2021 BBF Tournament of Champions – Round 2

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday 2021 Tournament of Champions-Round 2



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Semi-Final Round Bye


Your model for today was born October 24th, 1996 in Paso Robles, California.  She stands 5′ 5″ and measures 38 – 25– 36 and 138 lbs.  Please throw a rope to Miss Jessica Bartlett.




10/10 would smash

Prediction…she will win BBF of the year.


This young lady gets my vote for best of 2021. Beautiful smile – pretty eyes, no silicone, no ink.

Good doggie.


nice jerb sir pupsalot!
this chick is a contender





Semi-Final Round 2 Champion


Your model for today was born on May 5th, 1997 in Warren, New Jersey.  She stands 5′ 6″ and measures 40 – 25 – 34 and 135 lbs.  Please fix a drink for Miss Dominique D’Angelo aka Mini Jello / Minijello.




Also, Pup good choice on the model today.


Today’s babe makes my brain go down a single track.


9/10 would smash





Semi-Final Round Bye


Your model for today was born July 30th, 1992 in Griffin, Georgia. She stands 5′ 10″ and measure36 – 24 – 35 and 130 lbs. Pleasgrab a towel for Miss Elizabeth Turner aka Elizabeth Cameron Turner / Liz Cameron / Liz Turner.



8/10 would smash


I’m willing to endure the climb, and I’m eye level to the goodies.

9/10 would motorboat.


I predict this one will go far in the end-of-year tournament.






  1. Foist hoist of da hootas.

  2. https://is.gd/_Parenting_basically

    (Imgur video with sound)

  3. Not even close this week.

  4. It’s the eyes.

  5. Wakey wakey

  6. Best Friday yet! Boobies and Mötorhead,my favs.

  7. Bartlett has quite the pair.
    MiniJello is very sweet and jiggly.
    The last chick is a real head turner.

  8. Slept until 0620 this morning which is an incredibly rare event around here. And by here, I mean my hobbit hole, not the Hostage Hole.

  9. Who is the Hostage Hole?

  10. It’s Friday already?

  11. Elizabeth looks like the dumbest one this round

  12. This is not an IQ competition! That being said, sometimes it’s better to view the videos Pupster links with the volume off so you have no insight into how stupid the contestant sounds.

  13. She has a PhD in physics, actually.

    She went to Michigan, so yeah, you’re correct.

  14. The apex of physics education at Michigan was only achieved via BSE.

    Sadly, the BSE in physics has not been offered in over 20 years. She probably knows how to write grant proposals for colliders ‘n’ shit, though.

  15. BSE … ball sucking enthusiast?

  16. I’m pretty enthusiastic about being on the receiving end of it.

    But no, Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering.

  17. Mornin’, clock gobblers.

  18. ^^^ Mare when she was a little boy

  19. I bought one of these yesterday. I have to drive to Cincinnati to get it (closest I could find one), and I can’t really use it until Spring, so they’ve agreed to keep it wrapped up until then in their warehouse.

    I’m going to fish my ass off.

  20. Here is a deck view.


  22. No deck pics from me. It’s small, scarred, and shabby.

  23. When I open a webpage on my work computer it defaults to tiles of weather, news, stocks, etc.

    The news scrolls through a few stories…

    1. Why Trump isn’t on trial yet and what that says about our justice system

    2. The judge in the Rittenhouse trial asked for applause for veterans on veterans day. (he’s a white supremacist)

    They never fucking stop. Ever. All day everyday is a complete mindfuck of reality for the left.

    They all suck so much. So boring and predictable and lackluster.

  24. They go through life offended and pissed off.

    Probably never fished or sailed a day in their pathetic fucking lives.

  25. Fishing equity. We need it now.

  26. Give a man a fish, and he’ll come back while you’re at work and steal all of your shit.

    Teach a man to fish, and he’ll come back while you’re at work and steal your shit, and the next week and the week after that and the week after that.

  27. dang I thought those boats would grow on trees in Michigan. guess they sold them all

  28. best advice comes from Yellowstone: you don’t deserve it, no one does

    it’s all in the perspective

  29. I went fishing a lot as a kid, mostly with my cousin, and mostly in small lakes and ponds.

    I don’t like fish enough to bother again for my own sake, but I’d go if asked.

  30. We have a couple of these at camp


    We know a guy who works there and got them with his discount. They have a huge sale every spring but these are gone the instant they put them out

  31. I don’t like fish enough to bother again for my own sake, but I’d go if asked.

    I feel ya. But in your case, you need to take your daughter fishing.

  32. Same here Leon. I buy a license most years just to support DIFW which helps with fish management but rarely put my pole in IYKWIM which is not what you think I mean

  33. Nice Jimbro.

    I looked at the Old Towns, but I’m a Hobie guy going all the way back to my first sailboat – a Hobie 16 many many moons ago.

  34. Michigan’s Governor is garbage tier, but I have a bit of respect for your AG. Though not as a bartender or drinker.

  35. Our AG is a cunt of galactic proportions.

  36. I buy a deer tag each year aspirationally, still haven’t actually gone deer hunting. I want the deer tags to sell, though, so it’s fine.

  37. Nessel used the plandemic to allow mail-in ballot fraud and let MI be stolen in 2020.

    She is shit.

  38. Yeesh. I gotta delete after typing more often, I guess.

  39. She also reneged on an agreement made previously with Enbridge on Line 5.

    These cunts (her and Witchmer) are shutting down a pipeline that isn’t leaking, hasn’t leaked, and which Enbridge wanted to put in an undersea tunnel to make it safer, just because….

    She’s a cunt.

  40. It’s okay, Tim. From outside the state it’s hard to see, but Michigan is currently at the mercy of a Cuntven of Bitches: Whitmer, Nessel, and Benson are all monstrous Karens who’ve never had a real job in their lives.

  41. Yeah. I guess it’s like how I gotta keep explaining how Alabama is only red-ish.

  42. I’m sure it’ll be fine. Consumer’s Energy and DTE are just going to lay off half their staff. In January.


    Nessel should be suing the FedGov on their behalf, but instead she’s getting drunk at college football games.

  43. I love blue-eyed brunettes.

    Jessica also looks like she’d have the longest shelf life.

  44. I love blue-eyed brunettes.

    Jessica also looks like she has the longest shelf life…

  45. Oh fer chrissakes…….

  46. It bore repeating.

  47. what did tex say? I didn’t catch it the first time.

    or that one

  48. Is there an echo in here?

  49. Mailed our Secretions of Santana today. What’s the deal? We gonna unwrap this stuff a couple weeks before Christmas, or as they come in?
    Also, how secret can it really be, when we have to put a return address?

    Pardon me, it’s my first time.

  50. I don’t plan on putting a return address. If it gets lost, it’s fate.

    You can’t fuck with fate.

  51. Jessica has this Lynda Carter kinda vibe. Just too good.

  52. Hold gift until closer to Christmas, email me as they arrive and I’ll keep tabs on how many are yet to be received.

  53. No way, I put a correct return address and a fake name. But obviously they will know.

  54. Okay, fine. I’ll use your mom’s address then.

  55. Snow.

  56. Pepe, you ought to consider reviving these as a custom offering


  57. I’ve seen those Hobie Kayaks in a store, they sell out quickly and we sure would love a couple of those. My husband’s first sailboat was also a Hobie 16.

    We had a Hobie three man many years ago so my husband could take both our girls out. They had a blast.

    When I went with my husband he would paddle and I’d sit up front and drink beer. It was so fun.

  58. Mare, these kayaks peddle. The fins you see sticking down flex up and down sort of like a fish’s tail, and propel the boat. Normal speed is about 4 mph. When you come up to the beach you just push one pedal all the way forward and the fins stow flat against the bottom of the hull. I got HotBride one many years ago and she loves it.

    The big difference with this new model is that the drive is a 360º. You can literally turn this 12 foot kayak on a dime, forward, reverse, and sideways.

    Where you live you could use one of these year round.

  59. Hotspur, Graeters. If you like ice cream, Graeters.

  60. Queen City Sausage. It is awesome.

  61. In DC again. Went for a stroll around the mall earlier.

    Heartened at the strength of those that came before us, sad at the pussification that I see in all ranks of our federal government.

    Really hoping for a pendulum swing.

  62. Going out to dinner with some old AF buds who are still working for the ‘man’ here in DC. Curious to see their perspective. Glad I’m old, retired and decrepit.

  63. I didn’t know if we were going to leave today or tomorrow, so I didn’t try to set up a meatup with BroTim. Sorry about that, I would bet you were working when Mr. RFH and I drove through. Driveby squishy hug.

  64. Awww, thanks! Hoping all went/goes well with the trip.

  65. *staggers to feet from solid kick in the poon*

    Thanks Mare.

    Anybody see this? Tim Pool vents.

    Elizabeth all the way.

  66. For Oso!

  67. 100% i’d kick that kid out of my program.

    that was not just unsportsmanlike it was seriously dangerous.
    The contact at the jump shot was incidental…
    That kid has problems.

    mom and dad are going to have to deal with a lawsuit now.

  68. https://is.gd/Here_is_the_view_from_the_deck

    (Imgur video)

  69. who let poonsmash in?

  70. If that is actually his real name.

    Are you home again jam2?

  71. https://is.gd/kJjd7X

    (Imgur video)

  72. huhnn weirdpuss kilted my amazing comment…
    best friggin comment evah!!! btw
    now just lost to teh etherz

  73. pup – i’m sill down in metro ny area.
    worked in teh bronx today – holy fuck what an incredible shithole that place is.

    2 more weeks down here supposedly.

    Longest 10 day tdy evah….

  74. https://imgur.com/gallery/SbjuvuT

    Imgur video with sound.

  75. I visited my college ROTC friend who lived in the Bronx ages ago. His house was like a fortress with all the locks and fences. Eye opening for me.

  76. When I fly from DC to Boston, I got a great view of Manhattan. It was really cool to see from 30,000 feet. That’s about as close as I’m interested in getting, though.

  77. Rent a 26′ rental truck and drive there.

    It’s a hoot.

  78. I’ve been to NYC about a dozen times, all in my 20’s and early 30’s with people who knew their way around. That made it a lot more comfortable for me.

    On one trip with a woman I was dating from Queens she started arguing with a hot dog cart vendor about overcharging us for our hot dogs. She really lit into the guy and he finally told her they were free for her. Feisty Croatian!

  79. Last night, Pitt covered the “Let’s go Brandon” cheer with “Let’s go Pittsburgh”. Legit cheer is “Let’s go Panthers”. Tonight, “Let’s go Brandon” started in our section. Wasn’t me. Stinger shows up with his drum and starts a “Let’s go Jackets” cheer. He was deployed anywhere the LGB chant started.

  80. I am absolutely terrified of going to NYC. Too many people. Going to a Reds game at Yankees before the Niagara Falls meet up. Friend from middle school is going with us to NYC.

  81. How about that Satchel Paige….is he a great negro or what?

  82. the day started out with some runty little 80’s wanna be throwback turd deciding he wanted to get froggy with the young kid behind the bagel counter… wtf. i wanted a coffee and an everything bagel with scallion cc and didn’t want to hear his shit… me laughing in his face was evidently not what he was expecting when he decided to inform the place that someones mother was a “punk ass bitch whore”.

    then some guy decided to commit suicide by cop on the belt parkway.

    and then the trip into the bronx…. ho lee shit.

    that place needs to be cleansed with fire

  83. “hat place needs to be cleansed with fire”

    AOC is on the job.

  84. It is so weird being out of NM. Blinkers aren’t seen as a challenge to machismo. People say please and thank you. Excuse/Pardon me. Not as nice as Minnesota/Iowa. New Mexicans don’t know how to concession/bathroom at sporting events. Midwesterners are awesome. I’m 58. Some millennial decided to card Dan after looking at me. WalMart. 37 and under. We take the same alcohol training. I thanked him. He turned red.

  85. Once again, look at the neck. The neck don’t lie. We parked at Rivers Casino to avoid paying for parking. Under 21 aren’t even allowed inside. I didn’t have my ID ready. Homie don’t play that

  86. Masked up arena. I noticed no masks. Asked a cop what the mask requirements were. Cop “You need to check with arena personnel”. No mask 🐻

  87. I got carded when I met up with phat at a bar last weekend. I was surprised, partly because I never go to bars so I’m not used to being carded, and partly because I feel like I’m too old to get carded. But I took the compliment.

  88. I’ve been in the DC area for a month now (only 17 more to go!). You’re supposed to wear a mask on the metro, but I don’t. I’d say there’s probably about 98 percent compliance. Only twice had anyone said anything, both cases it was a woman maybe a decade older than me, and both cases it was at the very end of the ride, as they were about to get off the train. Oh, and it was an under the breath comment, instead of the person actually talking to me.

    Neither of them convinced me to put on a mask.

  89. There was one place in Atlanta that required masks on this trip. There were other places with a sign on the door, but I saw enough people without them inside that I decided “I’ll make them ask me to wear a mask.” No one did. Funniest one was the restaurant Dad told me about for 26 weeks in a row, that they required masks and that they stopped serving on Sundays because people weren’t wearing masks. Not a single mask in the place.

    It was a good trip, but I got edema real bad and am trying to figure what to do to make it better.

  90. Sobek, when you are in Roswell, my family owns three local restaurants. They are Republicans, so I don’t get a break. Martin’s Capitol Cafe is better than Popo’s or Burrito Express. When you are in Albuquerque, look up Cervantes. If you like spicy Asian food “Budai”

  91. Roamy, drink lots of water and get your A1C checked

  92. NM is all about the mandate. Wuhan just extended indoor mask mandates through Dec. Dan had to dial me back from a United desk jockey that challenged my mask. He saved me from being viral video Latina

  93. I had bloodwork done about a month ago, and they didn’t do A1C since my blood glucose was under 100. It’s usually upper 70’s, lower 80’s.

  94. I should have walked around some more before getting into the car for hours, but I was being Dad’s IT support.

  95. As long as you know what is causing your edema

  96. I blame my crapped-out heart, but I didn’t take very good care of myself.

  97. And I swear, please, Lord, give me some time off purgatory for being Dad’s IT support, especially attempting to connect an 11-year-old tablet to a new printer. (It didn’t work, and I finally had to show Dad the screen that said, “Your operating system is incompatible” for him to believe me.) I did get his phone linked to the printer as well as stepmom’s phone and laptop. Also unfucked the Nook so he can read again.

  98. Ah, the days of playing tech support for pater familias. I’m told where he is, the Internet is all great, no lag, no drops, and no ads ever. And Facebook and Twitter are banned.

  99. Darlene’s elbow remained paralyzed.

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