own safety.

  43. “The mandate is set to go in place just four days before de Blasio leaves office. His successor Eric Adams has previously expressed support for existing vaccine mandates in New York City, but it is unclear how we will handle these new changes.’

    Private sector vax mandate.

  44. More Sharon memes

  45. This is a nice read, re:
    Early treatment of Chinese Lung Aids.

  46. That’s one of the points of eliminating treatments: no more control groups to disprove vaccines.

  47. It’s also about putting your ability to participate meaningfully in society immune system on a subscription plan. Cures don’t pay as well as lifelong subscriptions.

  48. Comment by ChrisP on December 6, 2021 2:29 pm
    This is a nice read, re:
    Early treatment of Chinese Lung Aids.


    This is what makes me crazy. (well, one of the things…) In NM, if you get covid, almost all of the treatments are banned. No IVM, no HCQ, no Azithromycin for Covid. The people I know who caught it went to the hospital, 4 days to get the test results. They got the “come back when you’re dying” advice. Go back, and they start the monoclonal antibodies, but stop almost immediately because it’s too late for the antibodies to do any good. It’s insane.

  49. “I personally know people who are trying to stockpile drugs from Third World countries to treat themselves should they become infected. While I understand the thought process, that seems risky to me. My approach was to find a doctor in advance who would treat me if I became sick, and then find a pharmacy that would fill the prescriptions.”
    The problem with making a plan like this is that they can pull the rug out from under you at any time. The go-to guy in Maine just had his license suspended for 30 days. Presumably if he falls on his sword and admits he’s a quack for prescribing IVM he’ll get to keep his license.

  50. Jimbro, punch yourself in the face. TYIA.


  52. Well…tuna is definitely off the menu for lunch today.

  53. Never shoulda been there in the first place. There’s a season for tuna, and that’s not until next year.

  54. I like tuna.

  55. There’s a season for tuna, and that’s not until next year.

    Of course, 2022 is the best time to pick fresh cans of tuna off the trees.

  56. I meant Lent. I pretty much only eat fish when it’s obligatory.

  57. I like fish.

  58. Christ liked to fish.

  59. He and Pete would get the rest of the gang up early on Saturdays (they didn’t believe in any of that Hebrew sabbath bullshit), so they could be on the water by sunrise.

    They’d fish all day, then get Mary, and Martha, and Mary Magdalene to cook it all up for supper.

    Then they’d sit around the campfire drinking wine and farting until sunup, and the real Sabbath.

  60. I get that, I do, but I basically lost my taste for fish after a couple years of tuna+rice+mustard greens in college as my primary meal. I burnt out entirely on hotdogs as a kid, too. Can’t eat them now at all.

  61. What authority does the mayor of NYC think he has for making private citizens get an injection or lose their jobs at private companies? If there isn’t civil disobedience on a massive scale along with demonstrations outside Gracie Mansion, I’ll be shocked. This is bullshit. I smell a rat. Not to mention he’s giving them all 3 weeks, when for most of the clotshots you need at least a month to get both doses.
    Feels like a stray voltage set up. But for what?

  62. Lets Eric Adams have an immediate policy win by ditching it, boosting his popularity so he can do stupid shit.

  63. I’m so sorry Leon. I LOVE a good tuna-melt sandwich. It’s one of my favoritest ones. And I’m always down for a hotdog which is another great sandwich.

    Well now I want a sandwich.

  64. I made chili last night and it was good enough for a repeat meal tonight. It was a little hotter than my normal wipipo chili but not unpleasant. I wish I had some cornbread with it though.

  65. It’s been years since I’ve had a tuna melt. My med school meal was often a mixture of a box of mac n’ cheese, can of tuna and a bag of frozen peas. It was heavy on the preservatives from the fake cheese flavor but it hit the major food groups and you only dirtied one pan which could serve as a container for any leftovers when you put it in the fridge.

  66. You made chili, but no cornbread?? When did you decide to become a heretic Jimbro?

  67. Northeastern rules. No boundaries. It’s all legal here. We can even have chili with a good bakery italian bread. Which RAWKS

  68. Chili with white bread and butter is pretty great and I don’t care what anybody thinks about it.

  69. I’m an Irish-Lebanese-American and also a Yankee. It’s a friggin’ miracle I can make chili at all!


    (imgur video with sound)

  71. I should start practicing Spanish again so I can transition to hispamick.

  72. I made a chicken stir-fry with peppers, onions, and Korean chili garlic paste. Side dish was cole slaw mix with peanut dressing. I have no fear of vampires for a while.

  73. I read an update on the Jussie Smollett trial, and I think he hit bottom (in more ways than one) and continued to dig.

  74. Ugh, Devin Nunes retiring from congress.

  75. I should send Devin a resume.

  76. That’s awesome! HAHA HAAA!

  77. Excellent vid, Laura.

  78. Love Pink Panther and his theme song, and that was really well done. Neat!

  79. Showtime offered us a free weekend. The only thing I found worth watching was “Even More Funny Women of a Certain Age”. Some of it was weird – one with a Wakanda schtick. Some of it was cringey – Teri Hatcher, her lack of love life, and her mother trying to set her up with a man she met at Costco (an employee). But some of it was funny – the black woman who couldn’t keep up with waxing during the pandemic and said it looks like she has Colin Kaepernick’s head in a thigh lock down there. The woman who said her tastes in men have changed during the pandemic, she likes the look of the guy in the front row because he’s wearing real pants with a zipper and everything and he looks like he might have tools to fix things. The woman who didn’t discover she was a lesbian until late in life and lamented on all the pussy she missed out on.

  80. Wanting a vast sampling of genitals is pathological, I don’t care which set you have or want to sample.

  81. I had forgotten Teri Hatcher was a Bond girl.

  82. And the hottest Lois.

  83. Dennis educated rowdy pupils.

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