2021 BBF Tournament of Champions – Round 4

Hello, and welcome to the 2021 Big Boob Friday Tournament of Champions – Round 4.







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Semi-Final Round Bye


Your model for today was born February 4th, 1999 in Boca Raton, Florida. She stands 5′ 7″ and measures 34 – 24 – 34 and 126 lbs. Please get tuned up for Miss Sarah Gibson.




9/10 would smash.

Sooooo fake. I’m not even sure this is a real person.


Oh my… Very nice today pup. Also someone take MJ to get his eyes checked with his 9 out of 10 bullshit.



/stamps “APPROVED” repeatedly while brain overheats






Semi-Final Round 4 Champion



Your model for today was born August 10th, 1994 in Apopka, Florida.  She stands 5′ 8″ and measure34 – 24 – 34 and 128 lbs.  Please set the table and share a taco with Miss Lauren Summer.



I could def get behind this selection.


Sense of humor + E. Norma Titz = A winner in my book


Do I even need to rate this?





Semi-Final Round Bye


Your model for today was born September 26th, 1990 in Tomball, Texas.  She stands 5′ 6″ and measures  34 – 24 – 35 and 121 lbs.    Please introduce me to Miss Caitlin Arnett.



After viewing her BBF portfolio and watching her videos I have reached some firm conclusions

– she has the narrowest ass of any contestant in recent memory
– them titties are bought and paid for, NTTAWWT
– she’s a good Christian girl who won’t be doing OnlyFans in a year when the modeling gigs dry up



8/10 would smash



She’s not gross at all!!

Where am I and what have you done with BBF?




The Peasants are Revolting


  1. Another tough week of deciding who to cast my ballots for

  2. The Peasants are Revolting

    Tell me about it, between the body odors, their polyester clothes and love of cheese based foods it’s really hard to deal with them

  3. All my shopping is done except figuring out a gift basket of some sort to send to my older brother and sister.

    Paula was easy … she got bit by the triathlon bug sometime last year and has really got into the cycling aspect of it. She’s over the moon about some new bike Specialized is making and had to order it pre-production. She got lucky because she’s on the short size of the bike frame bell shaped curve and they had her size available.

    The kicker is that it’s the price of a good used car pre-cash.for.clunkers /// pre-covid.supply.chain.snafu and she’s been fretting about picking up extra shifts to pay for it. Easy peasy gift idea without leaving the house. Ben got a comforter. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled! (He actually asked for that).

  4. These BBF finals are really getting competitive. They are all lovely ladies, with lovely lady humps.

  5. wakey wakey

  6. It’s not my family gathering. I’m related to poor people. Lots of things can cause bad choices that aren’t entirely in our control, and there are some genuine hard luck cases, but that’s not the way to bet.

    But the taught narrative is truthy and really goes along with what they feel.

    See, the poor don’t have cars so they can’t drive to grocery stores and don’t have access to doctors.

    blink blink

    I know LOTS of poor people, and they all have cars and free government healthcare.

  7. My shopping isn’t even started.

    First thing, I have to book a flight for ethan home. he gets the 17-27th off.

  8. Stella’s two minutes of hate has a different style when my grand-dog Phoebe is here.

    Nova and Phoebe love playing together. And stella gets pissed and barks at them.

    This has been happening for an hour.

  9. This Black Friday I don’t have anything specific to get so I’m just kind of overwhelmed looking at all the sale items. But I don’t want to miss a good deal on something that later on I’ll go, “Shoot, I wish I would have bought this on BF!”

  10. Help me out, I need a gift for around $25 that would appeal to men and women that would be easy to travel with for people who can afford anything.

    Yeah, I know, difficult. Last year I got a teeth whitening kit, one with the light in it and that was one people stole from others during that Christmas gift game.

  11. My kids will be there and they love everything. And appreciate anything.

  12. I hear you Mare. I’m personally trying to cut down spending to stuff we need but when they dangle a 30 to 50% price reduction in front of you it’s suddenly a struggle to define “need”

  13. As a set up for Paula’s gift I bought 4 or 5 bike related gifts on Etsy that totaled under $80. You can find just about any giftie type thing over there and you might get lucky in your search.

  14. Garden gnomes, Mare.

  15. https://www.etsy.com/search?q=garden%20gnome%20funny

  16. Oh great, we went to brother-in-law’s for Thanksgiving and this morning my niece texts my son that she has a stomach bug and started running a 101 fever an hour after we left.

  17. https://www.centralmaine.com/2021/10/25/a-1-5-billion-lithium-deposit-was-discovered-near-newry-excavating-it-poses-a-challenge/

    This is really interesting and I hadn’t heard about it until I read a story in the Herald this morning. The big question is which Save The Earth group wins this battle? I’d lean towards leaving it there despite the tremendous profit potential. Lithium batteries have a finite lifespan and the energy required to extract and process this probably exceeds the benefit.

  18. And I was sitting next to her for a third of the time we were there.
    I can’t afford to get sick. I’ve got too many projects to finish. UGH.

  19. Gnomes giving the finger or a Trump gnome would be a funny white elephant gift!

  20. My husband wants to buy those Trump glasses with the bullet in it but we are wondering if getting political will kick something off.


  21. Help me out, I need a gift for around $25 that would appeal to men and women that would be easy to travel with for people who can afford anything.


  22. 11 million tons is 22 billion lbs.

    That makes the value about 7 cents per lb.

    The math doesn’t work.

  23. https://tinyurl.com/4zty49ud

  24. Dayum, watch to the end.


  25. https://is.gd/__For_anyone_who_had_to_work_ today

    (Imgur video with sound)

  26. hahahahaha, Pups is an ass. A funny ass.

  27. https://is.gd/9Shefm

    (Imgur video with sound)

  28. I worked from home a bit this morning. Then Mini-me woke up, and Mr. RFH cooked pancakes and bacon.

  29. how did it turn out, HS? Did I do a good job cooking it?

    Jay, It turned out awesome. You did a great job cooking it.

    Your meat can’t be beat either.

  30. Well the holiday is over, time to hype the new “variant”. I am soooo fucking sick of these people. Parasites

  31. https://is.gd/S6dJLi

    (Imgur video)

  32. South Africa variant, seems to affect younger people more … just as the jab was approved for younger people.

    Next variant will be from Macau and affect infants and toddlers after it’s approved for everyone.

    Maybe they can just add it to municipal tap water

  33. Okay, acorn dog is hilarious. Ollie just eats them, he hasn’t gone full chipmunk yet

  34. I didn’t do the math on it Scott. I was more struck by the potential conflict between the environmental groups who want EV’s and no oil and the ones who want to leave the earth undisturbed.

  35. I hate my oven. It came with the house. My old oven, which was awesome and almost brand new, stayed with the condo, but I decided to give this one a chance.

    6 years later I want to.

    It is about 23º off from the setting. That I can live with by just remembering to compensate. But it swings about ten degrees each way during cooking.

    It’s gas. Fuck gas.

  36. My roast was about half an hour early, and 136º instead of 130º.

    It was still great, l but it was definitely stressing me out. And it sorta stressed out HotBride because she had to hurry up the sides because the meat was early.

    All in all it was a great meal.

    I want a stove with a gas cooktop, but an electric oven.

  37. SO, a local lifter died yesterday. Covid. Well …

    Because I’m always curious and skeptical.

    He was in his 20’s (I think) but he had MS which put everything that makes him sick even worse and then he contracted a fungal infection of some sort in the hospital.

    But, covid

  38. That’s what we have, gas range/electric oven. It’s about 25 years old and the LED lights for the display are barely visible so you have to count how many times you push the +/- button when you turn the oven on (it starts at 350). The exhaust fan comes up from the back of it when you push a button, there’s no exhaust fan overhead. Two of four burners work with the piezo ignition, one will work with a match and the other doesn’t work. If it could be easily replaced it would be but I’m waiting for a complete kitchen redesign because that’s not the only annoying feature in there. The cabinets were done by a guy whose wife is a pediatric PT I know and he did them about 30 years ago. He’s nearly blind now with the effects of Type I diabetes.

  39. A lot of the therapies for MS are immune modulators which may have played a contributing role


  40. Once the supply chain gets off its ass I’ll look for a new range. Right now is not a good time to be shopping appliances.

  41. Home from Turkey Day. Thanksgiving was nice. But I learned my NY brother is blowing off Christmas again this year for reasons.

    You know what, fuck him. Two years I had the perfect opportunity for extra time with that crew and, well I could sorta forgive last time but now I’m done.

  42. One of the emails from work today was from a soon-to-be former cow-orker, point-blank saying when her last day is and that I should take her to lunch next week. **blink, blink** She is not leaving because of the mandate, she is taking another job to be in the same city where her daughter will be going to college next year. Hard pass.

  43. Sorry to hear that, BroTim.

  44. Interesting thread on Semiconductor chips and China (short read)


  45. Interesting, Pepe. I got involved with testing 65 nm chips for radiation hardness (2007 timeframe, I think), and now it’s 5 nm.

  46. That might just have been a rad hardness thing. When I was sourcing hardware for image generators in 2001, we were looking at graphics cards with 15nm process.

  47. Yeah, rad hard always lags at least a couple of generations.

  48. Was a bit shaky this morning, tightness of jaw, and light headed. Went out to the garage for a cup & a smoke.
    *Takes pulse*
    Oh, there it is.

    Hello A-Fib, my old friend.
    You’re back to fuck with me again…

    Getting old is sucking more & more..

  49. Are you in sinus rhythm now?

  50. Looking up houses for sale here in Florida near where my sister and her husband live. I really want to get Dad and me closer to family. Everyone is in the east coast and it’s hard to keep close from 2000 miles away.

  51. Chrispy, please take good care of yourself!!

  52. Mitchell, can you say what area in Florida?

  53. It’s running okay, now. I’ve got a scan(w/contrast) on the 2nd and echo cardiogram on the 7th. If I supplement with magnesium it should keep me out of A-Fib.

  54. Biden called Trump a xenophobe for shutting down travel from China. Now he’s banning travel from Africa.

    Trump had an earlier so called “Muslim Ban”. Biden has a “Black People Ban”

  55. Qustion.
    Ive got to replace this phone. The battery dies 10 minutes after its unplugged from the charger & the case is swelling around the battery.
    Philosophically I can’t buy an apple product, on the other hand the only other option involves allowing Google to penetrate every aspect of my life.
    A few years ago our gov’t was whining about apple not allowing it a “back door” to spy on users, does anyone know if apple caved in to the whining?
    I’m down to I don’t care if Chi-Com’s are spying on me, I don’t have anything they need, I do have an issue with Google and my gov’t spying on me.
    Lesser of 2 evils means I have to throw the Uighurs under the bus, that’s where I’m at right now.
    Thoughts please. I need to make a decision. Thanks in advance.

  56. I have to have a smartphone for work anymore, and I’ve been on Samsung/Android since Galaxy 6. It does the job, but the best I can say about it is that’s it’s not an Apple product.

  57. Good to hear. Normal Sinus Rhythm is NOT over rated!

    I had a day of AFib in my late 20’s after taking Ortho call and being up most of the night, getting all jacked up on caffeine and then driving to a drill at Camp Edwards on the Cape. It went away after I drank a lot of water (dehydrated) and went home after sick call and sleeping from 3 in the afternoon until 5 the next morning.

  58. Any chance of a bootleg battery replacement? It may void the warranty but it sounds like the only other option is a new phone anyway

  59. DiT is on Twitter and THE CRAP TREE IS UP!

  60. Take care of yourself, ChrisP

  61. brother was in contact with someone that tested positive on Tuesday. he’s vaccinated, they were vaccinated, we are all vaccinated. just come to the surprise party, I think it’s obvious that it doesn’t work. I’m willing to gamble on my vitamins doing their job.

  62. Tomorrow is shiitake log inoculation day. I got a new cordless angle grinder today and I have a special adaptor and bit for it, to make drilling the holes for spawn much faster and easier.

  63. Jimbro I seriously thought about that. Inspecting the case I can only assume it was ultrasonically fused together. Absolutley no signs of access points to disassemble it. Thank God for our disposable society, maybe AOC will address that in her GND ambitions. Could be a selling point, make things user repairable again.

  64. At some point 5 or 6 years ago my nurse got a battery for her iPhone from somewhere online. It came with a thin little pry tool and she and her husband took care of the replacement at home. Pretty sure that was her last iPhone.

    The battery on my iPhone 7 was draining within 5 or 6 hours and fortunately my wife upgraded her phone and I got her iPhone 10 (“X”) and the battery lasts about 2 days on one charge. It’s bigger than the old one so probably a bigger battery.

  65. Just read this in a WSJ newsletter

    “3. Merck’s Covid-19 pill was 30% effective in a final analysis. The company said its experimental treatment proved less effective than thought based on an earlier look at data, which put it at 50% effective, prompting U.S. health regulators to continue a staff review of the drug’s application days before an outside panel meets.”


  66. I was trying to find the “apologize for your racism” statement on the Salvation Army website and found this instead.


  67. Sure Mare, looking around the area 45-60 minutes east of Tampa Bay. Lots of choices, really.

  68. There’s still the racism study guide out there, but some of the stuff quoted from it is no longer there, so methinks the blowback got ’em.

  69. So do you think the “Apologize For Being White” was bogus all along or thy hit the panic button after some employee went rogue?

  70. Comment by Jay in Ames on November 26, 2021 5:05 pm
    brother was in contact with someone that tested positive on Tuesday. he’s vaccinated, they were vaccinated, we are all vaccinated. just come to the surprise party, I think it’s obvious that it doesn’t work. I’m willing to gamble on my vitamins doing their job.


    Jay, you gave it a shot (pun intended, I’m not a weakling!). You were hoping to get the country back to normal. They didn’t really want that at all.

    Pretty clear now, they don’t stop transmission or from testing positive.

    Please don’t take any more boosters…I think there is a negative health response.

    I’m just glad you had no issues with the shots you had.

  71. https://is.gd/LpUOgU

    (Imgur video with sound)

  72. https://tinyurl.com/3p7yaz5

  73. Pupster, please don’t post videos of my workouts anymore.

    I wish I hadn’t clicked on Jimbro’s link. Yikes 😬

  74. The Alex Baldwin of cam girls

  75. We went to Home Depot today.

    Nobody working in the tools / hardware area. Normally they have 2-3 people there, maybe more on Black Friday, and there were no cashiers.

    Looks like everyone left for better paying jobs, or enhanced unemployment.

    Just got back from CVS, no cashiers, self checkout only.

  76. Scott, thanx for the low hanging fruit! Your mom was scheduled to handle tools today! Yeeeeeeeee

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  77. Jimbro, I think the “apologize for being white” could be bogus, but they did panic and erased at least “Being colorblind also ignores the discrimination our Black and Brown brothers and sisters face and does not allow us to address racism properly.”

  78. I mentioned that I’ve donated to a religious charity in memory of my mom and that opened the floodgates for every religious charity under the sun to spam my mailbox with pleas for donations. Salvation Army plea arrived today and I thought of that article as I recycled it. I usually slip a 20 into a kettle once or twice during the season but I’m not feeling it this time around.

  79. TOMBALL TEXAS clap clap clap clap clap

    *sung to the tune of Fuck Joe Biden

  80. I think they said it, and now are wishing they hadnt

  81. Today’s vote was difficult. Pup had a high quality selection today.

  82. I see the original story. maybe it my cache. Google central nova news reports salvation army

  83. Article showing how to hack Black Rifle Coffee Co. for you computer literate folks


  84. After this holiday season the Sally Army may want to rethink who needs salvation.

    Get woke, go broke.

  85. HS, Scott and I were talking today about how this can’t be real. They actually said they are trying to dismantle the nuclear family?? It’s insane.

  86. As some pundit said, the Salvation Army needs to stick to soup, soap, and salvation.

  87. Dudley envied righteous people.

  88. Gonna check to see if there’s a Saturday poat in the hopper and put one together if there’s not. BRB.

  89. Pupster had one in draft, so I hit publish. Looked like the time was mistakenly set for pm instead of am.

  90. Rally to Meme


    But that gal in leather…. WOW.

  92. ^That’s Lauren Summer, Tex. She is amazing.

  93. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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