MMM 462

Little one brought home some sort of respiratory infection. Probably not ‘rona, but wife is going to get a test later this morning to be sure.


Holy crap, is that a camera?

Looks cold out there.

Cute hair.

I’ve seen this movie. I’m not proud of that, but I also don’t want to spoil the ending for you.

Pretty smile.

I used to know this girl’s name. She did, um, a certain type of video, for money, before OF. Fortunately, I’ve forgotten the name.

Those look enhanced, but not excessively so.


Fluids, vitamins, rest if I get the chance.


  1. Wakey wakey

  2. Got today and next Monday off. Trying to use some of my PTO so I don’t lose several weeks worth at year’s end. Honestly I’m just running out of giveafuck. I have mostly liked my job, but aspects have worn on me over the years…some to the serious detriment of my mental health. Which reflects in job performance. It’s a bad spiral.

    And, as I’ve mentioned, the pay and benefits kinda suck. Which doesn’t help.

    I know–I know–my depression tints how I view these things, but right now too much is feeding into the cycle. And, of course, “events, dear boy, events” are complicating EVERYTHING. So I’m finding I need extra chill time just to keep some sort of level. Which, hey, at least the PTO I get is generous! So there is that.

    $20, before inflation anyway.

  3. There is no meat grinder attachment for my Sunbeam mixer.


  4. Note to self, reboot computer more often.

    Don’t know quite why I fell into this bad habit.

  5. Tim, never be ashamed to say fuck it and take time off that you’ve earned. Enjoy the day off. Clean the house, take a long walk, or two, take a nap.

  6. Lauraw: let me know when you find a good mosquito magnet.

    We’re moving to a fairly wooded / rural location in about 9 months. We’re def going to need one.

  7. Bro Tom, are you on any kind of meds for the depression?

  8. And where the fuck is Mare? I miss me.

  9. MJ is moving? color me shocked

  10. We’ve been here 3 years.

    Actually, we always intended to live here 3-5 years. We’re building so we can raise MJr with some stability. It’s about 10 mins from where we live now.

  11. Dry ice works pretty well for ‘squitos, as does a high garlic diet.

  12. MJ 12/10/23
    Car in 5/1/22
    Hotspur 12/25/21
    Jam 1/6/25
    Jimbro 5/1/22
    Pepe 7/1/22
    Alex 2/1/22
    Phat 3/10/22
    Osoloco 1/6/22
    Thermadin 9/26/22
    Scott 6/8/22
    Pendejo 10/25/22
    Leon 9/18/21
    BT 1/20/25

    Leon is out. No signed book. No block of fat.

  13. I wanted to be wrong. Glad Saturday turned out to be a mockworthy Fed BBQ.

  14. I didn’t even realize the two were related, or that anything really happened.

    I guess…nothing, huh?

  15. My Econ/Hist class is turning out to be much more populist than I expected. It’s a nice surprise and I’m glad I didn’t drop it.

  16. heh, watching TimCastIRL and seems like several people are good friends with Black Rifle owners, and they aren’t too happy that conservatives are angry with them. Noticed the ad for King Harv at AOS, just made me think of it.

    One guy from Drinkin Bros has been on Tucker Carlson

  17. I was on Welbutrin, tolerated it well. COVID and insurance fuckery petered out my appointments and my prescriptions have run out, though I did think to squirrel away some extra “just in case”.

    I will be absolutely honest: It did jack squat for me.

    I am doing better with support group and Gracious Hosts’ doggos than the pills ever did for me.

    Which tells me shitloads about what’s ACTUALLY wrong.

  18. Feel more better soon Carutherses.

  19. I’m mostly fine so far, just a little congested, which for me means partial hearing loss. The latter is by far the worst of it, and is abating as I sit upright and drink my coffee. Possum had it worst and she’s home today, seems in good spirits and never lost appetite, just snotty.

  20. The logic is getting sort of absurd in GA.

    You have to wear a mask in school; two kids got covid in a classroom.

    Which proves you have to wear a mask so you don’t get covid.

    They’re teachers. Don’t they see it?

  21. No. Teachers are generally dipshits and their jobs are easier if they don’t see it.

  22. Also, I have PMJ. No world with PMJ in it is wholly without merit.

  23. The Vatican City State announced Monday that effective October 1 no one can enter its territory without presenting a coronavirus Green Pass, by order of Pope Francis.

    Do you want more Eastern Orthodox? Because this is how you get more Eastern Orthodox. Good luck, apologists, Popesplaining just got even harder.

  24. *Leon applies for a Religious Exemption*

    Leon: “I’m Catholic, and I believe that nothing derived from or tested with aborted fetal cells can licitly be used, up to and including lifesaving medical technology. I’m also an American and my reading of the law gives neither the president nor OSHA the authority to mandate this of me or of you as my employer, and it is a violation of the Nuremberg Code.”

    Dipshit HR lady: “But the pope…”

    Leon: “Hasn’t said anything about it. He’s been awfully quiet since that fake conclave they threw to pretend to replace him. This is my sincerely held religious belief, and I’m far from the only one to hold it.”

  25. We sure have come a long way from ministering to lepers and plague victims, huh? Progress is wonderful.

  26. I actually don’t know how much I hold that, I’d probably phrase it as “I don’t actually know who the pope is right now, and it worries me. A lot. In any event, his statements in interviews and press releases aren’t binding on the faithful, just meant to be taken seriously. I respectfully disagree with his statements on this matter, and I think history will prove me right in time.”

  27. Our HR head is a BLM supporting POC. I highly doubt any religious exemptions will be given.

  28. I don’t actually think I’ll be applying for one. It legitimizes the claim being made. Talked it through with the wife and she understands that may mean me being fired but supports the decision.

  29. RTN is giving their own folks until 11-25, then if they ever go back to in-person work they can’t go in or even charge the contract remotely after the turn of the year. Not sure how that translates to contractors, and my own corp hasn’t sent anything since that first email about Biden’s decree.

    Has OSHA actually written a rule yet? Right now all that’s actually happened is Biden telling OSHA to write one, as I understand it, so anything “private” companies do is on them.

  30. The rule is being written, and I think it’s supposed to be published for comment sometime this week, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a lot of pushback behind the scenes.

  31. This fucking pope will do whatever the left tells him to do.

    If someone doesn’t take the sonofabitch out soon, abortion will no longer be a mortal sin, but not recycling will be.

  32. Abortion will only be a sin if the fetal tissue isn’t “recycled”.

  33. I only have one kidney and I had covid. Fuck the shot.

  34. MJ, I had a guess for that list. I don’t remember what it was now. I think 8/1/22.

  35. Gotcha Sobek

  36. Looks like the China crap is worming it’s way through. At least that’s what I’ve read today.


  37. I really think the OSHA rule is just political cover.

    See? We tried to do something. Hate the unvaxxed.

    If the rule goes through they win. If it doesn’t they win.

  38. HQ comments say the massive DJIA drop is Evergrande + panic selling. Seems legit. I moved a big pile of my retirement money into a “fixed income” ETF a while ago, and damned if it hasn’t delivered by not falling today.

  39. Is it okay for popes to suck dick?

    Because I’m pretty sure this pope sucks dick.

  40. If your vote is compromised all is lost. Our votes are comprised. Beta O’Rourk is running for governor in 2022. Wonder what that idiot knows about Texas voting “integrity” we don’t?

  41. Nothing. He’s running because he has nothing else. He’s a grifter.

  42. This Pope, bishops and weak priests have me questioning a lot about the practice of my faith.

  43. I’m sure it’s about money Alex, it always is. Bite imagine the greed necessary to be humiliated again.

  44. He has a billion dollars and he’s ugly. So politics it is!

  45. Money, sure, but also he ran a not unreasonable campaign against Cruz and did better than expected, while taking in a gazillion dollars from out of state donors. He might figure between Abbott’s covid response, the recent influx of illegals, and more flagrant cheating than usual, he might have a shot.

  46. Beto always strikes me as an older version of a character from a 90s slacker film. Like, Wynona Ryder’s college boyfriend who constantly couch surfs with friends every time they break up, constantly cheats on her, and refuses to get a real job.

  47. He’d have been perfectly cast as an 80s movie antagonist, too. Malevolent owner of a ski resort or something.

  48. Or gun czar in an increasingly totalitarian regime.

  49. Tha ‘vaccine’ mandate is still illegal. You can not be forced into a medical experiment without your full, informed consent. There are NO FDA approved ‘vaccines’ available. If Pfizer was “distributing” their approved “Comirnaty ” vaccine, the Moderna and J&J would be illegal, as they are both under the EUA. As Leon said, The Nuremburg Code forbids it. None of the mandates are legal…

  50. Nah, he looks too dumb to pull that off. I don’t doubt he wants the role, but no one would cast him for that, and he has the look of someone who starts complaining after sucking 6+ dicks.

  51. But its for your own good.

    And side note, your chocolate ration has been increased from 30 to 20 grams.

  52. Chris we no longer live in a nation ruled by laws. That’s been made abundantly clear the last couple of years. Democrats do what ever they like and the courts/prosecutors look the other way.

  53. But its for your own good.

    Saying this to someone who is not your own child should be a hanging offense.

  54. Malevolent owner of a ski resort or something.

    He’s the owners deadbeat son who hopes to sell it off.

  55. Second look at starting a septic bidness.

  56. Septic sorbet

  57. So the fake insurrection was a bust.

    But it did make everyone on the right decide to never protest.

  58. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has invited Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to a security briefing by Manger regarding the Sept. 18 rally. The briefing will be held on Monday at 11:15 a.m. in the Speaker�s Office, a source familiar told CQ Roll Call.

    And those spineless weasels will just sit there and take it.

  59. The fake insurrection wasn’t a bust. They should announce a new one every 4-6 weeks in perpetuity, until the USCP and other Feds get absolutely sick of showing up dressed like storm troopers. Can even move it around the country so they all have to travel.

    That’s how to play this game.

  60. It was a bust. The righties have learned their lesson, that they are second class citizens and the first amendment does not apply to them. It was a smashing success for the lefties, to prove that they are so firmly in control that none dare challenge them.

    America is gone.

  61. And those spineless weasels will just sit there and take it.

    See, the thing is these dudes are NOT on our side – they are firmly on Team Pelosi. They agree with this 100%. The “Republican Party” is not going to save us.

  62. You had me at remote controlled sniper machine gun

  63. Any shower is a bidet if you’re willing to bow hard enough.

  64. Dan got the estimate on our H&R. $2700. Body shop can’t work on our car until 11/30. Had to take a PPTO today. Mask is making me sick. Again.

  65. Leon, heh.

  66. Or you have one of those handheld shower attachments.

  67. Evidently she doesn’t know how to gently wipe her ass with someone’s toothbrush.

  68. Your mom could teach her.

  69. No paper towels? No old rags? New York Times? One of Jonah Goldberg’s books? There are all kinds of things to use in a pinch when you’re pinching one off.

  70. Old corn cobs work great.


  71. the snowflake must have her charmin. I’d be using that guy’s towel

  72. One upside to the failed insurrection of 9-18:

    The feds have told us exactly how to dress for any future protests.

  73. Noticed the ad for King Harv at AOS, just made me think of it.
    I’ve made 2 orders from them so far. Second one arrived just last week. I looked for any recent articles about BRCC to see how their bottom line was doing after they shit on their customers but no one has thought to write it up yet. You’d think the NYT would love to write an article. Either way they look good. Company tanked? Our activism disguised as journalism worked. Company thriving? Lefties are now fans of a formerly “conservative” coffee company — WE ARE LEGION !!!

  74. Kleenex.

    Going back home tomorrow – been in California since 09/03. Daughter is “blooming” beautifully; had a nice baby shower on Saturday. Both Grannies went kinda nuts on presents…..

  75. TiFW, is that the daughter who owns Pepper? How is Pepper doing?

  76. Watching the debacle over the Aussie submarine fiasco. Apparently the Frogs are having coniptions as are some Americans.
    Wise choice Australia, the Magino line failed miserably, the frogs had to be talked into not surrendering North Africa, and surrendered Veit Nam.
    Unfortunately in the U.S. their seems to be a conflict between MAGA and MAMA, that is make America great again and the progressive make America mundane again.

  77. Mare, re: 1:25 pm.
    He knows nothing. His wife’s family hired a chauffeur for him, to insure there are no more embarrassing DWI’s on his record. Also likely paid for a vasectomy to insure there’s no new issues involving guacamole.

  78. Beto speaking to in laws: “dammit, I’m trying to get a job! No one with a lick of common sense will vote for me. If you sponsor me again I’ll throw a sombrero on a table and do the Mexican hat dance around it, that’ll surely land the job we all want me to have!”

  79. HS, she must be bugging our breakroom.

  80. Beto is Texas’ answer to Sam Adams brewer’s “cousin from Boston”.

  81. You’d think management would have a quick-kill switch on the store PA system. They are probably looking into that now though.

  82. Leon, our government will be overthrown by those wearing early ’70’ era pro tennis shorts with ’80’s era golf shirts & ’90’s era sun glasses.
    No self respecting boomer dresses like that. Time to address those abortion laws, how many years after birth do we have to decide whether or not to abort?

  83. I figured you’d like it, Oso.

  84. One thing Texas does well is put all it’s queers and freakazoids in one city. Other states tend to spread them out where they can fuck more shit up.

  85. Can someone explain how “Beto O’Rourke” is not Carlos O’Kelly?

  86. You know how you can tell Beto takes it up the ass? Because his teeth are too big to pull his lips over.

  87. HS, I’m debating what to say on my opinion survey. Masks or noise. I’m thinking noise. Mask relies on VAERS and other things that are above my Ken as an minimum wage sofa King.

  88. I spotted your typo HS. Not he takes it up the ass, is an ass. Hee Haw. Beto has the red neck upbringing, white skin, and is blue as the feelings any post boomer has about discovering life isn’t fair. MAMA*!

    *make America mundane again


  90. I was told we were having Chili MAC. 4 way. It’s my Birthmonth. Egg rolls and pot stickers.

  91. Now I want chilimac. Maybe this weekend…

  92. CoAl, we buy Skyline at Only thing better than Chilimac, is Kung Pao Spaghetti. CPK. Dan makes it at home. We have Graeters in NM.

  93. Last Man premise is meh. Cast? Ghey.

  94. The Left is all in on “Make America Simply Awful”. They’re all “Yes, MASA”.

  95. I was still reading comics back when Last Man was first coming out in print. I read the first issue, then bailed.

  96. Not news to most here, but its a good video. Vegetable oils are bad. The problem is they are in everything. To remove them you basically have to make everything you eat.

  97. That’s one reason why I make most of what I eat. Outside of a few chips here and there. I really need to figure out the chip thing.

    And, there’s a chef who figured out how to make a faux super-melty American cheese out of *real cheese*, without those shitty cancerous oils. I need to find that recipe again.

  98. Feeling pretty good about my home-saved animal cooking fats.

  99. This is why I try to stick with meat and veggies, cheese and eggs.

  100. Laura, I think chips would be easy.

  101. Yeah…time consuming.

  102. …and home-saved fat is delicious and fresh, and it’s a sin to waste a vat of it deep-frying chippies.

  103. I need to make a batch of ghee. I just have to wait for butter to go on sale again.

  104. One of the problems (First World) is browning a bunch od ground beef and then doing the “Taco Seasoning”. My preserved fat has the taco seasoning in it. Where can I use that, exactly?

  105. Lumps,

    When I want a real nice melty cheese I just get Havarti. Now I don’t know if it will melt like Velveeta, but it makes a great grilled cheese.

  106. Dennis evidently respected Paul.

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