Meme Me Away


  1. *adds “Toss old iPhone boxes” to the to do list


  3. The supply chain collapse has cut off my flow of fucks. Last I heard they were on a ship off the California coast behind three freighters carrying a month’s supply of batteries for your mom’s vibrator.

  4. Jay, awesome set of memes! Not a euphemism.

  5. The puppy thing won’t make a dent. They’ll never see it and if they do, they’ll ignore it.

    People love Fauci. He’s allowed to do science and kill puppies.

    But mostly kill people. I mean puppies.

  6. Maybe, but in the scenario I laid out, Fauci is an easy sacrifice on the way to martial law. If Walensky goes down too, prepare for the “Trump vaccines!” narrative rollout.

  7. wakey wakey

  8. Good morning. Tired. Kept waking up to the sound of lashing rain. Looks like Leon managed to foist some of his shitty weather on us again. Oh well, it was a gorgeous week last week, can’t complain.

    Yesterday we had a job out by the coast. It was cold and misty-rainy here so I brought a jacket. When we got out to the job, it was warm and sunny so we removed the layers. Gorgeous day, one not to be wasted especially this time of year, so we explored a couple pretty beaches and had lunch while we were out there. Then on the drive back home the day turned back to cold grey shit and we had to put our coats back on.

    Not sure why the weather was so completely different just 45 minutes away, maybe the sea breeze was holding back the front? Anyway it was awesome.

  9. Maybe, but in the scenario I laid out, Fauci is an easy sacrifice on the way to martial law. If Walensky goes down too, prepare for the “Trump vaccines!” narrative rollout.
    Playing devil’s advocate here…

    The government does not do change very well. They decide something and stick to it regardless of efficacy. I think they’ll try to ride covid fear until the next election and only change to the Bad Trump Vaccine™ if he runs again. In fact, it’ll be necessary.

  10. Not sure why the weather was so completely different just 45 minutes away, maybe the sea breeze was holding back the front? Anyway it was awesome.

    Then what happened?

  11. Either way, sacrificing Fauci now is a good play. Gets him off screen, fools the rubes into thinking some justice might actually happen.

    Hell, they might do the same to Baldwin. He’s useless to them now.

  12. Think about it. Many of the government drones that I know are still “working” from home.

    Is there any question why the pandemic persists?

  13. Oh, update on my friend’s mom: she passed that same night. The story that she had a reaction to the jab was bullshit on the nursing ‘s home’s part.

    The ED doctor’s review of systems as he delivered it to my friend, said she was profoundly dehydrated, UTI, sepsis, kidney failure, liver failure, pneumonia (probably aspirated), and there was old blood in her stomach. This lady was obviously neglected at the home. Doc said it looked to him like she hadn’t had decent fluid intake for more than a week.

    There were multiple reasons why people wouldn’t notice what was happening with this lady, but observing a swollen or dry tongue, skin tenting, or other signs of dehydration should have happened days ago, and they failed. Due to her being at risk of aspiration she needed to be given thickened liquids and observed by staff while she drank, and it looks like no one took the time to do it for a very long while. They saw she had a temperature and just gave her tylenol for it. Good God, what a miss.

    My friend had seen her several times the prior week and also didn’t really notice much amiss except that she didn’t seem to be feeling well on Saturday and was speaking normally but making an odd moan now and then; yet denying pain or other discomfort. The next day she was uncommunicative and that night she passed.

  14. My goodness, Lauraw, that’s awful.

    People not in the industry simply don’t know the symptoms but once they are clued in they understand. What I mean is your poor friend wouldn’t know what was happening but the assholes at the nursing home should have and it was neglect.

    Dehydration is a top concern at assisted living/nursing homes. My mother often mentioned about how often they made her drink fluids etc.

  15. Thank God I never had to deal with that with dad.

  16. I’m sure they will blame it on staffing, when it was someone that decided their twitter feed was more interesting than their job was.

    Unfortunately their job is other people’s lives. But some people can’t be bothered with that, they have to know what Beyonce is doing at this very moment.

  17. I’m glad my dad died of a heart attack on his back porch, viewing his kingdom.

    That still makes me smile. His brother said that when he found out about his passing, and it was a fitting tribute.

  18. Not sure how my friend needs to approach this with the nursing home, but for sure they need to be told, if they don’t already know. God knows what is happening to the other patients there.

  19. What did people do before nursing homes?

  20. Kept elders at home with the mom who was not working outside the home. Also, we had better diets so less dementia, but everyone kicked in and helped take care of Grandpa.

    Alzheimer’s is called Type III diabetes for a reason.

  21. Plus when Grandpa “had a turn” you didn’t call an ambulance like they do in nursing homes and get life support care so they did not last as long which, allowed Grandpa to die in his sleep at home.

  22. People generally dropped dead two months into retirement, MJ. It was a better time.

  23. So far, no family members have been in a nursing home. My stepmom’s dad was in one briefly, but he had alzheimers and was getting violent. He didn’t last long.

  24. In other words, more or less like it was with dad. Except the other two f***ing brothers would have pitched in at some point in the two and a half f***ing years.

  25. I may be bitter.

  26. I have had enough ‘total care’ patients to understand how hard it is to do at home when the person is truly infirm. A lot of people try to care for their folks at home and some do an amazing job but you need to have the time and understanding and no life of your own, just in order to prevent bedsores and other kinds of skin breakdown, for just one thing. Turning someone every two hours, applying and changing dressings over their pressure points, cleaning them up after elimination, etc. It is more than a full time job when done correctly.

    And if the person is demented and fighting your efforts to keep them safe, it’s really really hard. Let’s say someone really can’t walk but they keep trying to get up out of bed…the results of a fall can be simply horrible and you can’t be there every second, and you can’t let a person live in restraints, either.

    I give props to people who try to hold on as long as they possibly can to do for their family at home.

  27. ^^^^^This

  28. It was a full-time job, and constant worry. Every bump – did he fall out of bed? But not everyone in a nursing home is at that level of need/care. My mom used to manage assisted living homes, and many of them just simply couldn’t live on their own. They didn’t need THAT much care. My dad didn’t need THAT much care all the time. Just sporadically and in the ned.

  29. It was almost to that point before dad passed. Honestly I was at the end of what I could do for him by that point and a home would have been an inevitability. God called him to his true home first, a mercy for all involved.

    I know my brothers were in ATL and Chappaqua, but still, even just checking with me to see how the person taking care of their father was doing would have been really fucking nice.

  30. Note to those who don’t get called on for that duty, SUPPORT THE ONE WHO DOES. They will appreciate it and it will help that person remain able and on level longer, and it will show in the care they give.

  31. Five years and this shit still lingers in my head.

  32. OK guys, let’s talk about something more pleasant.

    Hotspur, how many bullwhips this morning? Any chafing?

  33. I require a higher level of care too. Just sayin.

  34. GND and I had a pretty interesting discussion last night.

    She’s all in for the death penalty. Me too.

    But she has a slightly different take on it. She wants to make it quick in terms of carrying out the sentence and as painful as possible.

    We reviewed recent execution methods vs medieval europe.

    She’s a BIG admirer of the more extreme methods.

    I do not agree.

  35. On the nice side, getting some pleasant fall weather now! Actually cooler, no rain today. Wouldn’t mind this just going on and on.

  36. Lumps, ask your MD to report it to senior and disabled services in your state. If he hasn’t already.
    Also ask that he CC the care facility management

  37. What are your thoughts on pressing?

  38. the more extreme methods

    Do you think the horses have bad dreams after drawing and quartering a vagabond or a scaliwag?

  39. Comment by MJ on October 26, 2021 10:19 am
    What are your thoughts on pressing?



    I think the bullet to the head like squid game is sufficient.

  40. Elaborate means of execution are too much like you’re enjoying doing it. That should never be the case; that is a monster’s path.

    Mourn the life that could not be redeemed, even while removing the threat to the living.

  41. Heh:

    Tim Pool
    Leftists are saying vaccine mandates have been around for a long time


    I don’t recall being carded at a bar for my medical history before but if you say so

  42. I’m only okay with the death penalty if carried out by a direct witness to the criminal act within extremely tight temporal proximity to the criminal act.

    I don’t trust the state with that power. At all.

  43. Capital punishment is barbaric, it is vengeful, and the state should definitely not have that power.

    I am against it.

  44. Heh, Branco hits it out of the park today, with the P-saki cartoon

    She’s got a hard job, but she’s so nasty about it.

  45. Yeah, I generally support the DP for heinous crimes but the fact that we have jailed and executed innocent people gives me pause. As well as the willingness to do unreasonable harm that is apparent in the halls of power right now.

  46. Yes, it’s vengeful. Should be quicker, to be a deterrent. I’m in favor of it.

  47. I don’t trust the legal system anymore so, the DP is dicey.

    Morally I have no problem and either does the Bible.

  48. I’m where lumps is. In theory a society should have a right to protect itself. In practice, flawed humans make flawed societies which can’t be trusted to that extent.

  49. I used to be all in on it, when I was younger and more trusting. Not anymore.

  50. Merrick Garland is the nation’s top prosecutor.

    No DP.

  51. Leon, nails it. For me.

  52. Erick Erickson isn’t involved in Red State anymore, is he?

  53. Erickson = Goldberg = Kristol in my book

  54. I’m in favor but I was a bit struck by the extreme vengeance that GND thinks is appropriate.

    I challenged her to think about the logistics of skinning a person alive or ripping them apart with animals. Pretty gruesome stuff.

    She admitted she could never have this conversation with anyone but me so naturally I put it on the blog.

  55. Only a mate for life will tell you her favorite torture technique. Love is beautiful.

  56. The only reason to do gruesome is fear. If fear is the only weapon you have, it might be understandable, if not exactly justified.

    Vlad putting Turks on poles as vengeance for his years of childhood buggery and as a threat to kill the morale of the invaders while vastly outnumbered? Okay I get it.

    England tearing William Wallace limb from limb in front of an audience to break the will of the Scots? Not so much.

  57. I find myself in agreement with Leon. Not unusual.

  58. I’m not sure if burning at the stake was intended as cruelty or as hygiene. Witchcraft was seen as contagious, like plague, so the burning was probably at least partially meant to eliminate the pathogen as best they knew how, and it’s one of the few ways to do the deed without “contaminating” any tools that might be reused.

    Tearing apart with hot tongs (see “Muenster Rebellion”, it’s what was done to the 3 ringleaders after the rebellion was put down) is at the top of my list of cruel executions. When it happened, the crowd was cheering joyously. That’s a black mark on the soul not easily expunged.

  59. Hey, I get to travel to NM for work next month. Hooray for me!

    Also Florida next week, and Oklahoma in December. I’m going to rack up the air miles right quick.

  60. Why doesn’t anyone visit Iowa? Except phat, of course, I couldn’t meet up though. I wanted a landing replay.

  61. The Romans had crucifixion of course, but the more popular method of execution would be to throw the person off a cliff. They had a particular one they used for this. If the transgression was particularly egregious they’d drag the person behind a team of horses through the streets of Rome to the cliff. In the unlikely event that the person survived to the end point he would then be tossed off said cliff.

  62. Why doesn’t anyone visit Iowa?

    I’m not running for president.

  63. Deace is breaking down how to get IVM (the african lady from America’s Front Line Doctors) (florida pharmacy to get scripts for IVM, with copay and everything)

  64. Having a death penalty administered by the same government that gave us countless fiascos and is unable to balance a budget doesn’t make a lot of sense. I never thought much about it before Hotspur mentioned his reasons for opposing it and, as reluctant as I am to admit it, I agree with him. On the other hand, the criminal justice “reform” is really becoming another fiasco. I read an article about MA wanting to make a life sentence no longer than 25 years.

  65. We’re getting the W’s crappy weather here now. The 10 day forecast had 2 days without clouds and rain. Today the yard is filled with migrating birds. If I were an ornithology aficionado I might be able to tell you what kind other than “chirpy”

  66. We had that shit weather starting mid afternoon Sunday and lasting until this morning. Now the sun is out and the fall colors are brilliant.

    So be patient.

  67. Sun is out here after 7 days of rain. I can hear the lawn growing.

    I really need to just turn the rest of the yard into pasture. The grass health on this land is insane.

  68. Ethan is getting punished again for the actions of someone else. THE SAME SOMEONE ELSE. The dude was caught with steriods, so the whole division had to stand outside for 6 hours in formation.

    Now the SAME GUY went out, got in a barfight and then got a DUI.

    Apparently his dad is a former seal and knows the instructors.
    So … the whole division has to stay on base next weekend.

    I mean, I get the group punishment thing. But I don’t know if the men have the pull to lean on a guy who is getting favorable treatment.

  69. I smell a setup

  70. Sounds like it’s time for a Code Red Car in.

  71. Huh? Steroids should be an automatic out. Am I crazy to think that?

  72. Steroids should be a requirement. Way to think ahead SealLegacy!

  73. I was thinking the same thing

  74. About automatic out not requirement!

  75. I mean, I get the group punishment thing. But I don’t know if the men have the pull to lean on a guy who is getting favorable treatment.

    Carin, we had ways of dealing with screw ups. Never got as bad as Code Red, but they got death with.

  76. And if the guy was a SEAL, and is using his influence to keep his screw up son in the unit, he’s a buddy fucker.

    Which means he was probably a dick when he was in too.

  77. I dunno – steroids and DUI sounds like he’s a major chad.

  78. Roids make you more susceptible to injury, and since you’re not trying to be a body builder – it’s a bad idea. Also, they don’t help you with swimming.

  79. Its also sort of an IQ test. Its against the rules and they get tested.

  80. Swimming when I was at peak strength was impossible for me. I’m not built for it in the first place, but I sank like a brick when I was all muscle unless I had a full chest of air and kicked like my life depended on it.


    (Imgur video with sound)

  82. Maybe you should go out there and talk to his instructors, Carin. They’d probably appreciate your input. 😉

  83. Car -in: “Hello, this Ethan’s mom calling, can I speak to someone in charge? Yes, well, I’ve heard you guys are being totally unfair to my little Ethan, who has NEVER done anything wrong in his life EVER. Certainly it isn’t fair to take away his weekend leave?”


    Carin: “hello?”

  84. Maybe I could text them? I don’t have a good phone voice.

  85. Gonna be hard to hide the dui. Then again he could have a accident during training that injures him out, like telephone pole falling on his head and crushing his collar bone.

  86. If you go out in person, you’re going to need a different hairstyle.

  87. Couple of things, this:

    Comment by Pupster on October 26, 2021 3:15 pm

    (Imgur video with sound)

    Made me lol.

    That kid with the steroids and DUI should be out of the Buds opportunity immediately his Dad IS a dick for getting him the exptra chances and that video of the football player seeing his dad made me tear up.

    That is all.

    Also, Let’s Go Brandon!!

  88. like telephone pole falling on his head and crushing his collar bone.


    Teeroy is a problem solver.

  89. *donates to Jeff Duncan’s reelection in SC

  90. I think the time politeness is LOOOOOOOOONG gone.

    FFS it gets you nothing and you get crapped on more if you’re nice.

  91. *in politics

  92. Compose yourself, Mare.

  93. I’m making a crazy casserole of odds and ends from the fridge. Cooked chicken, yellow rice, peppers I roasted for burritos over the weekend, salsa, rotel, shredded taco cheese, corn, green onions, chunks of cream cheese, cilantro, etc., mixed with eggs and chili powder and garlic powder, cumin, coriander, topped it all with buttered panko crumbs. Smells great in here. Hope it doesn’t suck.

    Mostly, I love how clean the fridge looks now.

  94. Here come the children’s mandates. FDA just declared the vaccine safe for children 5-11

  95. MK Ham just had a baby! I didn’t even know she had gotten remarried. Congrats to one of the good ones!

  96. I am more a proponent of terrain theory rather than germ theory.

    Your terrain determines if you’ll get sick and how sick.

    But I’m a conspiracy theorist so…

  97. I suspect my homeschooling group is about to experience another population surge.

  98. It’s not the germs that make you sick, it’s the Faucis.

  99. Nice shirt, too!

  100. I feel so sorry/angry about that poor girl in VA. Why can a “Journalist” post information from a juvenile hearing? Bad enough that we know her identity, because of the way her dad was treated, but this is beyond vile.

  101. love meetings that you contribute nothing to but still have to stay, and it’s after hours, and they are just doing BS work.

  102. Jay, I love meetings like that when they are via Zoom or whatever, because I can read a book or play on my phone or draw a bird or something.

  103. i have other things to do, and have to sit here.


  104. FYI the story about the hiker that didn’t answer his phone, because he didn’t recognize the number…giving Dan ideas. I want y’all to remember this, if I ever “Disappear” while hiking.

  105. I totally empathize with that hiker. If I were lost in the woods I wouldn’t want to talk to some dick about my auto warranty either.

  106. I sorta feel attacked about this hiker story.

    /declines call from unknown number

    It’s really just common sense.

  107. Me, dos. About the phone. Dan using my accounts to buy hiking gear to prep for my “Hiking disappearance”, not so much. (It’s an inappropriate joke, people)

  108. We’ll avenge you oso

  109. Why doesn’t anyone visit Iowa?


  110. Ben Crenshaw is about to be on FNC. Just once I’d like to hear him start off a response to a question with the pirates “Arrrggghhhh matie”.

  111. Yesterday, Mr. RFH and I met at a restaurant for dinner then saw “Purgatory” in the theater. Same director and film company as the St. Faustina film. It was thought-provoking but kind of tiresome with reading all the subtitles.

    As I was walking in, there was another couple who drove separately to the restaurant. I was walking behind the guy, who for some unknown reason picked up an acorn and threw it at his wife, hitting her on the leg. (It was actually a pretty good throw, as she was a moving target.) She turned and gave him the most perfect “eat shit and die” look I’ve ever seen.

    I was thinking afterwards, yeah, you might want to eat out, that one would not hesitate to poison your food.

  112. We were in Iowa for a baseball Roadtrip. We will be back. Machine Shed. Drove through Ames. Saw Winterset road signs. Dan got really tired of my Iowa/MN history lessons.

  113. Rocketboy’s and Mini-me’s high school sent an email today, asking for people to attend and support the anniversary celebration…that was held Oct. 23. I don’t have a DeLorean, sadly.

  114. Jay, just read the article at the DW link.
    It raises another eternal question. “Is Olivia Beavers appropriately named?”

  115. Why I avoid Iowa? It has 2 fields, one is corn, the other is wheat. Both are about 400 miles long. And the residents are always out wandering around.

    Let the paying hell begin.

  116. I decided to take another free online course at edX. This one is about Design Thinking. Am I going to hate this or love this? There seems to be a strong collaborative vibe here, and as you know I hate working with other people to solve problems because other people are just awful.

  117. Mail is supposed to get very slow.

  118. Soy Beans, Motherfucker!!!!!

  119. It wasn’t a very good date night, it almost went off the rails. Back in the spring, Mr. RFH intentionally stepped back from the news and would say “bubble” if I tried to talk politics, as in he’s living in a bubble and doesn’t know what’s going on nor does he want to know. He said “bubble” last night when I was talking about the exemption form filing, and I snapped at him hard. The fuck I’m going through this alone with no support.

  120. ^ but its 2 farmers are outstanding in their field!

  121. I was driving down Riverview Blvd tonight, not only is it a road along the river, I was up near Desoto Point, where that Desoto guy started looking for the fountain of yoots, or gold, or some such thing. So it is prime real estate. I noticed a house that had in black 3′ high letters the phrase “Lets go Brandon” painted? on the chimney.

  122. Osita, Machine Shed is where we met Jay and Mrs. Jay for dinner.

  123. With a string of overcast days and lower outdoor temps it’s starting to get chilly in the house. I’ve got 2 windows open a sliver upstairs in the bathroom and our bedroom. If closing those doesn’t help I’ll be lighting a fire in the wood stove soon. I try to make it until November before turning the heat up but given the forecast we may not make it.

  124. Scott, Joe’s gestapo needs to read it before it’s dedelriveted. Without that, Garland has no organized domestic terrorist to pursue. Gotta have a hobby to occupy time when your job was created to thwart imaginary threats.

  125. Time for a new phone. This old LG is getting flaky, especially when typing. Battery goes dead 10 minutes after the charger is unplugged. Screen randomly zooms in and out.
    But I’m too tight to spend that kind of money on another useless POS.

  126. I remember the soybean fields driving through Iowa on my way to Colorado.

    My first cattle dog was an Iowa dog. The breeder was nice enough to meet us part way (living in Missouri at the time) so I didn’t have to visit Iowa

  127. We turned our pellet stove on about a week ago, but our diet is probably lower in seal blubber.

  128. Dude, our Code for especially bad Members is “Iowa”. RFH, I never knew that food had flavor without chile, before Machine Shed.

  129. Unusually warm in TX for the last week in Oct. Low 90’s and shit. We’re usually about a week to 10 days from our first freeze but I ain’t seeing it this year. I blame Greta Obnoxious Cunt Thunberg.

  130. DNH, I am grudgingly looking at a new phone since my 3G one won’t work after February. No iPhone.

  131. I need to Roadtrip with Morons/Hostages. Dan had never heard of the Fighting Sullivan’s. We were in MN, I’m all about Northfield!!! Dan’s Family dining out on a Jesse James sleeping on their porch in Sedalia yawn Story.

  132. mmmm machine shed. I need a pork chop

  133. i don’t remember what kind of soup it was that I froze, but it’s delicious.

  134. Um. Is this really happening now?

  135. RFH, there will be no iPhone here either. I’m not down with woke U S. companies that employ slave labor over seas. Sadly, there’s nothing to replace the LG that’s not made in China with slave labor since LG, a South Korean company bowed out of making phones. LG has been great, nearly all of my electronic devices are LG. Great quality at a reasonable price.

  136. Loved my LG phones but they are no longer supported. Recently switched to a different droid. Batteries are amazing now.

  137. so, only iPhone platform? I like my Samsung from South Korea

  138. I liked my LG when I had it too

  139. Machine Shed Moron/H2 meet up. Super serial y’all. Machine Shed is amazing.

  140. Design Thinking is really big right now.

    And it’s a good process but as you say, very collaborative.

  141. So it’s gay.

  142. Jay, the way my work is structured I have no expectations of going to Iowa for anything, but if I do, we will meet up and have times. Good times, even.

  143. And if anyone wants to meet up in (Orlando or Tampa), or in Oklahoma (Norman), let me know. I don’t know whether I will have time in NM (anywhere between Albuquerque and Roswell), but maybe.

  144. Problem with phones you have Apple (evil) vs Gulag’s Android (also evil). I have evil phone 1 though I used to have evil phone 2. I wish there was a tech company that isn’t evil but there doesn’t seem to be any.

  145. Yeah, what Mitchell said. I’d love to but a phone that I didn’t think involved slave labor, but I don’t think one exists.

  146. America was built on slave labor. We’re all beneficiaries.

  147. Pre-peeled shrimp and most chocolate sourced from West Africa (Hershey, etc) is slave labor products. Chocolate is specifically child slaves, sometimes abducted or purchased from their families. These kids frequently have life changing injuries due to the dangerous nature of hauling and hacking these big heavy cacao pods.

    The shrimp thing is the worst though. People in asia who are literally bought and sold, along with their kids, peeling shrimp with their hands in half-frozen water for 16 hours a day.

    I buy American wild caught Gulf shrimp and I peel it myself.

  148. And I buy chocolate from south and central America, free trade label.
    I don’t really know if I’m reducing the amount of slavery in my product stream much but I really hope so. I can only go by the info that I have.

  149. Just…please do not buy pre-peeled shrimp. Especially those shrimp rings from the box store. It invariably came from the work of a hopeless Burmese or Thai imprisoned slave working in pain, 1000 miles away from here.

    It takes 20 minutes to peel a nice meal’s worth of American wild caught Gulf shrimp for your family. Worth it.

  150. It takes 20 minutes to peel a nice meal’s worth of American wild caught Gulf shrimp for your family.

    Yes. Latest trend I’ve seen is shrimp from Vietnam, and I assume they are the same. Better to buy American.

  151. I brought this ‘do not contribute to slavery’ shit up with liberals at work and got the blank stare and ignore treatment. It was even worse with the black coworkers, it’s like they don’t need to care about current enslaved populations because they believe they have an exemption.

  152. Wow, I did not know about the shrimp thing. Dad and I do shrimp cocktails and wine every Sunday night. I always buy the cooked and peeled shrimp from the butcher section at the grocery store and add a bit of Old Bay seasoning. Guess I need to start cooking my own.

  153. I did see a documentary about chocolate some years ago. They didn’t portray it as “slave” labor though. Low pay, yes but not slaves. The people harvesting the pods and doing the initial processing have no idea what chocolate tastes like, they only know that the rest of the world is mad for the stuff and every bean is treated like gold. In the doc the harvesters were given some by the production crew and they were amazed. I don’t eat much chocolate anymore.

  154. As a kid I used to hang a Coleman lantern a few feet above the water from a bridge on an outgoing tide, drop a weighted dip net over and in 3 or 5 hours have a few gallons of head on shrimp. Knock a gallon off for headless

  155. I have a buddy that is the captain of a shrimp boat. A case of vodka would get me 10 gallons of X10 headless shrimp.
    I need to give him a call, beats hanging over a bridge all night for a dice shoot. Do 5 mantis shrimp = however many x10’s?

  156. Decorators expect remuneration promptly.

  157. Shit! Get home from work to find my little bud, Bugsy, died this morning. It wasn’t unexpected, he was about 18 years old, blind as a bat, had problems walking and holding his bladder & bowels, but still, it sucks. I guess the redeeming part is 18 dog years is about 126 human years, or so they say.

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