Memeing in the Dark


  1. Makes me want to watch The Mummy again

  2. No way.

  3. **opens email program**

    **buried under “Giving Tuesday” begging**

    I haven’t seen “The Mummy”.

  4. Roamy, it’s a good movie. Lots of fun characters and good acting, tight script, good adventure. First sequel was decent.

  5. I believe the dicks at 2:00 in the Mummy video are Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy, the ones who f’d up Star Wars?

  6. Yep, those are the named agents of Satan.

  7. wakey wakey

  8. drinker has a special place in his heart for Johnson and Kennedy

  9. I’ll post his review of prometheus. woo wee!.

  10. Predator really is one of the best movies ever.

  11. Got my SS present. I have no idea who its from. None.

  12. I do.

  13. I think got my SS present last week.

    It showed up in a bag with no return address other than the store it was sent from.

    It doesn’t tick, it doesn’t move, and it doesn’t smell.

    So I think I’m safe for now.

  14. If it isn’t my SS gift maybe Laura is returning my pocket change, wallet and watch.

  15. oh that’s cute, you think laura would return that.

  16. LOL – Obama made the dunce list in my history of economic crises class.

    So did Bush.

    I’m warming to the commie professor.

  17. “Too big to fail” was radically unpopular with both commies and capitalists for very different reasons.

  18. So, for accounting purposes, so far I have ~7 hours of labor for lamb #1 from live animal to freezer paper, and ~30-35# of meat to show for it (I left bones in the roasts, so I’m not perfectly certain). I might be able to bring the work time down to 6 hours on the subsequent animals now that I’ve got some experience, but I don’t think I can go any faster than that, and the evisceration is only as fast as it is if I have help.

    The labor, so far, is the only real expense, at least.

  19. The Bidens are getting clobbered for their cheap White House Christmas decorations. She’s tacky so…

  20. well, house is selling now, wonder how much i will have to pay the government, for capital gains. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  21. Is it your own house, Jay? Cap gains shouldn’t come up unless you haven’t owned it very long.

  22. Are you putting the money in a new house, Jay? Or condo? You won’t have to pay capital gains it’s a 1031 exchange.

  23. <well, house is selling now, wonder how much i will have to pay the government, for capital gains. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Jay, last time I checked, a married couple filing jointly is allowed a $500,000 deduction ($250k x 2) from gains made in the sale of a primary home, every five years.

  24. Close after the first?



  26. it’s inherited, from my aunt.

  27. yes, close is DEC 1

  28. Then you will have to pay the gain whether you sell it or not.

  29. my aunt paid a LOT of taxes, because we aren’t direct descendants. I’ll bet it was over 500k, because my brother got the farm, and land, and we didn’t have out of pocket cost.

    Recent upturn in price is probably just going to be mailed to uncle fucking sam.

  30. we inherited a couple years ago, and taxes were square then. I wonder if that will still hold.

  31. this is the house I was going to move to, before work decided I HAD to sit at a desk in this office.

  32. what are you mayomonkeys and other assorted yts doing?

  33. that last was from a TownHall piece

  34. whoooopppppsie!! this was expensive:


  35. hopefully the pilot’s ok
    having a boat run you over prolly will leave a mark….

  36. Remember the basis of the house is the value on the date of death, not what it originally cost. #taxblog

  37. So, theoretically, you’ll only be paying tax on the increase in value from date of death until it sold, not the entire selling price.

  38. So, if the inheritance/gift tax was paid at the time you inherited, a value would have been set to base the tax on.

    When you sell it, you will be taxed on the gain from its value when you inherited.

  39. I think the key comment in that thread is this one about them not wanting to test the vaccine’s dangerousness with boosters because if they get the “wrong” answer it will damage the idea of Vaccinations for decades.

  40. And, whoever the fuck oldmayomonkey is, pull the bullwhips out of your ass and count them – all of them.

    Then report back.

  41. Pretty sure it is Jam accepting his place as an oppressor and racist.

  42. hope so, pepe and HS!

  43. If you stop and think about it, there is no way for a U.S. citizen to acquire wealth without the government claiming a portion of it.

  44. not all GOP reps are useless:

    twitter: A federal judge will hear oral arguments in Massie v Pelosi on Dec. 2nd

  45. nope, there isn’t. And taxes have already been paid, so this is basically double taxation.

  46. money isn’t a zero sum game, either. otherwise how do you explain increased value on a fixed asset. Value didn’t grow on a tree, did it Bernie, AOC, and club?

  47. so this is basically double taxation.

    You’ll only be paying tax on the gain, so not double taxation.

  48. What we really need to watch out for is the democrats latest scheme to tax unrealized gains.

    In other words if you own something that increases in value, they want to tax you before you sell it.

    It’s fucking evil.

  49. Jay, Ace just did a poat with your photo in it.

  50. Can’t be me, I was already mostly bald by then.

  51. heh, saw that

  52. Taxing unrealized gains is insane. You’d likely have to sell the asset to pay the taxes. Plus, if the asset declines in value, do you get your money back?

  53. Any of youse guys have identity theft protection you can recommend? According to some accounting agency for my 401K, apparently my information has been breached.

  54. Taxing unrealized gains is insane. You’d likely have to sell the asset to pay the taxes. Plus, if the asset declines in value, do you get your money back?

    Of course not, the goal is the confiscation of all private property from hoarders and wreckers and redistributing it to the Party.

  55. Shooting at high school about 8 miles from my house. Lockdown right now.

  56. It’s a NICE NICE NICE neighborhood. not toward Flint. South of me.

  57. I am friends with the superintendent.

  58. No recommendation for you Queen Lumps other than you may want to change your password as the current one (@Humpalicious!) seems to have been compromised.

  59. Any of youse guys have identity theft protection you can recommend?

  60. I can hear sirens from my house. Not sure if it’s more cops heading south or the ambulances heading North to the hospital.

  61. Taxing inheritances is what causes many people to have to sell the family farm.

    The property is acquired for peanuts per acre, held for generations until *BAM*, mom and dad die and the tax collector slithers around the corner, the heirs don’t have cash, so they have to liquidate the property in order to pay.

  62. Why is North capitalized but south is not?

    Is it sort of a “Black and white” thing?

  63. More sirens

  64. 4 kids shot, one in head, one in neck. that’s what I’m hearing so far.

  65. Car In, that’s horrible.

  66. My friend Glenn was driving by right after I guess and the high school kids were all running to the meijer (on 24) that’s right near it. He could see them all – but didn’t know what had happened.

  67. Its in the town of Oxford, which is basically a cute little town/suburban /farm area filled with $$$$$ horse estates. I mean, there is a mix, but its simply not what you’d expect.

  68. 4-6 shot, they believe.

  69. NBA player gets US citizenship, changes last name to Freedom

    He’s been battling Lebron, and is outspoken about china and the Uyghurs. Of course his playing time was cut, even though he averaged a double double last year.

  70. And … its on fox news now.

  71. wow, right down the road from you. That sucks.

  72. Near me, kids can choose to go to Lapeer or Oxford schools. Plus, about 4 miles south of me, that is Oxford school distric. I’m right on the boarder, basically. So I know people whose kids go there.

  73. Laura has been busy

  74. I know we are in the 2021 year-end runoffs, but I just watched a Kaitlin Bennet video, and highly recommend her for a 2022 BBF spot.

  75. I’m all for increasing tax rates to 70% as long as its not on me or people I like.

    Fuck em. Pay up or shut up. Let’s start with all of the tech billionaires and members of congress. From there we’ll work down to the middle class (we won’t).

  76. But you like me, right?

  77. Steve Bannon, is that you? (seriously, he said exactly that)

  78. You’re cool. No worries.

  79. whew

  80. I don’t think Hotspur is cool. FTR.

  81. Gay Santa has favorites as you might expect

  82. He’ll leave a little extra up the chimney IYKWIM

  83. My friend is being interviewed on fox right now

  84. 80% rate on corporations using H1B workers in any capacity.

  85. Three students dead. Most of my friends have their kids. Friend of a friend can’t find their daughter.

  86. I’m all for that. But they’ll just open ‘offices’ in India or the Philippines.

    Most big companies already have offices overseas to push paper and develop stuff.

    I kind of like the idea of the government being the employer of last resort. Hire people to do menial jobs, clean shit up, whatever. I think it would be cheaper than the costs of paying people to do nothing while they rack up bills that get pushed to working people.

  87. Oh jeez. That’s scary car in. Hope everything is ok.

  88. MJ, is your company eliminating staff IT development, and going to contractors?

  89. Its a REALLY nice school. the football field is amazing.

  90. So they will, MJ. But the current fiction of “entry level” jobs paying less than big box retail work and asking ten years of specific experience in order to justify endless H1Bs is part of what keeps US wages artificially low.

    Long past time to name and shame, and maybe even reclaim.

  91. MJ, is your company eliminating staff IT development, and going to contractors?
    No, we don’t do that. But we are thinking about looking for talent in the Philippines. It takes us 5 months to find the right fit, which is fucking nuts. Some of that – actually a large part of it – is our fault but that doesn’t change the outcome.

    And when you’re trying to solve capacity problems the Philippines looks really good.

  92. Bla bla bla Biden is talking. I am shockingly unmoved.

  93. He’s talking about building roads up higher.

  94. Well, he’s an idiot. The only reason to watch him speak is to evaluate his decline. Is grampy having a good day or a bad day?

  95. Has he called anyone a negro yet?

  96. He’s repeated well-worn mantras. He can say this shit in his sleep. Every now when it gets deep on the weeds you can tell reading the teleprompter gets tough and the pauses/ emphasis become flat.

  97. Get your shot. Get your monthly booster.

  98. Wow, Gretchen actually is doing ok at the 5 pm presser. No politics.

  99. 11 shot, three dead.

  100. Horrifying, Carin.

  101. I found this video linked elsewhere this morning and have been watching bits of it here and there all day. It’s too long, but it’s remarkable. When lefties take the worst shitlibs to the woodshed it’s really something to watch.

  102. Hot takes all over social media . Folks too young to know the 24/48 hour rule.

  103. Boy, they REALLY don’t want us paying attention to the Maxwell trial.

  104. The Dudes Posting Their W’s Twitter account is the most happy making thing on planet earth.

  105. Lumps, I watched that Jimmy Dore that you linked, it really is amazing.

    I told my very conservative sister in law that I was really enjoying some Russell Brand stuff (which I think you posted here) and she was immediately like “wow, I just heard the same thing!”

    America is fracturing, but along very strange lines. It’s not just a right vs left thing.

  106. I think the fracture is more along the freedom scale lines.

  107. Chris cuomo suspended.

  108. There’s def something weird going on. All of the public intellectuals on the left talk almost exclusively to people on the right.

    They’ve been effectively excommunicated.

  109. Its weird having such an event in a small town. I mean, the next town south of me. I know one of the cops that responded. My bbf’s was working at one of the hospital that received victims. A former co-worker knows one of the girls who tied. And then I know people that work for the school district (the superintendent).

    Facebook is crazy with rumors and hot takes, I’m just ignoring it all. ALready claiming it was a kid who was bullied . I dunno. 48 hour rule.

    And pretty sure bullying isn’t a legit excuse.

  110. Expect some new gun laws.

  111. Oye. Friend of a friend was one of the victims. Post earlier was saying she just couldn’t be found. Not sure if this was the same person a former co-worker knows (one is related to her, the other works with her, so not in the same orbit)

  112. Crossfit owner S of me – in oxford. It was the daughter of his ex (his son’s half sister). Earlier he announced that he was with his son, and was ok, etc, so that was good. Then it came out that this young woman was missing.

    They just hadn’t been informed yet. He’s mostly a crossfit friend of mine, but I sorta know him- we all sorta know each other.

  113. Magazines limited to 7 rounds.

    Background checks to purchase ammunition.

    New legislation to make scary looking rifles illegal.

    That’s what they rammed through here after a school shooting.

  114. well, anyone worth their salt can switch a magazine pretty quickly. Hey, here’s an idea : Talk to your kids.

    Oh, that’s just crazy talk. Never mind me.

  115. I can’t really say what the fracture is between us nowadays. You’re correct, it’s not totally the left-right divide anymore. There is a shift happening.

    Whatever it is, paranoiacs are currently the finest prognosticators for events 6-18 months out.

  116. Funny or serious for tomorrow’s poat musical selection?


  118. Sorry about your friend’s friend, Car in. It’s tough losing a loved one close to the holidays – doubly so in a case like this.

    In happier news, grandson will be here in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, California is still uber crazy for the COVID, so we may have to wait to meet him.

  119. Praying for an easy delivery and a healthy grandbaby, TiFW.

  120. Hmmmm

  121. Shit, pepe, half of Canada lives in Phx AZ or close to it. They ain’t enuf to live on the map you poated.

  122. It’s the would-be aristocracy against everybody else.

    Keep in mind the Left has a history of turning on their intellectuals when they grab the brass ring. They don’t like people who will break from the herd. Too dangerous.

  123. Western Canada is vacant and has been. Hard living up there.

    But no lizards.

  124. I think Freddie DeBoer said it right; these SJWs are a political dead because first, they can’t unite anybody, and second, they also actively create enemies everywhere they operate.

  125. dead end

  126. They are a means to an end. The would-be aristocrats can only survive if everyone they’re trying to dominate doesn’t unite against them. That happens, it’s game over. The SJWs are a means of sowing division among the masses. Divide and conquer. Simple as that.

  127. Laura?

    “Judge blocks COVID-19 vaccine rule for healthcare workers across U.S.”

  128. Great for government workers. Private hospital systems can still require it unless explicitly prohibited, AFAIK.

  129. Τhe Nuremberg Code, as well as federal law, provide that no human being can be forced to participate in a medical experiment. Under 21 U.S. Code Sec.360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III), “authorization for medical products for use in emergencies,” it is unlawful to deny someone a job or an education because they refuse to be an experimental subject.

  130. Darnell exploded Randy’s Pinto.

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