MMM 467

It’s 7:30 on Monday and I’m still weighing my options.

My brain feels like this minus the serene expression

I bet she’d be great at bucking hay bales.

No long hikes in those shorts.

Huh, she has a bidet.

No visible bidet, but there could be a stalker hiding in that shower.

I want a park like this.

These are great for your obliques. Strong sides come up a LOT when you’re doing real work in the yard or field.


I figure I gotta make the call in the next 80 minutes, and then make an actual call after that to disappoint someone.

Or take both jobs and have no life for the next however long until one of them pisses me off.


Now – what you’ve all been waiting for (who aren’t on Facedouche). PUPPER PICTURES.

First – where she chose to have the puppies. Note the trench I dug to lower the water level:

I got the first puppy when it WASHED OUT with the water.

Three days old


8 Days old here.
He’s a CHONKY boy.


SS 2021 We’re going early this year because of the supply chain FUBAR caused by the myriad awful policies of the Federal and Californian governments, planning to collect names this week, send names next week, with the intention of gift exchange/opening the week after Thanksgiving. Send name/address to my name at the g mail thingy or just tell me you’re in if you’ve participated before and you have no update to your contact info.


  1. Chonky puppy pictures added.

    Wakey wakey everyone. Stella says so.

  2. I think the proper response to the puppies in this post is…SQUEEEEEEEEE!

    I’m not sure I spelled that correctly but extrapolate what I’m meant.

  3. They are literally sleeping or nursing. that’s all they do. Except when the boy takes a “fantastic voyage” to parts unknown and ends up four feet away from momma and then starts crying.

  4. 11 days old today. Is today the day they start opening their eyes? I thought I saw one try to peek one open yesterday. But as I said, they mostly just sleep all day so it’s hard to see them “active”.

  5. Sounds like gulags.

    Thank God for the 2nd amendment.

  6. Yay! Bonus rescue chonky puppy pictures!

    Good luck on your jerb offers Leon, it is nice to have options.

  7. Carin, Mr. RFH thinks it’s 14 days for the eyes to open.

  8. At some point – it’s just math – they’re going to have to admit that the vaccine didn’t work.

    At some point, there will be more vaccinated people with covid than without. Time is the only factor here.

  9. they don’t have to admit it, when the media is running cover. Vacc ad in Iowa today: there are 3X more young people hospitalizations that this summer.

    Yeah, vague.

  10. accidently hit a worthwhile story at Hot Air not written by John Sexton.

    They will memory hole her role in getting the All Star Game moved to Denver. They have to.

  11. I’ve heard of people drowning puppies (and cats), but really? As soon as they’re born?

  12. At some point – it’s just math – they’re going to have to admit that the vaccine didn’t work.

    Don’t hold your breath.

    A liberal NEVER admits they were wrong. They just move on to the next invented outrage and blame the last one on you.

  13. Friend called me yesterday in tears. Her mom was transported from the nursing home to the hospital for an adverse reaction to the booster. They were putting her on a vent. Last I heard my friend signed the DNR. I am assuming she passed. I won’t call my friend this early, she was at the hospital til pretty late last night. For all I know she’s still there. You know how that is.

    I should have gone over there. But I didn’t… I feel crappy about it. I was certain that they limit visitors to one, but I guess they allow more leeway when the person is at comfort measures only. At least her aunt went there to be with her.

  14. wow, from the booster? Glad I haven’t had to deal with any deaths from either cause.

  15. A liberal NEVER admits they were wrong. They just move on to the next invented outrage and blame the last one on you.
    Agreed. You think it’ll just *poof* go away? I think it’s a possibility.

  16. I know hospitals in Iowa keep limiting things, and the governor keeps trying to open them up a bit. Can’t imagine how bad it is when they work hand in hand.

    Another superspreader event in Ames on Saturday, still no massive outbreaks in this make believe pandemic.

  17. This is my first day back to work after dealing with the Chinese Lung Aids the past few weeks. Still not 100%, but good enough to make some electricity. Thanks for the motivation Leon. My favorites are the contorted asian chick (looks kinda painful), and the one in the park with the mint shorts; yum. Those are some looking puppers too.

  18. Welcome to the natural immunity side of life RGS. Too bad it doesn’t get you anything other than peace of mind. Can you taste the free coffee in the break room?

  19. Here’s how they make the vaccines go away:

    “Shocking new data suggests that the Trump vaccines are causing injury!”

    “Even the vaccines can’t keep us safe, plus the environmental catastrophe is looming!”

    “Trump must be impeached again for Operation Warp Speed!”

    “Fauci was in on it all along! He profited from these Trump vaccines!”

    “Rochelle Wallensky’s suspicious stock trades!”

    “New lockdown announced for the Omega Variant and to halt climate change.”

    They’ll offer up Fauci and Wallensky so it looks like justice is coming, then go straight to martial law as the only protection we have now that the Trump vaccines have proven to be deliberate poison (that Trump intended). Trump, Fauci, and Walenksy hang as scapegoats, the latter two being sacrificed as no longer needed by the real PTB.

  20. Agreed. You think it’ll just *poof* go away? I think it’s a possibility.

    They are never, ever going to let this level of fear and control go. The shot and follow up shots will keep evolving along with the made-up new threats, and you and everyone you love will die if you don’t do what they say forever. It’s global warming on a personal health-care level.

  21. So! Inadvertant life lesson, for whoever needed it. Finally got my hair cut for my first time in mumblemumble yesterday. Walk in the joint, two hour wait, 18 people ahead of me. I look around and sign in.

    The key thing: When I looked around, there were a grand total of two other people present in the waiting area…

    Fifteen minutes later, my hair’s being cut. It doesn’t matter how many people are ahead of you on the list, if they aren’t there when the time comes, they go to those who are.

    It’s true what they say about how much of life is simply showing up.

  22. Welcome back to work RGS!

    (Imgur video with sound)

  23. I love this. Megyn Kelly actually steps up in the best way,

    “I don’t believe that for one second, Hugh.”

  24. What does Moose think about this whole + chonkers situation, CARin?

  25. RGS, glad you’re feeling well enough to comment at this “shit hole dump.”

    *one of my favorite expressions Hotspur uses.

  26. well we know Stella is being a little bitch about it, haha

  27. welcome RGS! *sprays lysol on post button

  28. Would one of you smarties tell me what is represented in the google search today?

  29. click on the picture, it will tell you what it’s about:

    Claude Cahun’s 127th Birthday

    Today’s Doodle celebrates French author and surrealist photographer Claude Cahun—best-known for their self-portrait photography that challenged the gender and sexuality norms of the early 20th century.

    Shocker, it’s about challenging sexual norms

  30. Crap, I forgot the SS addendum. I’ll update the poat after my morning meeting.

  31. Learned a new word reading Schlichter today:

    From Townhall:

  32. hmm, no Crowder show today

  33. Calumny covers a lot of what’s said in congress.

    That’s why they say it there. Anywhere else it would be slander.

  34. thanks for the well wishes y’all. No free coffee in the breakroom for me, have to buy my own shit. I never really lost taste or smell so I guess I’m lucky in that regard.
    Mare, I comment at this “shit hole dump” on occasion; I usually don’t make it here until late at night after the poat is stale and smelly.

  35. This is how a liberal mind “works”:

    Friend (Val) on Saturday texting to a group of 6 of us: We’re thinking of making reservations for Weber’s for Thanksgiving Day. Who’s in?

    Pat: Thank you, Val. I don’t think so. Will soon start keeping a very low profile until I can get booster and flu shots 12/1.

    Val: I’m going to call them now. So if you want to add in let me know.

    Val (a few minutes later): Forget that!! They are fully booked.

    Val: Must be staff or distancing. I usually make reservations this time of the year. I’ll have to cook up something different.

    Me: We hadn’t really talked about it, but I imagined we will invite our girls, especially since last year was a wash out. And of course you all would be invited too just as in past years. How about we do it at our house?

    Val: Thank you Geoff! I’m not sure we’d be comfortable with so many people, yet. I am sick of this damn pandemic!

    Me: Dude, you were just about to make reservations at Weber’s…

    Val: They are fully booked. I think I may have to call together a fire pit afternoon. That way we can all toast the holiday.

    My point sailed completely over her head.

    Look Dipshit, you were about to make reservations at a fucking crowded restaurant full of strangers, but you’re not sure you’re comfortable being around my daughters and adult grandchildren like you have for four out of the past five years?

    We all know this, but times like that remind me that liberalism is an actual mental disorder.

  36. Pupster, thanks for linking that Schlichter Town Hall.

  37. they really are crazy.

    Actually, they are probably just uncomfortable around you, since you are the conservative. Everything is conservatives fault now.

  38. Neither Moose nor Stella have met the puppies yet. Nova freaks out if Stella shows up at the basement glass door. But the big dogs have all been upstairs or outside together and it’s fine. We just need to wait until Nova isn’t as protective of the pups.

  39. We all know this, but times like that remind me that liberalism is an actual mental disorder.


    Yes. Period.

    Your friends are irrational and we have some like that too. Although I don’t know for how long.

  40. I honestly – from the bottom of my heart – want to spend zero time around covid crazies.

  41. Thanks, Jay. I had no idea you could click on the picture to get info and I’m certainly glad I didn’t.

  42. Jay, HotBride and I talk about that often.

    The six of us were an extremely tight group ever since HotBride and I started dating 20 years ago.

    But she says she thinks it’s over now.

  43. it’s sad, HS, that some let their politics interfere with their personal life. Conservatives have been putting up with their BS for decades, now they have to do the same thing, and wall themselves off.

  44. Poat updated with trailing block for Secret Santa.

  45. The Stacey Abrams thing is interesting. She clearly used the 200+M to good affect in the 2020 election.

    She also shamelessly lobbied for the VP job, which I assume she’s still begging for now that Biden is circling the drain.

    But the gay man will get the nod before she does. She’ll have to be content with gobbling up hundreds of millions of dollars over the next few years. Sad!

  46. Stacy Abrams is about to get both barrels from the All Star Game

  47. Nearly 100% of Mrs Caruthers’s friends on the other side of the state have become absolutely insufferable over Kung Flu gaslighting shit. She’s cut ties with all of them at this point.

  48. Tired of “republicans” that keep saying this:

    At the rally preceding the events in question, Donald Trump had suggested that people march to the Capitol “peacefully and patriotically”—these were his exact words—in order to make their voices heard. He did not incite a riot; he stirred up a crowd. Was that, given the circumstances, imprudent? Probably. Was it an effort to overthrow the government? Hardly.

    it’s politics, and public speaking. Trump did nothing wrong, with what he said. Stop saying he did, no matter what the circumstances were. People walking into the capitol isn’t even a riot. The ones outside stirred up by the capitol police was a riot. Nothing was hurt in the capitol, other than Pelosi’s beer fridge, and why does she have one of those anyway? Not allowed for other fed employees.

  49. There is nothing wrong with stirring up a crowd. I think Kimball’s piece is spot on.

    He statement of it being imprudent? meh. I mean, look what we’ve come to now?

  50. I like the article, but I disagree with the comment above. Time to stop giving them anything. He didn’t do anything wrong.

  51. Look, I think Trump did a lot of things that were – perhaps – imprudent. But that’s just who he was. And hindsight is 20/20. So was it imprudent in hindsight? Absolutely. Because it gave THEM an excuse, and look where we are now.

    They had fucking DC locked up behind barbed wire for MONTHS. And it gives them on more “excuse” to de-legitimize Trump.

  52. I’ve seen calumny before and sort of know what it means in the context of the sentence ut I’ll be damned if I could give a definition off the top of my head at a trivia night

  53. They are not “just uncomfortable” friends because Hotspur is a conservative. They have no argument for things being better with Biden. Everything is worse. So it goes back to them being irrational.

  54. Comment by Jay in Ames on October 25, 2021 11:31 am
    I like the article, but I disagree with the comment above. Time to stop giving them anything. He didn’t do anything wrong.


    Nailed it, Jay.

  55. Denying as stridently as she might, the tales of your mother’s exploits are not calumny but indeed fact.

  56. Those effers are trying to make conservatives shut up and stay home. Everyone with 2 brain cells knows January 6th was an FBI/Pelosi set up.

    Have you seen the video of the FBI agent or asset inciting people? He hasn’t been arrested yet. Odd.

  57. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    If your “friends” don’t want to be around you at your home but will go to a crowed restaurant, they are mental.

  58. We spent all day with MJrs friend and her family on Sunday. Went to a botanical garden, then out to lunch. We sat outside and the kids basically shared lunch. My wife and the mom split lunch too.

    They won’t come to our house so the kids can play this winter. 1) that’s hilarious 2) our house is so clean it’s practically sterile.

    Also, I have nothing to do with the cleanliness of the house. Quite the opposite, actually.

  59. I went to Sam’s Club this morning and saw one of the OR nurses who I worked with for a long time. It’s always hard to recognize OR staff in civilian attire but since I knew Vicky so long it wasn’t difficult. She told me she was loading up for -she glanced both ways- the shitstorm that was coming. A quick glance at her cart confirmed a lot of bulk staples.Then she asked me if I was a conservative and I told her, yes. To emphasize the point I said “Let’s Go Brandon”. Anyway, she’s retired now which I didn’t realize. She showed me a bunch of pictures she’s been painting in her spare time and, while amateurish, were better than average. Anyway, it was nice to see her!

  60. More mental friends. And I mean mental in the worst way.

    I’m sick of these dumbasses.

    And before it’s mentioned, we (my husband and I) have had to “let go” of some dumbasses that were not able to think rationally.

  61. I like Jimbro’s story. We need more of that “I just found out a co-worker was a real American.”

  62. Stacy Abrams is where she is because she’s a big fat black chick. She has never accomplished anything other than a taxpayer grift.

    You can’t criticize her because:
    – fat shaming
    – racist
    – sexist

    And that’s why they call her “Tank” – she’s bulletproof.

    And she’s a cunt.

  63. Comment by Hotspur on October 25, 2021 1:43 pm
    Stacy Abrams is where she is because she’s a big fat black chick. She has never accomplished anything other than a taxpayer grift.

    You can’t criticize her because:
    – fat shaming
    – racist
    – sexist

    And that’s why they call her “Tank” – she’s bulletproof.

    And she’s a cunt.


    There is not one word in this comment that isn’t right. Ergo, it’s a perfect comment.

    Especially with Hostage standards.

  64. I saw a couple of stories over the weekend about the “coarsening of discourse” because of the success of the FJB chant and Let’s Go Brandon follow up. You just knew that was inevitable. As a rejoinder there were numerous examples of the Fuck Trump genre and one I had forgotten completely, the “Sarah Palin Is A Cunt” t-shirts worn by all the lefties back in the day.

  65. Exactly, Jimbro.

    Do these twats forget they wore PUSSY hats? And at that “rally” numerous speakers, Madonna, for example, could not have been coarser?

  66. Trump was decapitated in effigy.

    I don’t give a fuck what the people who did that or cheered it think of vulgarity with regard to the corrupt dementia patient soiling the office presently.

  67. Stacy Abrams is gross fat. I’m having a prayer vigil for her ankles.

  68. The left sucks at any sort of commentary. They have no grounding in reality, so their mind-thoughts are useless.

  69. Still can’t decide. Way too many variables. Just got my first meeting invite for the Ag job. A Teams invite. To a non-outlook, non-g00l@g email address. This strikes me as a little dumb, but people fall into routines for things like this, and it’s the only email address they have for me.

  70. I haven’t read a David Thompson essay in ages.

  71. Saw more masks at the store yesterday than I’ve seen in a long time.

    Too bad masks don’t work.

  72. No DEGREES? I bet they don’t even have a certification of any sort.


    (honestly, it was sorta dusty in my room when I watched the video. I don’t know WTF is up with that)

  73. I want specific info on who pays for Haitians to GET OFF THE ISLAND and get to the US. Who is feeding this caravan? Why are they coming here?

    I have these vague notions and I know Soros is involved because he’s the fucking devil but I don’t get how it actually works.

    WHy aren’t they going to the Dominican Republic which is on the same fricking island?

  74. Still can’t decide. Way too many variables. Just got my first meeting invite for the Ag job. A Teams invite. To a non-outlook, non-g00l@g email address. This strikes me as a little dumb, but people fall into routines for things like this, and it’s the only email address they have for me.
    the gov was emailing me for months at my personal address. Even after I quit, they still emailed me. Lots of pretty interesting stuff just out there in the ether.

    And they never asked for anything back. No equipment or my PIV card.

  75. The Haitians are in South America for years now, after the earthquake. They aren’t coming from the island.

  76. WHy aren’t they going to the Dominican Republic which is on the same fricking island?

    Because the Dominican Republic won’t take them. Lots of bad history and bad blood.

  77. Haha, comment on a car show post:

    When I registered my car at todays show I put my name as Lesco Brandon so if I got an award the announcer would have to say it. So when he did several people started yelling “Lets Go Brandon”. I thought it was funny. Wife thinks it was childish. #carshowlife #oldguyhumor.

  78. The Dads story is awesome. We can’t even keep Poms TP in stock. Finally got cheese back in. Really gets old being yelled at on the daily by idiots.

  79. J’ames, I’ve been seeing multiple uses of “Lesco Brandon”. It looks more like a name.

  80. Still amazed that the average IQ of Haitians is 67.

  81. Haiti & DR are divided by a border fence. On the DR side of that fence are men with guns.

  82. The Dads story is awesome.

    But but but no one needs dads! mommy is fine alone. Or 2 dads and no mommy.

    Better yet, just daycare.

  83. Waiting for the pushback that they can’t be on school grounds without background checks. 🤪

  84. ChrisP, DRs are very racist about Haitians. The ones I know, don’t like illegals.

  85. probably what we think of blue state voters

  86. Comment by Mare on October 25, 2021 2:03 pm
    They make replacement ankles in both Titanium & Cobalt chrome alloys, even in her size although that jumbo size may require a custom build. I know, I made them, among other devices for over 15 years. No need to pray for them.

  87. Oops, Yes! I H8 Blue Voters. Mi familia has stopped all family get together. No Thanksgiving. Nothing. Bunch of vaccine+booster Nazis.

  88. Disgusting.

  89. good, I hope none of them have a good time this holiday. I’ll keep going to football and basketball games, and staying healthy. More turkey for me!

  90. HS, I’m getting texted daily to go see my mom. She’s getting Last Rites, pretty much weekly now. My sister volunteered to go be with my mom…not vaccinated; not welcome. These people are mentally ill. My two Dr cousins, respect my feelings about the Jab, they want everyone to mask up. I wear a mask at work, unless the mask Nazi is off. Once we open. Walking into restaurants.

  91. Possum has had a cough for about a 5 days, so she went in to urgent care today.

    Rapid test says it’s the ‘rona, so I’ll be getting antibody tested in a couple of weeks.

  92. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🕯🕯 Prayers for Possum

  93. J’ames, I’m going on the best vacation ever!!! I worked through the 💩, without a vaccine/jab. The Lockdown. Traveled. I’m done with this shit.

  94. She’s not terribly sick or anything, worst day was Friday, we just wanted a doc’s note so the school didn’t throw a fit.

    My fat stack of vitamins seems to be keeping me safe thus far.

  95. Leon, with the job situation that’s the last thing you needed on your plate to deal with right now. Hopefully a follow up, more in depth, test turns up a negative.

  96. been doing the vitamins too. Probably won’t have a cold this year either.

  97. Good luck, Leon. Hoping she gets over it quickly, with no issues. Hopefully you’ll be one of the people who isn’t affected at all.

  98. It was a PCR test. I’m willing to bet it’s some other infection that my body saw ages ago and just ignored this time. I haven’t even had a scratchy throat.

  99. Some people get covid and don’t even realize it.

  100. Made my decision. I already regret it. I’m sure I always will.

  101. I haven’t confirmed this or anything but I saw it several times online and here and there but the woman who was shot by Alec Baldwin was working on a project about pedophilia in Hollywood.

    Coincidences are sketchy.

  102. Jewelry heist stole earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Nothing over $2000. Locked up. Hit us for $68,000. No bonus for 🐻.

  103. Leon, she might test positive and have something else.

    It’s so rare for a child to get sick from COVID. Keep an eye on that upper respiratory thing going around kids. I can never remember the name.

  104. Mare, her hubby worked for the law firm with Sussman. Indicted guy with the Steele dossier. Nothing matters.

  105. RSV

  106. FCS! Just saw a clip on the news about the border in Texas. We’re being invaded and the central government has taken the Brave Sir Robin’s example and has bravely ran away, leaving it to Texas to utilize existing state laws to detain & prosecute infiltrators.
    Hate to say it, but to set an example that needs to be heard, Texas needs to create a state law that exempts the shooting of those committing illegal entry that parallels the excuse central uses to not prosecute the racist bastard that shot & killed Ashley Babbit!

  107. DNH, I’m ready for some true border security. Gators and Gatlings.

  108. The one & only take away from the Baldwin reckless homicide case is that Alec, regardless of his position on 2A, should never be allowed to hold a gun of any type in his violently oriented hands, even if it’s his “love gun”, he’s also a documented child abuser, in case anyone forgot.

  109. I am now well and truly fucked on the job front. All I had to do was say ‘no’ when my friend offered me a job after I’d already accepted one, and I didn’t do that.

  110. Hotspur, Dan wants to know what time for Thanksgiving at your place? (He’s being an ass. We can’t fly to MI for one day)

  111. Supposed to get rain today, but being Las Vegas we get clouds only.

  112. Look at Leon hoarding all the jobs over there.

  113. DePuy / Synthes, Leon. Shitty place to work for inside the fence, but if you can land a remote job….. the pay, insurance options & match on the 401k can’t be beat by most. Unfortunately you’re about 21 years too late to pick up the pension the Germans that sold the place to JNJ had set up.

  114. I now have no job, Mitchell. I decided to go with the .gov job because they weren’t pushing the jab there and I thought I’d be a better fit, then called the consulting gig to back out. Less than 2 hours later the friend I have at the .gov job calls to say they’ve announced jabs for all even if you’ve had the coof. In the between time I got an email back from my formal “I want to back out of the offer I accepted” that rightfully said it was unprofessional of me to back out or to accept an offer after I had already accepted one.

    So now I’m unemployed and unemployable. I went from feast to famine in the space of a few hours. Had I just hemmed and hawed for two more hours — or simply not entertained the new offer at all, as I should have — I’d be sailing to a new job on Monday.

  115. I left voicemail and email at the consulting firm, groveling, admitting fault, and begging to take it back. Best I can do.


  117. Oh, geez Leon. Glad groveling worked for you.

  118. I am, however, still hoarding all the rain. It’s been raining here for like 7 days in a row. The lawn is a jungle and I can’t mow.

    Good God I’m relieved. I better go to Confession on Saturday.

  119. So, not taking the jab is now worse for employment options than having a felony conviction on your record?
    Good God. I’m back in the game again!

  120. You are going to have a good experience at that Ag job, Leon. It was right and honorable of them to call you out on your bullshit, and it was good of them to forgive you, too. I smell a decent working environment.

  121. Oh, Leon, that sucks. I’m so sorry to hear that.

  122. HEH. Looks like Leon has a secret admirer.
    Leon, is your former employer a barely passable tranny?

  123. Wait, I meant I’m super glad to hear that, Leon!

  124. I’m so very sorry.

  125. hit REFRESH dingleberries

  126. It’s been a roller coaster, Sobek.

    If I had just gone with the “take both jobs and do them both until you crack” plan I’d have been fine. George Costanza would have been proud.

  127. Or if I had — and it pains me to say it — listened to Hotspur.

  128. Lumps thinks I’m a dingleberry.

    *Kicks dirt*

  129. haha, Crowder shot his 1 million subscriber plaque from Youtube with a rifle

  130. Every single one of us was saying, “Take the Ag job!!” You just couldn’t hear us.

  131. in one way or another, we’re all dingleberries

  132. watching the caravan bust through a police line makes me wonder if we have the stones to stop them. I think not.

  133. My favorite breakfast cereal is Capn Crunch w Dingleberries.

  134. They are sending me a macbook.

    I deserve this.

  135. When I say dingleberry, it’s a term of endearment, dickweed.

  136. Is dickweed a term of endearment? I’m just trying to figure out where that line is you’re not supposed to cross, snakebreath.

  137. There’s no line, mini prick, this is the Monday Night Flame Thread. Maybe. Most of these people suck at it. Like you.

  138. The etymology of “dickweed” has got to be bizarre. WTF does it even mean? It grows a lot and upsets people?

  139. we’re not doing this are we

  140. Maybe I misread the room? You seemed frisky.

  141. someone always leaves mad

  142. *face palm*

  143. I would but it’s my bedtime and I’m sorta wiped out now.

  144. So, Leon has a jerb, right?

  145. Aw, the flame war flamed out. Bunch of weak-assed picklelickers.

    In other news, I got my work-place “compliant” masks. One looks like the lower half of the face of one of those alien dudes from “They Live”. One says “OBEY”, another “MAYBE ORWELL GOT THE DATE WRONG” and lastly: “THE QUICKER I GIVE ALL MY RIGHTS AWAY THE QUICKER I’LL GET THEM BACK, RIGHT?”

    I’ll be the most popular dude at the office with these babies.

  146. Near as I can tell, yes.

  147. Oh good.

  148. Are we having a flamethread? I just got home? You pussies are all in bed already.


  149. BTW, the Pat referenced in the earlier post is vaccinated and got covid after she was vaccinated, which by her own report was about as severe as a normal cold. Yet she is afraid to be around people until she gets the booster AND a flu shot.

    Total mental illness.

  150. In other news, if we ever plan to have a meatup in Reno, we need to do it soon. Their city council is banning bullwhips.

  151. Carin, it’s how we like to keep old folks – well fed and in the bed.


    Jackhole remains my favorite Hostage insult. It is the crescent wrench of my vocabulary.

  153. Who is exempt?

    Also the USPS (union). So is this about health, or is it something else?

  154. Dial Edward’s residential phone.

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