2021 BBF Tournament of Champions – Round 3

Hello, and welcome to the 2021 Big Boob Friday Tournament of Champions – Round 3.



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Semi-Final Round Bye

Your model for today was born in America on March 1st, 1994. She stands 5′ 8″ and measure30 – 24 – 34 and 123 lbsPlease grab a sandwich for Miss ColleeCole.



She’s pretty but needs a sammich.


10/10 would smash


Awesome tits pup.





Semi-Final Round 3 Champion


Your model for today was born May 29, 1997 in the Russian Federation.  I don’t believe she would fit in a carry-on bag at 34DD – 24 – 34.  Please say hello to Miss Cristy Ren AKA Kristina Alexandrovna Gotfrid / Kristina Gotfrid / Кристина Готфрид.




Pupster has outdone himself today.

Damn excellent work.


10/10 would smash and eat pizza


Comment by Jimbro on July 2, 2021 5:38 am
humanah humanah


Not kidding, that is exactly what came to mind when I clicked opened this page.


“clicked opened” ???? Who says that?





Semi-Final Round Bye


Youmodel for today was born March 26th, 1993 in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. She stands 5‘ 6″ and measure36 – 24 –35 and 120 lbs. Please tee it up for Miss Paige Spiranac.


I think I need to start playing golf. 😎


10/10 would super stroke.


9/10 would smash






  1. Let me know if you are having trouble voting, crowdsignal seems a little wonky this week. I had to eat all my cookies before it would register votes this morning.

  2. https://is.gd/kDNxPM

    (Imgur video)

  3. The voting is incredibly close so far which is what I expected as I scrolled through the contenders this week. Each brings unique assets to the competition

    Boobies Über Alles

  4. Voting was easy on my phone Pups. All my adblockers and plug ins hide it on my desktop

  5. Agree with the concern of anyone else who has noticed the unusual long deliberation happening in Kenosha

  6. All contenders this week are outstanding with their own unique assets. Tough call, but I went with the commie this week. If I were someone important she could honey trap me all day long in that yellow dress.

  7. Regardless of the outcome, there will be strife. Its what they want. Its in every person they want affirmed, its in every racially motivated comment, its in their use of .gov LE to track parents, its in their every policy. (Energy, immigration, mandates, punishment, economy)

    And at this point it needs to happen. Humans do not do clown world for too long. There is a reason the story of the Emperors New Clothes is considered a classic children’s story that has been around since, Aesop?

    The problem is the video shows a person being attacked and defending themselves. Doesn’t matter who you are, the truth of that is evident.

    Folks that are watching are saying things like “well in for penny, in for a pound”. Meaning, if ever faced with a mob, they are not going to be as discriminatory regarding targets if attacked, calculating that a judicial procedure is going to be unfair and they are certain to be punished.

    The daily phrase that pays…..Alternative Communications

  8. 2 is the dumb one this week, but I’m voting for the golf lady simply for the gif.

    wakey wakey

  9. Thought of you when I read this article


    Pretty good breakdown

  10. had the Kenosha discussion with lefty friends last night. first out of the block was Kyle crossed state lines with a gun. no idea that gun was in Kenosha the whole time. no idea the gun charge was tossed. no idea it’s only 20 miles from mom’s house. no idea his dad lived there. yeah lots of fun breaking the news to him

  11. Two minutes of hate have started.

  12. Jay please tell your dumb facedick grind that one of the guys he shot lived 53 miles away? Who shouldn’t be there?

  13. RE: My voting

    I’ve made a huge mistake.

  14. Don’t sweat it Mare. You’ll have a round of models to vote for next year

  15. J’Ames?


  16. I don’t have a tie that fancy

  17. no problem voting on phone or on computer. Voting like a dead democrat today!

  18. Haha, thought of pepe and laura with this post:

    So, I tried the Pomegranate Sumac Chicken. Except I couldn’t find sumac in my small town, so I subbed in za’ataar. I followed the recipe exactly (except I only used 4 thighs instead of eight). I have to say, it was good, but after all the hullabaloo, I was expecting…more? Was it the za’ataar? Does the sumac add that much more flavor?

    Maybe try making the recipe with the ingredients? before criticizing?

  19. What did she use instead of pomegranate?

  20. lemons, or jackfruit

  21. I watched the Jimmy Dore podcast linked at the mothership and learned that 80% of people believed KRs justice recipients were all black.

  22. jimmy dore grates on me. He’s an honest lib, in some ways, but still a lib.

  23. Agreed but I’ve watched his show a few times.

  24. I assume we’ll get the verdict today because of the holiday.

    But who knows?

    And TeeRoy is right. It doesn’t matter – there will be rioting and looting.

  25. it’s not rioting and looting, it’s christmas shopping

  26. Scott, that Zimbabwe article is so frustrating because we are so stupid here, and those “poor” countries that did nothing fared so much better.

  27. Poor Christy. Close but no cigar.

  28. They did better because they are younger, mostly live outside, and aren’t overweight.

    We are relatively older, shut people in their homes, and an already overweight population gained an average of 15 pounds.

  29. Who you callin’ older and overweight, boy?

  30. LOL

    This asshole isn’t even a tucker.

  31. well, some of us were bringing the weight gained curve DOWN!

  32. Eric Swalwell was that guy in high school whose girlfriend you took to the real party after he dropped her off from the movies.

  33. (dropped her off in his used light metallic blue Chevy Biscayne with blackwall tires he got from his Grandma when she bought her new car)

  34. MJ we are also vaccinated, they aren’t. We are trashing (temporarily or otherwise) our immune systems with 2-3 shots.

  35. I guess, technically, I’m no longer vaccinated.

  36. According to the new definition of “immunity” I’m at risk for chicken pox.

  37. Better start vaccinating babies for smallpox again.

  38. I wonder if they are going to hype the shit out of the monkey pox thing I see percolating.

    Unlike the scamdemic, that shit really is dangerous, but Big Gov/Pharma have completely blown their load at this point, and trying to do it again without a refractory period will be legit Burning Times shit.

  39. Who you callin’ older and overweight, boy?
    Who you callin’ boy, cracker?

  40. I was just talking to my dad. He drove a friend to their investment club meeting last night and he’s 80, got two shots, then a booster, then got covid. He’s fine.


  41. We received a strange, very low-quality trashy carton today addressed from “H2 Santa.” Whatever magic or devilry it may contain has yet to be seen, but, again, it appears to have been carefully packaged in someone’s garbage.

    After work I will investigate further.

  42. *checks list of assignments*


  43. I ain’t received shit.

  44. Yours isn’t one of the ones stuck in Detroit, but that’s all I know right now.

  45. Yeah hey lumps, if you could dribble in some room temp bacon grease or lard under the tape they’d probably like that.

  46. Lumps I mailed those seeds Monday night. So those should arrive.

  47. Seeds? SEEDS?

    Laura, it’s a trick.

  48. So a regular died last night (from work). Alcohol. Pretty sure they’d put him on hospice for the last month or so. He had MS, but that wasn’t what killed it him. It was the beer drinking from noon until … whenever.

    ANd he KNEW it was killing him.

    He tried to pretend it was the MS (he had pretty slow progressing case). It wasn’t.

    this always brings mixed feelings for me – considering what happened with my sister.

    YOu can TELL people again and again and again.

  49. I was looking at some old video a couple nights ago and came across one from the ghetto bar – the good old ghetto bar.

    It made me sad that several of the people in the video are dead – mostly from alcohol.

  50. I ran three miles at a 9:22, and nothing broke or tore. So for a bit of lagniappe I tossed in a mile at 8:30 and still felt fine. I think I’ve fully recovered from my last back thing.

  51. Rumor that the Rittenhouse verdict is in. Time to get wee-weed up.

  52. Just googled great Pyrenees puppies – that is exactly what my puppies look like.

  53. Way to work through it Sobek.

    /side-eyes MJ.

  54. Dang. Guy died last night. Visitation at 6 tonight, funeral tomorrow. that’s fast. I can’t go at 6, I work. I’ll think about the funeral. I feel I should- I did know him pretty well.

  55. It’s quite possible we’ll have a Rittenhouse verdict(s) in a few minutes, multiple sources mentioning that family of those killed and wounded were asked back into courtroom.

    hope everyone has their bricks ready

  56. It’s a good thing I don’t start drinking beer until 5:00 or 5:30 most nights? Most nights.

  57. Not guilty! Holy crap!

  58. BiasedGirl
    Kyle Rittenhouse just passed out.

    Wow, can’t imagine how this makes him feel

  59. No way. Really?

  60. Not guilty on ALL COUNTS!


  62. How relieved you must feel, Kyle

  63. I was almost sick in anticipation as they started reading everything.

  64. Prayer status: Answered.

  65. damn dusty onions

  66. If you can watch that without choking up and shedding a tear you are a heartless empty crust of a person.

  67. /side-eyes MJ.
    Perhaps I could push through if I had some heroin balm.

  68. wait, I thought it was from beer trees

  69. I want to reiterate something: Holy crap.

  70. I like Babylon Bee’s record of the verdict best.

  71. Who do I want him to sue?

  72. Pfizer wins, again…
    Pfizer Inc., New York, New York, was awarded a $5,295,000,000 firm-fixed-price contract for 10 million doses of Pfizer’s oral protease inhibitor drug PF-07321332. Bids were solicited via the internet with 10 received. Work will be performed in New York, New York, with an estimated completion date of March 31, 2023. Fiscal 2021 CARES Act and Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act funds in the amount of $5,295,000,000 were obligated at the time of the award. U.S. Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, is the contracting activity (W58P05-22-C-0001). (Awarded Nov. 17, 2021)

  73. Yea, it was hard to watch w/o having lots of emotion. I was so nervous for that kid as he stood there waiting.

  74. Happy thanksgiving, indeed.

  75. That’s a fine meme, Jay.

    *dances around while putting on my riot gear*

  77. alex the chick posts the best memes

  78. I know who he should start with.

    “”I don’t know enough to know whether that 17-year-old kid, exactly what he did, but allegedly he’s part of a militia coming out of the state of Illinois. Have you ever heard this president say one negative thing about white supremacists? Have you ever heard it? That’s the reason I got back in this race because what happened in Charlottesville,” Biden said in a 2020 interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.”

  79. And….did the peen sucker correct him? Nope.

    Hopefully the Biden family grift will be partly owned by Shots Inc, a Kyle Rittenhouse Company.

  80. The crowder crew reaction live was great. Watching it now.

  81. I wonder who the girl in the crowd was, behind Kyle in the initial shot. His mom was very well composed, but obviously very happy.

  82. I didn’t cheer until all counts were read. I was nervous.

  83. oh great, waiting on White House reaction to Rittenhouse verdict. I hear Psaki called for peaceful protests. Can’t wait for clarification of that one.

  84. Haha, the crowder crew is doing James Brown Living in America in costume as celebration

  85. We don’t get a lot of wins now-a-days, so I’m going to enjoy this.

  86. 8 O’Clock didn’t say shit about him or me, and that’s why I’m loyal.

  87. Heh

  88. Physics Geek
    Here’s where I wish Andrew Breitbart were still alive so that he could hold up a pudding cup again.

  89. This story’s so good I want to fuck it!!!

    Where can I fuck this story? Where can I put my dick?!

    LOL Ace

  90. Peaceful protests of what?

    A dead pedophile? Yeah Ok. Keep fucking that chicken peppermint Patty.


    8/10 would smash PP

  91. God, you have to read Ace’s top post all the way through. I’m laughing my ass off.

  92. Ace is a national treasure.

  93. MJ, granted Psaki is decent looking, and she probably has nice tits, but you sir, have no shame.

  94. A very good outcome. Kyle is going to have a target on his back for a long, long time though. Hopefully he’ll get some good lawyers for the defamation suits. He should get in touch with Nick Sandman.

    BTW, I’m a little tardy getting my Sacred Santa present out. Packing it up and sending it out today. I got mine yesterday, thanks!

  95. I have very little money, but I would be willing to send some to support Kyle suing every shitbird he can. He should be willing to settle but no nda’s. And a couple two or three need to be introduced to the process is the punishment court room style.

  96. 8/10 would smash PP

    I’d rate her a 6, but yeah, me too.

  97. After the verdict was read I could hear Paula watching Crowder in the other room. It was a real “Who wife this is?” moment.

    She was reading comments from facedouche and after hearing about white privilege and white supremacy finally asked why it was any of those things. I told her it wasn’t, all the guys he shot were white. She didn’t know that and was surprised to hear it based on all the comments. (She doesn’t follow the news like I do obviously).

  98. MJ’s lack of shame is a matter of long standing common knowledge.

    Also his lack of taste. Which is generally subjective except in this case.

  99. Buddy just texted me after he stopped at Subway. They’re offering $20/hour on their Help Wanted sign for Sandwich Technicians

  100. They’re looking up Biden’s ass right now to see if they can still save his head.

  101. A defamation lawyer already weighed in. Unfortunately, in his opinion, the State has defamed Kyle Rittenhouse so much, that whatever anyone else said about him didn’t damage his reputation any further, so the odds of him getting substantial awards for damages is very slim.

  102. Dan ventured an opinion the other day “Why was a 17 year old there?” I jumped his shit, maybe you should’ve watched his testimony, you need to stop watching the MFM, blah blah blah. Today, Dan asked me if I saw where my guy was acquitted. As if, I saw, I cried, I prayed.

  103. I’m sure the feds are trying to find some excuse to bring Kyle up on federal charges. They must have their pound of flesh.

  104. Same reason they were on the beach at Normandy, Dan.

    Heroes go where they gotta go, even if they gotta enlist early.

    Great uncle Amasa was 14 when he put on Union Blue.

  105. Somewhere I saw a rebuttal to the “crossed state line” argument. Rittenhouse lives 20 minutes from Kenosha with his mom. His dad lives in Kenosha. He works in Kenosha. He did not bring the gun across the state line.

    Since when do liberals acknowledge borders anyway?

    And seriously, acting as though 17 is some little boy and shouldn’t have a gun? If he’s a boy, why didn’t they try him as a juvenile.

  106. Pepe, that defamation lawyer is an idiot.

  107. It won’t be tolerated. The fed is already fucked, between Veritas, and the parents thing. The only thing they’ll accomplish is making this kid a symbol for the rebellion. I’d be surprised if there are riots tonight if someone doesn’t defend their property ala rooftop Koreans. You wanna protest, fine. You wanna burn, and destroy shit, get shot (as you should). Its actually better if the citizens handle this vs trad LE. Interesting times.

    Dear Protestors, Who run BarterTown? We may find out this weekend.

  108. Might give the BlackBlockTifa crew pause. Will the prospect of lethal consequences dampen attendance to their skullduggery? One would only hope.

    The only thing any of these fuckers are really after is a world where they can do as they please without consequence or accountability. From the lowest antifag to the richest oligarch. That’s all it is, any of it.

  109. Did this work? I hope this worked because it’s fantastic.

  110. Leon and HS, Dan has no sense of history. Consummate civilian. No history of service. Grandfather was a mechanic at Great Lakes in WWII. Father was a cook in NM National Guard. That’s it. His immigrant family got here after the Civil War, aged out before WWI.

  111. Check email mare

  112. My uncle, would travel to Colombia, to teach lawyers how to prosecute drug crimes. How he met wife number three. AUSA for 40 years. Currently teaches law classes at UNM Law. Teaches lawyers how to prosecute cartels. His wife assists. She is 6 years older than my DA cousin. Colombia is a bag of cats. Mexico makes Colombia look normal

  113. Why has Grosskreutz not been charged with attempted murder yet? He pointed his gun at the kid.

  114. If you didn’t vote for Colleen, your stupid.

  115. I stupidly voted for Paige, then, and some golf lessons.

  116. “Why has Grosskreutz not been charged with attempted murder yet? He pointed his gun at the kid.”

    Because the person who makes that charging decision is a prosecutor, and I think we know what Kenosha prosecutors think about the situation.

  117. “Might give the BlackBlockTifa crew pause.”

    That’s what I’ve been wondering about. Would there even have been a riot in Kenosha if someone in Minneapolis had about a rioter or two? Maybe, but there’s no way to know. You can’t ascribe a motive to a crowd of people. I’d love to think that future rioters will be more circumspect, and maybe they will be.

    But some might take the lesson that if there’s a riot going on, it’s weapons free. And that’s not the real lesson from the Rittenhouse trial, but if you only get your legal analysis from Twitter, you might not know that.

  118. The jury took four days to reach their verdicts because some members needed persuading .

    Those will be the ones who doxx the others.

  119. At Babylon Bee, there’s a headline about “Instead of a dark Lord you shall have a queen.” I’m guessing that’s a reference to something, and I’m guessing it’s game of thrones.

  120. I’d love to think that future rioters will be more circumspect, and maybe they will be.

    Heh. No, I think it more likely those who are attempting to defend themselves and their property will be emboldened and hopefully armored and masked. The rioters are not the most circumspect bunch.

  121. Nope, Lord of the Rings.


  122. I’ve actually seen LoTR, but I guess it’s been too long.

  123. “Old Henry. Watch . Then go get it. I’ve given you guys worse advice. Much worse.”

    Excellent advice. That was badass. Thank you.

  124. FU Henry. Sit on some bull whips. Where did you stream?

  125. Looks like it’s on Amazon.

    Don’t mind Oso Hank.

    FU means Felicitations Unlimited around here.

    We do require a bullwhip count though. As in, how many are up your ass RIGHT NOW !?!?

  126. For the last couple of days I’ve been unsubscribing from all the Trump emails and texts. I still support him of course but getting roughly 10 emails and as many texts a day was getting ridonkulous.

  127. Thanks, Jimbro. We’re team Narcos: Season 3 Mexico.

  128. Which lumps did you vote for, lumps?

  129. To quote Fred Thompson, This business will get out of control. It will get out of control, and we will be lucky to live through it.

  130. Disney/Pirates latest animated “family” film, “Encanto”, has a roided-up no-kidding transgender “female” as one of the characters.

    “She” has superpowers (something to do with animals) and does a catchy musical number with a bunch of donkeys.

    And we are supposed to celebrate this.

  131. Pixar, not Pirates.

  132. https://tinyurl.com/4d7y87ep

  133. I need to get chickens this Spring.

  134. My 15# weighted blanket is awesome. My 7# weighted throw is great for watching TV. It feels like a hug. I slept through Narcos.

  135. I’m loving the Crowder show. That was awesome.

  136. I should have gotten chickens last Spring. Ugh. My timing was awful.

  137. I got a 15#er too. I love it.

  138. I may have told my desktop computer that if it were a human I would be beating it in the crotch with a tire iron earlier this evening.

    Not my best self.

  139. Co-worker and I wondered at Biden prepping for a colonoscopy, because everyone knows he’s full of shit.

    Did President Rutabaga wake up or is Kamala still in charge?

  140. Brandon is in charge again, they released that earlier today

  141. The Booger hook has a new name

  142. Deployment weekend. Rolling out things into production so we don’t interrupt many people. Hopefully it will go smoothly, and I’ll get to go to the basketball game sunday. Got the company seats, really good ones, and I don’t want to waste them.

  143. Debbie’s extremely reluctant, Paul.

  144. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

  145. They did skip a bunch of stuff in WoT, some of it unfortunate. But when has Hollyweird ever actually faithfully followed a script, except when Mel Gibson made The Passion of the Christ?

  146. In their arrogant narcissism they always think they can tell a story better than the authors who actually brought the stories to fame to begin with. But they’re the Hollywood we have, not the Hollywood we want.

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