Love Meme or Hate Meme, Just Let Meme Know

Looks like Alex hasn’t changed his plates out yet.



  1. Pupster, I laughed so hard at those. You have done the Lord’s work.

  2. Lawds, de lawds werk.

    I’m going back to bed. It sounds as if frozen or wet shit is falling out of the sky and hitting my window.

  3. Excellent

  4. The “Roses are red” epic…magnifico!

  5. It was hard not waking the wife.


  7. A friend’s husband went hunting (for the weekend) last night. Upon arriving home, my friend found diesel all over the basement floor. He said he may have over-filled the radiant heater.

    If he chooses NOT to come home (he’s only an hour or so away), what should she kill him with?

  8. There is a LOT. Not just a single puddle.

    wakey wakey

  9. I rate the Tupperware one as true.

    Daughter is bringing boyfriend’s dog for the week, so I’m hoping for a wiggly butt greeting.

    Cookie Monster in bed made me lol.

    Thanks, Pupster!

  10. I watched Wheel of Time last night. It’s pretty good.

    Moiraine is exactly how I pictured her. So are Rand, Matt and Perrin.

    Lan looks okay. Of course they had to put an asian in there somewhere, so I suppose Lan was as good as any.

    Egwene is a fairly unattractive middle eastern looking chick. No way Rand would fall for someone like her, so this part is miscast. Her nose is about the size of a golf ball.

    Nynaeve is also fairly unattractive. Not at all the way she is described in Jordan’s books. She’s miscast too. I guess there were muslims in the Two Rivers.

    Thom is exactly as I pictured him.

    The Questioner with the White Cloaks is a gay unattractive black dude, so they managed to cover that base, but isn’t it kind of racist to make him a villain.

    But you know what really strikes me? We’re not supposed to notice race, but they manage to stick it everywhere it doesn’t belong. It always stands out like a fucking sore thumb.

    But on the whole, so far, it is good.

    I also rented Old Henry last night but it got late so we quit watching at the part where they take the guy in who is shot.

  11. Today’s agenda:
    Church craft fair
    European market
    Aldi’s for the last of Thanksgiving needs and Mini-me’s favorites
    Pick up dim sum
    Top off gas tank
    Dogproof house and make sure Mini-me’s room is ready

  12. I placed my first “I Did That” sticker at the gas pump today. After that it will be hard for the rest of the day to compete

  13. Dude, I’m jealous.

  14. Best meme poat yet. Sitting in Discount Tire laughing like a retard.

  15. So literally at the beginning. 20 min in

  16. Yeah, it was getting pretty late. HotBride had gotten home from work a little after 10, so as is her wont, she would have zonked in about ten more minutes, so I decided to save it for another night.

  17. LOL

    Some guy replied, “I get angry when I’m hungry as well.”

  18. I finished my post for tomorrow but can’t guarantee I’ll be able to hit publish. Anyone with keys to the blog is welcome to do so.


    (Imgur video with sound)


    (Imgur video with sound)

  21. Awesome post pup!!

  22. ^^^I don’t get the Dwayne Johnson/Michel Foucault joke there. I’m sure it has something to do with The Rock nickname. Derp.

  23. I was trying to work something with Foucault’s pendulum, but that’s a different Foucault.

  24. Thanks, Puppeh. Great memes.

  25. store?

    (Imgur video)

  26. Today’s post was magnificent. Well done, Pupster. Many laffs.

  27. The other day I had to staple shut the big paper bag containing the drying seedheads of a particular plant that flings its seeds. Because I kept finding seeds on the carpet halfway across the room.

    So in the middle of the night and occasionally throughout the day I hear the bag get hit inside by a flung seed. They are big seeds and it sounds like a single popcorn popping. A bit annoying. If I save more next year I’ll figure out a quieter solution. Maybe a cloth bag.

  28. Roamy, I looked up mr crime and punishment Foucault, still don’t get the meme.

  29. Season 3 Narcos Mexico. I know these people.

  30. Lumps, can you put it outside in a badger hole? Cause eff the garden varmints

  31. Badgers?
    This is Connecticut. We don’t got no steenking badgers!

  32. Voles? Moles? Rabbits? Badgers are cool. Not as cool as Prairie Dogs or Burrowing Owls.

  33. I don’t remember what “Fat Bastard” identified as…

  34. OH! Right, right. Fat Bastard was a woodchuck or ground hog. Giant rodent. You know how I feel about rodentia.

  35. I’m certainly annoyed by some of the cuts Amazon has made. So far they’ve completely written Min and Elias out of the plot. Elias isnlt that critical, but Min is one of the triad.

    Perrin was not married, and we never see his family (they’re kinda important later, depending on what other stuff they cut).

    As for the ethnic casting, the Two Rivers folk were always described as rather dark of complexion compared to the rest of Andor. They’re all that’s left of Manetheren. There wasn’t a need to insert any black or Asians in Emonds Field. You can meet your quotas with the extra-national Whitecloaks.

    Mainly I’m not a fan of how free Moiraine has been about telling the kids her mission. Part of the mystery for the villagers and reader is why these three boys are on the bad guy’s shit list (Egwene and Nynaeve were never targeted directly). I know they’re trying to hook people, but building the myth of the Dragon before you reveal one of the characters is the reincarnation is better storytelling.

  36. *shakes head*
    *loads NerdRifle with GeekRounds*

  37. Lumps, I guess capybaras are persona non grata. RUSes. Woodchuck and Marmot/ground hog patrol

  38. Lumps, I work with people that can’t wait to vaccinate their children. I don’t know what to do.

  39. We watched the first episode of Wheel of Time last night. I wasn’t really impressed. I’ll try another one or two and see if it gets better. Seems like they skipped a bunch of stuff and made a lot of changes. I didn’t like the casting of Lan or Moiraine. He’s too small, and Rosamund Pike just looks like a complete bitch.

  40. Yeah, Lan is supposed to be a Conan sized walking death machine, and Moiraine is a tiny young French girl fresh out of wizard chick school (I see her as Diane Franklin from Better Off Dead).

    They skipped Rand and Tam’s walk in to town at the very beginning, establishing the presence of the Fade. They skipped the trip back from the farm after the attack and all of Tam’s important fevered muttering. They completely cut out Baerlon and Min, and they cut Elias out. Moiraine was not injured, just exhausted from magicing so hard. They’re also screwing up that bitch Nynaeve.

  41. 🤓🤓🤓

  42. Excellent post, Pups. You should ask for a raise….

  43. double his pay!

  44. Triple it!!

  45. RLS. I’ve tried everything. It is worse than my night terrors.

  46. Long busy day. I got the Secret Santa present out yesterday – should be there by Tuesday. Apologies again for the delay but good things come to those who wait! When are we supposed to open these up?

  47. RLS….have you tried a 500# weighted blanket?

  48. Dwayne Johnson does look like Michel Foucault in that picture. I guess the suggestion is Rocky could play him in a Netflix series.

  49. Zerohedge, but people are stealing $100 million of retail goods per day!

  50. Its what happens when you elect commie DAs that want to help destroy America by allowing rampant petty criminality. What the petty criminals don’t understand is that both sides will clean up the trash when the times come. The right will commence immediately, the left will cleanse them after they take power if they win.

  51. Hmmmm, that’s not good.

  52. Daniel euthanized Randy’s poodle.

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