Alright, fuckers…. One last chance….

Okay, some people seem bothered by the fact that this place will cease to be in just a few short hours.

So here’s your chance to save it, if you feel so inclined.  One final joke thread that might provide me with enough reason to reconsider my decision. If the H2 were not deleted, besides recipes, weather, exercise, diets, injury updates, prayers for sick and/or dying cousin’s brother’s sister’s nephew’s mother-in-law’s florist’s daughter’s friend’s pet guppies, Rosetta’s bulbous head, mare’s fat-ass, Cuffy’s goat milking a dog (or the other way around), Andy’s latest gun, Scott’s latest stump, MCPO’s golf scores, Laura’s tomatoes, Pupster’s gifs, count’s latest bar victim, Brewfan’s Packers, Aggie’s machetes, Eddie’s gutters, Leon’s muscular tranny obsession, Osoloco’s boobs (okay, I never really have a problem with that subject), Clintbird’s eyeballs, Jewstin’s latest boy-toy (HI, GABE!), Rich’s change-making ass, beasn’s poop pellet count, MJ’s height, Car In’s tight buns, Compos’ anal incontinence, ChrisP’s … ummmm… crispiness, the names of PJ’s kids and/or goats (always get them confused), my devastatingly good looks, Geoff’s Anime collection, Xbrad’s latest OMG SQUEEE FAVORITE TEEN DRAMA EVAH!!!, the fact that Jay in Ames does in fact, live in Ames, Tushar’s anchor babies, VMax getting stuck in the spam bucket, AgileDog’s dogs, Pirata’s Viator,  the length of Shim’s hair, Diet Dr. Pepper, Pendejo Grande’s big asshole, Dave’s inability to stand anyway near a body of water without somehow ending up in it, Revvy’s unbearable cuteness, West’s anger issues, WPDunn’s Hostagette obsession, TGSG’s tourettes, Hotspur’s drinking problem (Seriously?  Chardonnay?), BiW’s inability to write less than 15,000 words in a single sitting, Roamy’s FemDom-ism, Cyn’s Sarah Palin obsession, Lipstick’s feet, Ghee’s latest step towards inevitably coming out of the closet, sohos’ leg’s latest misadventure, Michael’s predilection for dildos, TiF’s gluten tolerance level, or boobs, what topics will we be discussing most often? Bring the funny.  This may be your last chance.


  1. What?!? I am just hearing this? I do not get to stop by and play often because, life, but this is my refuge. My place to go and see fun things and watch fun conversations between you all. Is this real?!?! Don’t get me started on Big Boob Friday, AKA, one of the last few reasons I have to live. Please tell me this is the lamest joke you al have come up with in the last few years.

  2. WTF are you talking about, Wiser? It’s great to see you – hope all is well in your world 😊

  3. Who the phuq is wiser?

  4. I think this must have been a poison pill poat wiser scheduled some years ago. I bet he doesn’t remember it.

  5. Eff off Wiser:



  6. hahahaha, I think Pups is correct, Wiser planted a poison poat.

  7. Pups Saturday Morning Memes are some of the funniest stuff we have going on here.

  8. Akshually, I was perusing the Funny tab and found this and thought “wow. This will blow some minds. Why not post it as if it were new and see what happens?”


  9. I hope the part about deleting this is a premature April fools joke.
    I don’t comment much but it’s the only blog I read a lot of the comments on.

    Save the H2!

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