2021 BBF Championship Semi-Final Round 4

Hello, and welcome to The 2021 BBF Championship Semi-Final Round 4.




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Your model for today was born January 26th, 1998 in Toronto, Canada. She stands 5′ 6″ and measures 35 – 25 – 34 and 110 lbs. Let’s hit the beach with Miss Jenna Rozario.





Would smash.

It’s possible she’s toooo pretty.


Hot with a hint of crazy. Championship material if ever I saw it.


Tits on a stick with thick eyebrows

At least two thumbs up






Your model for today was born August 10th, 1994 in Apopka, Florida.  She stands 5′ 8″ and measure34 – 24 – 34 and 128 lbs.  Please set the table and share a taco with Miss Lauren Summer.




I could def get behind this selection.


Sense of humor + E. Norma Titz = A winner in my book


Do I even need to rate this?





Your model for today was born January 8th, 1977 in Anagni, Frosinone, Italy. She stands 5′ 9″ and measures 36 – 27 – 39 and 132 lbs. Please don’t be afraid to reveal yourself to Miss Manuela Arcuri.



8/10 would smash



I’d give her a 9 if she were 5’3″.


She also looks like a woman who you would regret making angry because she knows people





Your model for today was born September 11th, 1989 in Wroclaw, Poland.  She stands 5′ 9″ and measures 36 – 24 – 37 and 132 lbs.  Please adjust the thermostat for Miss (NSFW) Dagmara Bajura.




She’s gorgeous. Very nice features. I wonder if her grandfathers were German, or Russian.


Eh, 7/10 would smash


God bless Poland!




You Pays Your Money and Makes Your Choice


  1. Apopka

  2. It would be easier to mock Alec Baldwin if his gun play didn’t kill a woman because he is such a sanctimonious moonbat twit who enjoys lecturing people about things he perceives as their inadequacies.

  3. Look for him to become the new face of the anti-2A crowd when he really should be speaking out against careless Hollywood productions

  4. https://americanmind.org/salvo/jen-psaki-hates-you/

  5. 2

  6. I voted for Florida. It was the right thing to do.

  7. How are there live guns on a movie set?

  8. The Jen Psaki article is pretty good.

    And yes, she’s doing exactly what she was hired to do. I never got the sense that Trump or his employees hated half of America. He made some people feel silly and exposed their obvious disingenuousness, which they really hated.

    But the democrats want you to think they hate you so that you’ll be a good little slut and try to get in with the in crowd. I’m surprised it works so well.

  9. “Prop guns” look real but are just molded replicas. You would think with today’s CGI they could use a prop gun and dub the smoke and sound in after the scene was shot.

    The real guns firing blank rounds must have been used with a careless attitude. In the Daily Mail article they mentioned fragments trapped in the firearm from a prior shot being the object fired from the gun. Must have hit a major artery with no immediate first aid administered which may or may not have made a difference.

  10. I’m about 30% through Alex Berenson on the JRE podcast.

    I’ve learned more from this 60 mins than basically all of 2021.

  11. Because I am very much for voting transparency, I voted for Florida Woman.

  12. wakey wakey

  13. https://www.wjr.com/the-kolender-medical-show/

    Episode 56. This was on a MAJOR radio station in Detroit. WJR. All morning they talk about mask mandates and everyone needs to get vaccinated.

  14. This doctor says it ALL.

  15. This doctor has a weekly show on WJR.

  16. Give all these bishes a trophy.

  17. He does NOT recommend the vaccination. Unless you are compromised. Because there is great outpatient therapies. He thinks the government doesn’t want to save americans, because if they were they’d encourage early testing and take those therapies. He accuses the government of wanting us in the hospital and dying. Because – the vaccination doesn’t work, and the answer is EARLY TREATMENT.

  18. The doctor doesn’t hold anything back. And said it on WJR – not in the dark corners of the internet.

  19. Pat hear the show on his ride home last night and it blew his mind that it was being said. By a doctor. On a major radio station. And, as I said – the entire station (aside from Albom) is all mask/vacc all the time. I think the BIG personality on the station is still doing his shows from his home.

  20. Not quite a fugue but damn close


  21. If monoclonal antibodies had been mass produced like vaccines, and the rate that they save people were reduced to 10% of people saved, there would be 46,000 more live people in the US today from Covid.

    The bloodiest day of battle in American history was Antietam. 23,000 died that day.

    We killed twice that from hiding covid treatments. Per Steve Deace overtime, Blaze subscriber only broadcast.

    fucking criminal

  22. WJR is kind of a big deal. I miss them. Our local news channel is a Fox affiliate. Only decent guy on it is Casey Hendrickson.

  23. that Jen Psaki article is written by Andrew Klavan’s son. educated at Oxford, so can’t really say he’s a legacy hire like Chelsea Clinton.

    Isn’t Oxford the English Ivy league?

  24. I take that back, forgot they had Bongino at 12-3, but I am almost never driving then.

  25. Oxford is where they took cuttings of the ivy they planted over here.

  26. What are you, some kind of Peloton slut who can’t wait five extra months for your new treadmill?


  27. heh, well played on the trigger warning picture at AOS today

  28. Ivy league kids are hilarious.

    A Swiss kid in my class…lives in Germany, moving to China for the next 9 months. He started a company that advises small companies that can’t get PE resources on how to structure their entities to gain financing.

    He’s like 32.

    And he was pissed he got a 93 on the first paper.

    I told him to relax and learn something. Forget about the grades. He was truly shocked. It was pretty obvious he had never considered anything other than the grade.

  29. that video at AOS of the marine disarming a gas station robber is incredible. Completely instinct from that guy, just took the gun out as soon as he saw it.

  30. can you listen to Rogan without subscribing?

  31. I bet he didn’t think “I should take that guy’s gun” until after he had it.

    Therefore free will is a myth.


  32. Haven’t tried listening to Rogan since YT dropped him.

    And I thought about trying to do what that Ivy kid did for small farms. The subsidies/credits/tax carveouts are there, but structuring to qualify is a deliberate maze.

  33. got to listen the Berenson. I learn so much from him and McCullogh.

  34. Why did I think WJR was in Chicago, not Detroit? Must have mixed it up from living there and traveling through

  35. “The subsidies/credits/tax carveouts are there, but structuring to qualify is a deliberate maze.”

    I met a guy in Las Vegas, he started a business that did nothing but help people navigate some part of Medicare. Startup costs were nothing overhead was nothing. A couple years in and he sells the business for millions of dollars. All that because our laws are so poorly written.

  36. For Mare. Nobody else look.

  37. WLS is Chicago.

  38. Movie producers hire people to study sets and scenes so that there is continuity from one shot to the next. For example, let’s say they take a break for lunch – this person’s job is to make sure everything is exactly as it was before lunch so that there isn’t discontinuity on the set..

    I find discontinuities in films all of the time. My first recollection of this was when I saw West Side Story for the first time (around 1962). In a scene where Maria and Tony are talking, different takes of Maria show that a little necklace she is wearing is either inside or outside of her blouse neckline. It’s almost comical to watch when you know to look for it.

    Anyway, I noticed that when I was like 13 years old. And I’ve been finding them ever since. They’re easy to spot f you have an eye for detail.

    Why am I mentioning all of this, you ask?

    Because you’d think that if the fucking dumpster fires in Hollywood could hire someone to spot discontinuity, they could hire someone to check prop firearms.

    And BTW, firearms loaded with “blanks” are deadly at short range. The wadding in the round leaves the barrel at about 1,000 feet per second, and is lethal.


    I can’t stand Alec Baldwin, so fuck him, but I feel bad for the young lady.

    Maybe if she’d chosen an honorable profession instead of hanging out with degenerates and criminals, she’d still be alive.

  39. Hotspur?


  40. Kirk’s uniform in Star Trek 2, Wrath of Khan is a prime example too. The blood spot moves.

  41. democrats really want to get Bannon in front of congress, even though he wasn’t at Jan 6


  42. Every Hollywood movie with firearms has a (union) weapon prop master to check those things, Hotspur, but mistakes happen, which is why that same guy will still tell you to never ever fuck around and find out.

    RIP Jon-Erik Hexum

  43. That said, I wouldn’t even go look in my sock drawer for my shocked face if Alec shot her on purpose and is trying to blame it on the prop guy. Maybe she was gonna #metoo him.

  44. Brandon Lee unavailable for comment after shooting (SWIDT) The Crow final scene.

  45. It wasn’t actually the last scene, but it was among the last ones filmed. That was different, though, nobody was fucking around, there was series of errors that resulted in a full-powder blank being fired into a barrel that already had a squibbed bullet lodged in it.

  46. Hexum I mention because he was legit fucking around, and shot himself in the head with blank wadding. Died in the hospital.

  47. Comment by Hotspur on October 22, 2021 10:22 am
    For Mare. Nobody else look.


    OFFS, that is so pathetic. Mentally unbalanced dumbasses.

  48. Hotspur, but mistakes happen

    Not to pick a fight, my friend, but pointing a gun at another person even when you “know the gun isn’t loaded” and pulling the trigger is not a mistake?

    I wouldn’t empty my .357, check it twice, then point it at you and pull the trigger. I just wouldn’t.

  49. This is where the doc says you should start if you get Covid: https://infusioncenter.org/infusion_resources/nica-monoclonal-antibody-therapies/

  50. Oh, I wouldn’t either. I was just pointing out that they had to have had a guy who’s job it was to make sure guns on set as safe as they could be for the purposes of a given scene. He’d also be the guy telling you not to fuck around because mistakes still happen.

    Alec Baldwin is the stupid piece of shit who fucked around anyhow. This is 100% on him and he’s blaming a gaffer.

  51. I thought this was french for pussy.

  52. This is what the lefty crowds never get about gun owners. We are very, very interested in gun safety whereas they are interested in politics.

    If the politics went away, we’d still be interested in gun safety. It’s not derivative.

  53. And I’ve had a ‘pretend’ loaded gun pointed at me and the trigger pulled.

    It was not funny. It’s never funny.

  54. Puppies are turning into fat little chonkers.

  55. Eyes still not open, and they just wiggle around like little seals.

  56. From the “All Hands Meeting Recap”:

    “As of Dec 8, 2021, vaccination is a condition of remaining on the REDACTED program — and the choice is ultimately yours. We’ll respect every employee’s decision, even if it’s a decision that leads to separation. We sincerely hope all employees choose to remain with our REDACTED team.”

    Go jump in a volcano you worthless shitsacks. You’re a tier 1 supplier to .gov and could have said no, but you didn’t. May the chains of slavery rest heavily upon you, and may your masters be cruel and given over to insatiable and unsavory passions.

  57. Tomorrow I have a crossfit competition. I’m normally not into that sort of thing, but another woman my age asked me if I’d partner with her so it should be fun. We’re in the masters division, so only people who are over 45 I think? Also, its intended for non-fire breathers, so it should be fun. I’m stronger than my partner, but she kills it on quick cardio – so its a fun match. One of the workouts (there are four) I’m doing all the lifting and she’s doing all the burpees. First set is 27 front squats (not a heavy weight – but 27 anything will get ya) – ouch. It will hurt a bit, but I tried it and I can do it.

  58. umm, prop guns are designed to be pointed at and fired at people, it’s what they are for. They need to take them seriously, of course, but that’s their purpose.

  59. Leon, given stuff like the Pfizer agreements and the podcast I linked – these shitstains are going to have a lot to answer for some day.

    I’m sure it will be a lot of “I was just following orders” kind of bullshit, but I’m not letting anyone off easy.

  60. sounds fun, car in, good luck!

  61. will you have some transgender competition, just to even things out?

  62. umm, prop guns are designed to be pointed at and fired at people, it’s what they are for.

    Jay, don’t be obtuse.

    Baldwin pointed and shot as a joke. It turned out to be not so funny because he is a dumbass and should never have done it.

  63. Someone like Anderson Cooper has now experienced (I’m sure he has before) FIRST hand the POTUS and his dementia. Everyone and anyone who has contributed to the cover-up (attempted -because its getting so bad now, its not really working) holds responsibility.

  64. I’ve got a great meme about following orders that I lifted from the Insty comments, but putting it in the poat would be inappropo.

  65. I’m not trying to be obtuse. A prop gun is different than an actual gun, and is treated differently. I’m just pointing out that indeed this type of gun, while it is supposed to be non-functional but it still presents danger, is designed to point at someone with minimal threat. Minimal, not non-existent.

    He’s still an asshole, but we shouldn’t treat it like he was handling a live Glock or 45.

  66. He could have been, real guns are sometimes used as props, but we don’t know.

    Giving him all the benefit of the doubt he’d give me, this was clearly an intentional double murder attempt and he’s spinning a yarn as cover. If he gets away with it, it was only because of his wealth and white privilege.

  67. SCOOP: Virginia GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin financed a PAC that supports 2020 deniers and 1/6 apologists. My latest. Please read and RT.

    liberals are unserious people

  68. It was a horrible accident that shouldn’t have happened. But when a cop accidentally kills a perp resisting arrest, it is NOT the same as when an actor kills someone with a prop gun. There is zero reason for carelessness or accidents such as these. That he rode the cop while the cop was in the MIDST of performing an important and dangerous job means he needs equal, if not more, for being careless doing HIS job on a movie no one will probably ever watch.

  69. Wut?

  70. I was trying to say that the two “accidents” (the tweet of baldwin’s criticizing a cop for accidentally shooting someone during arrest) are not equal. They are just not. And if the cop was guilty – in Baldwin’s eyes – than Baldwin is “extra” guilty.

    He was making a fucking movie. The cop was struggling with a criminal.

  71. Baldwin was much at likely drunk or buzzed and dicking around.

    No normal person prop or not would pick up a gun aim at someone and pull the trigger. That has to be checked repeatedly before shooting the actual scene. They weren’t shooting the scene.

  72. One of the gentlemen I asked to be a reference offered me a job.

    I feel like Archie when Bettie and Veronica both decide they want a piece.

  73. very nice, leon!

  74. and the obvious answer is Veronica. She’s hotter than Bettie

  75. Well of course, but it’s still nice to be wanted.

    I’m burning a bridge with someone at this point. And I wasted 90 minutes going in for a pee test if that’s the bridge I burn.

  76. which bridge holds more weight for you? And if you explain the situation to the new suitor maybe they will understand.

  77. I’ve also heard Betty is into some kinky stuff, and bakes a mean casserole. That’s not nothing.

  78. “You know how you asked me for references after you made me an offer? Maybe that was bad timing”

  79. Dude had an agenda, and he proved what he wanted to.

    “He said he found it hard to believe that government money was keeping people out of the labor force, especially when the end of expanded federal unemployment benefits did not seem to trigger a surge in employment.”

  80. How about someone investigate this guy. We hired just about anyone who walks in the door.

    Usually we get applications, then no-shows on interviews. Basically the exact opposite of what this guy is saying.

  81. there is no way this is true:

    Not a chance in hell.

  82. Veronica and Betty are both pretty. Veronica is wealthy and a bitch; Betty is, well I don’t know if she’s poor, but she’s not rich, and is sweet. No contest. Money isn’t enough, especially if Archie picks Veronica and she loses interest now that she’s got her prize. That’s a lifetime of misery right there.

  83. If I have to pick between the CW actress versions.

    Betty. Erry time. The gal they picked for Veronica is homely and has RBF.

  84. clearly I was talking about the comic

    There was a series?

  85. Riverdale. I never watched it, but it’s CW casting and post Arrow so Strong, Diverse Female was cast as Veronica.

  86. haha, I saw that one. Was hoping it was Brandon Construction

  87. Leon, how you going to make your exit at the current Shipshewana job?

  88. Wtf…that was supposed to say ‘shitshow’. I want what my phone is smoking.

  89. beasn, your indian name is now NotShipshewana

  90. I accidentally left the grow light on, for 24 hours, day before yesterday.
    It resulted in 3 peppers begin to ripen.

  91. Nah, imma move to a ghetto and name my first kid that.


  92. Leon, how you going to make your exit at the current Shipshewana job?

    Professionally. I gave notice on Tuesday that next Friday was day The Last. If anyone asks why I’m leaving, I’ll explain carefully and use small words.

  93. watch this about China. It’s a paper tiger, and Bill Whittle is right


  94. Hotspur Johnson is right!

    Ask your mother if Hotspur’s johnson is right.

  95. Carin, wasn’t it a Boyne Resort you ski at? I saw this story and the company name caught my eye for some reason.


    They now own 4 NE resorts. Whatever, just glad they’re open and generating income.

    (BTW Pupster, isgd isnt working for me either)

  96. The Jewelry Thief finally hit our Club. The cops had to clear our Club, before we could enter the building. Won’t know the $$$ amount until the audit is complete. Don’t know if NM requires a Weapon Handler in the Prop Dept by law like CA, or if that is one of the reasons it’s less expensive to film here.

  97. homecoming weekend, pizza should be popular tonight. Mrs Jay is visiting her sister tomorrow, what shall I do?

  98. Wings

  99. Are wings still Market Price?

  100. Red wings are.

  101. 🤪🤪🤪

  102. Applebee’s just landed on my shit list.
    I used to like them, even owned their stock back years ago. There’s one on my way home. Didn’t feel like cooking tonight so around 2 this afternoon I sent in an order to pick up at 4:10 on the way home. I get there, reply to the corporate text that I’m there and wait….and wait….20 minutes later still no one doing a curb side. So I text back not delivered, cancel order & refund. An hour and a half later I get a call from the store to come get my order. Called the card company I put the bill on to have the charge refunded, that’s taken care of. Debating to call the store back telling them to GFTS. Won’t do that ever again.

  103. Vacation starts now. We will be driving to the beach cottage tomorrow.

  104. That looks like an awesome spot Pupster.

  105. We were just talking about this (Dumping Iron) and this video does a pretty good job of running through it in under 20 minutes


    If you want the executive summary I can do it in 6 words: “Giving Blood Is Good For You”.

  106. If we pack tonight and get going late tomorrow night, with some breaks and meals we’ll be there by sunday afternoon. Thanks for the address, man, and don’t call the cops about the Banglar Party Van parked in the yard.

  107. Dave, experiences like that make me appreciate just saying phuk it and having a beer at home with some mixed nuts or hummus and crackers or a plate of fish sticks

  108. Lumps, pick me up on your way.

  109. You don’t actually have to give the blood, you just have to take some out of your body now and then. You could use it for anything after that.

  110. We got room. Just don’t be noisy, Boy2 is a day sleeper.

  111. Jimbro, I’m wit cha. Stopped at DG in this tiny burg on the way home & grabbed a DiGiorno’s and a six pack of Mickey’s. Reminiscing of the good old days at Purdue.

  112. https://tinyurl.com/yxphdu89

  113. Regarding Baldwin. We’ve known for decades that he’s a foul tempered sanctimonious bastard that has no issue with inflicting harm upon those he disagrees with, it’s very well documented within the public record. First, on set, why did he point the “prop” gun directly at the victim? Not doing so is easily hidden by camera angle or corrected with CGI. Second, were their personal, or more likely, political differences between Baldwin and the victim? Baldwin has a record for violence. For some reason the justice system has given him multiple passes on that which it wouldn’t give anyone else especially if they’re pigmentally enhanced, IYKWIMAITTYD.
    Detectives need to look at every angle of this due to Baldwin himself, unless the famous incompetent boob Adam Savage was the one in charge of prepping the prop guns that day.

  114. Dave’s not here is a Boilermaker?

  115. Oso, yup but I didn’t finish that one, or haven’t yet. Probably will after I retire, just so I can say I did.

  116. We have tickets to #25 Purdue at The Ohio State University on 11/13

  117. Dave’s, he didn’t point it at an actor in a scene (according to the news reports, and honestly, there is zero chance that the reports are correct in all respects). He finished a take, the director called for another take. He jokingly said he was just going to shoot the director instead. Then he fired at least twice, killing the director and wounding one other person.

  118. Regarding Applebees, about 15 signs and a banner hanging from the store, “we’re hiring, $250 sign on bonus”.
    Clearly, after my experience they’re really saying we need slackers and are willing to pay for them to up our head count, no need to actually do something that falls under the category of a 4 letter word that doesn’t involve a sex act.

  119. I had physical therapy today. It kicked my ass, but that’s not important. Dr. Tight Pants wasn’t there, so the three ladies were more open in their conversation. I brought up that I hadn’t been vaccinated when it seemed safe to do so. Two of the three were definitely supportive. One had heart palpitations after the 2nd shot, another hasn’t had a period since her 2nd shot but is not pregnant. Now what are the odds for 2 out of 3 having significant adverse effects?

  120. The Mickey’s are starting to kick in. Gotta get off here before I get the urge to drive to South Bend and kick the asses of a few of those fightin’ men that are never drunk as long as they can hold on to 3 blades of grass and not fall off the planet.

  121. Sobek, they are saying Brandon Lee Level BS. Clogged from previous shoot. Only one shot. Waiting for investigation. Not sure if NM requires a Weapon Handler like Cali does.

  122. I keep watching that weird video of Resident Cornholio. It takes both of its remaining brain cells just to maintain. Amazing.

  123. ^ and their mascot looks Amish!

  124. Comment from an earlier link

  125. Coke to Mitchell.

  126. Roamy, I took the J&J. We both know the shit I was tagged in about the Birth Control and age BS. I didn’t have a menstrual cycle for three months. I’m 58. I’m menstruating every 2 weeks. Still no menopause.

  127. Wave north if you do go to SB, Dave. I’ll try to get the donkey to bray to the south.

  128. I never got the “get drunk and fight” part of the Irish stereotype. Drunk is as close as I get to happy. Why ruin that with fighting?

    Maybe that’s the German half of my heritage talking. I do try to invade Hungarian chicks when I’m sloshed.

  129. Lace curtain Irish

  130. Alec Baldwin saying he’d never been given a hot gun Vs. every single actor talking about prop gun protocols on set.

  131. Unstable and nuclear really don’t go together.


  132. Osita, I saw an article where the union crew had walked off the set earlier that day. Wouldn’t surprise me if either they sabotaged something or the replacement just screwed up.

  133. A nuclear accident would really bring back that 70s vibe. Perfect complement to stagflation and malaise.

    Plus it lets the green ninnies insist that solar and wind are the only safe path “forward”.

  134. Everything is fake.

  135. The big message I got today at work was “Hold. The. Line.” I still have to finish filling out my form for some doofus at HQ to reject. Review will be at agency level, not local.

  136. Just saw this, from the comments at the Ewok’s: https://twitter.com/typesfast/status/1451543776992845834

    Short version – supply chain situation is going to get a LOT worse. I think this is by design and not incompetence. They don’t care about care about elections anymore, they’ll keep destroying things until society starts unravelling completely and use that as justification to declare martial law and suspend elections.

  137. This keeps getting better and better


  138. The TVA thing is another – they won’t back down and force the plants to close and shut down. Another brick torn out of the wall.

  139. Good luck Roamy. I broke down and took the shot last week.

  140. Pepe, the vaccines were never meant to work, I’m convinced. This is all about population control. It always was. Trump got rolled hard on this one. A high percentage of the vaccinated population will discover that they are now unable to conceive or carry a child to term. Probably also die a lot younger because of the eventual complications. Every vaccinated person has a ticking time-bomb in them now.

  141. Freedom is precious and irreplaceable and worth any price.

  142. Freedom and life are the same thing.

  143. Don’t let them inject the children.

  144. They desperately want to get this into the kids. They’ll force the school system to require it too. A lot of kids are going to die and those who survive will have shorter lives. The Davos/Bilderburger/Club of Romers are all popping champaign corks and diddling their child sex-slaves right now.

  145. In a sense, they HAVE created a vaccine – but not for the virus they created, but the human virus they hate.

    They straight-up told us this 22 years ago:

  146. I laughed so hard at that ∆∆∆∆

  147. Dust entered Rachel’s panels.

  148. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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