Literally Take On Meme


  1. Darrell eventually rented “Patton.”
    Darrell needs to man up and buy his own copy!

  2. Thanks for mentioning that your turkey was defrosting in the fridge a day or two ago Roamy. We made room to get ours in the fridge yesterday morning.

  3. We’re hosting Paula’s parents, oldest son and his girlfriend for breakfast on Thanksgiving. Then it’ll be just us, Ben and the dogs for turkey dinner.

  4. “completely fucking wrong just 8 months in” really sums up a lot of the lefties and mythical swing voters now, doesn’t it?

  5. wakey wakey

  6. So … the female pup can do stairs now. I woke up to her crying and she was almost all the way to the top

    Wakey wakey.

    So there’s upstairs now. Girl is sleeping at my feet and boy is still trying to settle down. Under my feet/

  7. these doggos automatically know that the best sleeping position is at my feet.

  8. Really what calmed them down is that I put Tool on.

  9. You’re welcome, Jimbro. Today is the day I bake cornbread for the dressing and the pecan pie for dessert. I’ve also started making Mini-me’s favorite Christmas cookie, Oreo truffles. I’ll be making cookies this week so she can take some back to school and I won’t have to mail them. Last year her care package got stuck in Birmingham and didn’t get delivered until after she’d come home for Christmas. Found out cookies do go stale – they never have a chance in this house.

  10. PT in 45 minutes. Pray for oso.

  11. Tested Grandpa’s .22 revolver yesterday to make sure it was up to the job of sheep harvest. It’s heavy, barely felt the shots go. Quiet, too. Should do the job.

    Book confirmed my thought to do back of head stunning shots. Even without horns, a ram’s skull is burly up front.

  12. On my way to Florida. Plane door closing.
    *Hoth Wookie moan*

  13. Hoth Wookie Moan was one of Sam Jackson’s better movies, if somewhat obscure.

  14. First time slaughtering is unnerving, Leon, I don’t envy you this shitty day. But on the other hand, home-raised meat in the freezer!

  15. I made peace with the slaughtering part when I did the first round of chickens. It’s the evisceration that’s intimidating me. I’ll probably be pretty good at it by the time I do the last of them, but they each need to hang for 30+ hours before I butcher, so it’s going to be a slow process to get to that point. I’ve only got one tripod and one gambrel.

  16. home-raised meat in the freezer!

    I’ll take Things That Sound Dirty for $500, Alex.

  17. Eviscerating ruminants is also sort of time-sensitive in a way that the chickens weren’t. Once digestion ceases in a sheep, bloat begins, and the longer it takes you to get the skinning done and relieve the pressure with the first incision, the greater a problem it becomes.

  18. Never ruminate on eviscerating ruminants

  19. Leon, from my small experience from dressing deer, the most important things are more than one knife, get a steel for touching up your edges and a Skinning knife is a must.

    Also: Buckets of clean water and consider changing your shirt from time to time, it is sticky work.

    I love venison, but it is hard work.

  20. Generally to dispatch animals, you draw an imaginary “X” on their forehead from the base of the ear, to the eye on the opposite side. For skinning, meat processors I know put an anchor in the ground. It
    a lot easier to skin when there’s tension on the hide. Once they start skinning, they attach the hide (usually the skinned portion of the rear legs) to the anchor, then crank up the animal to put tension on the hide. Makes it a lot easier to skin, and saves your hand. Skin a little, crank it up for tension, repeat. Also, if you withhold food and water for 24 hours, the guts will be empty and easier to deal with.

  21. Hair is hard on knives. When you make the initial incisions, you slip the blade under the hide, then cut from the inside out.

  22. I won’t be able to withhold food without moving/stressing the animals, unfortunately. I tried to game that out already and I’ve got nothing. I need a separate corral for doing this next time.

    Planning to stage a change of clothes in the garage to change into after the carcass is hanging, so I can get into the house in clean kit. I will have access to a hose for fresh water throughout the process, at least.

  23. Skinning and butchering can make you lose your taste for meat for a while. It does me anyway.

  24. In Denver! Now leaving Denver! Barely had time to say “Howdy!”

  25. Denver, come for the omelets, stay for the oysters

  26. Denver ain’t your kind of town.

  27. haha, the subscriber only bit crowder does, Guess Their Pronouns is freakin hysterical. I’m laughing in my little cube.

    Dave Landau is one of the best ad libbers out there.

  28. I’m planning to save the “oysters” from the rams. I’m not going to bother with brains this time around. I may or may not try to harvest cheek/jowl.

  29. haha, $200 grand in college so we can find out what bathroom you want to use

  30. The oysters from pigs makes one helluva tenderloin sandwich, when laced together.

  31. although I was referring to the oyster on the jowl. I just realized what leon was referring to.

    I was in an different context, debugging something. Mind is all kinds of twisted up right now.

  32. jebus, the opening of Deace is all the news outlets and tweets about Rittenhouse = White Supremacy. After the verdict.

    I don’t know if we can fix this. They won’t let it go.

  33. Please do not confuse your half ass internet research with my grad degree in political science

    I felt the shock wave from the response from orbit.

  34. I had Rocky Mountain oysters a grand total of once in my life. It was at Coors Field at a Rockies game during my fellowship. A few residents and I were guests of one of the attendings for a game. They were good but you can say the same thing about almost everything deep fried. I stick with fried whole clams now.

  35. It’s a legal steroid, sort of. I figure it’s at least less wasteful than giving them to the chickens.

  36. I may give the birds the heads to chew on, but that runs the risk of Possum seeing the skulls.

  37. I’ll probably grind them with some of the trimmings for high-T sausage* and cook that as meatballs or something, for irony.

    *your mom’s favorite

  38. Made hash with roasted pumpkin and store-bought sausage for breakfast. It’s surprisingly good if you haven’t tried such a thing.

  39. sous vide turkey, or just smoke it.

  40. Just picked up our 17.5 lb. standing rib roast for Turkey Day. SWIDT

    Set me back a cool $340. It’s going to feed 13 plus leftovers. I think there will be a lot. I always get the quantity of ribs wrong. This one is seven. I bet four would have been enough.

    I might cut three ribs off and freeze them.

  41. wow, not cheap!

  42. White supremacy indeed.

    The attackers were white – all three.

    Racist blacks claim white people get special legal treatment by the “system”, even though the same day as Rittenhouse’s verdict, a black cat in FL was found not guilty in a self-defense case where he shot a cop.

    Plus the animal that plowed through the Christmas parade had a rap sheet a mile long (one charge was for bail jumping) and was out on $1,000 bail two days before. Seems like the system was pretty lenient to his black ass. Now maybe they’ll put him away forever. Maybe.

  43. wow, not cheap!

    Yeah, $19something/lb. But this place’s meats are the best. I only do it twice a year – Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  44. I gazed longingly at the rib roasts in Costco on Saturday. Did not pull the trigger.

  45. They finally had beef short ribs at Costco, but I wasn’t paying $12/lb for them.

  46. Whew, I was afraid that the guy extorting Matt Gaetz was a cousin, but it’s spelled differently.

  47. Commie Apologist takes a beating in the comments

  48. Whitlow news (actually quite tragic)

    Didn’t OB/GYN didn’t wear gloves? Hell, I wore double gloves for most of my career.

  49. No way I’m paying to read anything in the fucking Boston Herald.

  50. My finger is still pretty red by the base of the nail, but the swelling is gone and the pain is mostly gone.

    I hope I don’t have to perform any caesarians.

  51. Or emergency tracheotomies.

  52. Still good for prostate exams, I’d wager.


    Still hoping it’s an early Christmas present.

  54. Parade Crash? They aren’t even hiding it

    6th person dies, a child, and they are classifying it as a CRASH? I hate the media.

  55. Didn’t Bob Seger write a song about getting out of Denver?

  56. So, is anyone making anything interesting/new for TGD?

  57. ^ sorry for the late smartassery, short week so I shut manufacturing down this week to clean the pig style. Got a new employee coming on board, she’s just out of the Marine corps. Want to make a good impression when I say to her ” I hear you were in the Navy” when she starts.

  58. Car in, nothing new, but I’ve got 2.5 pound lobsters coming in tomorrow to steam & take into the better half at the PT facility from he’ll, also just started thawing a pound of lump crab meat to make crab fluffs for other residents….none to be shared with facility staff

  59. Carin, I got weird cheeses for a charcuterie board. Blue Stilton, Wensleydale, something with cranberry because that seemed appropriate, smoked gouda, a couple of different local goat cheeses. I also got little pickles, olives, blueberries, and different crackers.

  60. Lobster and crab fluffs soud cool.

    I never do a charcuterie board- although i like them.

  61. I haven’t done one before. I may hand it off to Mini-me if she’s not doing something else.

    Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and cornbread for the dressing are all baked, plus Mini-me made something with the leftover mashed pumpkin that looks kinda like a cheesecake and has caramel sauce and bacon pieces on top.

  62. Coming up at 8 on discovery science channel “Lost cities of the Trojans”. Whose mom is narrating that one?

  63. We talked a bit about Troy at my last Dad Group meeting. Specifically, Hector’s intention to go out to fight Achilles, knowing it meant almost certain death, and how it was and was not like St Thomas More’s decision to remain in England and oppose the Anglican Schism.

  64. Sam’s has a video about Holiday shark cootchie. We’re running out of shark cootchie items. Leon, I am jelly of your Dad Group. I have zero people in my life that would understand your comment.

  65. Jay, this may be your greatest poat ever!

    And if that border collie story is real, then Thanksgiving is twice as good this year!

  66. I hate puns, however, “intend your puns, weaklings” is a winner.

  67. Calm down.

  68. Hector’s wife offered him an out, and he declined. Knowing his son was watching, he said that either way, his son was losing his father today, better to death than cowardice.

  69. Traditional cassatta cakes are done, chilling in the fridge ready to go. Mom asked me to also bring homemade sourdough bread and some chicken stemperata (in lieu of rabbit). I’m asking why I should bring chicken when my Aunt is serving turkey? So I’m making the stemperata, but with chicken wings instead, kind of like an appetizer so as not to upstage the turkey.

  70. LOL

  71. Ted rall writes for the Wall Street journal? what, they couldn’t find a pedophile? asshole

  72. Pepe, that is so classic, Hahahahaaa

  73. Sous vide turkey, porchetta rub, boneless breast wrapped with the skin, to crisp up on the grill/smoker

    Pumpkin cheesecake, caramel pecan pumpkin pie, stuffing, and veggies.

  74. We are out of stuffing, fried onions, jellied cranberries, pumpkin pie. Instacart foreigners trying to buy shit at the last minute. Club pickup. Moose out front should’ve told you.

  75. thanks mare. You may ignore one pun. Only one, though

  76. bought stuffing, pshaw. why not get a salt lick?

    Mine is made with homemade crouton crumbs. so THERE!

  77. That’s going to be epic, J’Ames. The turkey we did sous vide was the best turkey ever.

  78. If your porchetta is good please put on the recipe site.

  79. I did the 2 guys and a cooler porchetta, with the pork butt wrapped in pork belly, and Mrs Jay declared that to be Christmas Dinner this year.

    That’s the rub I’m using.

  80. I have to go buy some belly! Did you use a thick one or a skinny one?

  81. Last year I didn’t even bother roasting the turkey wings or drumsticks. I did a ham cure on them and smoked them then squirrelled them away in the freezer for winter soups. Best split pea soup evaaarrr

  82. I did a belly without skin, but thinner. Definitely need the skin, but it was still delicious.

    I like the idea of the wings like that. Pain in the ass anyway. I like drumstick meat, so on the smoker they go after their bath.

  83. You know how I know when I’ve overfilled the new humidifier? Does it beep? No. Does it flash a light? No. Does the ‘fill’ message go away? No. What does it do? How do I know I put too much water in it?


    I’m pouring, waiting for the ‘fill’ message to go away, and I hear these splashing sounds, thinking that’s just all the water I’m pouring into the front. No. Some of it is water being PISSED out the back, flooding the wood floor in my foyer. Ten towels and a bucket later, under control, but I’m still fuming. Holy shit, what sadistic asshole designed this thing.

  84. Daily, Ed roasted pistachios.

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