Decomposing in MetroNY

I’ve been extended thru the end of the month; at least.

Bronx Update – it still stinks.

NY – this place deserves what it gets

I’m actually surprised that there are medical personnel shortages, I thought we were all supposed to be dead by now from the most virulent, horrible, deadly, contagious-contagion of all history of cooties.

from TIME 9/1/21

so Mare Junior is still setting suspension records for neighing in school.

Still getting screwed by the Repubes:

““The 13 Republicans who voted yes on that bill in the House, and many of whom are now receiving death threats, they deserve a much greater share of thanks than they received,” Sinema said according to Politico. “Speaker Pelosi did not have the Democratic votes to pass that bill on a one party vote.””

Incredible times.



  1. Burning Times indeed

  2. #teampassthefuckingkerosene

  3. A second grader has more balls than any teacher in that school.

    Or Administer.

  4. I linked her the other day and called her “Mare when she was a little boy” or something like that. It was meant as a complement and could equally apply to all of our Hostage Wimmens


    (funny dot com video with sound)


    (Imgur gif)

  7. I really don’t know what a protest can do – I’m pretty sure every hospital is hiring everyone they can. I didn’t see any mention of the vax mandate in the article …

    wakey wakey

  8. Yeah, the nurse they cited, who has been a nurse since 1984 (37 years if my math is right), mentioned retiring baby boomers as the biggest cause. 37 years of nursing beginning at age 20 or 21 makes her 57ish and probably not amused with a nurse:patient ratio of 20:1. That’s a nursing home ratio, not an acute hospital care setting.

  9. NY daily is a leftist rag.
    No real in-depth analysis will be given there.

  10. Mrs jam has said that there EDs in the region look like third world country operations.
    Patients are being tx in the waiting rooms.
    No staff available.
    A fuck tonne left with the mandate.
    They also shitcanned some docs and others are doing everything they can to do virtual visits.
    So I’m sure that is helpful too.

  11. I recognize that ppl will die because of this so I’m not purposely being a dick when I say: we need for this to get so bad that the current system collapses.
    Pain will be the only force to motivate change.

  12. Just saw an article that 100000 ppl a year die from drug od’s.

  13. Didn’t make times chart oddly enough.

  14. Nurses at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Worcester are still on strike. I’ve lost track but I think it’s been over 6 months. It was over staffing ratios. They reached an agreement in August but the nurses balked when they found out some nurses wouldn’t return to their same positions. So the hospital has limited services and hired a lot of travelers, new grads and former employees who crossed the picket line.

    They’re owned by Tenet Healthcare now and I think they’ve drawn their line in the sand. Basically telling the nurses to pound sand. Hard to know who to root for in this situation. All radically different than when I was there and it was a Catholic hospital and one of 3 separate institutions (the 4th one closed the year before I was an intern). Now there’s only 2 players in the second largest city in New England.

  15. Pups hotdog machine …. Ha.

  16. Paula is not looking forward to going back to work in a couple of weeks. She’s been out after her RTC repair. She talks with a couple of her fellow nurses and has seen one a few times for lunch /hiking on their farm. A lot of the ER staff left due to a combination of the mandate, burnout and the chance to make more money being a traveler. I mentioned before they’ve suspended some of the rules about the distance you need to travel to be considered a traveler. The nurses she knows who are still there tell her there’s a lot of unfamiliar faces staffing the ER. They’re all competent but her worry is over their familiarity with their protocols and locating equipment when the SHTF as it does so often in an ER.

  17. Don’t get sick right now, I think is the best advice.

  18. half the doctors are all in on Covid restrictions and vaccine theater. At least in my narrow view.

    I’m in a blue blue blue college town, in a reddish state. We voted down conservative school board members, unlike other areas. But it was closer than it used to be. Ames FB group is lit with politics. Of course it’s controlled by communists, but it’s fun to stir the pot and see how long your posts will last. Yes, they censor you.

  19. Stephen Hawking had a sense of humor

    Dark one, too. I like it.

  20. The healthcare industry is such a mess right now. A lot of that mess was driven by Obamacare – which I’m now convinced was by design.

    It forced consolidation of hospitals into IDNs (integrated delivery networks) and layered in a ton of people like me. Big shift away from treatment and to profitability. Nurses and doctors love that shit, trust me.

    And no one really has insurance anymore. Everyone has catastrophic insurance. You pay premiums but the deductible is sky high so you really can’t get to a benefit without being a high consumer. You can lower the deductible by paying more premiums but the end number is basically always the same. Pay nor or pay later.

  21. of course Obamacare was by design. it was designed to wreck healthcare and implement single payer. Every lib I know is 100% behind this. Since they are economically illiterate.

  22. That fits my recent experiences to a T. I’m convinced my urology specialist is more interested in billables than effective treatment. And when you ask for assistance, the effort is half-assed and demeaning.

  23. There are def doctors like that but on the whole, I’d say they are WAY more interested in treating patients than billing and really just want a good outcome. The system kind of fucks this up.

    And nurses are almost 100% disdainful of the business side of healthcare.

  24. Our military is in disarray. Couldn’t stand up to the Taliban.


  25. Heh, looks like Lauren Boebert got Omar and Swalwell’s panties in a bunch:

  26. “The FBI said I did nothing wrong” ain’t the ringing endorsement he thinks it is.

    It’s actually an indictment of the FBI.

  27. Energy Secretary singing about leaving “gasoline” in the ground. WTF?

  28. Yep. We just pump straight 87 octane up from the dirt, Jenny.

  29. Granholm has worked for the democrat party her entire life. She’s a flake.

    And an idiot.

    But she’ll say whatever, whenever, with absolutely zero shame.

  30. There have long been rumors that she “came to power” in much the same way as Harris.

    I see no reason to disbelieve this. She’s a profoundly stupid person.

  31. Harris is hotter. but it’s a low bar

  32. Exactly, you’re talking about relative hotness in a room filled with dem politicians, many of whom are irrepressible sex addicts.

    Pelosi got around a lot in her day too.

  33. Granholm is a dyke. She won’t admit it, but she is a dyke.


  34. Who doesn’t love DeSantis?

    He’s 100% on here (Let’s Go Brandon chant)

  35. wow –
    now i want a crack at the data

  36. Biden eats his boogers.

  37. Mare?

  38. The audio on that one is pretty funny Pepe. *THUP* “Ohhhh!”


    She’ll fit in well with the rest of the thieves in DC

  40. We need a whitlow report

    That sounds like a real NPR program, The Whitlow Report

  41. Pfizer data hidden until 2076: Dr Ryan Cole said that labs are trying to reverse engineer the vaccine, to determine what is in it. He sounded confident they will be able to tell us.

  42. Whitlow Report:

    The swelling has gone down substantially and the pain is gone.

    HotBride tells me that herpes flares up when your lysine and arginine are out of balance.

    So she made me take 4k mg of lysine.

    She’s pre-med.

  43. You should probably have your mom do the same.

  44. Pfizer data hidden until 2076: Dr Ryan Cole said that labs are trying to reverse engineer the vaccine, to determine what is in it. He sounded confident they will be able to tell us.

    There’s a lab test for Ba’al spooge?

    I fuckin’ love science.

  45. So, not only is the video in question of lower quality, but it’s cropped too? Seems like the DA altered evidence. Tim Pool has interesting findings, with video editing software found on his computer

    Yes, i think the DA is that dumb

  46. He’s not dumb, Jay. He’s brazen, and for good reason. There’s practically nothing a Leftist in good standing can do illegally or unethically and suffer any personal or professional consequence for it. So what if he altered evidence? Is anybody anywhere going to do anything about it? No.

  47. Back the blue.

    You know, I think we’re just starting to see that the legal system is basically as corrupt as anything else.

    95% of crimes are pretty straight forward. But those last few percent require lying, fake evidence, manipulation, and just about anything to put the defendant in jail. I’d guess almost all of those last few percent are guilty.

    But rather than just admit they don’t have a case they tell noble lies.

    That’s not how it’s supposed to work.

  48. by dumb, I mean he’s dumb enough to have done this on his computer, and not a throwaway, possible a virtual machine that could be deleted. But I don’t have any experience with that.

    By all means he’s pretty smart, and is manipulating the case.


  50. So has anyone seen Old Henry?? I mentioned it last night and I got crickets.

  51. haven’t even heard of it.

  52. I only know O Henry, but I went to junior high at Ring Lardner.

  53. No, but I’ve seen Old Yeller

    The kid shoots his dog.

  54. Watch . Then go get it. I’ve given you guys worse advice. Much worse.

  55. Just heard on the radio that the judge in the Rittenhouse case banned MSNBC from the courtroom from here on out. Apparently, as they were driving the jurors away for the day, the MSNBC reporter was in hot pursuit to find out who they were and where they live.
    Wtf is wrong with this judge that he hasn’t declared a mistrial with prejudice after the shady shit the prosecutor pulled along with jury intimidation.

  56. Apologies if this has already been posted but Beck did a 2 hour special on the origins of the frankenfauci flu.
    Did you know the US government co-owns the Moderna jab? The funder of the bat shit + humanized mice + virus is mandating you get the jab they co-own.

  57. Makes more sense why they would badmouth J&J and any cheap effective treatment, now doesn’t it?

  58. That movie looks good, Carin.

  59. I’ve been keeping a list of inane phrases that bug the shit out of me. They are mostly substitutes for saying “ummm”.

    “I’m going to go ahead and…”
    “At the end of the day…”
    “On any given day…”
    “That being said…”
    “Moving forward…” or “Going forward…”
    “Leap of faith”
    “Game changer”
    “Good to go”

  60. It was really good. Old school . Long scenes, no quick cuts.

    If I diagrammed out the movie – it would seem too simple – because there weren’t a million different scenes, or chases, etc. It was really good.

  61. I’m going to go ahead an tell you what i did today. I made some oil from some “herbs” i grew in my garden. I wasn’t sure of the potency/if it would work, but moving forward I tried a bit and 10 minutes later my pain is lessened. It’s good to go. Basically a game changer. On any given day, I have this neck shoulder pain, and at the end of the day I have just to deal with the pain. That being said, now I have this home-made … ummmmmm …. ointment to help heal us all. Mostly me, though.

  62. It does look pretty good. It looks gritty, which I like.

  63. LOL

    *gets out Carin voodoo doll*
    *stabs it in the neck, then in the shoulder*


  65. I actually just have it in oil form. I JUST went and got the other ingredients to make the salve. The oil is just messier. And smells a bit like … well, you know.

  66. Honestly, this shit is amazing.

  67. sure, you “put on some oil” you made. Uh huh.

    Puff Puff Pass

  68. I’m going to go ahead an tell you what i did today. I made some oil from some “herbs” i grew in my garden. I wasn’t sure of the potency/if it would work, but moving forward I tried a bit and 10 minutes later my pain is lessened. It’s good to go. Basically a game changer. On any given day, I have this neck shoulder pain, and at the end of the day I have just to deal with the pain. That being said, now I have this home-made … ummmmmm …. ointment to help heal us all. Mostly me, though.
    I’ll be there in a few mins.

  69. Have you tried it in brownies yet?

  70. Where is mare. Check your mail, bish.

  71. I have not tried it in anything but the salve. Which is now cooling.

  72. My father’s arthritis was bothering him a lot lately so I went to The Special Shops we have now in NV and got him some Garden Ointments as well. Yes they do work.

  73. She’s a little shy here, age appropriate. Keep the Sniffer away from her

  74. Salve brownies

  75. lol. I have the oil in coconut oil, so I could use it for baking.

  76. Far out, man.

  77. I’ve used some made by one of my coach’s husband’s. It is pretty pricey – $80 for a small jar. It really helps though. Matt – when he ran the ragnar and was sore – I tried to get him to put some on. He nay -sayed me and refused. The next morning, he was SO sore, he tried it. 15 min later — “Why didn’t you tell me to use this last night?”

    It doesn’t have any of that icy/heat stuff so it doesn’t relieve pain that pain – immediately. I don’t know what it does – relaxes the muscles or reduces inflammation. Something. I have some that add in that icy/hot feeling stuff too. But I just prefer the regular stuff.

  78. I’m going to go ahead and say that at the end of the day you should take a leap of faith and bake some brownies Car in. I think they could be a game changer for you. That being said, be careful with the dosage and I think you’ll be good to go. Then going forward if on any given day you feel a need for a “pick me up” you can serve one to Hotspur’s mother.

  79. Oh hey. I don’t have to maintain a clearance anymore…

    Seed swap? I got some awesome pumpkins this year.

  80. “I’ve used some made by one of my coach’s husband’s.”


    How many husbands does he/she have?

  81. mushrooms and “muscle relaxers”. Should have kept the acreage.

  82. Coach’s husband’s what?

  83. dong

  84. I saw this and thought Pupster might give it a go

    Than I got to the bottom and saw “After several months the persimmon beer should be ready to enjoy” and thought, nah.

    I wonder what purpose the clean, dry, red pine straw serves. It’s supposedly an old slave recipe. Maybe they didn’t have yeast packets and went with Mother Nature’s yeast (which, after typing it out, sounds gross).

  85. I made brownies today but did not add any garden salve.

  86. How many husbands does he/she have?

    I can’t believe pepe assumed their gender

  87. Good on Fiona! If I were her mother, I’d have gone hulk smash on her teacher for trying to flunk her.

  88. Oy, a friend commissioned me to crochet a couple of things for her grandbaby, for Christmas. Almost done with the first.
    It’s frustrating in that my friend can’t make a decision. She’s like, “you choose”, making it a bit more stressful. Ermm, how about giving me a direction….
    So I threw a bunch of options at her, her head exploded, and I wound up choosing after all.

  89. I had Tias that made a salve out of Marijuana. My grandfather just smoked it. It was always in the garden next to the Yerba buena.


    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and wonder why on earth Iranians would try to sway the election towards Trump

  91. MY SPORES DELIVERED TODAY!!! Tomorrow after work I’m going to build a woodchip bed for winecaps, and in a few days I’ll drill my maple logs for shiitake.


  92. Pretty sure my garden adventures have been more fun. Except the trimming. It took forever.

  93. Car in grows “special herbs” and now Lumps is gonna grow “magic mushrooms”. Y’all should get together and open a head shop.

  94. Comment by Car in on November 18, 2021 5:53 pm
    …….. Except the trimming. It took forever.


    I thought northern girls didn’t “trim their garden” in the winter……

  95. Quemoy and Matsu

    I’m guessing only Oso recognizes those names. Maybe a few others as well. I encountered them this morning when reading an editorial about the lack of a China policy from the Brandon administration. After a quick search I learned they are 2 tiny islands, property of Taiwan, that are literally spitting distance from mainland China. An article from last year pre-election

    They were featured in the Nixon-Kennedy debate and the question was would we defend these tiny islands in support of Taiwan. Guess what? People are still asking the same question, especially now considering Xi smells not only a loaded diaper but also weakness

  96. get together and open a head shop
    Jay gets the pizza concession next door

  97. I’ll handle QA and sales. But mostly QA

  98. Excellent, the Hot Sausages Dispensary & Head Shop is coming together nicely. Pupster can do the tie-dye t-shirts, beasn can crochet the dream-catchers and I can make the ceramic bongs and pipes. What are we missing?

  99. I’ll administer Narcan to the people who get drugs from the guy in the parking lot. TeeRoy is definitely on security. Sobek & Phat are the DJ’s. Oso will get all her cousins to come so we’re always busy.

  100. MJ, wiser and wiserbud can run the bar. Chrisp can handle internet marketing and security. In the warmer weather Scott will take care of the smoked meats concession. Hotspur will handle your mom.

  101. Pepe is on the custom titanium bongs. Someone has to wear the mascot outfit and wave passers by into the parking lot … BroTim, do you have a felt allergy?

  102. I’ll take care of receiving……..wait…..where the fuck are we receiving merch from?

  103. I’ll administer Narcan to the people who get drugs from the guy in the parking lot. TeeRoy is definitely on security.

    Dammit TeeRoy! You’re supposed to keep that guy out of the parking lot! What do we pay you for anyway?

    Sobek & Phat are the DJ’s.
    Yes, for the hookah lounge. Excellent.

    Oso will get all her cousins to come so we’re always busy.
    Yes, we’ll need lots of customers.

  104. Ooh… that song is pretty rad

  105. I can spare an acre for production.

  106. Pretty sure I have the farming part down. I’m going to need some slave labor for the trimming.

  107. I can crochet banana hammocks with faces.
    Then tase anyone who actually wears them.

  108. There might be a Karen on the Rittenhouse jury. And I’ve heard there are a couple of jurors wearing masks.

  109. Doesn’t look good for Kyle.

    I thought they would reach a decision in 10 minutes.

  110. I can do the trimming, Carin.

    Today was a demotivating day. Two meetings at the same time, so I dialed in on the one actually paying for my time, but I could see the chat screen in the other Teams meeting. Some snowflake went nuts in the chat, spewing out vitriol on the unvaxed, how we don’t have respect for life (dude, do you know what’s in those shots?), how we’re all Typhoid Marys (yes, his words), how we’re not happy until everyone dies (eye roll), how we all need remedial education. Five people hit “like” on his rant. I screencapped it as evidence of the bullying and intimidation we have to tolerate. I pray I never have to work with that twerp.

  111. There are only two outcomes still on the table: compromise verdict (in which case he still gets convicted of something) or hung jury (in which case he has to go through it all again).

  112. Please not to be tasing our customers beasn. Also, I’d recommend knitted banana hammocks. You are bistitchual, yes? We need check some diversity boxes.

  113. Bistitchual, hahahahaha. Gonna use that one.

  114. No, I am heterostitchual. Maybe after the holidays, I’ll finally sit down and learn me the knitting.

  115. I finished one of my projects. Yay me. Maybe I’ll post it on faceass.

  116. Prosobiec tweeted out earlier this evening that he’s hearing the jury is 6/6. Judge needs to get his head out of his ass .
    Barnes was saying if the jury is fucked up, it’s all on the defense being incompetent esp seeing as how they turned down all the help they were offered…for free… regarding polling, behavior analysts, research, etc.

  117. *twirls pizza crust

  118. Dmitri enjoys rhythmic polkas.

  119. Dmitri polkad your mom……very rythmiclally.

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