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Keeping BBF pinned to the top for today, I’ll try and remember to change it tomorrow late afternoon. Meanwhile, enjoy commenting! Yes, I know these are dated memes, deal with it! Think of it as a clearance post, half price!


  1. There you go, whiners, now you can speak freely!

  2. Thanks, Jay.

  3. I didn’t whine but I really like this poat, Jay!!

  4. Mare is correct. My life has been soft. I regret that fact.

    Ethan’s training may be to prove himself to the military, but it’s also to prove something to himself, I suspect.

  5. I love the Kinosha Mile Challenge.

    SUCK IT, Black Rifle Coffee.

  6. Brother TIm, today is a day to start fresh. Why not? What do you have to lose?

    You seem self-aware, that’s a lot more than most people. Set a small goal.

  7. Ethan was a go-hard person until he tore his ACL twice. That really knocked him for a loop mentally, because he identified himself as an excellent soccer player. he was THE guy. Travel team, send ethan in. Once all that was taken away … he was adrift for a bit.

  8. December is the last month of this horrible year. So, I’m finishing the year with a bang. I’m making this month my bitch in a few ways.

  9. Car in, next year is 2020-2, so it’s not like we have reasons for optimism.

  10. Ha ha ha….”if I was a pussy”…….that is exactly the correct response.

  11. I hate lifting weights. Hate it. Every moment of it…until it’s done. But I’ve found that keeping my glutes, quads and hamstrings strong helps a great deal with hip issues.

    Lifting weight is not what I would call “technically hard” but mentally it’s hard for me.

    Getting cards to people for their birthdays on time (my friends live all over the country) is not technically hard but it’s a challenge for me. So I do it religiously.

    Even running those fun runs, I said yes I’d do it because I didn’t want to say no to my daughter who was so excited. Is running 3.1 miles “hard?” Well, not really, but I did it twice and I’m glad I did.

    Apologizing for something I said to my husband is hard but I do it. *cough*

    Just thinking out loud here^^. I need to do more hard stuff. Things that are mentally and physically challenging.

  12. Ethan was a go-hard person until he tore his ACL twice. That really knocked him for a loop mentally, because he identified himself as an excellent soccer player. he was THE guy. Travel team, send ethan in. Once all that was taken away … he was adrift for a bit.


    My Son in law was exactly the same. There is life after sports that is incredibly rewarding. Ethan’s finding it like my SiL.

  13. Dilation Pumpkins made me laugh with the memory of my OB/GYN rotation. I went to a hospital where the residents and students were from BU Med with just one UMass student. Half the rotation was GYN and half was OB.

    GYN meant holding a retractor on the outside of a woman’s leg who was in stirrups while the doctor did a vaginal hysterectomy. I had my choice of things to watch including the surgeon’s head, the patient’s knee or the scrub tech if she was attractive. I ended up watching the clock mostly. OB meant holding a retractor called the bladder blade (actually rounded but bladder blade was used for the alliterative effect) during C-sections.

    Anyway, pumpkins. We were supposed to check dilated cervixes on the various women in labor despite the very experienced nurses doing it regularly to record in the chart and update the real doctor. Here I was, just a 3 week piece of driftwood, moseying in to snap on a pair of gloves and check under the hood of all these women in labor. Knowing I was never going to be delivering babies for a living I just couldn’t do it with the same enthusiasm as my fellow students. I did a few and had the nurse sign my checklist card to confirm I had done that task and moved on to try and look busy elsewhere.

  14. I love that employment ad. Its from the area where we’ve held yearly family camping trips since the 50s. Probable that FILs mother originated in the area. Rural north western Wisconsin, nice, cept for the skeeters.

  15. Jimbro – when I had Ethan I arrive at the hospital ready to deliver. They barely got me in the room in time. But some “doctor” -not mine – appeared and said he had to check my dilation after the nurses already had. So in he goes. This is #5 for me and I’m moments away from just deciding to start pushing on my own.

    I start yelling “get it out get it out” and he quickly pulls his arm out and goes on his way. NEver saw him again.

  16. I always figured it was someone who needed his card punched.

  17. OR, Carin, it was some weirdo who wanted to do something weird.

  18. That’s true.

  19. If I actually had any interest or desire to birth babies I would have been all in but for me it just seemed like a big fat intrusion on these women who probably didn’t want a stranger inserting their gloved hand in their cootch to contemplate the state of their cervix.

    was honest with the residents on rotation with me there and they gave me their blessing to do the “required” stuff with them for a couple of hours in the morning. After that I’d introduce myself to the Ortho guys in the OR who didn’t have any assigned residents and scrubbed on their cases late morning and afternoons.

  20. I really need to see this movie. Here’s Ned Beatty as Klaus Schwab:

  21. This is ghey.

  22. Mare, there are two movies I watch every year during the holidays.

    Going My Way
    The Bells of St. Mary’s

    I think you would enjoy both of them. Please watch and report back.

  23. And, FTR:

    Alec Baldwin needs to have his balls ripped off and shoved down his throat. His fucking wife needs to watch then be set on fire.

  24. I want him to live. Broke. So broke he’s begging for roles Nic Cage would turn down. So broke he’s giving beejers to hobos for nickels. I want him to live in a perpetual hell for decades on Earth before his stint in eternal hell commences.

  25. Gotta say, HS, those are two good choices.

    Now I’ll be humming “Swinging on a Star” all weekend. Not bad.

  26. If Mare had decided to become a nun, she could have played the role of Sister Benedict.

  27. You could get lucky, there is the potential to off himself if this thing goes south on him. Its small cause he is a coward.

  28. And while we’re doing FTR:

    George Stephanopolis should be squashed like the little fucking bug the he is.

  29. If we’re really lucky, maybe Jizzlane will bring up his visits to Pedo Island and the news will fall into a black hole of interconnected shitstorms.

  30. That lady is going to have so many hitmen after her, they’ll be offing each other trying to fill the contract. Sounds like a great setup for a flick.

  31. So, they’re charging the parents with involuntary manslaughter. I think the prosecutor is trying to make a political move.

    This is bad. People are really angry/upset and Want Something Done.

    Ugh. I’m going to have to be quiet around people for a few days.

    Certainly there was some sort of lesser charge they could have brought? Unless there is something egregious that has come out in the investigation.

  32. Will, that movie is Smoking Aces.

  33. why, because dad bought a gun? how can they bring charges?

  34. He. And that the boy had access to it. Personally, I would think there would need to be more info that that. You know how many 15 y/o have access to guns around here? People are being big freakin hypocrites. I’m not saying they are not guilty of *something* – at the very least shitty parents (those are the rumors). But I need to know more information before I started cheering those charges as so many are.

  35. New pick up line!

  36. what, someone that went to school and shot people didn’t have a good childhood? shocker

  37. Right? Yea, One thing I can’t say around here is that there are all these people blaming the school (and my friend) for not protecting the kids … and all sorts of kids are claiming “they knew” (which I think is bs) – no one kid has stepped up and said they bullied the boy. Or even knew him. Or that they say him being bullied. No one. I’m not saying its the students fault …

    But schools can’t do the impossible w/o help. The high school has 1800 kids. How about a “Hey, this kid seems like he’s unraveling …”

    And instead of calling for metal detectors – maybe spend the money on a few intervention officers who have some experience in mental health?

  38. just tell the students that 2 of the teachers are armed.

  39. I saw one picture of the kid and knew he’s the type to go postal. The picture I saw appeared to be a middle school photo (if it was a high school photo, hoo boy, he’s too young and soft looking). He looked like the class nerd…not good. Appearances in middle school and high school can be brutal on a kid. His mug shot is doing him no favors either.

  40. I’m going to say it, lots of parents are garbage people. Remember Columbine, the kid was absolutely giving signals in the home. Parents have to take action.

    If my kid was outcast or picked on or anything else we’d be on that right away. Self-defense classes. Activities that are physically challenging (the only way to get “self-esteem” is to accomplish things).
    Spend more time with the kid. Throw his video games in the trash.

  41. students hid in classrooms and tried to jump out of first-floor windows.


  42. In this case, the semi-automatic gun used by Crumbley was reportedly purchased by his father, likely from a private seller, just days earlier on Black Friday.

    if it isn’t sold or handed down to a relative, it has to go through FFL, right?

  43. No. Private transfer of private property doesn’t require it, but unless MI law has changed, the dad had to apply for and receive a Permit to Purchase that must be used within 10 days for any pistol or revolver.

  44. So MI would have a de facto record of the sale, though it would not have gone through/to NICS.

  45. thats for rifles and shotguns. handguns are different?

  46. No paperwork at all for private sale of anything but pistols and revolvers in MI.

  47. Dan Crenshaw is an effing little bitch. He voted for the vax database.

    That fucker is a McCain.

  48. Parents can “do everything right” and still screw the pooch because they missed something. Not to say that’s the case here, I know less than nothing about this family. But sometimes shit just goes wrong.

  49. It isn’t illegal to not lock your guns. I don’t lock mine. If I need one for self defense I don’t want to have to remember a combination or go looking for a fucking key.

    You shouldn’t have to lock guns away from a fifteen year old kid, unless you raised a narcissistic cumguzzling asshole, which also isn’t illegal.

  50. Comment by mare on December 3, 2021 2:17 pm
    Dan Crenshaw is an effing little bitch.

    Pretty sure he’s in favor of red flag laws too.

  51. Dan Crenshaw is a poser.

    He is indeed a fucking Junior McCain.

    Dan Crenshaw will stand for that which lines Dan Crenshaw’s pockets.

  52. 2 Iowa GOP reps voted for it, too, along with the Dem rep. Not mine, though.

  53. Liking any politician is for suckers.

  54. Styx, REO Speedwagon, and Loverboy going on tour this summer.

  55. Just listened to the prosecutor’s press conference.

    If what she says is true, these parents are monsters.

  56. HS, what is the nature of the charges? “Being a monster” isn’t a crime (yet). Something about not adequately securing a firearm?

  57. If true:

    – the dad literally bought the gun for the kid
    – the mom knew
    – they both had plenty of evidence that their kid was “disturbed”

    They’re charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. I can see the prosecutor’s logic, and tend to agree.

  58. [i]They’re charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. I can see the prosecutor’s logic, and tend to agree.[/i]

    IF it’s legit. After what just happened with Rittenhouse you’ll excuse me if I’m disinclined to give benefit of doubt just on their say-so.

  59. Dammit, pixified again.

  60. That would be why I qualified my statement as “if true”.

    You buy a fucking gun for your minor child, and he kills someone with it – you should fry.

    If you bought it for yourself and the little fucker stole it – different story.

  61. How is it possible you don’t know you’re kids are nuts or have serious questions about their mental health.?

    * I admit, I spent a shit ton of time with my kids. They went to competitive schools so they did lots of homework. They had practice for sports, many of which I sat through because of the locations, piano. etc. I knew my kids, any nonsense was swiftly ass kicked.

    How do parents ignore crazy and buy a kid a gun? IF IT’S TRUE.

    These parents sound goofy.

    Brother Tim when you say some kids just turn out bad, I’m not so sure. I think they get a lot of help from being neglected, indulged, abused or the parents just being poor examples of humans.

  62. You buy a fucking gun for your minor child, and he kills someone with it – you should fry.

    If you bought it for yourself and the little fucker stole it – different story.


    Completely agree although it gives me a not-so-good feeling about opening doors for gun lawsuits.

  63. All the WILD press speculation that it was a private purchase, no background check, blah blah blah, is the typical bullshit that happens every time there is a school shooting.

    None of it is ever true, but it gives the press the opportunity to stir shit up. Gun show loophole – that’s what we need to do something about!!!! Universal background checks – this is just common sense, everybody agrees to it!!!! High capacity magazines are unnecessary – they should be banned!!!!

    It’s almost always all bullshit.

  64. For one thing, straw purchases are already ILLEGAL. If the dad bought it for the kid, he already broke the law.

    Other than outright banning guns, what new laws do the brainiac liberals suggest that would have prevented this?

  65. I say it because to a lesser degree I lived it.

    I can recognize now my descent into depression started when I was 11. (What I suspect started it I won’t go into, but it’s not particularly sordid.) My folks tried to deal with it and work with it but…this was 1982, and nobody even thought about these things seriously with kids. I don’t think anyone understood what was happening. So they didn’t know how to handle it, and thought it was mostly OK, but these issues kept turning up…

    Mom went to her grave wondering what happened to the happy boy she knew. If I could see her today I’d explain it to her. And I would not spare the parts that were her fault.

    But this is not a case of malice. Nor consistent poor parenting, aside from a critical stretch at the wrong time that’s clear in hindsight. They tried but didn’t understand the problem, so their efforts…well, I’d say they ultimately backfired in lots of ways.

    Small mistakes build on small mistakes to create large disasters. If it sounds like I’m letting the parents off easily I’m not, my own experience does not leave me so inclined. But I do understand how it can happen.

  66. Brother Tim, depression is one thing.

    The crazy it takes to bring a gun to school to kill people is another.

    I know you know the difference.

  67. I buy a case of beer for a minor then give him the keys to my car, and he slaughters four people, doesn’t matter if he’s depressed or Harvard bound with a full-ride scholarship, I fry.

    Buy a gun for your kid and he slaughters four people, you fry.

    Depression’s not got anything to do with it.

  68. Can we talk about boobs some more?

  69. Only if they’re Mare’s.

  70. We could talk about Pupster’s boobs, but he’s really self-conscious about them.

  71. I do know the difference. I’m just spitballing based on what I know. And fully accept I may be completely wrong.

  72. Pups, I liked your BBF championship round today.

  73. I did too, it was just threatening to kill my lappy.

  74. Ditto. The slide show was a noble attempt, but in retrospect, a horrible failure. (Hmm, I seem to be fixated on that concept today.)

  75. Depression…kill yourself.

    Crazy pants…kill others.

    Of course, there is a spectrum to each.

  76. There is a certain level of depression where you seek your end but are willing to “do some good” on the way to it. I suspect that people like this are often groomed for suicide bombings.

  77. I’m sorry the slide shows didn’t work out, really I am. Funny thing, that buffalone guy builds BBFs on another place-holder blog and copies them to here, because there’s no media storage room at H2.

    When I tried to change the size of the slideshow pictures, wordpress started replacing the boob pictures with random files from the H2 media archives. The results where semi-hilarious but super frustrating.

  78. So this kid is being charged as a terrorist but the guy who ran into a bunch of white peepo, killing little kids, with his vehicle, has not.

  79. Only white people can inflict terror. Hell, they inflict terror just by being white.

  80. Mare, did you see my comment about the two movies I recommended?

  81. who probably didn’t want a stranger inserting their gloved hand in their cootch to contemplate the state of their cervix

    I delivered my son at William Beaumont hospital in Royal Oak, MI. Big, assembly line, teaching hospital. I did not appreciate not my doctor learning on my privates. …maybe if it were not my 1st child. A few even came the next day to look at my incision (wound up a c-section)…mmmkay. And one took out my staples before I went home. Didn’t see my doc again until the follow up.
    What really kind of pissed me off was the “candy striper” type person. One came in the next morning, before my catheter was removed, and said I needed to get up and start moving around. Then told me to hold on to the cart they put your meal tray on,
    and stood back and watched. Wtf? I sat on the edge of the bed, did a risk analysis on the wheeled cart and my still spinal induced shaky legs, and said ‘nope, imma wait til the nurse gets here’.
    1st nurse took out cathetern
    2nd Nurse and husband came about the same time and it took both of them to help me to the toilet.

  82. >>>Only white people can inflict terror. Hell, they inflict terror just by being white.

    That and scary guns that need banning are more worser than an SUV running over people at high speed….so they want you to think to get on board with bannage.

  83. Every time I see a red SUV it scares the shit out of me. Even parked ones.

  84. Think we’re going to need The Cook to rappel into NY to save monkey boy, Jam. NY us set to go Australia nuts.

    “The governor or his or her dele-
    gee, including, but not limited to the commissioner or the heads of
    local health departments, may order the removal and/or detention of such a person or of a group of such persons by issuing a single order…such person or group of persons shall be detained in a medical facility or other appropriate facility or premises
    designated by the goyernor or his or her delegee…”

    It’s here, it’s in the New York State assembly, and it’s set to be voted on.”

  85. Shooter boys parents are on the lamb. They know that, as Trump voters, they will get 20 to life if they go to court.
    The state designated the boy a ‘domestic terrorist’, not the feds. They will, of course, do no such thing for the parade rammer. He’s the wrong color.
    Perhaps they will charge his SUV…

  86. Why do these weasels in congress think anything to do with my health records is any of the Fed’s business or think it is their job to inform or check with me if I am up-to-date with my shots? They can go fuck themselves .
    90 Republicans in the house voted in favor of that? There needs to be a serious purge.

    p.s. I just got some medical stuffs done and if you read the paper you have to sign as it regards how they handle your privacy, you will see it outlined how they will hand over your info to various federal agencies if said fed agencies deem you a threat to society. Think about those ramifications. Not that it would matter but I should not have signed it.

  87. Hotspur, I did see your recommendation. I was going to say something snarky but my heart wasn’t in it. I love those movies. I’m an oldy, Hotspur. We are simpatico.

  88. This school shooting, something isn’t right, spidey sense says dont trust the media more than usual. Then again maybe I’m just old n cynical

  89. Lumper’s vaccinated roommate has covid.

    Lumper tested negative.

  90. Deceased co-worker got a good sendoff today. Probably a super-spreader event. I took extra Vitamin C, D, and zinc when I got home, and I’ll try to get some decent sleep tonight. I hate that I got kinda paranoid and claustrophobic, but it was hundreds of people in a small space. (No, I did not wear a mask, I’m not a pussy.)

    I carpooled with another co-worker, which was a good idea to minimize the cars attempting to park within a mile of the church, and it made him late for the booster shot his wife scheduled. I tried to talk him out of it. I don’t think I succeeded, but it’s at least delayed.

  91. Anyone else notice Kyle is doing the Shocker in that last meme?

  92. I thought that was an ancient hand gesture indicating the Holy Trinity, but sure, Shocker.

  93. I’m going to hell, aren’t I.

  94. It’s a narrow gate, Roamy.

  95. First 90 days of Pfizer vaccinations = 1223 deaths…

  96. I received a very nice Christmas bonus today!
    Last year was nothing, and I had only been with them for 4 months, I was glad I had a job. This year was thousands more than Texas, and 10’s of thousands less than Colorado.

  97. Vmax, That’s good new, I think. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

    Pup, Very tough choice today. All worthy candidates. I ended up going with the tallest one who was born in February like all the cool people.

  98. Almost done with my mushroom inoculations. Next I am expecting some barley in the mail so I can make diastatic malt powder, to up my sourdough game.

    I need some advice on how to proceed with getting a few chickens this spring.

  99. or not…it’s hard for me to pull the trigger on this. It’s another huge thing to take care of. And we are backed up to Predator Alley.

  100. Those mushrooms were anti-vax. How very oppressive of you.

  101. Some great memes at Ace tonight. “I’m not smoking crack!” “Don’t lie to me!” “All right, I am smoking crack.”

  102. Thanks Therm,
    You as well.
    No help from me Lumps. I did have every teenager within a mile in my garage “rescuing” a opossum who was hurt under my car. It didn’t play dead just injured, then it was really dead, from 0.22 ratshot at 2 feet. 12 of them buried it.
    There were no bagpipes playing amazing grace, no 21 gun salute, but they shot it with my provided rifle, and buried it while shedding tears.
    Several of the kids were like, “I can’t watch this.” but a few were “okay, I’ll pull the trigger you, dig the hole”
    It was insightful, the trigger pullers were all home schoolers.

  103. We’re looking at moving. Gonna be pretty traumatic, as we’ve been here since ’87 and accumulated a lot of “stuff”. It is just getting too hard to maintain 4 acres of land/wilderness when we’re both in our 70s. Probably gonna have to get a couple of dumpsters before we get out.

    One of the places we are considering is this:

    The other is this:

    This is kinda hard, as I figured we would die here. It’s just getting to be too much work as we break down…

    Any Hostages want to live in the PNW with 4 acres, 5 vehicle bays, 2K square feet, cat-5 wired house wired for a generator and 1K gallon propane tank?

  104. Hostage meetup at Chris’s place!

    You might not be able to sell it afterwards.

  105. Good luck with the move Chrispy.

  106. Everyone’s an expert in school discipline now.

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