You Dropped a Meme on Me

My current favorite movie reviewer.


  1. Gonna have a fat hot-dog and tater tots to celebrate.
    I hope your celebration was everything you wanted it to be! Hard to have just one hot dog unless you’re at a sportsball game paying $10/dog i which case a measly solo hot dog is like Sunday dinner.

  2. Speaking of sportsball games, which team are the Steelers playing when you attend Oso?

    Or, to use the vernacular Paula’s oldest used to use (and may continue to for all I know), “Who are they versing?”

  3. When I first started watching Lumps’ video I thought it was going to be this story

  4. Mr. RFH and I are taking some time off, visiting my dad, etc. Didn’t know there was a walkout/strike this week to protest vax mandates. So be it.

    Dad says he needs IT help, so I’m packing alcohol.


    (Imgur video)

  6. Your mom can’t just have one hot dog, either.

  7. It’s stupid stuff like this that irks me

    Talk about a self own. Dud, just step back and let them immolate on their own!

    I loved this part of the article:

    ” … flagged by Twitter for violating the social media platforms rules about hateful conduct.

    But the video is still visible with a message now affixed to the tweet saying Twitter “determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible.”

    So, basically, if it hurts Twitter’s sworn enemy of conservatives, we’ll leave it up.

  8. dude

  9. guhmerm

  10. “guhmerm”

    Yeah, I feel that. Ugh.

  11. Root beer hangover?

  12. Disney wakey wakey. Driving to MK in a sec. a song Rosetta recommended just shuffled on . He had some funny commentary about the band at the time. It’s a good song. Deftones feel. But a bit more angry/whiney.

  13. Good morning, beautiful:

  14. “Root beer hangover?”

    Probably. But also something is wrong with my right shoulder, and that’s the side I usually sleep most comfortably on.

  15. Oh yeah, good movie reviewer Jay

  16. Rotator cuffs, like knees, were a Friday afternoon job.

  17. I love Critical Drinker. He’s way more entertaining than the movies he reviews.

  18. he’s pretty spot on, too. He compares Star Wars movies to Tremors, and makes a convincing case why the low budget Tremors is a better movie, writing wise.

  19. And I want to meet Tatiana sometime. She must be quite a woman.

  20. 83,744 suspected side effects have been reported,

    hmm, that seems like a lot

    which is more than ten times more than all side effects reported for all drugs and vaccines per year in the immediately preceding years, for a total of about 25,000 substances, the authors emphasised.

    That really seems like a lot.

  21. And that’s just in Sweden. Probably less in the US, since we censor that information, after all.

  22. Jay, a few days ago I watched that last review you linked. He nails it, they are written for children by children.

  23. Also, Tremors is fantastic.

  24. Haha, Critical Drinker is linked on Deace too.

  25. Yes, the hotdog (which is a sandwich) was a delicious success. And singular. Tater tots were perfect. Air fryers are a wonderful addition to any kitchen. It was a wonderful and filling meal. I followed with a martini and later a scotch on the rocks. It was a nice, relaxing evening. Alas, it was not followed by a good night’s sleep, though. I’m on day four of decidedly sup-par slumber.

  26. my convection oven works for that.

  27. Did anyone spot one of the H2 family made one of the memes today?

  28. That’s a big negative, J. I assume I would need to be on Facebook or something to spot it.

  29. Hint: he snores and farts

  30. Well all humans fart, and I have no idea who snores, but it’s a he, so I’ve got it narrowed down that much.

  31. Elliot up there, Jay?

  32. yes leon

  33. I just saw a guy eating a slice of cheese pizza with a knife and fork, and if that doesn’t prove the terrorists have won, I don’t know what does.

  34. doesn’t want to get his blouse dirty

  35. It wasn’t like a super messy, deep dish style loaded with toppings kind of thing, it was a slice of Costco cheese pizza.

  36. Many men have enjoyed his oral and anal cavities, I suspect.

  37. Detroit@Pittsburgh.

  38. I eat my pineapple pizza with a knife and fork.

  39. Loins!

  40. Oso is dead to me. Pray for the dearly departed Oso.

  41. Italian sausage + pineapple is a surprisingly good combo. #unpopularopinion

  42. jalapeno & pineapple, yum

  43. I clearly recognize the link between how much attention I pay to the news and how bummed out I am about the state of our country, but I’m too dumb to stop paying attention to the news.

    Ace’s pet videos at the end of each day are the best thing except for Saturday memes at the hostages.

  44. Comment by Sobek on November 9, 2021 3:27 pm
    I clearly recognize the link between how much attention I pay to the news and how bummed out I am about the state of our country, but I’m too dumb to stop paying attention to the news.

    Ace’s pet videos at the end of each day are the best thing except for Saturday memes at the hostages.


    Get out of my head.

  45. yeah, it pays to be ignorant at times. Blissful ignorance!

    Anybody want some paste? It’s good!

  46. Ignorance is gainzzzz, or something like that.

  47. What flavor is the paste?

  48. Blue, Sobek. It’s blue flavored.

  49. Mmmmmmm…

  50. If I had a business I don’t think I’d accept a recent HS diploma from a Clownifornia publick screwel as valid. Hell, I don’t think I’d even accept a college degree from that state. Ehh, might as well just hang a sign: Clownifornians Need Not Apply.

  51. Outstanding press conference delivered by Sheriff Villanueva. I’m only a few minutes in but it’s already awesome.

  52. I’m going to have to get started on that cracked corn moonshine factory if the burning times really are coming. And hope I can get the truck to run on it.

  53. Ace is a poet.

  54. I don’t think I’d accept a recent HS diploma from a Clownifornia publick screwel as valid.
    I just saw a headline about employers being so desperate for help they’rte saying fukkit for educational and criminal background checks. Welcome to our new socialist utopia. All is proceeding as planned.

  55. I’m 20 minutes in and Villanueva is doing an excellent job, he’s (so far)
    irritated that the stupid board of supervisors put the mandates into effect before considering the consequences.

    He’s for vaccines.

    He lists reasons for people not getting vaccinated but never mentions the number one reason people aren’t getting it, “they just don’t work so why take the risk?”

    There are idiot “journalists” asking him, “why don’t you get medical professionals to explain to these dummies that they are idiots for not getting vaccinated? ” (paraphrased) It’s a false premise and he should have shut that down.

    Villanueva should have hammered home that vaccinated people can still transmit covid and can still be hospitalized with covid and can die of covid. So what’s the effing point?

    And lastly, some dumb bitch said that the vaccines are not just to keep you safe but to keep others safe…AGAIN, he should have said, if the vaccine works then any vaccinated person should not care about any unvaccinated person transmitting covid to them.

    But the sheriff is being honest about the numbers. He wants to keep his best people and he knows he’s hamstrung by the mandate.

    I appreciate him speaking up but no one has yet to get to the heart of the matter.

  56. On the other hand, I’m not the person to comment about it because I think everyone is a dumbass for even talking about a virus that across most age groups and except for the very infirmed oldsters and really obese and diabetic this “pandemic” is over 99% survivable.

  57. The tater post at the mother ship is *chef’s blowjob* amazing.

  58. That’s the expression right?

  59. Ordinarily no, but this was an Ace hit, so yes.

  60. “The tater post at the mother ship is *chef’s blowjob* amazing.”

    I laughed out loud at that, MJ.

  61. Did any of you see the head of the CDC say that masks are so very helpful in preventing colds and flus? Hinting that we should continue to wear masks because they are so very useful for so many reasons.

    Eff them, they never want this to end. Ever.

  62. Yep. Head of the CDC belongs in prison.

  63. Sobek, Dan made a Spam, pineapple, and green Chile pizza. It was awesome.

  64. Last ride of the day. Jungle cruise

  65. The neck of Fauci should be constrained by a noose in Nuremberg.

  66. Watch out for that last hippo.

  67. LOL. The ticker tape caption on the local news shows the state is upset over billboards on interstates approaching Michigan are advertising Michigan hooter stores, which are legal there. 1A and interstate commerce, mutha f*****s.
    Weed is the least of your problems when pain clinics are making what the cartels want to sell readily available.

  68. I don’t want to be raaacist but we just drove down MLK Jr Blvd here, and I won’t be doing that again. There’s a comedian with a routine about that. Chris Rock?

  69. Yes, Chris Rock. Try Avenida de Cesar Chavez. Or as the local kids call it “Chester Cheeto”

  70. BITD I was asked about “Rompecabezas”. I didn’t understand “Tear the head”. Had no clue. Asked a native speaker. It’s a puzzle. 🐻How the fuck is tearing a head off, a puzzle? He Messican splained that if you take a picture and tear it apart, then you reassemble the picture=puzzle. 20$. I received a pallet of puzzles. Rompecabezas. (All of the boxes were in Spanish and French. I guess English speakers know what a puzzle looks like🤷🏼‍♀️)

  71. Giant pot of gumbo is almost done simmering. I’ll keep you guys updated.

  72. Have they updated the Jungle Cruise, or did you know all the Dad jokes? We’re watching “Behind the Attraction” on Disney+

  73. Well, we just spent the day at the outpatient hospital so that Rebecca could get an injection in her OTHER hip.

    She made it through the first one just fine; after that, it was “No f***ing way”.

    We tried – twice – but no joy.

    So today we had to go the outpatient procedure route.

    Which went fine until the nurse brought out the needles for the insertion of the IV.

    Turns out, 15mg of Versed in liquid form is how we need to approach ALL surgical procedures from here on out – knocked her right out, and the nurse was able to get an IV started, draw blood, etc.

    That’s in our ” toolbox” from here on out… 😊

  74. Pretty sure I worked a double today.

  75. Pretty sure I NEED a double today.

  76. That too.

  77. Bulleit rye makes for a pretty good double.

  78. No rye on hand, but I did make a martini with Bombay Sapphire gin. My preferred martini: 3 oz gin, .5 oz vermouth, & bit of the olive juice. Lots of ice in the shaker and shake it like the devil himself is in there. Pour into martini glass right out of the freezer, load up a cocktail pick with olives and Bob’s your uncle.

  79. I use Tanqueray and ‘bianco” vermouth. Garlic-stuffed olives if I’m feeling fancy and don’t care how my breath is afterward.

  80. Jungle cruise in the dark was cool, but the speaker by us wasn’t working so we missed a lot of the dad jokes. Saw the fireworks on the boat back to the parking lot. Found the most amazing Mexican restaurant near our hotel. Really really good.

  81. Two gallons of high quality cooking oil delivered today and placed in refrigerated storage.

    Inflation hedging/hoarding continues.

  82. Update: the gumbo was yummy.

    Also, I drew a dog named Liam.

  83. Car in, we’re going to WDW in January. Name the Mexican restaurant. Was it Chuy’s?

  84. Iowa State has a male cheerleader now. Not the ones that hold up the girls, and stand behind and clap with the big megaphone.

    Pom poms and dance moves that just look wrong when a guy does them. At least they didn’t let him wear a skirt.

  85. At least I got to see a basketball game at Hilton.

  86. Did Brandon shit himself or asphyxiate any foreign leaders today?

  87. Darren eventually regained perspective.

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