MMM 465

Happy Columbus Day!

I’m not sure why the rest of the gym is violet.



Pretty smile.

Monochrome with a pixie cut.

Dressed, bra’d.

Palm trees are monocots, like grasses.

Ball handling.



  1. No work today, but I have job seeking to do.

  2. 60k Hatian illegal immigrants making their way through Mexico to our southern border.
    A good time to announce a re-release of Grand Theft Auto: Miami Vice.

  3. The palm tree girls have asses rarely seen in nature

  4. And the bra’d chick should have splurged on the silicone implants because those saline bags look awful. No wonder she’s scowling.

  5. Pretty smile chick would like to speak with your supervisor because clearly you cannot help her at your level.

  6. Finally, in the first picture with the weird lighting, I think they went and put a pulley system in a strip club

  7. Correction, GTA: Vice City

  8. My older, retired, fill-in, priest at the end of mass started on “indigenous people” and how they weren’t treated well and Colombus, etc..

    I walked out so I don’t know how he finished.

  9. They have descendants. The treatment can’t have been that bad.

    Ask the tribes the Aztecs and Olmecs obliterated if they’d have preferred the Spanish.

    Oh, wait, none left.

  10. I listened to a pretty good podcast on this subject. Apparently there are really two things we’re talking about here. First people, then everyone else.

    First people are the only real native inhabitants. Everyone else got here by conquering or breeding.

    I do think there’s room for blame as to how we treated native americans. On this blog we’re pretty familiar with the LONG history of racial politics of the democrat party. It’s their raison d’etre. It’s the only tool they have in the tool belt because they’re not super bright.

    The democrat party was essentially started to eradicate the native americans. They were genocidal.

    Prove me wrong.

  11. but even the native americans got here by migrating, so I just don’t understand their point. Wars mean things, sorry bout that.

  12. Laying cultural change in america at the feet of columbus is just dumb.

    It’s one of those really, really, dumb things that animates dumb people.

    It’s the same for all of the left’s colonialism arguments.

  13. I didn’t start it, but we’ll by God finish it.

    -Jack Buck, 2001

  14. They don’t stop to consider that there’s no plumbing, no water, no food, to medicine, etc.

    People live and die in horrible conditions. There is no noble savage.

  15. The standards are simple:

    1) Does it sow division?
    2) Does it denigrate the history of Americans of European ancestry?

    If 1 & 2, it’s a Good Thing.

    They’ll come for St Patrick next, or try to. Darned Englishman trying to stamp out Irish paganism. How dare he!

  16. MJ, we did not honor treaties. That was dishonorable. Bad. Yes, very bad.

    However, indians were warring tribes for centuries. They were not peaceful people, living on the land, smoking payote and harmonizing with all.

    Bottom line, we fought them, we won, move on.

  17. There is no noble savage.


    Nailed it.

  18. All land was “stolen” by someone.

  19. And I effing love Christopher Columbus. He had vision.

  20. MJ, we did not honor treaties. That was dishonorable. Bad. Yes, very bad.
    However, indians were warring tribes for centuries. They were not peaceful people, living on the land, smoking payote and harmonizing with all.
    Bottom line, we fought them, we won, move on.
    I don’t disagree at all.

    But then again, we’re the same person sooooooo………

  21. I’ve been reading a few articles on iron overload. Interestingly, (or not) we add iron to a boatload of food.

    Strangely, hydroxychloroquine removes iron overload from the blood. I’ve been reading this on instagram via linked studies not sure how to link here.

  22. But then again, we’re the same person sooooooo………


    High fives my other hand.

    Why does that sound dirty when it’s not?

  23. I eat nothing fortified with iron. Unfortunately, red meat is naturally high in it. Best I can do is try to wreck my ability to absorb it with coffee and tea.

    I should probably be farming leeches or something, though.

  24. Mare, there’s a great book on the subject called Dumping Iron by P.D. Morgan that you might get a lot out of.

    He recommends donating if you can, but I’ve got no urge to be around healthcare at this point.

  25. hmm, wonder if iron is contributing to covid co-morbidities. What does Ivermectin do to iron levels?

    What about Pfizermectin?

  26. I’m just going to go ahead and say it…

    Working for women kind of sucks. I was reviewing all of my bosses and I’ve had a hard time with the chicks more than the dudes.

    Current boss is a great person but a terrible manager. THE WORST.

    I can only think of one or two bad bosses that were penismen. But I’ve only had one good vagboss out of all of them.

  27. Mangan, not Morgan.

  28. Our covid numbers are down 68% (maybe more now-that was a number from about 10 days ago). Watching college football and just generally I get the feeling that covid has moved through the population and moved on except for those highly vaccinated. Those numbers are really high.

    I’m in Florida so it’s different here, but how long can they keep the charade up that Covid is killing us all?

  29. Probably until 2024.

  30. depends on how blue the area you live in is. The bluer it is, the more chance you have of dying, no matter what the numbers are. Science.

  31. And the bra’d chick should have splurged on the silicone implants because those saline bags look awful. No wonder she’s scowling.

    Why do women do this?

  32. Jay, I think it also decreases iron levels.

    Also, here’s a quote from the study, I’ll try and site who did the study:

    Chloroquine inhibits the intracellular multiplication of Legionella pneumophila by limiting the availability of iron. A potential new mechanism for the therapeutic effect of chloroquine against intracellular pathogens.”

  33. When you get fake friend requests from older relatives on facedork, do you just ignore it, because the effort of explaining they have been hacked is just not worth the time?

  34. Once again, the stupid government saying we need more iron, the breakfast cereal pushers add iron as a marketing device and it’s absolutely not good for us.

    The government is garbage and wants you dead or simply a means to pay taxes.

    Health is not in the best interest of the government…based on the decisions they make.

  35. Don’t explain stuff to old people.

    1. They most likely won’t understand it
    2. Even if they do they’ll probably forget it by dinner time.

  36. Thanks, Leon.

  37. This morning as I pulled out my driveway the little girl next door was waiting for the school bus with her mom and her little brother.

    The little boy was wearing a dress.

    The poor kids a fooked – their parents are a couple of liberal psychos.

    Neither one of them have had to go to work since Covid. She’s a manager at Google, and he works at the district library.

  38. Kurt Schlichter is a national treasure. We should bronze him, along with Nick Searcy

    Let’s go, Brandon, and all you establishment jerks are Brandon.

    The beauty of “Let’s Go, Brandon” is how it not only captures the utter contempt that America has for our alleged president, who is currently polling about as well as Michael Moore would be among Golden Corral managers, but how it captures what is either unbelievable cluelessness among the media, or unbelievable mendacity. Probably some of both.

  39. haha, so he’s Mr Mom. I wonder why the boy has identity issues. Hmm, can’t quite put my finger on it.

    Neither can the husband, evidently

  40. Comment by Hotspur on October 11, 2021 9:33 am
    Don’t explain stuff to old people.

    1. They most likely won’t understand it
    2. Even if they do they’ll probably forget it by dinner time.


    ^^^My attitude toward myself.

  41. That’s effing child abuse, Hotspur.

    Those parents are going to hell.

  42. Trying to decide if the Dreizin Report is a good source or not. Latest email came with a pdf that Norton anti-virus didn’t like. Says Veterans Affairs is not involving HR in vaccine exemptions, that it’s left up to the supervisor. So basically if your boss wants to get rid of you, you’re out, otherwise any exemption will do. VA has 45,000 unvaxed employees.

  43. I was anemic for many years until I got the right multi-vitamin, but it wouldn’t make sense for Mr. RFH or Rocketboy to take iron.

  44. Oh, absolutely, Roamy. Lots of women are anemic because of menstruation. I was. I was a very healthy 24-year-old and the blood bank wouldn’t take my blood.

    On the other hand, I’m not sure how they determine iron deficiency and if it legit.

  45. I mean, what man goes to work in a goddamn library for fucks’ sake?

    Why do we even have libraries?

    In Ann Arbor they’re basically where certain guys go who smell like urine, to look at porn, leer at the children, and verbally abuse the women patrons..

  46. They love to make you mask up at the library. He probably wouldn’t confront anyone though, and would let Karen at the front desk take care of it. You know Karen, the one with a nose ring and purple hair.

  47. why do they all have purple hair? to set themselves apart?

  48. well, ivermectin is on the CDC treatment list for immigrants.

  49. Steve Deace said they are “going on offense” starting today. Could be a fun show.

  50. Those mother***kers.

  51. Why do we even have libraries?

    In Ann Arbor they’re basically where certain guys go who smell like urine, to look at porn, leer at the children, and verbally abuse the women patrons..


    Perfect description.

  52. Oh, they also go there because it’s freezing cold in the park, and the downtown diners don’t hit the sidewalks until around 6.

  53. I still love the word yeet. makes me laugh

  54. I’d like to say it’s because I’m altruistic but the real reason I donate two units of blood every 3 months is to dump iron. The fact that I get a juice box and a snack sized bag of Snyder’s pretzels is only a minor influence on me

  55. Mare, they probably wouldn’t accept you as a donor because you didn’t weigh enough

    (kiss ass comment quota: satisfied)

  56. you got something on your nose, jimbro

  57. Weigh enough for what?


    Mr. RFH and I take heart from this but are preparing to lose our jobs anyway. I worked out a budget last night and am empowered by it, i.e. we can tell them to fuck off, we are not getting jabbed. Biggest unknown is health insurance, looked at Medishare and on-your-own Blue Cross.

  59. One of the dads in our homeschool group is a prosecutor in IN, he said the same thing. It’s the nominal president telling OSHA to write a rule. OSHA hasn’t written one and likely won’t because they’d crash and burn in court.

  60. Jimbro, at the time I was 5’6″ and 125. A jogger and very physically fit.

    Mare loves Jimbro.

    I wanted to give blood recently to dump iron and they wouldn’t let me because I have too little iron. ahahahahahaaha. I eat a lot of red meat so I don’t know what the heck is going on.

  61. I sincerely respect all of you who have or may lose your jobs because of a bullshit vaccine mandate.

    I, for one, thank you. Hold the line.

  62. I eat a lot of red meat so I don’t know what the heck is going on.

    Maybe it’s the wrong kind of red meat.


  63. I know this doesn’t help but if the airlines require a vaccine to fly, we’re driving.*

    *and of course not going to my favorite place in the world.

    My brother invited my whole family to Sun Valley again for Christmas. We’ve made reservations but that’s out if rules change.

    I have absolutely hit the jackpot on relatives who have really cool second homes. I’m the poor relative living off their largesse. I love and appreciate my opportunities and generous family members.

  64. Oh, I know.

  65. Please understand, I don’t equate my vacations to some of you giving up jobs, security, pensions, everything. I’m not giving up much at all. I know that.

  66. I was trying to change jobs anyhow, the question is whether I can find other work that won’t force it on me as a condition of employment.

    If the job I applied for is “Fully Remote” I fail to see any implications for “workplace safety” unless they also want to come check the grease level on my kitchen for or the railings on my steps.

  67. At this point, my customer agency has put out press releases saying that fighting “climate change” is their highest priority. Even if they’d give me an exemption, why would I want to help them?

    Sorry, I thought the mission was securing public network infrastructure. Find someone else.

  68. It’s a long story but my husband may have lost his BEST friend over this covid stuff. Actually, it’s more about “everything the left touches turns to shit” kind of deal.

    Anyhoo, one of the lefties in their high school group (who gets together once a year for 20 years) convinced the host to require a negative covid test to participate this year.

    All hell broke loose and after several back and forths, 8 of the 18 guys will not be going and may never go again.

  69. “workplace safety” = “no maga in the ranks of commies that work for us”

    Commies obey rules. Free people are hard to control.

  70. Commies obey rules. Free people are hard to control.


    Nailed it.

    I’ve been seeing a number of online blurbs and t-shirts that say, “Be hard to govern” or something similar.

  71. “Technical discussion” this morning went well, should be an interview to follow. First call with a recruiter for another firm at 1. This appears to be the standard protocol now:

    1) HR person talks to you to make sure you can talk
    2) Tech person chats with you to see if you can at least sound like you know things.
    3) Real interview.

    2 is sometimes replaced by a HackerRank test.

  72. I’ve been seeing a number of online blurbs and t-shirts that say, “Be hard to govern” or something similar.

    Become Ungovernable. It’s what the Colonials did when they made tea in the Atlantic.

  73. This is heartening news. I just walked into a Whole Foods outside of DC and not everyone was masked. Whole Foods is where hippies come from.

  74. we need tri corner hats. I wonder if anyone has ever thought of that?

    Hmm, I sense a disturbance in the force…

  75. I thought they came out of the coolers, like baseball players from cornfields in Field of Dreams.

  76. I have wanted a tricorn for a while. It’d be handy for farming in the rain.


    Another addition to the This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things File

  78. Doesn’t look terribly practical. I’m looking for something like what Mark Decascos wore in Brotherhood of the Wolf.

  79. Here’s a hat to strike fear in your opponent’s heart

  80. 30 degrees and windy here this morning.

    Hmmm, guess I’ll have to get my iron levels checked. I made an appointment at our local clinic to get a blood test, just to make sure I don’t have any weird health issues. Usually you call and get an appointment in a day or two, now, it’s a month wait. Everything is like this, it’s crazy.

    DiL’s father is doing well and should be released today. Still needs some oxygen, but otherwise ok.

  81. I think it also decreases iron levels.
    Can confirm. Wife takes HCQ everyday for autoimmune disease. She was also told to take an iron supplement.

  82. Don’t explain stuff to old people.
    *explains how time works to HS and that he is, in fact, old.

  83. Another addition to the This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things File

    I’ll take Things That Never Happened for $500, Alex.

  84. Dude, I’ve got kids young enough to be….

    …your older cousins.

  85. DiL’s father is doing well and should be released today. Still needs some oxygen, but otherwise ok.

    Glad to hear this, Pepe!

  86. Stick with it until the end

  87. Leon, do you have the option of covid testing to keep your current job, or is it stab or starve?

  88. My sweet peppers are finally ripening. Look how beautimous they are. Tasty too.. Got two plants with a dozen peppers on each but the weather is changing I’ve gotta bring them in and buy a grow light.
    Next year I will have to start the seeds in January. They have taken a loonng time to get to this point.


  89. Roamy, Mr. B was given the stab or test option. He doesn’t want to do the testing as he was probably going to get it anyway….but just a few years away from retirement he does not want to get on the HR radar by putting in an exemption or getting swabbed/tested. He’s not a stir the waters kind if guy..

    Now my friend’s daughter, who already had covid is not given ANY option. I looked it up and guidelines do allow for exemptions – medical/religious – but companies aren’t mentioning it and put cash/contracts over the well being of employees.

  90. Roamy, they haven’t said a peep since they sent the “voluntary disclosure of vaccine status” form that I sent back with a “I decline to disclose”.

  91. LOL, Pepe!

  92. I’d put in a Religious Exemption because those have won in court regarding past flu vaccine mandates. I’d make them fire me….and the question is, will they if they see you are serious by turning in that religious exemption explaining all the reasons why it is abhorrent to your firmly held beliefs starting with aborted babies. And if you have a lawyer friend, have him cosign your exemption.

  93. Mr. B has crunched the numbers and we could get by but like roamy, the insurance is worrisome. At this age the check engine light starts blinking.

  94. That’s just it, they haven’t asked again, or said a single word. Just that one form.

  95. I’ll admit to not consuming much media, but I was wondering what happened to those planeloads of folks in Afghanistan that were not being allowed to takeoff? Hundreds of students left behind? Anyone?

  96. Also where is Alex? Last I recall he was going line-dancing in Nashville.

  97. Last I saw of him he made some snarky derogatory uncalled for comment about people questioning the likes of Mark Milley, and then split.

    Maybe the timing was just a coincidence and he’s really in the witness protection program hiding in Coeur d’Alene.

  98. Thought I’d mention so I don’t sound like a complete jerk, covid government lockdowns and whatnot was crushing financially. Goodbye savings.

  99. Oh. I don’t remember any butt-hurt, but I’m pretty oblivious, mostly. Just don’t question my mom’s integrity.

  100. Mark Milley is a pussy. I don’t give a shit what uniform he wears. If you are a political whore your testicles have not descended.

  101. A political whore who gets your own men killed.

  102. No, I think Alex is just enjoying Nashville. Maybe he found the love of his life? Here’s hoping.

  103. Pupster, last I heard..think it was last week… those students are still in Afghanistan.

  104. One of the CA “papers” wrote about it. Either LA Times or the San Fran Chronical.

  105. Why would alex support Mark Milley? I missed it anyway.

  106. wonder if iron is contributing to covid co-morbidities. What does Ivermectin do to iron levels?

    I looked it up after getting back the results of my blood work. Anemia puts you at risk for a worse case FrankenFauCHY flu.

  107. I don’t think Alex supported Milley. And if he did, he’s not the type to flounce off over our distrust of the backstabbing two-faced Chicom butt kisser.

  108. Beasnsnssnsnsn, do NOT take iron thinking it’s going to help with covid. As a matter of fact, you want to avoid iron.

  109. oh goody, Stirewalt interviewed on Megyn Kelly. Wonder how he’ll blame us this time.

  110. Here’s my covid protocol:

    Wash hands a lot. So far its workkking.

  111. Your mom washes her hands a lot.

  112. Don’t use hand sanitizer. It trashes your own skin biome (so to speak).

    It’s like little kids never getting in the dirt, they don’t become immune to all the crud around us.

  113. *sprays blog with Purel

  114. LOL

    Raw-dogging Birthing People Outside of Arby’s Since March 2009

  115. I have not done one thing differently during covid. Other than being forced to wear masks to shop (that’s over in Florida).

    I always wash my hands after I use the Men’s room and I always wash my hands for meal prep. That didn’t change with covid.

  116. Southwest offering free air fare to anyone fully vaccinated, who is qualified to fly a 737-MAX…

  117. How hard can it be?

  118. Taking off is cake. Landing, on the other hand…

  119. I always wash my hands after I use the Men’s room and I always wash my hands for meal prep. That didn’t change with covid.

    MJ forgot he was posting as “Mare”.

  120. Now Leon, let’s not be transphobic.

  121. Haters.

  122. Physical therapy time. Pray for Oso.

  123. Don’t forget to include washing your dick before meal prep

  124. megyn and stirewalt, stirewalt was right, trump lost AZ. Uh huh, not quite true.

    Never addressed calling it early.

  125. Trump didn’t effing lose Arizona. FFS are people arguing about that? Stirewalt is a bullshiter with a dickface and a low IQ.

  126. does bullshitter have 2 ts or 1?

  127. Mare, I’m not taking iron but I am looking for a good multivitamin and a good vegan D3. I’m annoyed with my doctor for being clueless regarding supplements. I don’t expect her to get into the weeds with a lot of them but I do think she should know something about the important ones like D.

  128. Lovely /s

  129. I just had an argument with someone regarding election integrity, Trump, and AZ audit. I said the audit didn’t declare a winner…it was an audit that showed there were 57k illegal votes. This person argued how important it is for people to have confidence in our election process and blamed Trump for putting doubt in people’s heads. Um, mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, illegal rule changes, piles of ballots with no numbers and no creases, 2000 plus affidavits of witnessed fraud , is what tanks confidence in the election process, not Trump pointing the fraud out.
    On top of it, Pelosi’s gal writing a piece in the Times bragging about what they did is what confirms the process us nothing but fraud…not anything Trump says.

  130. 2

  131. Kidney stone totally disintegrated, abdominal pain is now non existent, although that might be due to residual anesthesia. Pink lemonade for sale.

  132. Feel more better soon Davesnothere.

  133. T Y Pup.
    Gotta pick up meds at the local CVS tomorrow. No sense in wasting time today with the local store, entire pharmacy staff are slackers whose motto seems to be ” why do today what you can put off until tomorrow”.

  134. Huzzah!! I’m sure you’re glad that’s over, Dave.

  135. Way to go, Dave.

    Looks like you din’t need those mountain oysters after all.

  136. Forgot to shut down the BBF poll until now.

  137. Leon. Sounds like you’re not terribly far from Warsaw. There’s a JNJ ortho facility (DePuy) there that does require the jab for on sight employees & contractors, which is up in the air due to the union. If IT is your bag you might be able to land there as a remote employee, they have plenty of on sight staff to swap out lap tops, the real IT problems are outsourced. I know, I was there for 15 years as an M.E.
    May be worth checking out their jobs portal.

  138. I’ll keep it in mind. I had two calls today for three open positions (one place had two jobs open). All are 100% remote and commercial rather than .gov, so my hope is that they won’t care if I claim I’m exempt.

  139. ^ They pay above market for the region, they’re why cnc lathe & mill operators expect $30-35 an hour in that town.

  140. Zimmer/Biomet also has its world HQ there. I don’t have many internal contacts there to say what their jab policy is.

  141. Taking off is cake. Landing, on the other hand…
    Is as easy as falling down, but with consequences!
    Hand of God.

  142. Hotspur, regarding the mountain oysters, I ate half a tri-tip between 2:30 and 3 yesterday afternoon. Then followed doctor orders and downed a 10 ounce bottle of magnesium citrate. Half an hour later blew chunks out my bung hole, after that about a pint of water every hour. Weighed in 12 pounds less than I normally weigh when I stepped into OR prep. So, I’m thinking I blew out at least a gallon of water, not factoring in what I consumed during that 12 hours. No conclusions from this end, but now I’m still not hungry.

  143. Doctors orders, pee through a strainer and collect the chunks. A difficult task. Tomorrow, first thing priority is to fabricate a strainer holder because it takes 2 hands to handle a whopper. Ask your mom.

    Just tossing it out there, not directed at anyone in particular.

  144. I’d guess each of my lambs has a good 12-16 ounces of “oyster”. I should save them for sausage or something.

  145. John Gruden got canceled.

  146. Scott, Jon Gruden has problematic emails. Hilldog and Hunter…not so much. We are fucked.

  147. Should’ve played the “I was hacked” card, ala Joy Reid.

  148. Probably should’ve got those meds filled. I’ve had more than 10 litho’s. Last time they gave me a pill that numbed my ureter each time I urinated. Way more pleasant way to pass the grit. That and the vicodens didn’t hurt my feelings.

    Good luck with yer wash out. Did they leave a stent?

  149. If Randy Moss had anymore dick up his butt his skin would turn white from all the jizm.

    Unearth that post in about ten years then you can cancel me too.

  150. According to the panel on ESPN these guys are just trying to feed their families.

    Does that include the wives and girlfriends they slap around on a regular basis?

  151. I need a device where one of you guys can shock me when I start engaging CoWs with Vaccine convos. I really need to learn to shut up. CoW “Pilots work with the public and should think about them when it comes to the vaccine”. Oso: I don’t want a pilot getting a blood clot at 30,000 feet. Postal workers have more contact with the public than pilots. They don’t have a mandate. CoW 😡

  152. HS, remember when Ray Lewis stabbed the fags at the bar in GA? Pepperidge Farm remembers

  153. No, but I remember when OJ slit Nicole’s throat.

  154. And Tiger Woods fucked all those women.

    He was just trying to feed his family.

  155. Now we want our all sports “heroes” to be victims too.

  156. Las Vegas weather can suck the hardness out of a diamond. We went from “It’s October, how can it still be 90 freaking degrees out?” to “Wrecking the Edmund Fitzgerald”.

  157. HS, being a multi millionaire for playing sportsball is rough. TFG was the ultimate victim…President of the most racist country ever. I’m so glad that Quid Pro Joe broke TFGs popular vote by the highest margin EVER. 81 million votes, y’all 🤣🤣🤣

  158. WalMart in ABQ charges $1/each for the plastic shopping bags now. Ain’t socialism/wokeness grand?

  159. Pepe, we always forget our bags. Trunk organizer FTW.

  160. CoW defeated cancer. Was getting ready to come back to work. Wrong way driver hit her a few weeks ago. She passed yesterday. My Leads mom had a stroke, UNMH had her on a gurney in the hallway for 24 hours. Short staff. She is currently in ICU. Hospitals are blaming the “Unvaccinated”. I can’t even with these people that think the “Unvaccinated” are fueling this situation

  161. They are really trying to kill you:

  162. Indigenous peoples week in pictures:

  163. Dudley’s Edsel remained pristine.

  164. The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that Gruden had used a racial trope to describe NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith in a 2011 email that said: “Dumboriss Smith has lips the size of michellin tires.” The league said it had been “informed of the existence of emails that raised issues beyond the scope of that investigation.”

  165. Not seeing any bright spots here.

  166. poat up late, sorry

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