MMM 471

Thanksgiving week. Time to start undereating in anticipation. These ladies almost certainly know something about that.

Not sure how long I can even still do these.

See, I couldn’t run in this getup. Not sure how anyone does, but I guess it’s aerodynamic. Nice quads.

Nice to see some iron plates for a change.

I probably can’t do this for more than a few seconds nowadays.

Couldn’t do this for more than a few seconds, either, IYKWIM.

Monochrome foursome.

What kind of flower is that?

Wiry, she is.

And the (hopefully short) week begins. I’m working Friday because I’ve got almost no PTO banked yet.


  1. Now time to rest up for next Monday.

  2. wakey wakey

  3. What kind of flower is that?



  5. Hmm, there’s a lot of interesting reads at that site

  6. Now time to rest up for next Monday.

  7. No, I need that long to do another poat.

  8. well at least it isn’t Aloha Snackbar

  9. I don’t see how Hawaiian terrorists are any worse.

  10. What is the criteria for a suburb to qualify as quiet?

  11. The thing about Hawaiian terrorists isn’t the language, it’s that they put pineapples in the suicide vests.

  12. What is the criteria for a suburb to qualify as quiet?

    Number of payday loan and pawn shops per capita.

  13. I demand more information on planking redhead.

  14. I’m afraid I have none more to give. Pic is probably a decade old now. Hopefully she’s matured MILFily.

  15. First lamb harvest is this coming Saturday. Let’s hope I don’t make a mess of it. I need cheesecloth.

  16. I have far too many fuckbuddy requests in my inbox this morning to handle myself. Can I get a little help over here?

  17. Do you need a better spam filter or are you offering to share fuckbuddies?

    Because your IT person should handle the former and I’ll pass on the latter unless one of them is the planking redhead.

  18. Why did that psycho ram into those people having a parade?

    I know he was recently released from jail.

    And I don’t know but I read where the DA was one of those Soros related assholes.

    But I’d like to know what you have heard.

  19. Maybe he hates whitey and wondered if he could get away with it.

  20. Racially motivated, had a beef with a black DA marrying a white woman, and some other shite. In other words, down the memory hole this shall go post haste.

  21. Thank you both.

    I figured the guy is black so we won’t hear too much about it.

  22. Why did that psycho ram into those people having a parade?

    Because every liberal politician, every drive-by media person, every entertainer, and every professional athlete proclaimed that Rittenhouse was a white supremacist and that he was guilty.

    When the jury outrageously declared him not guilty, he did what any recently released-on-bail thug would do. He found himself a “quiet” suburb and made those whiteys pay at their racist Christmas parade.

  23. This, too, is the fault of 0bama. Ultimately, it’s the plan of the Devil, but 0 was happy to implement it.

  24. Let’s be fair, everything Jonah does is done impotently.

  25. heh, nice one Tucker! (not leon’s models, either)

  26. hahaha, ace

    Perhaps Ace said it best:
    The funniest thing that ever came out of your mouth remains me, Jonah.

  27. I can only imagine how many invites he’s going to get to parties of “moderate conservatives”” (on the left) now that he’s thrown down this marker.

  28. good point at ace: maybe they just threatened to quit, but then had to, after finding out how little support they have.

  29. “It’s him or us!”
    “well, he has sponsors and viewers, so…”

  30. “also he brings doughnuts on Fridays”
    “we do that too!”
    “he shares”

  31. heh, well played

  32. I can’t remember the last time I had a donut. Those cake ones, yummy.

  33. I made a sort of custard/cake thing out of my most recent pumpkin roast that’s not half bad. I think I had a doughnut in September when we were trying once again to convince Possum that things not on her current list of 5 things are, in fact, edible.

  34. To each their own, Jay. I prefer yeast doughnuts. Always hated the cake ones, too crumbly.

  35. Paula stops for coffee at Dunkin’ every so often and maybe 2 or 3 times a year she’ll bring a couple of donuts home with the coffee. They’re good but I always regret it afterwards when I’m trying to digest them.

    When Ben was just a little guy I brought home Dunkin’ Munchkins on Christmas for Christmas morning. Now it’s become tradition … MUST HAVE MUNCHKINS !!!

  36. what is a munchkin?

  37. Doughnut hole.

  38. Prediction: Jonah ultimately goes down the “I Was Blinded By The Right” road and has to reject everything he did pre-Trump. He’s got nothing but a bonfire of bridges behind him and his new…”allies” will demand nothing less to join in their reindeer games.

  39. Doughnut hole.

    Things that sound dirty

  40. YES! Ivermectin post at AOS

  41. did everyone take their vitamin d vaccination today?

    Their rules, I didn’t make them up.


  42. I take so many daily vaccines now that I load them into ramekin so I can pop them in with sips of coffee.

  43. Soooo, domestic abuse, battery, use of a dangerous weapon, felony gun possession, felony BAIL JUMPING, and they let him out for $1K. Meanwhile, someone still sits in prison for propping their feet on Pelosi’s desk nearly a year ago.

  44. me too, leon.

    taking them with coffee is challenging. too hot if it doesn’t go down on the first try

  45. Went shopping last week to get shampoo. I’ve used the same brand for 30ish years. Couldn’t find it this time. At all.

    A small thing, but a strange thing, and these are strange days.


  47. I don’t think I’ve bought shampoo in 20 years now.

  48. One of the Biggest Lies I ever bought into was “The Internet senses censorship as ‘damage’ and automatically routes around it!”

    Not so much.

  49. It used to, Mitchell, but that was before Gulag and Facechimp owned it all.

    And I’m still not sure where Gulag ends and No Such Agency begins, or vice-versa. Ditto for Facechimp.

  50. no’m sayin?

  51. Veteran figures on Fox’s news side, including political anchors Bret Baier and Chris Wallace, shared their objections with Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and its president of news, Jay Wallace. Those objections rose to Lachlan Murdoch, the chairman and CEO of the network’s parent company, Fox Corporation. Through a senior spokeswoman, Scott and Wallace declined comment. Murdoch did not return a request for comment through a spokesman.

    You KNEW Chris Wallace would pitch a fit!

  52. FYI, Jay Wallace and Chris Wallace are NOT related

  53. That’s because when Chris Wallace was born a monkey jizzed on a rock and let the sun hatch it.

  54. is fake.

    Thought you should know.

  55. “What Wein found was presumably reassuring. The website promised her confidentiality. It boasted of industry awards. It showed off testimonials of satisfied customers, including one from Laura S., who’d “caught my husband cheating with the babysitter.” The website bragged about complying with HIPPA, which it defined as the Hitman Information Privacy & Protection Act of 1964…”

  56. is fake.

    Wait, what???
    Rut roh…

  57. Oh boy! Camps! Coming to a formerly free republic near you.

  58. That little girl is my hero. I only wish I had that strength at her age.

  59. Been a long tough day. Akshually got outta my truck when I got home and asked myself “WTF did you do to yourself?”
    So I’m trying to unwind muscles I haven’t used in decades, watching a program called “expidition unknown”. Some stupid bastard named “Josh Gates” is looking for a ship lost somewhere either on Lake Michigan or Huron, so he tries to rationalize beginning his search at the eastern most point in lake Erie by eating buffalo wings in Buffalo New York….
    How the Fuck does that make sense, you stupid, morbidly obese, attention seeking failure of an excuse for the next Mike Rowe?

  60. Heh, that should go well, in rural america.

    Have they seen Red Dawn?

  61. No data to indicate that Ivermectin has any effect in early treatment for Covid-19.

  62. Went shopping last week to get shampoo. I’ve used the same brand for 30ish years. Couldn’t find it this time. At all.

    Wasn’t one of the big toiletries companies going on strike or a slowdown over the vax mandate? Proctor and Gamble?

  63. Thanks for posting those links, ChrisP, I usually forget to check for updates.

  64. Jason Whitlock newest fearless episode is really good. he’s gonna pass someone off.

  65. Darrell eventually rented “Patton.”

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