Rock Around the Croc: Intro to the Classical Period

I don’t have time for a full post, so this will be a short one. That being said, I can introduce the Classical Period with three names: Franz Josef Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Ludwig van Beethoven. This will be on the test.

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  1. All this Thanksgiving eating has inspired a movement out of me

  2. Feels like it should be Monday

  3. My sister is coming over today to collect birch, holly, and pine boughs and other similar twigs and berries from my yard. She makes fresh seasonal displays in some containers outside her workplace. It’s a cute thing she does.

  4. How on Earth did Sobek make this a two-page post?

  5. Chris, lambs are usually hung for 30-72 hours.

  6. Anyway, our hollies are ridiculously overgrown especially in the backyard. We actually removed one from the front this Fall. It will be good to beat them back a bit more.

    Also, today is finally, finally, mushroom day. Or`one of several. I found out yesterday that I do NOT have to use up all the spawn in one day and throw away the extra (as one website asserts), it’s perfectly stable in the extra fridge for a year. So I have plenty of time to cut things down and infect them at my leisure.

    I need to ask my brother to help me cut up some larger logs so I can drag them to a shadier spot better for growing shiitake. He has a bigger chainsaw.


  8. BFF’s have been really good. Who did our Korean friend vote for? I’m going with him. Wait, would it make more sense detente-wise to align with Bosnia and Herzegovina?

  9. I will never align with the Canadians or anyone who has Trudeau for a leader.

    Well, shit, we have Biden for a leader so we’re dumbasses too.

  10. I really want to align with any Polish H2er. I like their leader and stance on refugees. Also, they produce a great Pope.

  11. I think it’s pretty obvious I should work at the UN.

    In maintenence.

  12. If Ethan’s class has eliminated everyone but Ethan, who is going to help him carry the boat?

  13. Book thread’s up

  14. Thanks for the history lesson, Jimbone. That incident had a most profound effect on building and fire codes.

  15. Ethan says all his crew is good. I assume they get shifted if they lose men, but I don’t know? It’s by height – because who knows what that has to do with cooking?

    This week, his crew have to take their souffle into the surf for the first time. I guess the first time they try it, the souffle gets wrecked. They also are getting log training for the first time. I assume holiday logs of some sort. Hopefully chocolate.

    Usually these two skills/trainings aren’t done until the official cooking school starts.

  16. I believe Levi demonstrated their ass a few years back over gun rights. That seems to be what I remember.

  17. They have to hurry up and get these guys trained before the entire service fills up with limp wristed fags.

  18. Levi’s hasn’t been on the right side of things for as long as I’ve been alive at least.

  19. They’re a San Francisco company, or at least used to be, so fuck them. I’d rather wear dungarees made in China than support their agenda.

  20. “How on Earth did Sobek make this a two-page post?”

    I pushed the wrong button and was too tired to figure out how to fix it.


  22. 22% of michiganders over 80 who got covid passed away. Or they died with covid, or after recovering. You know how they massage these stats.

    1.1% of ALL Michiganders age 50-59 who got covid/ as far as the state knows – died with/of/after having Covid.


    (Imgur video)

  24. Comment by scott on November 28, 2021 11:44 am


    Someone floated this at Ace’s and when I was aghast at the absolute horrendousness of it therefore its likelihood I was told I was a bit of a nut and that I didn’t understand how things worked.

    Has anyone else noticed Hillary has been making talk show circuit appearances? She looks like shit and coughs a lot but she’s powering through.

    Also, did you hear she wants the Maxwell trial put off until after covid?????

    Oh, sweet baby Jesus.

  25. That video was amazing, Pups.

  26. Nuts. I need to return the jeans I ordered. “Classic fit” is apparently a rise of three inches to cover your hoo-ha.

  27. Can a vice president be appointed? That’s the question. Will check on that.

  28. “Section 2. Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.”


    Well, that’s interesting.

  29. Mom jeans are back in style and it’s helpful they are incredibly high-waisted to hide the muffing top.

  30. I don’t know what a “muffing top” is but I don’t want it either.

  31. Raomie/J’Ames/Pups……..

  32. Oso?

  33. Adds Pepe to “the list.”

  34. Adds Pepe’s joke to the dadabase.

  35. Hahahaaahahgha

  36. Would someone please explain substack to me? Are you supposed to donate to individual contributors or is there a subscription for the whole substack website?

  37. I don’t know the answer Romacita but my VPN seems to be able to let me see almost everything for free

  38. I can see Alex Berenson and some of Matt Taibbi, but most of the ones they link seem to be blocked unless I subscribe.

  39. Like this one:

  40. Leon?

    Pretty much, at least when I was in shape.

  41. OK, I can’t see that one. But just as an aside, when I learned about prions in nursing school, that shit made my blood run cold. They aren’t destroyed in the autoclave. Utterly sinister.

  42. Between snow squalls I managed to drill, inoculate, and apply hot wax to two very large maple logs. Still have several left to do. I was climbing around on these huge log piles and working hard in the cold. My upper body is hurting already. Should be an interesting nights sleep tonight.

    My brother is cool about coming over at some point and cutting up the smaller logs to make them more manageable so I can wangjangle them over to a shadier part of the yard.

  43. Leon, you were spot on the other evening regarding my phone dilemma. Saturday I went to the local at&t store ready to buy an iPhone. It was staffed with just 1 person, & he was apparently dealing with a family wanting new phones, I was told it would be a couple of hours.
    Went home, the battery in this old relic is so swollen I apparently grabbed it just right & the case popped open, exposing the battery. Long story short, got the battery info & searched it in if all places, Amazon. Found it for about $12 and ordered it, was told expect it tomorrow. Just got notified I’ll get it this evening.
    I don’t like the politics behind Amazon, but JFC, as a logistics company, they’re the best in the world & the best there’s ever been. I have little doubt they could resolve the supply chain crisis, only thing stopping that from happening is gov’t bureaucrats not getting to take credit for it.

  44. Hotspur, the patch over the right rear Illium says all you need to know, Levi Strauss, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA.

  45. ^Ischium? I should remember that. Triflange acetabular cups were my primary product line in mfg for 15 years…
    Sure as hell not the pubus.

  46. Imported Japanese minitrucks are increasing in price by the hour. I may have missed the boat on this craze. Goddammit.


  48. I want a kei truck with a dump bed. 4WD. This is tormenting my brain.

    I’ll be okay tomorrow.

  49. Lumps, is that some sort of oxymoron? Isn’t everything made in Japan mini by our standards? Is there a Lexus Brougham I’ve not heard about???

  50. probably need the rear locking diff to navigate the swampy area of the yard

  51. Dave, what kind of phone did you fix with a new battery???

    Also, well done, Leon.

  52. Kei cars, D’sNH. I saw an Acty van about a year ago at the shopping center and fell in love, then I started looking into them and found out about Subaru Sambars and other cool ichiban shit of that nature.

  53. Suzuki, sorry

  54. Wait, no I was right the first time. Subaru Sambar, Suzuki Carry. I always get those mixed up.

  55. This is one of those situations where you are captivated by some shiny thing that you actually don’t need but are inventing reasons why you need one, anyway.

    On the other hand, I’ll never have a hard time selling it if it doesn’t work out.

  56. The lead prosecutor in the Maxwell trial is James Comey’s daughter.

    The judge who granted the defense attorney’s request to keep the lurid details from the public was appointed to the bench by Schumer and Biden a week ago.

    The incest in DC is rotting away at the fabric of this country.

  57. Lumps, depending on where you live, how hard winters are, and just how much fun you can stand, you might want to look into Panzgauers. My spelling might be a bit off, Swiss army 6×6’s.
    The swiss make great army knives, they even include a cork screw, which seems a bit overly ambitious given their history, but otherwise a very useful knife!

  58. ^ I’ve watched a Pansgauer climb a hill domestics choked on b half way up. If I was younger & still foolish with my money….I’d have one!

  59. Best of luck with your fungal infection.

  60. Just booked my sailor’s flight home. The 18th

  61. Thanks Pups, best of luck with yours as well.

  62. I only do the free content on Substack. I’m overwhelmed with free content as it is now and can’t imagine paying for more than I do now (WSJ and Boston Herald). One guy, Steve Kirsch, is linked in a lot of different places but after reading an article or two you get all preview teasers to articles you have to pay for. I unsubscribed from his free/inaccessible feed.

  63. Look at this mental disaster presiding over the Maxwell trial:

  64. LG Phoenix 3.
    The old battery was so far gone & swelled up that I flung it off into a plowed field adjacent to the lawn, instead of tossing it in the trash can next to the house. Not taking chances with batteries Teslas uses in their vehicles that spontaneously combust an hour or so after a collision!

  65. That’s a man, baby

  66. Butch.

  67. My older daughter, for reasons that elude me, has chosen to live in Eugene, Oregon at present. Back in September my wife and I flew out to visit her for a couple of days and flew back. I don’t remember the exact cost but it was around $630 for two round trip tickets. My wife informed me today that she’d like to go back up for a visit in March. I can’t go due to work but am always glad to get her out of the house for a few days. I checked Expedia this morning and cheapest round trip ticket for one person is $728. Reckon the airlines know what’s coming around the bend in terms of fuel prices?

  68. We fly into Red areas and rent a car. We also fly airlines based on their jab policies.

  69. One of my brothers golf partners stopped golfing with him last month. Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 6 weeks ago. Passed yesterday. My bro is shook up.

  70. Round trip for Ethan was $900

  71. My bil has pancreatic cancer. The bad part is that sign don’t appear until it’s waaay too late. My bil had a tumor over his bile duct which acted as a very early warning system so he had a chance. It’s been 18 months.

  72. back home. vaccine discussion because my brother isn’t vaccinated and got covid. his wife called off Christmas Las year, but also wasn’t vaccinated. trying to square that circle.

    new argument is that symptoms are less with vaccine and asymptomatic spread is back. this from people that work for 2 different hospitals. mom is now all in on boosters, she wasng before

  73. I and everyone I know is asymptomatic, and pre-med.

  74. Sunday Funnies:

  75. Don elbowed Reuben purposefully.

  76. Oi.

  77. wrong thread. Wakey wakey

  78. I have ridden in a Pinzgauer (spelling ?) very cool. My husband’s friend uses it for hunting.

  79. Just woke up, MMM in 20 or so.

  80. Dude, it’s 7:45.

  81. Insomnia is a funny thing.

  82. MJ, this is a judgement free zone.

  83. Kinda how like I totally didn’t judge you for pussying out on the Ragnar.

  84. I did another fun run, just 3.1 miles and did better than last time.

    I’m pretty happy about it because I do not run. As in, I don’t train or jog. We did the Turkey Trot and had a blast.

    Pleased I wasn’t sore or hips, knees or ankles hurting. I think that strengthening the glutes, hamstrings and quads make for a much sounder foundation and it helps to ward off injury.

  85. Also, CAULK!

  86. MMM 472

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