Don’t You Forget About Meme


  1. Wakey wakey.

    Every morning, and I mean EVERY MORNING – including today (right now in fact) Stella just decides to bark at me. She’s been out. and in. And out and in again. She just wants …?

    Someone tell me.

  2. Pancakes.

  3. With bacon

  4. And cheese dip

  5. That “Kolender Medical Show” is pretty good. I finally got around to listening to that vax interview and started listening to a couple more.

    Doctor Kolender is a pretty good explainer and his co-host focuses the interviews to keep it relevant.


  7. All hail the fucktopus!

    Also, I may have done the “why I was late” thing once or twice.

  8. If you vaccinate your 5-11 child, we can’t be friends. You’re irrational.

    Sorry if this applies to Hostages but you need to get help.

    Simply look at the stats. You’re wrong.

  9. Also, Scott said something yesterday that applies 100% to vaccines. Basically 100% to everything.

    “Everything is fake,”

    I think we’re going to be horrified about what we don’t know concerning what’s in the vaccines and how they will effect us down the line.

  10. Why won’t any intrepid “journalists” ask Psaki a simple question…

    Why are White House employees, Congress and their employees exempt from getting the vaccine?

  11. Pups, thanks for the funny memes.

    As always, well done.

  12. Mares-e-dotes , I’m not so concerned about the adjuvants in the shots; the straight up experimental gene therapy is a whole other pile of wtf tho…
    no one seems to be calling the mRNA insertion what it technically is….

  13. Pretty sure it’s giving everyone AIDS.

  14. Here’s a simple question for Pissaki: How did you get to be such a cunt?

  15. it’s a therapeutic not a vaccine. doesn’t prevent you from getting it

  16. Afghan refugee charged with rape in Montana. spread them all over didn’t they?

  17. There were so many memes, I forgot what I was going to comment about them and had to scroll back through. Need more coffee.

    Oh yeah, it was the voles one. I have a friend who is a big Tennessee fan, and I enjoy deliberately misspelling Vols as Voles just to aggravate him.

  18. I just had to evict a pair of lizards from one of my beach chairs, they were pretty attached to living in the pocket on the back.

    *hashtag lizardlovenest*

  19. About 20-25 years ago my across the street neighbor was decorating his front yard for Christmas……at the direction of his wife, I’m sure. He had 4 big ass letters N,O,E,&L that he’d cut out of four 4×8 sheets of plywood, painted red, and rigged to stand up in the yard. When he put them out he misplaced them and spelled LEON. It took his wife about a week to notice. Pretty funny shit in an otherwise buttoned down neighborhood.

  20. make sure to forward lizard pics to pjm

  21. I woke up incredibly late, must have had to catch up on a bunch of sleep. To top it off, when I wake up, Scott already has the roasts on the smoker and he’s moving a receptacle and installing the new freezer where we need it in the basement.

    He’s generating little gold stars like crazy and I have none. None. Still drinking coffee at 11 am. I am in a serious little gold stars deficit. Better get moving soon.
    But there’s still so many memes to go. So many.

    *continues sipping coffee*

  22. Pancakes are always the answer. Not that bullshit cabbage kind either.

  23. I don’t get the VOLE one?

  24. And Jodie does math like a democrat.

  25. Also I don’t get the Chris Farley one. I know it has some reference to Van Gogh but maybe I didn’t see the movie.

    Or maybe I’m just old and much of this shit just sails over my head.

  26. So now I’m in a hard place partly of my own making, but mostly the fault of Zhao Bi Den. I have the offer I’ve accepted. It’s a raise, but it’s a 1-year consulting gig with a possibility of hire thereafter, and it’s Big Ag instead of Big Gov, but they’ve said no jab in clear terms.

    The fellow I asked to be a reference got me an offer. Same salary, but a direct hire and better 401k matching. Downside: still Gov. My contact there isn’t jabbed, and won’t be, and he says most of his cohort are saying no way no how, but there’s also no guarantee, and I’d likely have to do the exemption paperwork that I told my current boss was an unfair compromise because it legitimizes the mandate and I wasn’t going to beg for the right to make my own medical decisions.

    I’ve basically got to make up my mind by Monday morning, and I’m holding off on doing the criminal background check disclosures to the Big Ag job until I figure it out.

  27. Play word scramble with VOLE to get a common word used by women a lot (hint, L is the first letter in the word)

  28. My Let’s Go Brandon t-shirt arrived today. I called Paula and Ben to the stairs to show them and I held it up while grinning like the goofy motherfucker I am and was shocked by their failure to appreciate the magnitude of the moment. Just when I think I’m not keeping up with the culture I find myself explaining a conservative meme that’s already peaking. Ben only knew about #FJB and once I was halfway through the story Paula was up to speed.

  29. Only speaking for myself here, so take in what applies and blow off the rest.

    I wouldn’t work for the government unless I had exhausted every other option. And I mean EVERY.

    I don’t trust them to keep their word. The government lies with impunity.

    Also, I believe government jobs produce NOTHING. They are leeches and grifters.

    I have to feel like I am at least creating something of benefit in exchange for my income.

  30. So, in other words, I’m as stupid as Kim?

  31. that’s why we vole you hs

  32. I’d go with Big Ag. Yer good enough that if a position exists in a year its yours. And if not, yer good enough to find another placement. I’d bow out from the reference guy by citing prior commitment (integrity) and that how you’d be interested in the future Yada yada.

    But .gov? Nope

  33. government job will stab you in the back. go big ag

  34. how did they not know let’s go brandon, being around jimbro? I was muttering it under my breath while we got slammed at the pizza place

  35. I’m torn, honestly. Reference asked me point blank if I wanted the job, and it’s one I’ve been trying to get for months, since before the mandate. And it’s a Gov contractor, but I’d be working on a commercial product at least partially. I’d also at least know my boss there, I know literally no one on the other side, and I’m not sure I trust the consulting firm. Also not sure I trust the Ag company not to fold on the proposed OSHA rule, assuming it’s ever written.

  36. I live in iowa, gop gov who was very good on covid policy. we still have staffing issues. no one is immune but I can’t imagine how bad this has to be in blue areas

  37. yeah our hr dept told us if the osha rule goes through that we will have to comply

  38. I don’t envy your decision Leon. Risks either way depending on decisions made by other people.

  39. Jay, they are hearing a lot of info coming from their sources which are different than mine. Ben is surprisingly aware of what’s going on in conservative circles but he’s also 18, a HS senior and thinks TikTok and Snapchat are fun. Paula is more focused on the fitness stuff and watches Crossfit, biking, triathlon and other videos. She follows political stuff peripherally and always seems to know a little more than I assume she does about current events.

  40. Then go with yer gut. What does yer spider sense tell you? You may not like what its telling you, but what’s da gut say?

  41. Tough day to be an Oklahoma fan.

    38.5 point favorite, down by 10 at the half.

  42. I worked on this, all 322 feet of it. Top to bottom is Launch Abort System, Orion crew capsule, Orion Stage Adapter, Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage (ICPS) (and eventually the Exploration Upper Stage), Launch Vehicle Stage Adapter, Boosters, Core Stage with fuel tanks, intertank, and RS-25 engines. Twice as much mass to orbit or to the Moon than Falcon Heavy.

    I have been named essential personnel for the last 18 months in order to get this vehicle assembled and ready to fly, through all the panicking and the waves of covid while the managers huddled at home and had their frickin’ Teams meetings. Yet I’ll be fired anyway for not kneeling to King Joe.

  43. I wrote to my state rep to thank him for sponsoring a bill fighting the mandate and got this in response. Some good stuff that I will incorporate into my letter.

  44. Roamy- you’re just not as smart as those who take the jab because a demented old coot told you you had to.

  45. The virtue-signalling by some of my co-workers is really, really annoying.

  46. Maybe I should have held on long enough to get fired and sue. Too late now.

  47. Leon, you have a family to support. I can afford to get fired.

  48. Totally won’t screw them up. Nope, not one bit.

    This picture of a muppet from the article did make me laugh though

  49. There are levels of survival I’m prepared to accept. I am trying to avoid them by changing jobs, but my family won’t starve regardless.

  50. Jimbro, are you trying to send Mare off the cliff?

    Cause it seems like you’re trying to send Mare off the cliff.

  51. Jimbro, that second link needs to be filed in the “barely passable tranny’s” at BBF.
    Pupster, do not ever, for the vole of god, use that picture in the BBF posts.

  52. Your 3:07 Mare gif is what I imagine she’ll do after reading it

  53. From Instapundit:

    ” I just saw these statistics on Wikipedia: In 2013, McDonald’s had 35,429 locations, a net income of $5,586 million and 440,000 employees. In 2019, it had 38,695 locations (more locations!), a net income of $6025 million (more profit!), and 205,000 employees (less than half as many employees!).”

  54. Weather is about right for it, so tomorrow starts lasagne season in the Dave’s not here house. 6 pounds of ground Chuck & 3 packages of hot Italian sausage ( your mom told me so) thawing to kick off the annual task of filling up every square inch of the freezer in case of another blizzard of ‘ 78 situation.
    Poking around in that freezer, I found a pork butt I forgot I had. I guess next weekend I’ll fire up the Traeger again & put a few pounds of pulled pork away too.

  55. Pretty sure I recognize the fat squirrel. It hangs out by the exit door of the chow hall at the GEO operated corrections facility in Plainfield.

  56. I created about 7 lbs of smoked roast beef today.

    Some will make it into the new freezer.

    We got super lucky with that. A lot of their freezers are out of stock, and their “in date” is 6 months down the road.

  57. in case of another blizzard of ‘ 78 situation.
    Where were you during that blizzard? I was in MA which really got whacked. I remember setting out to deliver my newspapers and the snow just coming down nonstop. That was the last newspaper they printed for distribution for at least a week. I forget how much school we missed but it was close to 2 weeks. The National Guard came in a deuce and a half to drive my mom to work at her nursing home job until the plows finally came and made a single plow wide strip down our road.

  58. I had just moved to Ann Arbor. Had a brand new Jeep CJ7. Spent days with my snatch strap rescuing people from ditches and drifts.

    Good times!

  59. Jimbro, I was in a tiny dot on the map labeled South Whitley in Indiana. I lived North of the town a mile or two. We were hit hard, 30″ of snow in under 24 hours. Next day you couldn’t identify terrain features. School here was shut down for 2 weeks as well. After the first day I became stir crazy & spent the day shoveling out our driveway. Next day, after the winds came, you couldn’t tell that happened. They had to bring in a pay loader to clear the road I lived on. Still remember s.r. 105 south of that town having 30′ tall vertical walls of snow where drifts were cut through to open that hiway.
    A couple of years prior we’d moved there from Maryland, I still had snow skis. Never had a need for them until that blizzard. I went skiing down a long steep hill in the road about a half mile from the house. Only time I ever got to use those skis in Indiana.

  60. mmm, hadn’t had popcorn in a long time, made some with my special coconut oil fine salt and just a little butter. So delicious

  61. For the ’78 bleezard, I was a little kid, we had just moved to the suburbs the Summer before, there was a mixed pack of fun kids living there, we all had snowsuits, and one of my new friends in the neighborhood owned brick molds for snow.

    It was the most glorious week of my childhood. My sister and I only went indoors when our fingers and lips turned blue.

  62. heh, I remember one winter when I bought a tractor battery for my diesel Rabbit 4 cylinder, because it was on sale, and there was room for it. One week it was the only car that would start, -30 most mornings. Glow plugs would go for 3-5 minutes, but it would start.

  63. living on base at Selfridge they would put one snow fence on top of the other. 15-20 foot drifts. We would tunnel all through them, until the cops told us to go home because it was too cold.

  64. My daughters had those snow brick makers. I went out to help them one time, and they basically said, “Thanks Dad, but we got this.” Those weren’t their exact words, but I think they meant, “Dad, we’re not planning on building Versailles here.”

  65. That storm made me rich. I was 16 and had just purchased my first snow blower.

  66. LOL Can you imagine a young person today having that kind of ambition?the first Christmas I had my paper route I got so many boxes of chocolate covered cherries.

    I had no idea about tips.

  67. The first Christmas I had my paper route when I went out to collect I got so many boxes of chocolate covered cherries my mom had to ration them so I wouldn’t get sick.

    I had no idea about tipping.

  68. Also remember anyone with a snowmobile doing grocery runs, for free, for those outside of that town. That doesn’t happen very often these days. Also, somehow the 2 bars in that town managed to stay open on their regular hours & anyone wanting to go to the bar got a “free” one way trip to the bar, all it really cost was a drink for the driver, same deal when they wanted to go home. Next door neighbor headed up that relief operation, got hammered & dumped his wife off the back of the JD 440 liquifire after attempting one of those ” hey y’all, watch this” things going over a steep drift while taking her to the grocery store. Whole town was abuzz with rumors she was taking him to divorce court.

  69. I typically got $5-$10 per house at Christmas.

    Big bucks for a 14 year old.

  70. My grandparents home had burned down earlier that year. First Winter in a trailer park. We were in Texas, and my dad was trying to monitor what was going on in OH.

  71. loved my paper route as a youngster. So many hostess cherry pies, and yes the christmas tips. Not as good on a military base, but still something.

  72. I had routes in a wealthy part of town.

    Bigger tips, but the houses are much further apart so you work for it.

  73. ^ She was a mid 30’s MILF, I was about 14 and eager to take over the job of being the “man” in her house! LOL

  74. I made more money babysitting, than my bro with his paper route.

  75. I split my route with a neighbor kid who inherited it from his older brothers. It was a big route, maybe 100 – 120 customers. I had the Lithuanian Village half and he had the area around our neighborhood. That’s when I learned about triple-decker apartment buildings and names ending with weird letter combinations. There wasn’t a lot of wealth in the Village and a 25 cent tip was a big deal. There was a store we called Zinkies run by a few elderly Lithuanians. On one side was liquor and penny candy and the other half had a butcher counter and a grocery area. You’d point at the penny candy as the old lady put your candy in a little paper bag and eat it on the way home. There was a bakery next to it with weird hours. Every now and then I’d get lucky and buy a loaf of dense rye bread. So good.

  76. Anyway, we have a new larger freezer. I need to do more hoarding. Suggestions welcome. What do you think is going to be in shortest supply/ most expensive?

  77. I mentioned the article where the guy put out 60 apps for entry level jobs and got one interview. And we laughed, and swore

  78. bacon and hamburger, judging by the meat counter

  79. There was a Hellhound in the middle of that route that I couldn’t outrun while loaded down with papers. I had to circle back at the end.

    A 14 year old on a 3 speed can almost always outrun a dog.

    We tangled 3 times, he took two rounds and I took one.

  80. Lumps, chicken wings are still limited. Turkeys are expected to be hit or miss. Hamburger chubs are selling very quickly. Pork is surplus. All beef is going up in price.

  81. Another kid had a smaller route near me. Jessie was a black kid and there was a house on his route with a dog he was deathly afraid of. He would often see me coming by and offer me a quarter to run the paper up the long driveway. That’s about how much we got paid by the paper to deliver it for the week and he’d give me a quarter 2 or 3 times a week. I offered to just take the house off his hands and explained the economics of it but Jessie wasn’t a fan of math. The dog barked behind a couple of doors and never bothered me.

  82. Bacon and egg prices go up and down weekly. After a steep rise last week, they went down a few dollars. Milk and butter fluctuate. We can’t get cheese in stock.

  83. Bacon has been up constantly here. Amazing, since we are closer to the pigs

  84. My brother and his friend shared the neighborhood route. Friends mom would drive them, because she didn’t want them riding their bikes in the dark. They picked up 2 other neighborhoods. There was a girl who would “Entertain” boys through her bedroom window. My bro and his friend would visit her while waiting for the paper drop. Her dad was a cop. Good times. My mom telling a cop to “Shush” was funny. $20

  85. $7.99 a pound since september. I bought pork belly for 3.99 and made my own. Almost at the 21 day mark, then smoke it

  86. Bacon went up ridiculously a few weeks ago. It was so high, people didn’t want to pay $25 for Wright’s. Bacon sales went flat. Dropped on average $3. Sales resumed.

  87. Lump’s. Put in it what you enjoy.
    I grill in fair weather, no sense in cooking indoors while I’m paying for A/C. That said, if I’m paying for heat I may as well take advantage of the residue heat from cooking in the house. It just boils down to how much time & effort you want to invest.
    I can make 1 or 6 thirteen by nines of lasagne in 6 hours, I might as well take advantage of capacity.

  88. Financial type guy on the radio last week……”if you are planning on purchasing anything, do it now. If you wait, it will cost more if you can find it at all.”

    He thinks supply chain issues are going to get a lot worse before getting better.

    BAM! New freezer.

  89. When did 12 oz packages of bacon come out? I just noticed that about a week ago.

  90. hate 12 oz of bacon, such BS

  91. Wow, lots of upsets.

  92. ISU! ISU! 4th down stop for a win over #8 OSU

  93. Lots of packaging fuckery going on. Cereal. Cookies. Everything. Striking unions in the food industry. It was actually pretty cool watching the police response to the jewelry thief. We were laughing at the truck drivers that couldn’t figure out why we couldn’t run their load.

  94. Scott. Not, Bam, new freezer. But, Bam, second freezer.
    This is about survival. Me and my loved ones survival is more important to me than anyone else’s survival.
    We’re creatures of habit, not creatures of socialism.

  95. I knew you guys won after I saw Gabe’s tweet

  96. not piling on that one

  97. Wow, what a line for Purdy: 27-33 , 307 yards, 2 TDs, no Ints.

  98. Cowboy defense was legit. Stopped Hall cold in the first half

  99. Met with the builder last week.

    They’re installing temporary plumbing fixtures in the most recently finished houses. Can’t get them for 6 months.

  100. ^ LMAO. Now would be the perfect moment for someone, no one in particular, to queue up Bob Seger’s “Night Moves”!

  101. LSU lost. Clemson lost. Lobos won. Purdue lost.

  102. True Story. Dan has an ISU shirt from our baseball trip. Got it on clearance. I thought it was a Sparky/ASU shirt. Dan “WTF is wrong with you?”. Helloooo…same colors.

  103. Temporary plumbing fixtures? Seems like a waste. Why not just install the intended fixtures in the first place? I’m not a liberal, I don’t see the “science” that supports this methodology.

  104. #cyclONEnation

    For Dan

  105. so, do I go get a steak and grill it? decisions decisions

  106. Peace out guys& gals…..and those that are confused, stuck somewhere in between. Gotta hit the ground running in the morning, lasagnes don’t make themselves.Have a great one.

  107. I hope your house gets built, MJ.

  108. He’ll move before the permanent fixtures get there.

  109. Turn on the Alabama game, Oso.

  110. Blizzard of ’78 and the next one in ’83 set my expectation for what winter was supposed to be like. They all felt mild after that until 2013/2014, which felt normal.

  111. Thanks, Scott. We’re there.

  112. We had been watching OSU.

  113. Tennessee was up after the first quarter 14-7.

  114. We’re binging Brooklyn 99.

  115. band of brothers for the 30th time here

  116. needed to rewatch to remember what our military is actually like

  117. thinking about trying to watch Woke Dune

  118. I leave Band Of Brothers up at camp along with the Godfather Trilogy otherwise I’d watch them too often

  119. I don’t get Starry Nights with Matt Foley living in a van down by the river.

  120. I love college FB. THE OT rules are cray cray. Funny. Illini at Penn State was fun

  121. I have watched Band of Brothers probably 50 times. There was about a three year period of time that I would watch all ten episodes. And as soon as number ten ended I would immediately start back on one. Over and over. Eventually I knew every line by heart.

    I can’t explain how I got so obsessed with it, but I definitely was obsessed.

    It’s probably been five years since I quit watching it, but I still know it like the back of my hand.

    Those guys reminded me so much of my dad and his generation. Brave souls. Brave selfless souls.

  122. Dottie emailed Randy’s parents.

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