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  1. I don’t blame Rita.
    Tough times – it’s good to be wary.

  2. Bitcoin explained:

    (Imgur video with sound)


    (Imgur video with sound)

  4. How’s things in the Big Apple, monkey?

  5. Yesterday in Charlotte it was clear, sunny and warm, in the 70’s. Today is supposed to be a high of 75. I feel like this dog:

    (Imgur video)

  6. Urg bluggle prrt.

  7. First day of December drill.

  8. Yes, I’m wary of the prosecutor.

    Wakey wakey

  9. That Lars Ullrich toilet would scare the crap right out of me

  10. Saw something cool in the sky last night while walking dogs. The Space X “train” of satellites. Completely dark, must of caught sun light just right over the horizon. Train of lights moving N from S, almost looked like a lighted banner or even a Santa’s sled. If my grandson was here I’d told him it was Santa practice run. View lasted about 2 minutes then vanished.

  11. Didn’t get the Pooh in the wrong woods one.

    Fuck around and find out is getting shared at work.

    Elephant yelp was awesome.

    Good job, Pupster!

  12. TeeRoy, if you want to see the ISS.

  13. We saw it here last night too, TeeRoy. First time. Couldn’t get daughter outside fast enough to glimpse it.

  14. This post – it’s like Christmas came early! Thanks, Pupster 😊

  15. Daughter is being induced on Friday – announced yesterday that she wants us to get the booster jab before we can see the baby.

    I already told her that I am not getting any more of those quack shots.

    Guess I’ll be Skyping with the new grandbaby.

  16. I’ve seen the ISS before, was up in Northern Wisconsin one nite on a dock, low light pollution. But certainly appreciate the link.

    Cool you saw it Leon, it was a double take moment for me, wasn’t expecting it. Knew it wasn’t organic, like meteor, knew its trajectory didn’t threaten me, so I yelled for the wife to come see. It didn’t look high enough to orbital, I thought for a moment “why is someone flying a lighted banner that high?” Cause I’m da stupid.

    And sadly, that was the high point in my day. But I woke up and dressed myself so I got that going for me.

  17. Happy Birthday, Car in!

  18. The ISS is a sight to see. I caught sight of it shortly after the big solar panels were installed back in the day. Crazy to think.

  19. Just heard Fauci say even if you’ve had a booster shot, you still have to wear a mask. I don’t know why anyone listens to him anymore.

    Hope everything goes well with the inducing, TiFW, and that your daughter relents.

  20. Happy birthday, Carin!

  21. Thank you, Jimbro. I haven’t seen Blair Witch Project.

  22. Sky banner was my first thought too, given that it was a Friday night and I thought it might be for a sportsball thing, but there were no lights at the front to indicate a plane.

  23. You didn’t miss much of a movie. A couple of hours of shaky cam footage, whining about the circumstances they’ve landed in and a presence that may or may not be real. I’ve seen it and had a hard time remaining interested enough to follow it.

  24. Anybody caught any of the Bob Lazar guy thats been on Rogan podcast? Claims he was employed to reverse engineer alien tech in the vicinity of area 51.

    “The dif between conspiracy theory and truth is about six months”. ( comment from some commentor on another blog)

    PS. Im just now starting to pay any attention to Rogan so I’m pretty certain this has been around for awhile.

  25. Find his long ones with Graham Hancock, T-Roy.

    Cylocybin prior is optional. A lot of it is speculative BS, but his point about civilization(s) before the end of the ice age is being backed more and more by mainstream science.

  26. Pepe, are you doing the fundraiser this year?

    I couldn’t find any 2021 info on your site.

  27. Sometimes I watch Pupster’s imgur links and then, because I’m dumb, I scroll down through the intellectual wasteland that is imgur. Today was such a day. I noticed a lot of people talking about the Michigan school shooter and his parents. Not a single thing about the dude who drove an SUV into a crowd of children.

  28. It’s almost like they only care about tragedies that support some kind of agenda.

  29. Sobek, MTG made the same point, she played audio of the death threats against her. FBI only investigating for Ilhan.

  30. Or they expect black people to do bad shit, so it’s no big deal.

  31. Laundry started. Kitchen cleaned, meat thawing for lunch, butter softening for cookies. Talked to Dad (ugh, he was on one of his kicks where he ended every single damn comment with this sarcastic “Whatever”. 40 minutes of that drives me crazy.) Mr. RFH put up the pre-lit tree, so it is waiting for me to add the ornaments.

  32. Jimbro. Yes we’re doing the fundraiser. I just finished up the giveaway stuff yesterday. Penelope should do a post tonight or tomorrow with all the details.

  33. So which one of Biden’s asshole kids brought the sick grandchild around to infect “Pop”?

  34. Roamy (or anyone else), if we ever meet up in person I can tell you an interesting story about death threat investigations. But it’s not something I’d feel comfortable putting on the internet.

  35. Understood, Sobek.

    Recipe for Leon, scroll down to the bottom –

  36. Cool, it’s become a part of my Christmas season routine

  37. scroll down through the intellectual wasteland that is imgur

    Yeah no yeah don’t.

    (Imgur video with sound)

  38. which one of Biden’s asshole kids brought the sick grandchild around
    We know the Hunter’s stripper kid isn’t around. Hell, they even left a stocking off the WH fireplace for him/her (I have no idea what gender his illegitimate kid who he denied siring is)

  39. Happy Birthday CARin!

    (Imgur video)


    “Many men from all over the world would write to me on my social media networks offering me money, trips and inviting me to meetings all the time,” she stated.


  41. Pupsters – that’s a kitten for each of my dogs …

  42. I think I’ll go for a long run today. Either eight or ten miles. I’ll see how I feel

  43. Nice Sobek! A friend ran a virtual marathon around town today, so I went and cheered her on at a few sites.

  44. Happy Birthday, Carin!!

  45. Paula had a friend do this today

    It’s free but it’s also in December in an old mill town an hour north of Bangor.

  46. Carin, you’re keeping the puppies aren’t you.

  47. OH! I almost forgot to mention. When Carin sent me those moonflower seeds, she included some Biden “I did that!” stickers. Scott is tickled pink. He has applied one so far, he will apply one every fillup.

  48. I went with ten miles. It’s been I don’t know how many years since I’ve done that distance so I kept it slow, ten minute miles. I can assure you the temptation at miles 1 and 2 to say “this is easy!” and boost the speed is real, but I kept at it. At mile nine I jumped to an 8:34 pace and finished strong. I feel good – both physically and mentally.

  49. As we were driving through a distant town center today on our way back from a delivery, there was a crowd of Trump supporters on a corner with Trump and Let’s Go Brandon signs and American flags, etc. As we drove by we gave positive waves, clapping, “WOOOOO!” and honking the horn on Banglar Party Van II. We weren’t the only ones. It’s so affirming when you’re in an ocean of commies to see some like-minded peeps.

  50. Also, today’s run was sponsored by the Megadeth albums Youthanasia and Cryptic Writings.

  51. That’s awesome, Sobek. Scott and I enjoyed a hike up a short mountain after our job today. I don’t know how many miles (not many) but it was rugged and steep foot-picking for a lot of it. Slidey oak leaves over jagged rocks. Hard work. It’s so great to get out there in Winter. I can hardly wait to try out my crampons again after we get some snow and ice. I need some insulated hiking pants.

  52. In some states they’re putting crampons in the boy’s bathroom for Menstrual Equity reasons

  53. Bad accident on the highway near us. Supposedly a car had a head on collision with a semi hauling one of those big wind turbine blades. 2 people in the car killed, highway closed since around 9:00 AM. They are hoping to re-open around 10:00 tonight. At least that’s the current info.

  54. Lumps, that’s awesome. Pepe, that’s horrible.

  55. In a brilliant move, the cops are suggesting a detour of about 75 miles, 40 of which are a narrow dirt road. Locals who took the detour are saying all the non-locals are driving crazy on the dirt part. Running people off the road, lots of close calls. Even semis are running full bore down it. Crazy.

  56. Happy B’Day, Car in!

  57. Pups, I’ve been gone all day but I’d like to say way to kick ass once again on the memes.

    It’s your super power.

    Sent several to my girls. The mimosa vs 5k family was a hit. My oldest said, “we do both, we’re awesome!”

  58. Carin…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  59. FTR Wiserbud ca not silence us. We will not be silenced.

    Happy birthday, Carin.

  60. Chrispy, both of those houses are gorgeous!!! Go for it. You two deserve the luxury without the work of 4 acres!

    Thank you for sharing your dreams with us!

  61. We have a vintage London Underground station sign (porcelain over steel) waiting for packaging. The guy who bought it is trying to repatriate it to England. It looks like the shipping cost to get this mammoth thing across the pond is going to be more than he paid at auction for the artifact itself.

    Nevertheless, it’s doubtful we’ll be stuck with it. Old signs are cool.

  62. Test

  63. Happy BDay Car in

  64. I’m over WP

  65. Thanks for the recipe, Roamy, I may have to try that. Still not sure what to do with the kidneys.

    Before anyone asks, I did not save the stomach for an attempt at haggis. I’m Irish, not Scottish.

  66. I don’t want to say “I told you so” but I will, remember when I said I laughed at Georgia’s schedule, meaning it wasn’t as tough as others. Beating the number 1 team and getting smoked and having 41 points scored on you says something.

    Also, I wanted Alabama to win so those skanks from Norte Dame wouldn’t slip into the championship without having to win a league championship.

  67. Notre Dame!

    I literally had to fix autocorrect 3 times WTF?

  68. Jay, are you at the game???

    This is a biggie for Michigan.

  69. Jay is Iowa State.

  70. I got an offer for free Army/Navy tix tonight. Unfortunately, I cant afford the airline costs.

  71. Im a big fan of the Iowa State coaching staff. They’re in the middle of the whitest part of america and yet they compete well in a sport that is geared towards black america.

  72. I’m keeping one puppy, but Matt’s taking the other. So that means I’ll that one almost weekend too.

  73. Comment by Senor+Pendejo on December 4, 2021 8:47 pm
    Im a big fan of the Iowa State coaching staff. They’re in the middle of the whitest part of america and yet they compete well in a sport that is geared towards black america.


    This. 100%

  74. Das racist.

  75. yall talking football or basketball? we’ve got good ones for both

  76. for games the players are in the locker room for the anthem. they play it really early.

  77. I know Andy is upset his Dawgs lost, but Roll Tide Roll.

  78. keeps the golden domers out

  79. Shit, people here are dropping like flies. The girl who used to babysit my kids died yesterday. No clue what happened. She was 30 or 31. Too young.

  80. I got a bad feeling she committed suicide. She posted some weird stuff on FB.

  81. ugh, sad to hear.

    Gonna brew a beer tomorrow. Brew club bought grains, finally started meeting again after covid.

  82. just put the mash tun back together, grind up grain tomorrow when I start heating up water. Got 2 propane tanks filled up today, bought water. Ready!

  83. AfterShokz $20 off, $59 for the ones I have. Recommended!

  84. aww, right wingers using twitter’s stupid new rule against them, locking down lefty reporters for anti-mask, anti-vaccine (whatever) and Jan 6 protests.

  85. “Dragons exist!” proclaimed Randolph.

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